BTS stan changes race to Korean..

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TheAdvertisement Prije 16 minuta
I don't even like BTS that much, but damn I feel bad for these guys that they have such a crazy fan who would do this much to look like them. That's just creepy.
McKenna Carson
McKenna Carson Prije 21 minute
If you guys support and defend transgenders who feel like they’re in the wrong body, then you have to support him for feeling like he’s in the wrong body too. You guys say race is a social construct so this actually makes more sense than someone saying they’re a woman or whatever when they’re not. That’s biology. He’s just as much a Korean as a trans person is the center that transitioned to. Just using your guys logic
Genevive Joy Diaz
Genevive Joy Diaz Prije 23 minuta
Oli has gotten worse🙂
Hita Prije 42 minuta
Oli : I'm not hurting anybody She's hurting jimin
Hita Prije 45 minuta
Korean is not some religion... Oli doesn't understand!!!?!!
Hita Prije 47 minuta
Her eyes : 👁️👃----
Rin Honjo
Rin Honjo Prije sat
Where’s all the money for those surgeries come from? 🤔
Baby gorl
Baby gorl Prije sat
I nearly screamed when Ben Kim popped up on my damn screen
Shawn Ezekiel
Shawn Ezekiel Prije 2 sati
hans u are gay
VinTEB! Prije 2 sati
Oli: Please don't get mad at me Dr. Phil! 😭 Dr. Phil: I'm not mad, just disappointed.
msn 167
msn 167 Prije 2 sati
I just wanna say that plastic surgery or not your still a British dude why? Cuz its in your BLOOD.
Zyotee Sunuwar
Zyotee Sunuwar Prije 2 sati
6:18 "changing race thing" was that necessary to bring up?? 😑 It takes 2 sec. to look up vitiligo on google. And Oli needs serious help!!!!
Ryan Kim
Ryan Kim Prije 3 sati
When I heard him say “my home country is Korea” I was thinking like this guy is instead
Lucas Mods
Lucas Mods Prije 3 sati
Jimin dps da crakolandia
Crystal Williams-Brown
Crystal Williams-Brown Prije 3 sati
This is really sad
라면 Prije 4 sati
Sodinen Jamir
Sodinen Jamir Prije 4 sati
What if ....... South Korea bans him....
InvisibleRen Prije 4 sati
100% sure Oli was served a restraining order by Jimin’s people at the very first second they showed their face on TV thirsting after Jimin like a psycho.
Jeneisy Olivieri
Jeneisy Olivieri Prije 6 sati
How is Ollie going to say that their pronouns are they/them then misgender themself? Now I'm confused on what their pronouns are
LEGIN Prije 6 sati
I wonder is he fluent in Korean
urMommaBear • 5 months ago
urMommaBear • 5 months ago Prije 7 sati
I identify as, Me, She, Her, Mom, Pewdiepie
Rose-Marie Lundholm
Rose-Marie Lundholm Prije 7 sati
Oli London is just a hugh joke among kpop fans. We don't claim him.
eve Prije 8 sati
Why can't he just do this in private? 🤦🏻‍♀️ I really hope (I doubt it) that Jimin hasn't seen this mess
Talya Harris
Talya Harris Prije 8 sati
I forgot his name was Felix I was thinking about felix from stray kids 😂😂😂
aluxi Prije 8 sati
WTF i just saw an ad for this that was like "which bts character would u be?" and then it said "Jimin?" BRO STOP
Ben Turner
Ben Turner Prije 8 sati
For the record, I feel we should be using they/them pronouns for Oli. It’s very weird to have something that is real and has historical basis (being non-binary, using they/them pronouns) with this bastardized trans-race thing, but hearing what Oli is saying is resonant with the feeling of dysphoria that a lot of my non-binary/trans/gender fluid friends have spoken about, and I think that part is honest hearing Oli’s tone. The trans-race debacle and using kor/ean as pronouns is ridiculous, and as a queer theory scholar, has no basis in queer history and I find it is a complete misappropriation, but I would imagine it is a manifestation of dysphoria and trauma intertwined with the feeling of safety being a part of the bts community. The base feeling of dysphoria is valid, but the transformation and coopting of another race and culture is certainly not.
Fredoritos Prije 9 sati
In a few years the whole thing is revealed to be an attempted identity theft
Aistelic Prije 10 sati
getting a face surgery doesn't change your race
Angels Breath
Angels Breath Prije 10 sati
I have to admit his eyebrows looks great.. I like it!
