Among Us Is Mildly Infuriating #81[REDDIT REVIEW]

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among us make me mad bro
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CoZmo Prije 5 sati
Muhammad Zhafran
Muhammad Zhafran Prije 7 sati
Imbi Prije 12 sati
I couldn’t even say anything when the restaurant gets my order wrong do you think i could just go up to a buff woman to call her up on her shit?
El_Migué Prije 22 sati
8:29 o brasil foi representado
Elise Towle
Elise Towle Prije 22 sati
11:07 lmaooo his reaction is priceless
DH Music ✓
DH Music ✓ Prije 22 sati
*I wish I had so many views on my Music videos 😔* *Anyway Nice Video 👍*
Matias Babcock
Matias Babcock Prije dan
He said the math problem wasn’t solved, but that’s part of a specific lesson in algebra
Zachary Frazier
Zachary Frazier Prije dan
How do I get baby mjolnir?
Michał Prije dan
Im not getting notifications on your videos from time to time, I had to go back to this one manually to really see it.
Shamir Quinones
Shamir Quinones Prije dan
I do that. I do the grocery bag thing. My husband hates it.
Esdinoking YT
Esdinoking YT Prije dan
Mica's Domain
Mica's Domain Prije dan
7:13 saw it immediately and had the urge to kill
Shaishav Shah
Shaishav Shah Prije dan
"Im 30 now, i make dad jokes" could this be an Easter egg??
Orsomeeg Prije dan
Pewdipies EBay customer watching this be like 👁👄👁
Gaming with the bros
Gaming with the bros Prije 2 dana
Boys i thought he was drinking a four loko😂😂😂
Kiwi Katy
Kiwi Katy Prije 2 dana
Pewds: "Put something mildlyinfuriating on the screen" *loading circle pops up* Me: "haha you got me" Also me: *realises it's not an editing trick* 😔
Nathaniel Prije 2 dana
17:52 is that pufferfish?
Isaiah Honor
Isaiah Honor Prije 2 dana
our tuition went up 2%
Nishant Joshi
Nishant Joshi Prije 2 dana
15:21 I'm 90% sure that's in India
Donovan Blake
Donovan Blake Prije 2 dana
That student fee one is totally real tho... My entire campus got hit with the same thing.
Clover Fowlie
Clover Fowlie Prije 2 dana
I got distracted halfway through the video by that golden Mjolnir, where can I get one of those to fiddle with
VolutedSauce Prije 2 dana
17:48 that’s my laptop model Me to my laptop:it can’t hurt you anymore
Dhara Rathod
Dhara Rathod Prije 2 dana
Julia Catherine
Julia Catherine Prije 2 dana
10:55 honestly sounds like something my boss would tell me to do if we were out of something. Gotta make those sales, ya know.
Cesar Ángel
Cesar Ángel Prije 2 dana
Wanna know something even more infuriating in among us? Getting hacked by Eris Loris
YesLegend Prije 2 dana
After his latest video and pewdz said 2 vids were shadowbanned i realized i missed this one. Thanks yt for the "double" upload from pewdz XD
ove n
ove n Prije 3 dana
My nieces are mildly infuriating because they break things and cry and throw things around.
ove n
ove n Prije 3 dana
Jomy Rod
Jomy Rod Prije 3 dana
Hey Pewdiepie!! I'm a huge fan, I was just wondering if you could do another collab with dbrand, I really want one of your cases but I couldn't afford it :( Now I can afford it but they're gone. Also where can I get that awesome hammer??? Love you Pewds
Harvey Melchor
Harvey Melchor Prije 3 dana
18:24, believed it or not, i slap my glass water the same time as pewdiepie.
Solihin Naufal
Solihin Naufal Prije 3 dana
If there muslim people comment on this comment
Puntum Keerasuntonpong
Puntum Keerasuntonpong Prije 3 dana
2:05 xqc is that u?
Heh Prije 3 dana
1:09 tell me why I expected the "wait a minute... who ARE you?"
CHA0TIC Prije 3 dana
I pray whoever reads this becomes successful in life, can I PLEASE get some support for my channel I just started not to long ago and I really need some help to just get started
Jonah Grinder
Jonah Grinder Prije 3 dana
His laugh at 6:31 is my favorite
Sangeet Chandwara
Sangeet Chandwara Prije 3 dana
The camera quality is awesome now
EdenXVI Prije 3 dana
Bro you and jack share shirts, homie my friend yelled at me for dropping her rat after it took a shit on me, fckn friends with benefits.
