Don't Fund This ✅ #70[REDDIT REVIEW]

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avishi gupta
avishi gupta Prije 6 sati
8:03 Sive hide ferb in the back
Zach Ashton Gornez
Zach Ashton Gornez Prije 2 dana
Make part 2??????????
Kade Hartman
Kade Hartman Prije 5 dana
8:59 rip headphone users
IcyDavis Prije 6 dana
If everyone donated 2$ he would have 214m dollars
RUSMAN AMIR Prije 8 dana
Jen lastname
Jen lastname Prije 8 dana
do you need money for surgery for your stupid legs
KoRrUpT Prije 9 dana
This is literally Democrats in a nutshell rn. They just want these billionaires to give them money. Even tho every teen girl that says eat Jeff Bezos has bought shit off amazon in the last month.
Aaronic_sonic Prije 10 dana
I want a better dad
GZA Prije 10 dana
My favorite video so far :D
WarLead2792 Prije 14 dana
Doesnt a billionaire mean your income is over a billion for a year. Its not just that I have a billion dollars
:l Prije 15 dana
Dat intro...
Victoria Prije 16 dana
3:31 “i want money from rich people because 👀🙄...😤😠”
heyguysitsmerob Prije 16 dana
the Kylie Jenner one makes me feel ashamed to be American although I'm 13 years old.
Hugh Gilbane
Hugh Gilbane Prije 17 dana
-3:11 lol hi fern
Endy Man
Endy Man Prije 17 dana
Just go to 8:04
Steven. Prije 19 dana
6:56 this one is so obviously a joke tbh
Steven. Prije 19 dana
2:15 this isnt even a dontfundme thing, this is just christians being cringe again
Spaghetti Sauce
Spaghetti Sauce Prije 20 dana
Im not the one that organized the shrek fundraiser at 3:48
CLEAR. Prije 23 dana
Gifting my nexт 4O Subs!! In Fortnite!!
ᗯIEᖇᗪ ᗪᑌᗰ TᕼIᑎG
ᗯIEᖇᗪ ᗪᑌᗰ TᕼIᑎG Prije 23 dana
HAVOK UPROAR Prije 26 dana
Is pewdipie subscriber just donate him 2 dollars we can make him a fortune
Junior Prije 26 dana
8:03 I just saw the Ferb behind him
Random YTP Station
Random YTP Station Prije 26 dana
8:03, I saw Pherb vent, I saw him, I saw him! Call an emergency meeting!!
Rafael Andrei S. Diaz
Rafael Andrei S. Diaz Prije 27 dana
You know you watch pewdiepie too much when hes intro says cocomelon it sounds weird
A Lost Cause
A Lost Cause Prije 27 dana
Yo what’s with the ferb in the background for a second there did y’all see that? It’s at around 8:02 Was that like a meme or something I didn’t get?
Medisen beats
Medisen beats Prije 28 dana
I fuckin watched the whole 3 min ad🙄
Abijith Jayakumar
Abijith Jayakumar Prije 29 dana
Yes..let's fund a peice of plastic
Funny Word
Funny Word Prije mjesec
8:04 ferb
funky vibing
funky vibing Prije mjesec
8:04 secret ferb
Mister_Bomb7 Prije mjesec
Александр Щербаков
Александр Щербаков Prije mjesec
Неожиданный Кирилл Терешин неожиданный
Edoardo Lupi
Edoardo Lupi Prije mjesec
This is why we deserve the Coronavirus
AB Studio
AB Studio Prije mjesec
Grimornoss Prije mjesec
When I wanted a video to watch while I eat but humans brains makes me sicker than watching 2 girls 1 cup
Chase Roberson
Chase Roberson Prije mjesec
I actually used to live a mile down the road from Jesse Duplantis, believe it or not, he is a pastor of a big church. When I talked to him I had no idea that he was asking for money for a jet. I'm 99.99% sure he already has two.
thanh nam nguyen
thanh nam nguyen Prije mjesec
0 6
0 6 Prije mjesec
8:03 Mom!!! Ferb's in the wall again!
Joshua Campling
Joshua Campling Prije mjesec
Is it just me or whenever there is a number anywhere felix ALWAYS gets it wrong 😂
Candie Marmolejo
Candie Marmolejo Prije mjesec
Felix thus was not that funny and quite disrespectfil
Blaine Fiasco
Blaine Fiasco Prije mjesec
These things never bother me. If people actually donate.. then hey. Maybe I should get in on that?
