The Last of Us 2 - 10 Hour Abby Speedrun - Part 6

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The Last of Us Part 2 or Last of us 2 is out now. We're continuing the playthough LIVE babey
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An Old Flame
An Old Flame Prije 5 sati
Anyone else just play something in the background while doing something else? The last 4 of these, I've been playing minecraft on another phone. I got tired of the minecraft noises. And then I got tired of the quietness. I've gotten to the point where silence makes me uncomfortable. Does anyone else do that? Play a video/tv just cause it's too quiet?
Emily M
Emily M Prije 19 sati
The biggest problem with Abby's character is that they literally never give us anything to sympathize about. If they had written it so her father didn't want to continue the whole thing with Ellie, and then he was murdered for it then we could've sympathized for her more. But they literally give us nothing. She hunted down Joel to torture and slaughter him, and did it in front of Ellie while she begged, screamed, and sobbed for Abby not to. The zebra scene wasn't worth crap because in the end her father was willing to sacrifice Ellie. Abby doesn't have any redeeming qualities. Joel's death could've been done better, but a lot of fault with the storyline has to do with Abby and lack of complexity in her character.
Nico Cepy_Putra_official_yes
Nico Cepy_Putra_official_yes Prije dan
Know YOU people Felix
Senpai Prije dan
Whoa. I'm kind of a audiophile. The sounds of this game even through a HRpost sound compression video with headphones are just incredible. Gosh I wish to have a PS5/4 to play this and other awesome games
warr dahfar
warr dahfar Prije 3 dana
So I basically fell asleep yesterday watching Bucks and woke up to 263 tabs of ads on my phone open on google for Liseberg and now I can see that I ended up here and and i got it from the first yellow check mark. Do not fall asleep with you phones
dubthirsty Prije 3 dana
Play the full fkn game Felix
weaboo master
weaboo master Prije 4 dana
Choke me Abby !!
Timelapse Drawings
Timelapse Drawings Prije 4 dana
Its not even 60fps!!!
jo Prije 5 dana
"slid in right away" omg
Supits august
Supits august Prije 6 dana
does he not finish the game?
Nikahat Husan
Nikahat Husan Prije 4 sati
There are two parts after this theyre not in the playlist but i looked it up and the 8th part is the last one
white rabbit
white rabbit Prije 6 dana
rifle with scope: you have to give it room to drop same rifle before scope upgrade: hits on point no matter the range
Aura Fizzy
Aura Fizzy Prije 7 dana
I actually liked playin as abby, she had better weapons and better fights 🤷🏻‍♀️
No Topic Pocket
No Topic Pocket Prije 7 dana
Unrelated but I just bought a shit ton of gfuel for the first time. Can I get an F for my bank account?
Sgt_ Deno
Sgt_ Deno Prije 8 dana
Is this not a Zombie game ? ^^ Where them at
ninitehchS navI
ninitehchS navI Prije 8 dana
Bruh never seen so many crybabies at once. You just wanted fanservice and are butthurt over not getting it.
Justin Mckee
Justin Mckee Prije 10 dana
The amount of loot missed is unreal
Music That Feeds My Soul. Don't listen FEEL IT
Music That Feeds My Soul. Don't listen FEEL IT Prije 10 dana
What immature little bitch. When streaming. If walking dead or last of us 1 streamed the Immature little kid pewdipie would have hated it but I just wish for the adult Felix
Liv Schindler
Liv Schindler Prije 11 dana
I miss Ellie :(
Ryan Wiles
Ryan Wiles Prije 12 dana
Too many muscles -10/10
Ryan Wiles
Ryan Wiles Prije 12 dana
Dwarf_potato I’ve already watched all his new vids. I just really wanted to see what this game was about. I don’t really have time to play as much as I used to.