RockHard23!!!!!!! Prije 10 sati
even lgbtq wouldn't accept her/him idk anymore
RockHard23!!!!!!! Prije 10 sati
hi pewdiepie
Hanata Kharpuri
Hanata Kharpuri Prije 11 sati
Damn ben kim is on this video
Mystery Prije 12 sati
I love ♏s so much😂😂😂
Jessica Fang
Jessica Fang Prije 12 sati
I have actually never seen a clip of Oli actually listening to BTS
Zara Siddiqui 6D
Zara Siddiqui 6D Prije 12 sati
you' re so kind . that's actually their company who suggested them to unfollow some celebs because their account would get problem due to some reasons . 😭😭😭
_yoshizone Prije 12 sati
I cant believe this😂😂
S M Prije 13 sati
U re not belonging to lgbt cuz were not made
Helloworld Prije 13 sati
He spent lots of money but then doesn’t look like Jimin at all, He should sue his doctor.
Coolamite Prije 13 sati
Im confused whether he is a reaction channel or a gaming channel
Mimisha- Chan
Mimisha- Chan Prije 13 sati
As an Lgbtqa+ member I never felt offended in my entire life. No come out as "Korean" isn't a thing this is RACE not a GENDER identity
S M Prije 13 sati
Kpopers are mad but they couldn't see their madness
h oh
h oh Prije 13 sati
올리 ..당신이 한국인이 될수있는 방법은 다시 태어나는것 뿐입니다 . 일본어티셔츠입고 한국인이라고 외치지마 ... 지민이 그만괴롭혀 STOP Oli .... you are not korean... Don't use Jimin for your reputation
The śilver Wolf
The śilver Wolf Prije 14 sati
If he likes it or not he will alway be British.
Hazel Rose Estrella
Hazel Rose Estrella Prije 14 sati
Iridescent Unicorn Farts
Iridescent Unicorn Farts Prije 14 sati
He looks more like Kris Jenner than Jimin lol.
Lucid Dreams
Lucid Dreams Prije 14 sati
Tbh if you can identify as a different gender, you should see no issue with people identifying as a different race 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE HOMIE
I'm A human
I'm A human Prije 14 sati
*cringe as fvck*
Isaac Morrow
Isaac Morrow Prije 14 sati
Everyday, we stray farther from humanity
CJ Terrado
CJ Terrado Prije 14 sati
iiMnxie_lx Prije 14 sati
Oli London: i sUpPoRt BLM bC i gEt fAmE aNd mOnEy 👁👄👁 me: wtf
jfnoxus Prije 15 sati
what a waste of medical resources.
phimie soriano
phimie soriano Prije 15 sati
There is a way to become a Korean citizen... and... there are multiple ways to make yourself look the way you feel to make yourself happy. But to call his whole process as transitioning... and appropriating the way he wants to look Korean as what it takes to BE KOREAN. That's what I don't understand.
Toni Amano
Toni Amano Prije 16 sati
identity theft is not a joke, jim. millions of families suffer every year.
Jimin and the floor The endless saga
Jimin and the floor The endless saga Prije 16 sati
Who else hates oli London??
퐁크림&현탱tv Prije 17 sati
Noufa Althigah
Noufa Althigah Prije 18 sati
Jimin isn't happy with the fact that someone is obsessing over him n that's why bighit make it very clear to not bring up oli in interviews n to not feed into the attention that he is seeking
find love
find love Prije 18 sati
Please stop him 🙏 someone please stop him 🙏
Kevin Brinker
Kevin Brinker Prije 18 sati
It's interesting that he thinks the same people who get pissed at blackface are gonna accept this dude for quite literally mocking real Asian, further blurring the lines between race the same way were blurring the lines between men and women 🙄
Relevant Embryo
Relevant Embryo Prije 18 sati
this is all stupid why just cant they love themselves the way they are.
President Kim Namjoon
President Kim Namjoon Prije 19 sati
Why are you so obsessed with me oli?
Lydia Edy
Lydia Edy Prije 19 sati
he found happiness in someone else’s struggle in someone else’s life how tragic is that 😂
P W Prije 20 sati
Lgbtqk k for Korean
Denise Arcangeles
Denise Arcangeles Prije 20 sati
Olie is one of those people who give the queer/lgbtq+ community a bad rep.
Jayaram Shetty
Jayaram Shetty Prije 20 sati
Armies are making some noise 🥳🥳
The Assassin
The Assassin Prije 22 sati
He doesn't looks like Jimin he looks like Vice Ganda
wood Prije 22 sati
Ogggmmgg bts!!!@ omggee felix like bts too!!! Army!! 💜💜💜💜 🥺🥺(jimin if u r reading this i wuv u OwO) 😍😍 👁👄👁
BANGTANDIPITY – Prije 23 sati
I'm not jinxing but when the day the reaper takes Jimin by the hand comes, and Oli is still obsessed. Will he unalive himself?
