Reacting To My Deepfakes..

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Ireact to many of the epic deepfakes out there
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Krishangi Alawadhi
Krishangi Alawadhi Prije 10 sati
7:45 The song is panchi gaa rahe hain aasmaanon mein Which means Birds are singing in the sky Yup im an indian Dont worry fully in support of pewds till date
Mubeen G
Mubeen G Prije 12 sati
illumi eye
Quit Seven Six
Quit Seven Six Prije dan
I guess they have never seen the film Billy Elliot 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Seroja Prije dan
5:13 gOsH Marzia is so pretty with that hairstyle and hair colour
The Great Nation of Wuzilund
The Great Nation of Wuzilund Prije dan
PewDiePie, you basically have to sing baka mitai now.
arcticred Prije dan
felix delphine is my favorite one
Strxnge Prije dan
PewDiePie’s Deepfakes *Chinese PewDiePie*
da yeet d yt
da yeet d yt Prije dan
The 2nd deep fake I was eating and I laughed so hard and I will just say ouch
Flowzz Prije dan
make him Borat
cesarsalads1 Prije 2 dana
How can he not react to the wolf of wallstreet one it the best one by far.
RTG Prije 2 dana
1:12 Scout’s laugh
Froggy Luffy
Froggy Luffy Prije 2 dana
This is epik 😂
Angel Sapien
Angel Sapien Prije 2 dana
My gfs mother makes these and posts them on facebook. I was so confused
Street Kalokohan
Street Kalokohan Prije 2 dana
To a beautiful gorgeous person reading this you will be sucessful and become a billionaire!
Batman1234 Prije 2 dana
They should deepfake Pewdiepie on all Captain America scenes in every MCU movie
Geologin Cool
Geologin Cool Prije 2 dana
Remember when you said you missed filthy frank
Mrs. Afton
Mrs. Afton Prije 2 dana
I died as soon as I saw the Big Ed one I know we all did
Vigilance -Agar
Vigilance -Agar Prije 2 dana
He said Billie Elliott 💀
Sheemal Sheshna
Sheemal Sheshna Prije 3 dana
I have always found both Felix and Chris Evans extremely attractive and I never realized how similar they look until now.
Sita Leumuava
Sita Leumuava Prije 3 dana
Deep fakes (check) face (check).....
Anamika Kalta
Anamika Kalta Prije 4 dana
I was not opening my eyes when I saw the T-series part
Destiny James
Destiny James Prije 4 dana
Actually, since they deep faked pewd's face on Marzia, they should deep fake Marzia's face on Pewds too
Athena Levine
Athena Levine Prije 4 dana
I wish Marzia would do that hairdo the one with Captain America. She looks so good!!! ❤
ya girl celeste
ya girl celeste Prije 2 dana
exactly my thought
reza sh
reza sh Prije 4 dana
magic of barka or barca?
Rory Lyall
Rory Lyall Prije 4 dana
I can't beleave everyone deepfaked pewds legs so well
Ryoko Honda
Ryoko Honda Prije 4 dana
Wow he has legs here
Aaron Barlow
Aaron Barlow Prije 5 dana
I was weirdly aroused by Pewds as a young Waifu.
Lucifer Studios
Lucifer Studios Prije 5 dana
Is that Maddie on left with the peach shirt (Just Dance)
King Shion Gaming
King Shion Gaming Prije 6 dana
That pewdiddin on will smith that must be jacksepticye
Just Tonyman
Just Tonyman Prije 6 dana
Its here i realized pewds and Chris Evans look alike
Miross Opower
Miross Opower Prije 8 dana
SnowBone Prije 8 dana
It's better if Sive add in 6:02 ........ゴ .......ゴ .....ゴ ...ゴ menacing
Lionel Viajar
Lionel Viajar Prije 8 dana
f-felix's child ToT felix you have a child its a girl 10:22
Jake !
Jake ! Prije 8 dana
arent deepfakes illegal
Crock gonzaga
Crock gonzaga Prije 9 dana
Anya M
Anya M Prije 9 dana
4:52 what movie
Sheemal Sheshna
Sheemal Sheshna Prije 3 dana
Captain America: The First Avenger
herobrine is my boytoy
herobrine is my boytoy Prije 9 dana
herobrine is my boytoy
herobrine is my boytoy Prije 9 dana
pwediepie as chris evans-
Sandra Prije 9 dana
My eyes....
AnxmeRBPlayz Prije 10 dana
7:21 When pewds collab with T-Series
MixedBag Prije 10 dana
6:20 - I know what I have to do, but I don't have the strength to do it.
Legendary Luke
Legendary Luke Prije 10 dana
cringe. Pewdiepie is biggest simp for marriage
Flamezz Prije 10 dana
Put Felix face on any male celebs and bam he looks exactly like the original
ZaphTzy Prije 10 dana
direwolf 225
direwolf 225 Prije 11 dana
Tbh pewds would be a good aladdin
Mhd Njm
Mhd Njm Prije 11 dana
MagicOfBar-ka As a football fan, I-
HS L Prije 11 dana
I want the big Ed deep fake to span the entire episode that one had me in stitches
ᗪεѧ†ɧ Ѧηɠεl̶
ᗪεѧ†ɧ Ѧηɠεl̶ Prije 11 dana
6:35 lmao!
Stef Motion
Stef Motion Prije 11 dana
8:01 did he say “ jack is so cursed as Billie ELLIOT”
Important Information
Important Information Prije 11 dana
Magic of Barka says it all...