Lepo Prije 3 dana
DESTINY'S INFO: Steven K Bonnell II 6100 canterbury Dr Apt 309 Culver city, CA 90230 (402)-714-8841 (786)-376-5352 (305)-248-2750
Rotondwa Phophi
Rotondwa Phophi Prije 3 dana
camera quality *chefs kiss*
Smalts404 Prije 3 dana
You can see the pain that pewdiepie is holding back
mentai?? Prije 4 dana
That lego fall guy did his job so well 11:03
Gappie Prije 4 dana
happy birthday felix
IAmPie Prije 4 dana
0:00 video starts here youre welcome
CD Gamer
CD Gamer Prije 4 dana
Sub to CD Gamer
I0IRutilusI0I Prije 4 dana
The online math assignment thing makes me feel like punching someone.
Chris Pirillo Is Eboola
Chris Pirillo Is Eboola Prije 4 dana
Bruh I'm top rated ebay seller and buyers actually need to stfu
Michael Prije 4 dana
Rakrahd Prije 4 dana
17:40 Im watching on that exact same laptop
Stupid Mango
Stupid Mango Prije 5 dana
Happy Birthday Felix!❤ Thankyou for entertaining me when i was all alone and depressed!❤
Niko Bellic
Niko Bellic Prije 5 dana
I remember once I was playing among us, I killed someone, then some kid called a meeting and said that I (blue) killed their friend. I asked him, “proof?” He said he was on a discord call. I was voted off. Don’t cheat, play fair.
karan nair
karan nair Prije 5 dana
Pewds, its a factorization question Most probably from a lower grade, like 8th or something
Shavarion Laurie
Shavarion Laurie Prije 5 dana
Egg 🥚
no one
no one Prije 5 dana
I don't get it, can someone pls explain the context? 5:37
Paige Can
Paige Can Prije 5 dana
when pewds said the (x-4)(x+4) isnt solved. mildly infuriating
msm007 Prije 5 dana
I vote people who call meeting for no reason.
school user
school user Prije 5 dana
no` cares
doofrn Prije 5 dana
1:37 thata probably the most it can be simplified since you cant do anything to a normal number to an alphabetic letter (I dont know mathy names)
taz200032 Prije 5 dana
That metal whiskey prison isn't worth dealing with for that cheap whiskey. I'll just spend 10 bucks and get it myself lol
BOGZ & IKKA Prije 6 dana
Who ever read this I hope you Become successful someday ❤️
5K Subscribers Without Videos Challenge
5K Subscribers Without Videos Challenge Prije 7 dana
"What's your favorite app" Like: HRpost Reply: TikTok
lance bradley
lance bradley Prije 7 dana
get jackseptikeye to 100 mil subs
Spencer Warren
Spencer Warren Prije 7 dana
11:50 "hey everyone" "nah nah it's not happening" lost my shit lol
Havilah Lynch
Havilah Lynch Prije 7 dana
i like ur shirt pewds
Neko Prije 7 dana
9:31 I rew up with those houses everywehre so they're totally normal to me lmao
D.U.O Prije 7 dana
Self promos are mildly infuriating buuuuuuuuut Skiiiirrrrrrrt ova here fam I just posted some hellfire heat called WHAT IT TAKES!!! On god y’all need to hear this 🙏🏽 lmfaoooo
אילן קיסר
אילן קיסר Prije 8 dana
pewdiepie: not understanding polynomials me: this is mildly infuriation inception!