Dwarf_potato Prije 12 dana
Its among us time
Dwarf_potato Prije 12 dana
Its been 3 month
Dwarf_potato Prije 12 dana
Your so lonley man
Carol Kioria
Carol Kioria Prije 13 dana
dave ramsey
LoganR Positivity
LoganR Positivity Prije 13 dana
the female character's arms and hands. she is jacked lol
Joker Army
Joker Army Prije 13 dana
It’s hilarious how everyone I’ve seen play Abby has the same reaction of “nothing matters” and “I don’t care anymore”
Markus Edits
Markus Edits Prije 13 dana
2devil35 Prije 14 dana
I've been a fan of Pewds since the very beginning, but it actually pisses me off how stupid he sometimes actually is.
clam juice
clam juice Prije 14 dana
They really have a whole floor of torture rooms and still expect us to feel sorry for any of them lmao
Maytal Acedo
Maytal Acedo Prije 15 dana
no offence but I think dina is a better mother than mel. at least dina didn't suddenly realized it and just go reckless anyways bcuz of ellie and revenge quest. at least she listen and knows she can fight but knows she can't do something if she's carrying a child. at least she gives ellie less stress and at least do her part. well mel on the other hand cldn't care less about her kid and even in dialogue with abby she's says she's ready but doesn't sound so pleased. so I wonder if she did this on purpose in combat as a way for her to not want to keep the baby and being in combat is her way of abortion.
m1xailo Prije 15 dana
This counts as a filler. not a weeb doe
Maytal Acedo
Maytal Acedo Prije 15 dana
That sex scene was a huge WTF moment in the 🎮 bcuz I was not expecting a trans- yaoi moment. Lol XD
Albert Krarup M.
Albert Krarup M. Prije 16 dana
I know its way to late to say this but pewds really should've read those notes along the way. Its describing a lot of different families/ situations in this appocalypse, and you get a better atmosphere and story in the game
KS AMK Prije 17 dana
Just stop crying about jol and play the fucking game
Alex Nonymous
Alex Nonymous Prije 17 dana
Abby Tyson
Bob Barclay
Bob Barclay Prije 18 dana
at :35 he looks like Connor mgreggor
DANKerTester Prije 18 dana
Naughty Dog why -_-
Gaming Beast
Gaming Beast Prije 20 dana
Jheniboo Prije 22 dana
When are you playing the next part??
armani Prije 19 dana
Apex Fenix
Apex Fenix Prije 23 dana
Her arms are the size of my ego
Agenda Games
Agenda Games Prije 23 dana
O jogo não deu certo e ainda forçaram 10 horas de jogabilidade com uma protagonista desconhecida!
AB Studio
AB Studio Prije 25 dana
Ahmed Arif
Ahmed Arif Prije 25 dana
delay ffs
Tash H
Tash H Prije 26 dana
lmao as a pansexul 19139300/10 would bang Abby.
BAT CAT Prije 26 dana
Yoosef Shoar
Yoosef Shoar Prije 27 dana
abby: it not nice to kill someones dad also abby: i kill ur dad cuz i angry
Lucas A. Oliveira
Lucas A. Oliveira Prije 28 dana
Man, playing as Abby was way more exciting than playing as Ellie. Better weapons, better melee combat and best storyline
Mulm Yee
Mulm Yee Prije 28 dana
Unpopular opion. The flashbacks with abby and owen are kinda cute ngl
vivlodia Prije 26 dana
that aquarium scene was great
Austin not so Powers
Austin not so Powers Prije mjesec
At 29:30 wtf was that all about lmao 🤣
nacho Prije mjesec
Äbby: "What the hell am I doing? They're f**cking scars..." Me: And you're f**cking Owen, so I guess were both not happy are we?
William Lee
William Lee Prije mjesec
Ahh. Now I see why people hate the game. What were they thinking oml
Ali Khan
Ali Khan Prije mjesec
A little tip for fans like who weren't able to watch live stream and now watching all the parts, if you also hate watching abby but gotta watch anyway for the sake of story, watch on 1.7x speed
xxoul xxeller
xxoul xxeller Prije mjesec
David Williams
David Williams Prije mjesec
Transitioning to Abby was really jarring for me and I hated it at first. But by the end I really did love the game. Her Day 2 is INSANE.
