Human Benchmark TEST Is INSANE!

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Human benchmark test
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HeHa Prije 18 sati
Am I going crazy I heard the sound at 19500Hz mark but the thing said most people hear it between 15000Hz -18000Hz 😳
Lennik Prije 19 sati
He found it after a century no cap
Onion Yi
Onion Yi Prije dan
Just like doing tasks in among us 11:43
AnimeKnight99 Prije dan
A Ghost.
A Ghost. Prije dan
technically all iq or human benchmark test on a computer by default have no actual result cus it just tests your skills with a computer.
??? Prije 2 dana
i got a 7 on the human benchmark test accidently before {the reaction in ms one}
Richard Blanchard
Richard Blanchard Prije 3 dana
Dam I’m 12 and I got a better score
jeffrei Prije 4 dana
i made it to 20 and stopped bc i was getting too good at beating chimps 😎 yk that sounded wrong but idc I'm king of the jungle. sitting on my throne of tree and chimps serving me fruit and bowing to me as i whole number cards to assert pompous dominance
Marios M
Marios M Prije 5 dana
i got 16ms :)
Erika Nirenberg
Erika Nirenberg Prije 6 dana
I just kept thinking of every time he forgot a simple passcode when he played through Ao Oni
Yuri The Greatest
Yuri The Greatest Prije 6 dana
This makes me proud, i can hear the sound from the begging
Mik Prije 9 dana
some people are smart, Some people just have to try harder,,, and obviously use paper and pen
Arina Konova
Arina Konova Prije 9 dana
I'm so failing this lol
za boi
za boi Prije 9 dana
I heard it on 18375 something
Um Cara Normal num Planeta normal
Um Cara Normal num Planeta normal Prije 9 dana
Holy shit pewdipie actually has pretty good Reaction Time Im 16 and literally have 290- 330 reaction time Holy shit i literally suck what the fuck, Pewds was better than me at everything, although now that i think about it age thirty kind of is peak physicality for males so thats fine
Weston Ball
Weston Ball Prije 11 dana
20543 hz
smackaroo laugh
smackaroo laugh Prije 12 dana
Me getting 370 me reaction time with 300 ping
Alberto Nevarez
Alberto Nevarez Prije 13 dana
Felix: "...Dumb people have to try hard..." I felt that
Alberto Nevarez
Alberto Nevarez Prije 13 dana
Felix: "As you guy's know, I am the greatest human being on the whole planet" Me: * hits like button * "Yes"
cubby Prije 15 dana
Men8ar Desu
Men8ar Desu Prije 17 dana
Bro i heard nothing!
Nizou Prije 17 dana
Steven. Prije 17 dana
2:57 okay, heres my scores. typing - 85 wpm, 93.2% percentile verbal memory - 49.0 points, 72.6% number memory - 10.0 digits, 71.1% hearing - 15348 12.0% (idk if my hearing is bad, my reaction time is bad, my earbuds are bad, or all 3 of those.) reaction time - 344 ms, 10.6% visual memory - 9.0 points, 8.9% chimp test - 6.0 points 2.8% aim trainer - 766 ms, 2.7%
Pi ba ba ba kush
Pi ba ba ba kush Prije 18 dana
12ms FIRST TRY !!!!!!!!
Rishabh P A
Rishabh P A Prije 18 dana
I heard it on 18386 Hz
Daniel Felix
Daniel Felix Prije 18 dana
Pewds: “i have spit on the wall?!?!” (Licks finger to smear more spit on wall)
Aigars Lapsa
Aigars Lapsa Prije 18 dana
14:16 did you really? :D
Harmanpreet Singh
Harmanpreet Singh Prije 20 dana
He's really intelligent...
phil coulson
phil coulson Prije 22 dana
Grown man Bragging about not being Autistic
Utku Başol
Utku Başol Prije 23 dana
i hear when it is started
Jatin seharawat
Jatin seharawat Prije 25 dana
2:11 is that illuminati eye? : D
21 tryhard
21 tryhard Prije 25 dana
play csgo pls
La Baguette YT
La Baguette YT Prije 26 dana
I heard it at around 15,000 lmao
Mr. IVO Prije 26 dana
In reaction i actualy got 20ms i promise
BR Quackenbush
BR Quackenbush Prije 26 dana
verbal memory 69 hearing 19848 reaction time 224 number memory 10 typing 39 aim trainer 630 visual memory 8.7
BR Quackenbush
BR Quackenbush Prije 26 dana
when i did it on the website i heard like 19800 i dont think your mike can pick noise at that frequency up
UrbanChaos TV
UrbanChaos TV Prije 27 dana
Haru_OW Prije mjesec
I spit on my wall what the hell? *puts more spit on the wall 3:43
LZ Prije mjesec
This is not the correct "Chimp Test" Because for the chimp gets about a second max of memorizing time and they are able to do it as fast as they can tap on the touchscreen
Cars Dogs and Gaming
Cars Dogs and Gaming Prije mjesec
has 100m subs but 2/3 are bots then brags about it
кролика родзинка
кролика родзинка Prije mjesec
Damn I knew my hearing was bad but I never even started to hear it before he moved on entirely :'( A tank fired next to me when I was 15 and my ears never properly recovered lol
Just Dude
Just Dude Prije mjesec
18700 Hz
Joe Cool
Joe Cool Prije mjesec
nicholas cooksey
nicholas cooksey Prije mjesec
Felix on the hearing test- you can play along at home Me with 8 dollar earbuds- hears nothing but static
blee_yt Prije mjesec
pewds :" 100% accuracy" also pewds : *misses on reflex test*
Mixer Prije mjesec
i got 5 ms omega lul
24 24 24
24 24 24 Prije mjesec
People with a high refresh rate monitor get better score on the reaction time test.