cubbleshasreturned Prije 8 dana
I came here for mildly infuriating and got thanks I hate it
Captain Potato
Captain Potato Prije 8 dana
0:50 She didn’t take the grocery bag out of the grocery bags
Karina Kristensen
Karina Kristensen Prije 8 dana
Imagine having friends over for a drink, and you go to your bedroom to find the cage which holds the alchol, and then you come out to your guests, just staring at them while unscrewing all those nuts. Wicked partyyyyy xD
小骏 Prije 8 dana
👈🏻 Challenge the most disliked videos, if you are interested, please come to my channel to see👀
Ele Bee
Ele Bee Prije 8 dana
Someone should make a compilation of every time Pewds has said “Humanity was a mistake”
[Programmer] Michael Agarkov
[Programmer] Michael Agarkov Prije 3 dana
This would be a 5 hour video
Meggaman 999
Meggaman 999 Prije 4 dana
My life has come to this moment
mrbaconsarny Prije 6 dana
Foppoyo Prije 8 dana
8:29 Brazilian meme guys, Brazilians are always everywhere 🤩
ColdxNorth Prije 8 dana
Spinny hanmer plz
Tavares 321
Tavares 321 Prije 8 dana
Subititeles in Portuguese pliisssss
MR__OBAMA Prije 8 dana
Matthew James kipari
Matthew James kipari Prije 8 dana
Sophia Mounier
Sophia Mounier Prije 8 dana
do u still watch anime???
BunnyKit *
BunnyKit * Prije 8 dana
5:00 Omg that is so annoying like I’d rather have them dead than be alive just to say “Hi”.
Sakura4anime25 Prije 8 dana
Yes, of course Disney wants money, but the problem is that they are being so GREEDY with it, and they are threatening to lock movies (i.e. 20th Century Fox catalogue titles) behind the pay wall of Disney+ or into their "digital vault" so they are either held hostage, or not able to be seen again. One reason why PHYSICAL MEDIA STILL MATTERS, because you actually OWN a physical copy and it can't be taken away from you!
Youtube Recommendation Is Weird
Youtube Recommendation Is Weird Prije 8 dana
HRpost Recommendation Is Weird
Austin Smith
Austin Smith Prije 9 dana
I swear to GOD the Roku remote fucks with anything within a mile radius, everytime I go to change channels on my TV or hit a button it fucks with my fan, super infuriating.
10k subscriber to to make my family jealous
10k subscriber to to make my family jealous Prije 9 dana
Man he got 107 mil in 10 year ok now watch him
Relax Music & Meditation
Relax Music & Meditation Prije 9 dana
👈👈Welcome to music lovers ❤️
Melissa J
Melissa J Prije 9 dana
“Designers need to be shot” Me, a designer: I guess this is the end💥🔫
ShibaGamer Prije 9 dana
Mario Hanna
Mario Hanna Prije 9 dana
just press ctrl in PhotoShop and it wont do that thing
Louis styles
Louis styles Prije 9 dana
Crypto Prije 9 dana
Purple: where Pink: where Yellow: where Red: where Green: where Orange: where Blue: who .    。    •   ゚  。   .    .      .     。   。 .   .   。      ඞ 。 .    •     •   ゚   Blue was not An Impostor.  。 .   '    2 Impostor remains     。
Ever green
Ever green Prije 9 dana
Gibt mir mal donations muss Strom bezahlen loo NL73BUNQ2047818907
Miren Harriman
Miren Harriman Prije 9 dana
I wear the mask under my nose cause I can’t fucking breath I have breathing problems. And so does everyone I know and Pewdiepie was like you look dumb but I already knew that lol
DemonRox8 Prije 9 dana
What if cancel culture canceled cocomelon? They would do something good for a change than
Karate Ninja - Gaming
Karate Ninja - Gaming Prije 9 dana
You can cure any disease but you can’t cure stupidity
Bobby Levine
Bobby Levine Prije 9 dana
When coco melon is the third party in fornite against pewds and t series
User Name
User Name Prije 9 dana
That belt one is extremely relatable
darkgrd Prije 9 dana
vote for pewdiepie once he turns 32!
irene Prije 9 dana
My tuition this semester is almost a whole grand *more* even though it’s 100% online, and in half of the courses the professors are basically making us teach ourselves. *i say we burn all universities to the ground*
James K.
James K. Prije 8 dana
How much do you have to pay?
Lennert 710
Lennert 710 Prije 9 dana
Hey Pewds where can we get the spinnig hammer?
Olinty Prije 9 dana
Obama cringe and bully me and actully male
Japera Dallas
Japera Dallas Prije 9 dana
The guy in the ad on the out of sink tv goes to my highschool lmao
I like to copy comments
I like to copy comments Prije 10 dana
Its mildly infuriating that I thought this was an among us video
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