Alexis Skurnack
Alexis Skurnack Prije mjesec
Is pewds going to finish this game or what?
vivlodia Prije 26 dana
he already has
Franklin Phan
Franklin Phan Prije mjesec
imagine you have to play the part where she kills Joel.
Jesse K
Jesse K Prije mjesec
Fuck Abby......
Chernobyl Puppy
Chernobyl Puppy Prije mjesec
i stopped caring about this game when i got to Abby’s part and found out i have to play that bitch like half the game :/
Roman Macháček
Roman Macháček Prije mjesec
That's funny. I like the idea of trying to understand each side and if they would do it better, it would work (in my opinion) but you are playing Abby with knowledge of killing the most loved character. This has a really good ideas. It's just sad, that lot of people, just still bitching about one that death, but they are not wrong, it's all in the story line. But the idea is amazing for me (sorry to piss somebody and sorry for my grammar)
Brian Kemp
Brian Kemp Prije 21 dan
Genius idea to make most core fans feel bored and disconnected, real fucking genius. better yet? Losing interest in continuing playing, lets see tlou3 sales
Ilham Arya Fasha
Ilham Arya Fasha Prije mjesec
Marcelo A. Flores
Marcelo A. Flores Prije mjesec
1:01:37 crush on Jesse AKA Eugene
YYQQ Prije mjesec
Felix please don’t stream AAA games
Vin Diesel Sanji
Vin Diesel Sanji Prije mjesec
why not?
dios_cum Prije mjesec
Meme gang 4 life
Ciara Brown
Ciara Brown Prije mjesec
Pewds: what I miss? Me: 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
Chris G
Chris G Prije mjesec
How she get pragananant
Cean Wee
Cean Wee Prije mjesec
Damn people be trashing Abby's story in the game. They say it's boring but I'm sensing a whole biased thing going on. Even Ellie went through boring ass exploring and searching for stuff moments, but I didn't see anyone complain about that.
Marcelo Ramos
Marcelo Ramos Prije mjesec
"I don't think I can ever forgive you for that. But I would like to try." That line, alone, is the essence of the entire game. To try in an unforgiving world that has already given up.
Iwan Gaming
Iwan Gaming Prije mjesec
3:03:08 what the f*ck
Adnan Ioy
Adnan Ioy Prije mjesec
Lmao .. the crossbow is real 😂
DLAROC Prije mjesec
Why did they make Abby so manly looking?
DLAROC Prije 25 dana
@temi Wow someone got offended lmao Dont get your manties in a bunch
vivlodia Prije 26 dana
whats wrong in that? its the mfing apocalypse and she works hard.
temi Prije mjesec
why’d they make you look like a bitch?
Julia Brown
Julia Brown Prije mjesec
Honestly, they probably could've started with Abby and everyone wouldn't have hated her so much.
Jaykishansinh Zala
Jaykishansinh Zala Prije mjesec
56:04 gta 5 nostalgia 😂😂😂 Edit 3:03:33 nice timing lol 😂😂😂
gizem xx
gizem xx Prije mjesec
I don't know if anyone realized this or wrote in the comments but 2:12:43 Abby: What the hell did you do? Lev: I shaved my head Abby: Fine, don't tell me. I really don't care. BITCH YOU ASKED IT
Texas Beaver
Texas Beaver Prije mjesec
Hope I'm not too late but... 11:54 If you were into HRpost gaming of the 2010s, you know this reference
Miguito Uruguaio
Miguito Uruguaio Prije mjesec
Ellie transa com a Dina: aí que fofoooo Abby transa com o Owen: WTF IS THIS?
moss covered log
moss covered log Prije mjesec
lev and yara really saved abbys gameplay
moss covered log
moss covered log Prije mjesec
ok how 💀
ok Prije mjesec
EEvam Prije mjesec
wolf come wolf come here wolf hurry! BRUV STFU LEV
Sydebern Prije mjesec
There's two kinds of people: people who can get over themselves and appreciate TLoU2 for what it is. And people who can't.
