Can Two Married Men Spot Who Is Unmarried?

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charlie hoggan
charlie hoggan Prije 45 minuta
the old lady got married on my and her birthday
lou lou
lou lou Prije 5 sati
felix as unus ken as annus... anyone else see this?
mohamed sameh
mohamed sameh Prije 6 sati
No I say get married because you love that women
Jay the Dog
Jay the Dog Prije 9 sati
You confirmed you have legs
anon ymous
anon ymous Prije 11 sati
cheesypotato Prije 14 sati
candice said she was married for 30 years but her husband is 35. I dont think she married a five year old.
meen Prije 17 sati
19:13 "so you don't get it?" and felix just lost it hahahaha
frostbite Prije dan
PewDiePie:*DONT HAVE KIDS* News:kids being born drops to 0
Hyper Alpha Gaming
Hyper Alpha Gaming Prije dan
Ok im half way to the vid candace said that his husband is 35 and she had been married for 30 year so did candace marry a 5 year old when SHE WAS 35 what-
Isaiah Crees
Isaiah Crees Prije dan
7:33 Anthony looks like Ken
gabrielnugget Lamar
gabrielnugget Lamar Prije dan
Pewdiepie: Marriages and mustaches never work out Ned Flanders: this explains everything.
TheProdigy Prije dan
I love how they were so positive it was candace considering her “husband” is 35 but they been married 30 years making him 5 years old, but then questioned everyone else’s marriages🤣🤣🤣 The old guy came outta no where tho🤣
zander carlson
zander carlson Prije dan
The real challenge is to spot the virgin
Prije 2 dana
as an American that’s that’s not the reason why it’s because of the North Carolina traffic
Matcha H
Matcha H Prije 2 dana
“They just got married for this video” lmfaooo
iliana Prije 2 dana
I REFUSE to believe that Candice married a 5 year old when she was 25
Banele Mkhabela
Banele Mkhabela Prije 2 dana
The banter between theese two is gold
Big Cheese
Big Cheese Prije 3 dana
Married and wearing cat ears, what has the world come to?
Marina Albu
Marina Albu Prije 3 dana
9:10 mmmmm what a voice, and such a lovely thing to say, would listen it over and over for so long
Marina Albu
Marina Albu Prije 3 dana
Wow sus comes from suspicious? I thought from Jesus abbreviated. In Romanian sus means up which makes it nice to hear or read, gets you up a little : )
Marina Albu
Marina Albu Prije 3 dana
Pewdiepies lips always so shiny and pink.... Why?!?! Why Pewdie, why ???!!!???
Marina Albu
Marina Albu Prije 3 dana
Ken moistache is other color than hair on head so does he die it hazel like that ? Do you, Ken ? Do you ?
Sarah Amin
Sarah Amin Prije 3 dana
Justice for Mowha!
- Zalichat -
- Zalichat - Prije 3 dana
Pewds: Mustache + Marriage We All Know It Doesn't Work Also Pewds: Has A Mustache
mrtalkative91 Prije 3 dana
all these videos do it make me realize how dumb Felix is
OnGoing Prije 3 dana
Wait if Candice has been married for 30 years and her husband is 35 he was five Pedophile(I write this before she got out)
Siklis Prije 3 dana
Candice nutz
Ademar Rivera
Ademar Rivera Prije 3 dana
When Candace was 20 her husband was just born
Sadie B
Sadie B Prije 3 dana
Pewds can’t with English 😂
Jayden Keen
Jayden Keen Prije 3 dana
Candice Mary’s 5 year olds at the age of twenty five????!
Thumpbax Prije 4 dana
Rick lookin like Danny DeVito
Karim Hassanein
Karim Hassanein Prije 4 dana
is that Omni-Man?
Kaylee Garner
Kaylee Garner Prije 4 dana
in the backwoods of Alabama people get married fresh out of high-school. if they arent married they have kids and then they split up.
Golden Gaming
Golden Gaming Prije 4 dana
The divorce rate for a 1st marriage is actually lower than 30%. The 50% includes ALL marriages. And people who are on their 2nd, 3rd, and so on marriages are FAR more likely to get divorced which skews the stats.