Dundi Prije mjesec
that's true
Dr Jedi GT
Dr Jedi GT Prije mjesec
I got 98ms on human benchmark by accidentally clicking lol
JK 17
JK 17 Prije mjesec
Micheal Reeves got 7 ms. His is truly among the gods.
꧁matty꧂ Prije mjesec
the max i heard was round about 20100Hz, im still a young boy :3
Lovers Choice
Lovers Choice Prije mjesec
at of all the videos on youtube, this one is the most edited.
Sam_ Ireland
Sam_ Ireland Prije mjesec
Felix: I have spit on my wall *proceeds to clean with more spit *
Vani Lokesh
Vani Lokesh Prije mjesec
F u i got in 76 ms
Balraj Chauhan
Balraj Chauhan Prije mjesec
I heard the sound somewhere around 21000 then it went quite and then I heard it at 18500
Eric Escamilla
Eric Escamilla Prije mjesec
bro i got 46 on reaction time on second try your slow
Nimus H
Nimus H Prije mjesec
Brendan Howard
Brendan Howard Prije mjesec
I heard it at around 17000 what was yalls?
Suru Prije mjesec
18050Hz ish
Chance Meads
Chance Meads Prije mjesec
M o n k e
Heyyweirdo Prije mjesec
Does anybody know the song name in 7:41? I've been searching for it for ages
8R0 C0D3
8R0 C0D3 Prije mjesec
Anyone else not able to hear the noise before he stoped it
DailyDose OfDuck
DailyDose OfDuck Prije mjesec
Jesus Christ these intros keep getting better
Burn Prije mjesec
9:34 I really just that was my tinnitus acting up...
anonymously anonymous
anonymously anonymous Prije mjesec
it took me until 15499Hz to hear it 💀
Taha Naser
Taha Naser Prije mjesec
i hear it way before
Nagito Komaeda
Nagito Komaeda Prije mjesec
Pewds: I have spit on my wall Also pewds: Uses spit to wipe spit off
Little_anime_girl_uwu Prije mjesec
I’m trying to learn Japanese to and I’m awful
mochi Prije mjesec
1:30 every rhythm gamer
Life of Ciarán
Life of Ciarán Prije mjesec
946461 946461 946461 946461
Life of Ciarán
Life of Ciarán Prije mjesec
Rgillespie_ 06
Rgillespie_ 06 Prije mjesec
I'm kinda proud for the verbal memory I got 106.0 and 97.5 percentile
sparkle girlsies
sparkle girlsies Prije mjesec
Joris Martinez
Joris Martinez Prije mjesec
I did 129 at verbal memories 😂
Hexal Prije mjesec
Pewds: "Ew i have spit on my wall!" Also pewds: *cleans spit with spit*
Dan Kelly
Dan Kelly Prije mjesec
Why have I just noticed his eye colour
K͙E͙S͙H͙A͙V͙ Prije mjesec
I hear it Before😕
K͙E͙S͙H͙A͙V͙ Prije mjesec
My Response time is 114 MS 🙂😏😎
Haru Kazami
Haru Kazami Prije mjesec
i heard it before u did. im better than u r.
Quotic Talk
Quotic Talk Prije mjesec
pews has a high iq
BlueGamer Prije mjesec
chimps goes pree pree boom
Hunter Ellis
Hunter Ellis Prije mjesec
I remember when he used to play horror games like aoni and he would always forget passcodes
Silvy Prije mjesec
he really tryharded on the human benchmark test. A true gamer
Aozotra Prije mjesec
Guys pewds is gradually realizing that he’s born a chad. We must crash the site
Mr beast 6969 Sola
Mr beast 6969 Sola Prije mjesec
Pp poopoo islands
Da BJ Prije mjesec
Holy shit chimp test is really fucking me up can't even get top 90%...
Ilyes-HJD Prije mjesec
04:42 * i have spit on my wall * uses spit on his finger to clean the spit on the wall !!
D WREX Prije mjesec
anyone else just go take 20 mins to do this?
John Smith
John Smith Prije mjesec
I actually did them all and you're a fucking beast what the hell
Me Me
Me Me Prije 2 mjeseci
My genius 👽 🧠 Pewds I 💘 you babe
Card Prije 2 mjeseci
I got too 0.1% of people for memory
Lauren D.
Lauren D. Prije 2 mjeseci
“click the requiers” i-
William Chu
William Chu Prije 2 mjeseci
he literally became a god by breaking the human limits
Batata Mama
Batata Mama Prije 2 mjeseci
I heard the sound at 18693Hz.. my god that sound was painful
Batata Mama
Batata Mama Prije 2 mjeseci
I heard the sound at 18693Hz.. my god that sound was painful
John Forrest
John Forrest Prije 2 mjeseci
Baicus_IL Prije 2 mjeseci
i heard the sound b4 u get rekt!
Smriti Kamath
Smriti Kamath Prije 2 mjeseci
17655 Hz
David Robinson
David Robinson Prije 2 mjeseci
As you know, people say the brain is described as a muscle, which obviously can be exercised.
Kyle Bornman
Kyle Bornman Prije 2 mjeseci
For chimp test take pics with phone big pp move
Vegard Ophus Fretheim
Vegard Ophus Fretheim Prije 2 mjeseci
Pewdiepie:has spit on wall Also pewdiepie: wipes away spit with spit
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