Melissa Wood
Melissa Wood Prije mjesec
I'm not putting any more loving comments ever again. You have not once acknowledged and comment that I put. Or even tried to help. all you ever did was make fun of me or hurt me.
Blue Jay films
Blue Jay films Prije mjesec
Awesome 👍
herc shaw
herc shaw Prije mjesec
did anyone else notice ferb pop out of the hole in the wall
Samuel Mayston
Samuel Mayston Prije mjesec
This video was interrupted by a legit ''How to be a simp'' Masterclass.
blaz r
blaz r Prije mjesec
hi, im kim
hi, im kim Prije mjesec
I was so confused that the intro said cocomelon.. wtf why
G.S Bharadwaj
G.S Bharadwaj Prije mjesec
8:03 who saw ferb
Pls HeLP Me reach 1299 SUBscribers
Pls HeLP Me reach 1299 SUBscribers Prije mjesec
Random people who like this will become a millionaire someday.
Clayton Bridges
Clayton Bridges Prije mjesec
I will say, in my opinion, the idea of gofundme is simple. If someone wants to give you money for your cause, and will, TAKE IT. If not, fuck it, find the money elsewhere.
You shall now suffer
You shall now suffer Prije mjesec
I love pewds but with the Abby shit? Really Abby doesn't even look like she's unrealistically buff she just looks like she works on her arms
Leah B.
Leah B. Prije mjesec
5:31 Hello Felix Shapiro 👁👄👁
sin. sade
sin. sade Prije mjesec
Did anyone else saw Ferb in the background or am I just crazy
Cato Hobsbawn
Cato Hobsbawn Prije mjesec
If every subscriber donates just one dollar, we can raise enough money for one videos worth of ad revenue
zSveepy lol
zSveepy lol Prije mjesec
My high ass saw ferb go into his right wall O.o 8:02
BOOM BOX 3018 Prije mjesec
Annoying Rich Girl: I WANT A CAR Her selfish parents: 9:13
Beeritt S
Beeritt S Prije mjesec
I’m curious to see if any People actually donate to these “go fund me” pages! I posted a go fund me one time for my cat that was dying, and I needed help with the vet bills... it was so nice to See how many people truly cared and helped with anything at all, but honestly it was super uncomfortable to ask people for help and money, super cringe.... but it was for a very important cause for me. I guess, my point is that I actually had something meaningful I was asking for help with, and That was super uncomfortable and hard to Ask help wIth.... and people are out here asking for money for outrageous and ridiculous reasons.... like wow the nerve that people seriously have 😤 it’s sad...
Wemix Beatz
Wemix Beatz Prije mjesec
Half of them are indian Just TRUST MEE
m o o n l i g h t
m o o n l i g h t Prije mjesec
Katie Lamborghini
Katie Lamborghini Prije mjesec
If Jesus were on Earth, he wouldn’t need an airplane to travel; he would just skirt across bodies of water.
Jacob Philip
Jacob Philip Prije mjesec
Kickstarter Crap: Cocomelon Edition
Evan Davis
Evan Davis Prije mjesec
2*106,000,000=2,000,000 Logic
Isaiah Zabala
Isaiah Zabala Prije mjesec
have you heard about being nice and that’s kinda why people donate to this pewds? I know you’re not tryna be mean but ye
Cosmic Prije 19 dana
This isn't being nice this is being stupid. If you want something,have the decency to ask nicely instead of coming off as entitled like the others in this video
Jakob Staisch
Jakob Staisch Prije mjesec
Areesha Hasan
Areesha Hasan Prije mjesec
Ah nothing like a rich person making fun of people wanting money
Cosmic Prije 19 dana
Hes not complaining about rich people wanting money,hes just stating the fact that the people here dont have the decency to say please or sound sincere. Instead come off as demanding.
_ Prije mjesec
republicans: 9:02
Cosmic Prije mjesec
He meant that if you are not doing well,you should have the decency to ask nicely rather than say I WANT MONEY NOW CAUSE IM POOR.
