Judging Our Fans! w/ Jacksepticeye

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nerkoo Prije 3 sati
I want old intros and outros of you guys 😢
تشارلي تشارلستون
تشارلي تشارلستون Prije 4 sati
Imao the intro
Lukas Avier
Lukas Avier Prije 12 sati
ngl i teared up a bit when they did their old intros
warmtown Prije 12 sati
m i a
m i a Prije 12 sati
Felix has too many mirrors in his home.
Violet Summers
Violet Summers Prije 22 sati
Felix's impression of himself from 2012 is dangerous. I got like nostalgia cringe and deep throated a spoon I was eating ice cream with 😂😂
Izzy Azalea
Izzy Azalea Prije dan
Don’t mind me freaking out because I remember both of their OG intros
Om Chari
Om Chari Prije dan
this intro was always my favorite.
Jess B
Jess B Prije dan
I just watched this for like the 12th time no joke and 26:54 is making me cry laugh.
TheMustached Pistachio
TheMustached Pistachio Prije dan
25:37 put it on 0.25 speed its worth it
themadpsychologist Prije dan
PUNCH that like button IN the face, LIKE A BOOSSS! AND, high fives all around. WAPOOSH, WAPOOSH THANK you guys and I will SEE all you dudes..... IN THE NEXT VIDEOOOOOO *beat drops* 😂 I used to do it with you every time Jack!!
TriUmph 02
TriUmph 02 Prije dan
This video has so much nostalgia it really take me back 😌
JannKan Prije dan
When is the next one?
Christina Collins
Christina Collins Prije 2 dana
Pewds like literally jumped when jack did his intro lol
Kosaki Onodera
Kosaki Onodera Prije 2 dana
Why are the people in the back copying them? *Cringe*
Nikita S
Nikita S Prije 2 dana
After Felix, Jack is my favorite youtuber he's so nice
deleted Prije 3 dana
I miss Jack's old outro 😭.
Jad Bayram
Jad Bayram Prije 3 dana
The thing is with the jacksepticeye impressions is that not a lot of people have a high pitched voice
Sad Turn
Sad Turn Prije 3 dana
I was beginning to think it was strange to wear a mask - its good to finally see a collab respecting the pandemic why the fuck is that rare.
Frida Wänman
Frida Wänman Prije 3 dana
4:41 is the best moment of the video for me. Funny, cute and wholesome!
Nami Prije 3 dana
7:33 I was totally weirded out, the feels was so strong on this one. Dormant Pewdiepie has just been suddenly summoned by Felix, I want to cry.
Solar Crest
Solar Crest Prije 3 dana
7:35 13:30 yes lesgo
IT'S ZELDAbro Prije 3 dana
Hey @pewdiepie and @jacksepticeye i know irs too late but id love to do impression of yall so if i could get a comment back from yall if i still could and be in another video that would be awesome if not its ok too and im a big fan too keep up the good work guys yall are awesome.
Jaiden Pontifis
Jaiden Pontifis Prije 3 dana
Pews the mask won’t help because of your beard
Jaiden Pontifis
Jaiden Pontifis Prije 3 dana
Or just make sure the mask goes over the beard
Taylor Stormwood
Taylor Stormwood Prije 3 dana
Aww maaan this makes me really wish it would still be relevant to do impressions for these guys, ugh. I'm actually pretty good with impressions in general. But let's face it, they'd never see it 😅
Kailee Gutierrez
Kailee Gutierrez Prije 3 dana
They've grown so much:,)
Cruize Graphics
Cruize Graphics Prije 3 dana
Can't wait for next vid with these two!
nat Prije 3 dana
*Pewdiepie can wear a mask for a 30 minute long video and the president can’t wear one for a 5 minute long speech*
Kitcat Prije 3 dana
The end was hilarious
Mystical Misfit
Mystical Misfit Prije 4 dana
Jack with that hairline and intro = Jojo siwa I'll leave
Vikas Hansdak
Vikas Hansdak Prije 4 dana
hey there is a splash stain in the mirror guess we'll l never n know what that might be
Durrell Robinson
Durrell Robinson Prije 4 dana
Bayley Farrow
Bayley Farrow Prije 4 dana
I can't stop staring at the plant right at the front, I've looked at it for so long it now just looks like two people dancing
Ira Ghare
Ira Ghare Prije 4 dana
The fact that Sean’s mask is unevenly on his face is triggering me
no 1
no 1 Prije 4 dana
Felix should do pewdiepies impression.
