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FoundGamer Prije 2 sati
12:17 lmfaooo I love you pewdiepie 😂😂
charles jefferson
charles jefferson Prije 13 sati
Lowkey 2:49 he kinda does give frat vibes
SammiG Prije 15 sati
all these guys are ugly wtf
BDUBS Prije 21 sat
Imagine if this situation was reversed......
J_Smith Prije dan
Attractiveness and looks bc im a guy and dont swing that way felix is a 0 but personality and who he is a 11 out of 10
Gus Barreteau
Gus Barreteau Prije dan
I'm confused with the thumbnail but I laughed my head off with the bread thing 🤣🤣🤣
hamza ghost
hamza ghost Prije 2 dana
who also watched this after watching pewdiepie saying the n word
Slia Tapeluelu
Slia Tapeluelu Prije 2 dana
Total GAMIX Prije 2 dana
I shouldn't have ate that edible
KeepBanningMe Prije 2 dana
How do they get this chick to rate anyone when shes like a 5 herself
The Lion
The Lion Prije 2 dana
That's cool that she chose the guy with the highest rated personality. Happy for them.
Bozz Dog
Bozz Dog Prije 2 dana
Wow rich Brian and the fricking boba. That's a cheap shot bro
Joe Casale
Joe Casale Prije 3 dana
"not my type" = ugly deff not learned from personal experience.
Critical Prije 3 dana
Mans went from 7 to 2 because he likes stranger things
Multi one
Multi one Prije 3 dana
Ugh this video was so damn funny
Jack Gladhill
Jack Gladhill Prije 3 dana
All it takes is to like bread well I guess I’ll be single forever considering I’m allergic to gluten
Slippery Dad
Slippery Dad Prije 4 dana
She called a height requirement a pet peeve
RAPTOR Prije 4 dana
Betorockmetal Prije 4 dana
Sex Symbol needs to do MEME review or be a guest on this channel, come on! You guys know it could be possible.
cosmic zenvy
cosmic zenvy Prije 4 dana
11:42 illuminati confirmed △ !!!
momo.pop9 Prije 4 dana
Moet Prije 4 dana
"Double 4! Virgin for life big Chungaa!"
Tiia Mannix
Tiia Mannix Prije 4 dana
Girl: You seem fine but I'm not gay, sorry Me: I like bread Girl: You have a chance
em.ilymay Prije 5 dana
liking bread = attractive
Yasmin Msaddak
Yasmin Msaddak Prije 5 dana
bro anyone knows the social media of the stranger things guy haha
Captain Dazu
Captain Dazu Prije 5 dana
Rating guys from 0-11 is cringe :0
David Funez
David Funez Prije 5 dana
Bread, really?
bobby Prije 5 dana
Ava Smith
Ava Smith Prije 5 dana
6:24 before the talking part of the video I was thinking that guy gave off Steve vibes and now here he is talking about stranger things. I love it lol
Renie Coffey
Renie Coffey Prije 5 dana
Damn I love those wholesome Reddit moments haha. I've been with my boyfriend for 5 years and it honestly doesn't matter if he fluctuates 20-30 pounds... He's still adorable as fuck
sk.zidane Ahmed
sk.zidane Ahmed Prije 5 dana
The girl herself was -10
EjmShadow Prije 6 dana
The Worst Guitarist Ever
The Worst Guitarist Ever Prije 6 dana
I would give her a 0 in looks and -0000 in personality
Mr_Fish_Bowl Prije 7 dana
Simps: I will never be a simp, never be. Bois: He's a man, he's a man.
ㄖ千千丨匚丨卂ㄥ乃乇乃ㄖ卩 Prije dan
This is cringe cringe
#ADoctor ToBe
#ADoctor ToBe Prije 7 dana
Why is this girl eligible to do this. What makes her ok for the job.
sauce Prije 9 dana
she a 3 or 4
YourDailyEmo Prije 9 dana
The small guy is my favourite.
Dhruv Joshi
Dhruv Joshi Prije 9 dana
pewd : u are really great 1 year ago I was didnt like u as insulted t series but now i understand why u are no. 1 love from india bro
Spirit Slayer
Spirit Slayer Prije 10 dana
let' take a moment to think about how pewdie could know that the first guy is going to take an 8 ._.
Keisha Mayniac
Keisha Mayniac Prije 10 dana
Why does the Indian dude remind me of that guy from the mathletes in mean girls. I sware they look the same and both are majoring in maths
Malachy van Rijn
Malachy van Rijn Prije 10 dana
Being tall and liking bread gets you a 8 this is what we're competing for guys
The Disney Journal
The Disney Journal Prije 10 dana
Yo-yo gang
flicksdafood Prije 11 dana
puds i love u
azukə Prije 11 dana
she deadass ranked dudes lower bc of their height.. like.. they are born this way wtf
Elly Mau
Elly Mau Prije 12 dana
this vid proof girl is cringierr than wooMANNN
Cryztal Prije 12 dana
Epic how he judges them based on the way they wear their headphones
hamod bevo
hamod bevo Prije 13 dana
Ahmad Istaitiya
Ahmad Istaitiya Prije 13 dana
Every 8 to CRINGE
Gianara Velo
Gianara Velo Prije 13 dana
Megan Shell
Megan Shell Prije 15 dana
it's always so ironic to see ugly guys with the best personalities.
Swamijiyin anbu thambi
Swamijiyin anbu thambi Prije 15 dana
F for Sean 😩😩😩😩😩
evelyn moreno
evelyn moreno Prije 15 dana
why am i slowly falling in love with felix.. oml...