LEE JIANNE Prije dan
DID HE JUST DISRESPECTED THE KOREAN FLAGGGGG, like even though I am a Chinese I wouldn't do that do someone else's flag like bruh. Have some fvcking respect. Korea might even be wayyyyyyyy older than britiain. ANd also why isn't the British govt kicking this guy out for betraying his own culture and identity. ANDDDDDD asian countries are also mostly among the oldest countries in the world and yet he disrespect our asian cultures like that. WOWOWOWOWOWOW. WHo are we asians to you huh.
gojosatorusimp Prije dan
8:01 YES
gojosatorusimp Prije dan
they them Korean jimin
velvet _
velvet _ Prije dan
진짜 꼴보기 싫다
lujaen🐡💛 Prije dan
Don't say that😡 oli is sooo beautiful 😍😘 Jk l feel bad for him He doesn't have a fan,
jimin's lachimolalala
jimin's lachimolalala Prije dan
first this dude said he is jimin's wife or something and now he says HE IS JIMIN . dude cant keep up with his lies
jimin's lachimolalala
jimin's lachimolalala Prije dan
pls dont dont dont call oli london a STAN !! cuz he is not . he just wants fame and attention
Grace Peterson
Grace Peterson Prije dan
Oli doesn't actually identify as Korean, they're a clout chaser. They're trying to get attention from people who already have a negative view on the trans community, especially nonbinary people.
류지호 Prije dan
M P Prije dan
Imagine if ethnicities have there own fucking pronouns
Frank Sonard
Frank Sonard Prije dan
I need yours Instagram
• tes •
• tes • Prije dan
I feel sorry for Oli. He needs therapy.
Charlie Healy
Charlie Healy Prije dan
he looks more female than Korean
Lucky Pistola
Lucky Pistola Prije dan
Wow bunch of transphobes
Do Bap
Do Bap Prije dan
As a blond haired, blued eyed guy who went to Korea with my family a few years ago, you really do stick out as a foreigner. I high doubt the people there would appreciate this shit.
Tiny shoto
Tiny shoto Prije dan
Poor Jimin,i feel so bad for him
Sikspak Prije dan
I didn't think it was possible to cross the line when it comes to identifying yourself until I saw this video.
Semen Erohin
Semen Erohin Prije dan
It really makes you think. Why everyone perceive changing gender as okay, but changing race as totally fucked up?
Victoria Aguilar
Victoria Aguilar Prije dan
Stan BTS
Ammar Khattab
Ammar Khattab Prije dan
9:40 no he hurt my eyes
Army_forever ✊🏼💜🇰🇷
Army_forever ✊🏼💜🇰🇷 Prije dan
“ I don’t identify as British, I’m korean” - Talks in a British accent Me- also if you’re korean please speak korean and don’t talk in English anymore 😌
장옥자 Prije dan
어떻게 알지...
Nichole Tiglao
Nichole Tiglao Prije dan
Ollie is doing it for aesthetics and clout... While appropriating Koreans and unfortunately hurting the trans community. Ollie barely speaks Korean... this is yellow-face to the extreme.
SociallyAwkwardSelf Prije dan
To those who say "nothing's wrong with this. he's not hurting anybody", this issue is actually hurting many Koreans. I also agree with the statement "do what makes you happy" but at the same time, there are certain things that's outright disrespectful to others. Koreans receive racial comments simply because of who they are, and for people like Oli who do shit like this is ridiculous and inane
pikil kid0497
pikil kid0497 Prije dan
I havent been watching pewds for about a year now, idk why I ever stopped watching him but uhhh yea
Shine Mo
Shine Mo Prije dan
Aishh I dunno why he's soo cringe Jimma is my literally everything but aish this guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!am sure he's not obsessed with Jimma he just needs fame and BTS attention ahgsgshjsks
Samridhi Malhotra
Samridhi Malhotra Prije dan
Niko L
Niko L Prije dan
I don’t think I would be so mad at Oli, if it wasn’t because they actually are hurting others. Like the thing with people identifying as an alien or some shit, is that it’s wierd, but all in all, not really harming anyone. But transitioning into being korean is something that is hurting asian culture in general, and the trans community. And that’s just not speak about how he’s hurting Jimin, my god that dude must be terrified.
Isha Datey
Isha Datey Prije dan
How come pewdiepie can tell oli's intentions better than a goddamn psychologist like dr phil?
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