Lucas A. Oliveira
Lucas A. Oliveira Prije mjesec
WTF!! how do u dislike the best character of the game? AKA Abby Anderson. The most funny playthrough in HRpost LOL
منوعات عربية
منوعات عربية Prije mjesec
Hahaha You are funny Big BB for the effort
Isabelle Lundgren
Isabelle Lundgren Prije mjesec
me knowing that he was gonna play as Abby for a wile Me also seeing that the video is 3 hours long
amanda perez
amanda perez Prije mjesec
Well,,,ngl I actually loved the game and y’all are just a bunch of sexists when it comes to Abby’s body 🙄 as I bi women I actually though that Ellie, Dina and Abby were all super cute/hot :)
Bailey Berry
Bailey Berry Prije mjesec
o I am the sexiest you say?
FunnyDude119 Prije mjesec
Never thought another woman could have better arms than Michelle Obama and yet here Abby is.
Anna Yocom
Anna Yocom Prije mjesec
Joel killed abbys dad she wanted revenge if that was your dad you’d do that to so stop complaining it’s a good story god
Elias Martinez
Elias Martinez Prije mjesec
What if Ellie was your step daughter? Would you let her die? Or would you save her?
Matugas, Ronel Villareyes
Matugas, Ronel Villareyes Prije mjesec
Pewds always says the characters' name wrong😂
TheEpicTurtwig Prije mjesec
The game would have been much better if they re-ordered all of the events and showed you all the abby stuff first, grown you attached to her, THEN kicked you in the dick with her killing Joel in a flashback. The Ellie parts in the game would come afterwards like a “OMG I LOVED YOU ABBY HOW COULD YOU BETRAY US TIME TO DIE BY GOOD OL ELLIE!!”
A R I E L Prije mjesec
does anyone got accepted if y'all added Pewds acc at PS4?
Thoriq Ilham
Thoriq Ilham Prije mjesec
holy shit he has 20 iq on playing game , literally
Backtriggs Prije mjesec
I was pumped after watching The Last of Us 1 Gameplay and up until now I binged. Haven't watched in like a month cause I lost all interest with this Abby part. This is my 4th time trying to finish watching this episode holy shit it's boring.
cool name
cool name Prije mjesec
When I got to the Abby part in the game I took a 3 month break
krishnamurthy Madhalappa
krishnamurthy Madhalappa Prije mjesec
What the fuck
Кирилл жесткий
Кирилл жесткий Prije mjesec
Почему продолжения нету?
Lamelo Ball
Lamelo Ball Prije mjesec
Where is part 7
Kadek Gadget
Kadek Gadget Prije mjesec
el diablo is the best part of this game
Iñigo Gonzalez
Iñigo Gonzalez Prije mjesec
Wait a second, Abby is female???
منوعات عربية
منوعات عربية Prije mjesec
Iam mean She Sound Like It she Is The "she hulk"
william gaumer
william gaumer Prije mjesec
I knew pewds wouldn’t beat this game and honestly I don’t blame him
Koka Kola
Koka Kola Prije mjesec
19:30 made me jump up out of my seat
Wrusty Prije mjesec
i literally just skipped this episode
MichaelRGB Prije mjesec
I find it hard to believe that people smoke pot in this world but not cigarettes, which have always been known to be a trade good in times where conventional currency arent usable.
Osama Bin Ballin
Osama Bin Ballin Prije mjesec
if thats what sex is i dont want it
Dr. Who
Dr. Who Prije mjesec
You're just making fun of the game. This is not fair. You don't deserve to have it. Fuck u
Just a Guy
Just a Guy Prije mjesec
It’s so funny that Felix so calm about it 🤣🤣
Outlaw Gaming
Outlaw Gaming Prije mjesec
Amber Ollari
Amber Ollari Prije mjesec
Whoa that tobuscus reference brought me way back. I now have that song stuck in my head
cubbleshasreturned Prije 2 mjeseci
Me watching the Abby speedrun: "who the fuck are all these people?"
liebekaese Prije 2 mjeseci
*spoiler* i actually really liked this game... just hated how ellie went back for her when she already had her life at the farm. abby spared her twice and abby's family and friends were all dead. isn't that the worst punishment?
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