PixelB3 Studio
PixelB3 Studio Prije 4 dana
Did the attorney really need more money? 🤡
Sip Dhit
Sip Dhit Prije 4 dana
See hs sweat hearts can work out, you just have to get lucky and be willing to work out your problems, it's worked so far anyway
christelle eassey
christelle eassey Prije 4 dana
" i've been married for 30 years " " my husband is 35 years old" WHAT ?!?!
name Prije 4 dana
I like beards on men, moustaches are acceptable with beards, never without a beard, but that's just my taste
Jaron, Heir of Sunlight
Jaron, Heir of Sunlight Prije 4 dana
When Felix goes smooth brain, the fps tanks
Tegs Alb
Tegs Alb Prije 4 dana
Candace was married for 30 years...
Black Beam
Black Beam Prije 5 dana
Candince: Im married for 50years. 5min later Candice: I was married 30 years People: But you said you were married 50 years. Candice: I was joking 10min later Candice: My husband is 35 year old. Hmmmmmmm..........
halo218813 Prije 5 dana
What's up with the camera constantly moving in and out on Ken and Pewd?? Annoying...🤷‍♂️
Ian Beach
Ian Beach Prije 5 dana
Finding the secret a sexual would be an interesting one in my opinion.
Michelle O'Hara
Michelle O'Hara Prije 5 dana
never mind I didn't watch the full video and didn't realise they mentioned it
Amanda MacQueen-Ferro
Amanda MacQueen-Ferro Prije 5 dana
I thought it was Candace because she said that they have been married for 30 yrs but the husband was 35
Stolen Toenail
Stolen Toenail Prije 5 dana
Ken is Omni-man
Dannielle Obenchain
Dannielle Obenchain Prije 5 dana
It’s Candace she said she was married 30 yrs and then married to a 35 yr old lmfao
pink sparkle pony
pink sparkle pony Prije 5 dana
My grandpa told me to wait a year to get married, and I waited 2 years because I wanted to be sure
Gaming Gorilla
Gaming Gorilla Prije 5 dana
Instead Of Kid Rock It Is Kid Rick
YRG sympy
YRG sympy Prije 6 dana
So Candace married her husband when he was 5????
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget Prije 6 dana
Ken's mustache is better
noobydubey Prije 6 dana
the old man said he was married for 16 years but he said he was married in 2000 so he is the mole
potatopouf Prije 6 dana
i agree with the whole marrying too early thing. one of my old friends just turned 18 and got engaged... i dont think thats gonna last
P Mason
P Mason Prije 6 dana
Candice: *_"I've been married 30 years"_* Also Candice: *_"My husband is 35"_* hmmm... okay!
Harry Pottah
Harry Pottah Prije 6 dana
Plot twist: It's actually felix and this is a disguised divorce video.
Erdem Elmas
Erdem Elmas Prije 6 dana
btw divorce rate is 50 % almost everywhere.
Cooper Chappel
Cooper Chappel Prije 6 dana
married 30 years. 35 year old husband
T_Fake9 Prije 6 dana
Normally the happiest ones aren't married
xSunnyhailoonx Prije 6 dana
it’s def candice, she just said she was married for 30 years. was her husband 5?
Madison's Exotics
Madison's Exotics Prije 6 dana
I'm ore guessing it's Candace because she said she was married 30 years then said he was 35
Madison's Exotics
Madison's Exotics Prije 6 dana
Finished I'm still confused how tf it's not her did she legit marry a 5 year old or wtf
Marl Prije 6 dana
Haven’t finshed the video yet but I think it’s Candice cause her math ain’t adding up She’s been “married” for 30 years Her husband is 35…😳
Hello B*tch
Hello B*tch Prije 6 dana
Jfellens Prije 6 dana
Theres something about candince me who’s candince
Candace married for 30 years to a 35 year old… kinda sus ngl 👁👄👁
Alexis Kelley
Alexis Kelley Prije 7 dana
I personally love Kens mustache
iTSCHRiSTYLEiGH4 Prije 7 dana
@18:18 😂😂😂😂
what about the age difference
Sound Art0
Sound Art0 Prije 7 dana
Elči Mujke
Elči Mujke Prije 7 dana
She's "married for 30 years that feels like she's married 50 years" and her husband is 35 years old. There is surely something about Candace.