Shridhar Sarraf
Shridhar Sarraf Prije 15 dana
Shortest guy got 9 because he had good sense of humor. And sense of humor really turns on girls......like it really does god knows how?🤣
Can we get too 1k Subs In 2 months or more?
Can we get too 1k Subs In 2 months or more? Prije 15 dana
I'm a girl and i want to say something. That girl is NOT how I rate people I just feel bad ngl the short guy was so cute 🤭🤭
TнeEℓℓy0O Prije 15 dana
The first guy was totally a 7 from me BITCH HAS NO TASTE
Monkydollqueen 69
Monkydollqueen 69 Prije 16 dana
Now it's time to let go. Let go of the past, and stop reliving it. 🤩
Krig Raseri
Krig Raseri Prije 16 dana
Female Nicolas Cage lookin ass
Nathan Paul
Nathan Paul Prije 17 dana
They should’ve asked all of the guys what they think she is lol
Dentonas Prije 17 dana
Now I really want to see this in reverse, one man ranking ten wemen, or would this be sexist.
inolzia Prije 17 dana
I miss these Juberliee videos 😔
Eli Cramer-Wood
Eli Cramer-Wood Prije 18 dana
Felix:I have never judged anyone in my life Also Felix calling a fireman a simp for saving a girls life
DJ 369
DJ 369 Prije 18 dana
lesson - dont judge
Nur 2005
Nur 2005 Prije 19 dana
Get your 6.9 Million Views viewer pass here
TOTO K Prije 20 dana
I am simp for thumbnail pewdiepie.
kerrystolcenberg Prije 21 dan
"No problem, but, no." 3:10
Sarah Santoro
Sarah Santoro Prije 22 dana
Why did I get a Pewdiepie ad on one of his videos? Lol
Ahmed Yaseen
Ahmed Yaseen Prije 22 dana
I like bread.
PokeGo Walking
PokeGo Walking Prije 22 dana
"Do you watch Stranger Things?" Bro, you've earned my respect and approval! 👊👏😂
Unwanted Commentary
Unwanted Commentary Prije 23 dana
Asian girl likes boba..OBVIOUSLY
Opdragon806 Prije 24 dana
the thumbnail looked to real :(
Womping Wizard
Womping Wizard Prije 24 dana
It's small things like this which really hurt men. They can't control their height in that sense, so don't decide who you like on something like that. It's very frustrating.
Nonaya Bidness
Nonaya Bidness Prije 21 dan
Women can’t control their boobs, ass, face, or hair, but get judged for that too.
BOI Rolin Moreno
BOI Rolin Moreno Prije 25 dana
Ya Boi
Ya Boi Prije 25 dana
I just saw Felix as a woman and I want to take that moment back.
Indie boii
Indie boii Prije 26 dana
The 2nd guy kinda looks like finneas lmao
Hamid HR
Hamid HR Prije 27 dana
Why didn't you yell ''SIMP!!!'' whenever they complemented her
Jacob John
Jacob John Prije 27 dana
There always that one indian guy who is smart af 😂😂😂 especially in these US shows..
GOD OF THUNDER Prije 27 dana
cnw2000 Prije 28 dana
watches pewdiepie vid and gets pewdiepie ad hahahahahahahahaha
Noah Hinson
Noah Hinson Prije 29 dana
before, i just watched jubilee. *N O W I C A N T B E C A U S E I M U S T W A I T F O R P E W D S T O R E A C T*
alex here
alex here Prije 29 dana
i just guessed them scores
Gracie Mai
Gracie Mai Prije 29 dana
Nobody’s perfect
Anirudh Shan
Anirudh Shan Prije 29 dana
She prob wanted a funny dude but this girl judges by bread her on a date her:what bread do you like man;wheat girl *$$## YOU
scoobydubs Prije mjesec
Ha this has 6.9 million views
Raven Roller
Raven Roller Prije mjesec
Pp be like what is boba *boba left the chat
Justine Anne Nicole
Justine Anne Nicole Prije mjesec
It's the yo-yo championships for me
Ross Hudson
Ross Hudson Prije mjesec
Has anyone else noticed that the "woman" on the thumbnail is pewdiepie?
Marco Di Palo
Marco Di Palo Prije mjesec
Sean just became a six simbol
ダテナリ Prije 29 dana
lmao 'six simbol'
Ahmad Atwa
Ahmad Atwa Prije mjesec
Water: 0 pp points Gfuel: 100 pp points
David Williams
David Williams Prije mjesec
It's not that he's too short. It's that he was shorter than everyone else. Lol.
Nathan Fife
Nathan Fife Prije mjesec
I'm also surprised Rahul didn't get a better rating. Dude was really smooth and a good face, seems like he was in shape too. I'm always surprised with what girls are actually attracted to.
Nathan Fife
Nathan Fife Prije mjesec
I like sean, he was funny
Ilias Timzguida
Ilias Timzguida Prije mjesec
pewds: if you got these in your ear just no jackscepticeye: *sad sean noises*
Mathew Cobb
Mathew Cobb Prije mjesec
He went from being a sex symbol to being a 6 symbol lmfao dude
Aamod BK
Aamod BK Prije mjesec
Just here for the thumbnail
mr noop
mr noop Prije mjesec
pewds: bro he's f*cking taller than you *continues to make minecraft eating noises*
Рози Роза
Рози Роза Prije mjesec
Is that pewdiepie photoshopped to waman in the thumbnail?
RESH NYRST Prije mjesec
Sofia Asraoui
Sofia Asraoui Prije mjesec
Miha Lesjak
Miha Lesjak Prije mjesec
sex symbol has left the chat
العراقي Prije mjesec
شباب ممكن تفهموني شنهي السالف
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