fareeha shahid
fareeha shahid Prije 4 dana
If you fail an idiot test, it means your smart right? *think about it*
Callum Pola
Callum Pola Prije 4 dana
hey u dont mind putting a like on a comment i made that reads "i love it when felix and sean are together" wont u
Nugz Prije 4 dana
Bro I remember when I watched like all jacksepticeye's happy weels videos on my dads old fricken computer 😅😂
SomeoneHere Prije 4 dana
26:59 pewds sounds like lemongrab
xo richu
xo richu Prije 4 dana
Whys the first dude in a closet? Come out man, it's 2020
シlemonxxable Prije 4 dana
They’re wearing masks. I literally Stan.
Haruka Heise
Haruka Heise Prije 4 dana
RIP Gloria Borger
TheRobloxDork Prije 4 dana
Scared to scream? .. *gets lost in mind..* O right! I would end up screaming in my intro and bein crazy if I had a real channel.
I0000 Subscribers white no content
I0000 Subscribers white no content Prije 5 dana
Hello 👋
Julek Polhos
Julek Polhos Prije 5 dana
Julek Polhos
Julek Polhos Prije 5 dana
悲しいJocey Prije 5 dana
i couldnt help but notice pewds is not subscribed to mark. Are they not friends anymore?
Negevity Prije 5 dana
Jesus is ya ears good tho?
F.R __
F.R __ Prije 5 dana
Beth Beaver
Beth Beaver Prije 5 dana
Jacks mask is slightly wonky
Hunter Prije 5 dana
Low-key disappointed that jack forgot about Bryan dechart's impression of him😔
Hunter Prije 5 dana
8:59 that's adorable that's my favorite thing ever
Claire Gibson
Claire Gibson Prije 5 dana
Yoooo Jack looks like hyram when he's got a mask on lol
The GUY Prije 5 dana
why where mask if you guys are hanging out at same house? just hang out
Z Fisher
Z Fisher Prije 5 dana
aji no
aji no Prije 5 dana
I miss that intro
Zimba Orto
Zimba Orto Prije 5 dana
Why am I cringing so hard, but laughing so hard
Natalie is Freezing
Natalie is Freezing Prije 5 dana
Lmao them saying this impressions of Jack was good. Like dude didn't the realise the one doing It was also Irish like that pretty much means it's gonna sound like him anyway seen as they come from the same place 😂
MaddibMinecraft Prije 6 dana
“Stop it. You scare me!”
owen Barry
owen Barry Prije 6 dana
Anyone notice the Gravity Falls reference at the end?
ReacTim Prije 6 dana
Pewds, if you see this, I would love to help people out Pls help me Like for pewds to see this and give me a chance to chase my dreams I'll give you a cookie
Siana T
Siana T Prije 6 dana
impression-ception "its like he's doing an impression of you, doing an impression of me"
klint clark
klint clark Prije 6 dana
I love how yall are saying full send
Scott B.
Scott B. Prije 6 dana
So he does a Jacksepticeye impression whilst looking like Gabriel Iglasias. Kinky.
Autumn Naus
Autumn Naus Prije 6 dana
when i saw daz i cried😂😂😂
Desi Prije 6 dana
Im sad they forgot the "high fives all around!" Lmao
Larutanrepus _genocide
Larutanrepus _genocide Prije 6 dana
I was chocking for like 3 minutes from laughter I actually almost died...
ToboroWitz Prije 6 dana
7:34 pewdiepie doing 2012 impression
Ally Prije 6 dana
11:38 top 10 anime betrayals
Shawty ._.