Irfan wattoo
Irfan wattoo Prije mjesec
I was thinking that thumbnail girl was hania amir
Madztasaur Prije mjesec
This honestly pisses me off, so many people wanting money for trivial things. I earn $16k a year as a disabled person and need to raise $20k at LEAST to get a service dog to help me. How tf does that work aghh rant over
Luke Sutherland
Luke Sutherland Prije 2 mjeseci
This seems like a Mr. Beast thing to do except gives them money
Me Me
Me Me Prije 2 mjeseci
I can't really fathem why people would fund these kind of thing's or why people would try to reach out to be funded for these kind of thing's. No wonder people ignore anybody that actually have good causes for asking for funding and lower themselves to do so. I love you babe. 💘
Zero Imagination
Zero Imagination Prije 2 mjeseci
Kickstarter crap reddit edition
Ohm Charan
Ohm Charan Prije 2 mjeseci
Damn pewds taking a sly dig on mr beast
Ohm Charan
Ohm Charan Prije 2 mjeseci
"You want a family home " "You want healthcare well so do many other" Well so do many others The politician that just stole the tax payers money
Fiona Cahill
Fiona Cahill Prije 2 mjeseci
I feel like pewdiepie has forgotten when he was poor he would have been so appreciative if someone gave him any sum of money for something he needed or wanted.
Cosmic Prije mjesec
There's nothing wrong with asking for money.but when you give no information to sound sincere or validate your statement,you come of as entitled.
nightnoob66 Prije 2 mjeseci
This intro is literally trash talking
BlackToxic 878
BlackToxic 878 Prije 2 mjeseci
Did anyone notice Ferb at 8:03?
Ravi Varma
Ravi Varma Prije 2 mjeseci
Anyone else notice Ferb?
Keegan The Vegan
Keegan The Vegan Prije 2 mjeseci
I just realized that the thumbnail has Kylie Jenner saying let’s get to a billion but the goal is 100 million
Amir Kabel
Amir Kabel Prije 2 mjeseci
Hey, what mic does he have?
Aditya Tripathi
Aditya Tripathi Prije 2 mjeseci
Hello Ferb 08:01
SaturnWasTaken_ Prije 2 mjeseci
8:02 FERB? What are you doing here?
Josiah Anil
Josiah Anil Prije 2 mjeseci
How to be a Simp | MasterClass bottleofyogurt I GOT THIS AD BEFORE THE VID STARTED NO JOKE
Aaron Seymour
Aaron Seymour Prije 2 mjeseci
I feel like he got angrier than he actually was just for the sake of the video
Darcy Farias
Darcy Farias Prije 2 mjeseci
😂😂😂😂 they need to stop!
DarkoPlayz - Gaming And More
DarkoPlayz - Gaming And More Prije 2 mjeseci
If its that easy then ill just start a go fundme to upgrade my nvidia 210 intel core 2 pc WhY nOT?
Agony Prije 2 mjeseci
Sees £1000 Me: One thousand pounds Pewds: Ten thousand pounds Me: Ten thousand pounds
Hum-3 Prije 2 mjeseci
I think Pewds may have officially been converted into an English person. Having said "quid" at 5:07
Rooster Official
Rooster Official Prije 2 mjeseci
Anyone see ferb??
Sarah Jacobs
Sarah Jacobs Prije 2 mjeseci
Is that a Matisse on your wall?
Azazel the Fallen Angel
Azazel the Fallen Angel Prije 2 mjeseci
Something's wrong with the audio
Aryan Singh
Aryan Singh Prije 2 mjeseci
You know when you get the feeling that a meme can actually be reality in a few years. Instead of taxes, everyone can donate money for roads, buses, benches, churches, schools and poverty on the internet. Less corruption, more transparency.
GUB THE CHUB Prije 2 mjeseci
5:44 “Wait so your telling me you have to work for money?” Sive: Ya’ll are getting paid?
Sakura4anime25 Prije 2 mjeseci
"I need money to get my nails done"... OR you could buy a nail file for like $1 and a bottle of affordable nail polish for like $6 or less, and PAINT THEM YOURSELF (and the bottle of polish will last more than one manicure...)
Bojana R
Bojana R Prije 2 mjeseci
2:05 he sounds like Noel Fielding xD
Francard 1337
Francard 1337 Prije 2 mjeseci
Doggo Bonk
Doggo Bonk Prije 2 mjeseci
Intro: Says *cocomelon* *An error occurred*
Nino Yakoub
Nino Yakoub Prije 2 mjeseci
8:02 Did anyone else saw whts in the corner 🙋‍♂️
Amy Wang
Amy Wang Prije 2 mjeseci
My man ferb
Jose Martinez
Jose Martinez Prije 2 mjeseci
hey did you see in the background like near the vent Ferb came out and then went back in
Aimless Normality Studios
Aimless Normality Studios Prije 2 mjeseci
To ask is not dumb, but to pay is.
Robert Niciu
Robert Niciu Prije 2 mjeseci
When you accidentally use cocomelon instead of pewdiepie at 0:06
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