Lachlan is dope
Lachlan is dope Prije 12 dana
'hello' !
Creeper MLG
Creeper MLG Prije 12 dana
Bruh at first i thought the jacksepticeye one was real
Ya boy Jake
Ya boy Jake Prije 12 dana
In the Aladdin one the size difference in his and will Smith's height is irl
Billy Rejekt
Billy Rejekt Prije 12 dana
Beach lazonya
flor Prije 12 dana
The intro gets my little sister everytime
alphaaWOLF Gaming
alphaaWOLF Gaming Prije 12 dana
Big Ed is that you
Jessica Nyquist
Jessica Nyquist Prije 12 dana
Pewdiepie, in one of those clips you look identical to Justin Bobby from The Hills.
THE Bauk
THE Bauk Prije 13 dana
The best one is the Jack Eilish 08:28
Tig Bitties
Tig Bitties Prije 13 dana
Why does the girl in the second clip look like David Platt from Coronation Street?
Jim MoeFoe
Jim MoeFoe Prije 13 dana
Lmao the way he pronounced Barca
Heather B. Denture DiVa
Heather B. Denture DiVa Prije 13 dana
drago gaming
drago gaming Prije 13 dana
7:20 💯 t-series who do this
TDD Cabeça de Bagre
TDD Cabeça de Bagre Prije 13 dana
so cursed...
I0000 Subscribers white no content
I0000 Subscribers white no content Prije 14 dana
Hello 👋
Jeffy Jeffy
Jeffy Jeffy Prije 14 dana
Dude I was watching this while eating and the Belle Delphine one came on, I almost vomited send help
AlastorV6 Prije 14 dana
pewdiepie Imagining What Road he would of been of if HRpost Never Came along 6:37
AlastorV6 Prije 14 dana
when are people gonna Use Deep Fake to make Mark and Jacksepticeye Kiss
UnKnowN Prije 14 dana
plot twist: the one reacting to the deepfakes is not even pewdiepie
ipotatosenpai Prije 8 dana
What's even real anymore
Mehul Soorajdin
Mehul Soorajdin Prije 15 dana
I take it back, the Bella del one is gonna give me nightmares
Mehul Soorajdin
Mehul Soorajdin Prije 15 dana
I just can’t with the second one
MG 2005
MG 2005 Prije 15 dana
Did the Captain American one predict pewdiepie will get muscle, question mark?
royale Prije 15 dana
Lol magic of Barca coming in on pewdirpie aswell
Gia Animations
Gia Animations Prije 15 dana
infiresmanyeah Prije 15 dana
the way its 11pm and i have so much work to do but here we are, watching pewdiepie as billie eyelash :]
Patrick Rubino
Patrick Rubino Prije 15 dana
Billie Elliot
M Prije 16 dana
Big Smoke
Big Smoke Prije 16 dana
Im fucking scared of the belle delphine one
Nibbonbon Prije 16 dana
i kinda am in between of being inspired and terrified...
Rohan Bharadwaj
Rohan Bharadwaj Prije 16 dana
Plot twist: The Pewdiepie Aladdin is Pewdiepie's ancestor
Siva Playz
Siva Playz Prije 16 dana
3:53 takes pewds a few seconds to realize that it was his wife's face lmao😂😂😂😂😂
Christian cruz
Christian cruz Prije 16 dana
Yes Captain uhh... Everyones favorite avenger
Niepi Prije 16 dana
Sorry I don't know who you are.
Muhammad Wazif
Muhammad Wazif Prije 17 dana
Don't know why...... But its just too perfect
Meg Well
Meg Well Prije 17 dana
Aliiff Amiirul
Aliiff Amiirul Prije 18 dana
pewds my son keeps coming to me whenever i watch your videos
Elmo, and Kermit have been held hostage
Elmo, and Kermit have been held hostage Prije 18 dana
Aaaaaa ur eye tattoo thing scares me everytime I see it haha
kochumol pc
kochumol pc Prije 18 dana
This is a pewdieverse.
Spidey Fan 2002
Spidey Fan 2002 Prije 14 dana
PewDiePie: Into The Pewdsverse
OrangeMC Prije 18 dana
That Captain America one had me switching between whether I saw Pewdiepie, or Chris Evans XD
rosano alexander
rosano alexander Prije 18 dana
Hi pewdiepie i love your vid
Itamar ita
Itamar ita Prije 18 dana
fuck i wanna cry
GD SamHat10
GD SamHat10 Prije 19 dana
This is incredible
Jose Gutierrez
Jose Gutierrez Prije 19 dana
as a mexican i can say deepfakes about mexicans never work
DEVIL Prije 19 dana
deeeeeeeeeeep fake bro
หมวย 'ยย
หมวย 'ยย Prije 20 dana
6:38 haha
Acid Rain Easterface
Acid Rain Easterface Prije 20 dana
Ramzi Nasser
Ramzi Nasser Prije 21 dan
Marzia actually looks like Hayley atwell couldn’t tell it was her in the beginning
Shrek’sSwampSense Or Humanoid Shrek
Shrek’sSwampSense Or Humanoid Shrek Prije 22 dana
This man looks like the ESO: Fallout and Elder Scrolls guide guys in this one.
{Jasper`Cat} Prije 22 dana
I love how he kills cocomelon in the start
Gaia Acosta
Gaia Acosta Prije 23 dana
I am actually watching this on a Tuesday!
Wei Bin
Wei Bin Prije 23 dana
vat is this?
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