Shawty ._. Prije 7 dana
POV-Your jamming to the intro-
Wicked Lady
Wicked Lady Prije 7 dana
I remember a bunch of people from tumblr and I did this compilation of doing Felix’s intro back in the day for 1M subscribers... He commented on the original upload and I remember being so hyped that he noticed us, hahah.
urmomishere Prije 7 dana
Absolutely beautiful vid. One of the most iconic vids I watched of Jacks was the one called like That Dragon, Cancer or something. Was a perfect video, got me through some shit.
urmomishere Prije 7 dana
I always love seein my edge bois, why don't you invite Ian to party HUH
urmomishere Prije 7 dana
Dude I haven't seen Daz in literally ages, what a flashback
Chris Sotelo
Chris Sotelo Prije 7 dana
Heather B. Denture DiVa
Heather B. Denture DiVa Prije 7 dana
Lmao too funny
Phoenix_Tops Prije 7 dana
Pewdipie intro is rly easy, I do it rly well
leanne season
leanne season Prije 7 dana
the nostalgia i got from pewds old intro omg
Ahmad Istaitiya
Ahmad Istaitiya Prije 7 dana
Me: trying to math the math People: how's it going bros my name pewdiepie
SCP Amanda Washburn
SCP Amanda Washburn Prije 8 dana
Omo this nakes me want to do Jack impression
Splash Animations
Splash Animations Prije 8 dana
Cool video
Creepy Crap
Creepy Crap Prije 8 dana
I have a screen recorded clip of jack doing the intro but forgetting the slap sound effect
No Name
No Name Prije 8 dana
its confirmed, pewdiepie is jacks dad
Kcanger 00
Kcanger 00 Prije 8 dana
Imagine in another universe jack and Felix switched channels
CapCreamy Prije 8 dana
that intro gave me flashbacks
V4X DN Prije 8 dana
World war 2?
rcmooo Prije 8 dana
I kinda don’t like that they are wearing masks but it’s ok
Unknown Eyer
Unknown Eyer Prije 8 dana
Andrew Scott
Andrew Scott Prije 8 dana
My boy!! @dazgames I love this video!!!
Cloaked Assassin
Cloaked Assassin Prije 8 dana
When hearing his old intro it makes me wanna re-watch his old videos.
Pepe the Frog
Pepe the Frog Prije 8 dana
I just came here to see them do their old intros in this day and age.
aaliyah no
aaliyah no Prije 9 dana
6:13 the fact that I thought that was a normal thing to say until Pewds was like "wtf?" lmao
Nasser Alsuwayti
Nasser Alsuwayti Prije 9 dana
PewDiePie: no I don’t care about corona Jack: * laugh*
unknown channel
unknown channel Prije 9 dana
I am still confused how they didn't see those men behind them that look identical to them but backwards mimicing their moves
Olivia Leanne
Olivia Leanne Prije 9 dana
Some of these impressions are so cringey 😂
Mónica Schütt
Mónica Schütt Prije 9 dana
I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU ARE WEARING A MASK!!!! REALLY????? I honestly thought you were smarter than that, Felix.
TigerSwipes Prije 8 dana
Mónica Schütt This is why natural selection exists. :)
Mónica Schütt
Mónica Schütt Prije 8 dana
@TigerSwipes Believing that wearing masks will protect you is stupid and also believing in a pandemic.
TigerSwipes Prije 9 dana
Ah yes, because trying to be safe during a pandemic is stupid.
Joy Sinclair
Joy Sinclair Prije 9 dana
ahahah the crossover I didn't know I needed: Daz Black and Pewds
Kristina Halsnes
Kristina Halsnes Prije 9 dana
It took me 3 minutes to understand that the computer wasn't a picture of a plant
T Duiker
T Duiker Prije 9 dana
Gabriel Davis
Gabriel Davis Prije 9 dana
mY nAmE iS jAcKsEpTiCeYe
Lor En
Lor En Prije 9 dana
More videos like these please!!! So wholesome, so funny!
Mr. BlobBERRY Prije 10 dana
JACK, just plz do a video with the heaviest irish accent u can do
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