Msynrap Prije 7 dana
I was sooo confused. I thought maybe her first husband died then she remarried a 35 year old
preeti jain
preeti jain Prije 7 dana
if i was here they would have spot me right away cons of being a 11 year old
Joey Slithos
Joey Slithos Prije 7 dana
Lmfao. Okay I'm commenting before the video ends and I paused the video. HUSBAN IS 35 AND MARRIED FOR 30 YEARS??? okay that's doesn't add up 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Joey Slithos
Joey Slithos Prije 7 dana
Wait wtf hahaha
M1fflin Prije 7 dana
candace candice guy ...
Sofia Mondal
Sofia Mondal Prije 7 dana
"married for 30 yrs to a 35 yrs old" visible confusion🗿
3 Stooges gaming
3 Stooges gaming Prije 7 dana
Unus annus ticking
Gawdly69 Prije 7 dana
Omg I thought you were talking about a gay couple
Destiny Flury
Destiny Flury Prije 7 dana
“I wear black shirts because-“ *ad* “Let’s be honest. Quitting smoking is really hard.”
big jahn
big jahn Prije 7 dana
Crystal Mckenzie
Crystal Mckenzie Prije 7 dana
Jamie Vassallo
Jamie Vassallo Prije 7 dana
Candice said she's been married to her husband for 30 years but he's 35. So she's basically saying she married him at 5 years Old
Pulpetto Moon
Pulpetto Moon Prije 7 dana
Her husband is 35 and earlier she said she was married for 30 years. Well, something doesn’t add up.
AuthentiK Prije 8 dana
I bet rick tells conspiracy theories to his wife all the time and she probably hates it lol
Teodor Kenety
Teodor Kenety Prije 8 dana
candice said she was married for 50 years, then 30 years and her husband is 35 years old
exacthorizon Prije 8 dana
i love this guy
Aaron Prije 8 dana
Felixs head Is so bright lol
Lauren Grant
Lauren Grant Prije 8 dana
Her husband is 35 and she’s been married for 30 years 🤭
Nathaniel Stuart
Nathaniel Stuart Prije 8 dana
4:12, so we just gonna ignore the fact that that guy said he'd been married for 3 years? then said He got married Jan 28th 2017, which would mean he's been married for 4 years? maybe just a mistake... idk 17:50 also... Didn't this chick say she's been married 30 years... but her husband is 35? wtf? she got married to a 5 year old child when she was 25? are they all just lying?
Morbit Prije 8 dana
i clicked on this video seeing "two married men" thinking felix was gay now.. thank fucking god
Rafael_Go _Pinto
Rafael_Go _Pinto Prije 8 dana
The dude in shorts looks like Ken but 10y younger lmao. Look at the mustache, its identical!
SowDah Prije 8 dana
Who’s Candice?
alyssa smith
alyssa smith Prije 8 dana
wait if candices husband is 35.. and she’s been married for 5 years……
Izzi6780 Prije 8 dana
Ferb must be the manliest man
KiwiCrab Prije 8 dana
Nisix Prije 8 dana
ight candace needs to go to jail
Funk Prije 8 dana
Its always that way, if there is more female then male. All males get voted out and then thats that. Equality hey... as if
B Zarins
B Zarins Prije 8 dana
I was skeptical or rick at first because of the way he looked, but when it was revealed he had a fanny pack- instant redemption
Taj Villain
Taj Villain Prije 8 dana
Weed Jesus
Weed Jesus Prije 8 dana
i think felix forgot he has a mustache in this vid
Weed Jesus
Weed Jesus Prije 8 dana
anthony looks like the person in those don't talk to stranger vids
Weed Jesus
Weed Jesus Prije 8 dana
he looks like a dad from the late 80's trying to dress like a casual melenial, we all know who im talking about
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