THIS is the MOST INSANE couple.. TLC #12

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Sara Prije sat
Bayane gaming
Bayane gaming Prije sat
That intro tho
InvaderNari Prije sat
Sometimes I realize that Pewds forgets that his soulmate wasn't at the same country as he was 🤣
CyberWarezz05 Prije 2 sati
Somebody tell Jaden Smith to calm down
Az Eddine
Az Eddine Prije 3 sati
Hahahahaau what a freaking amazing intro 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️
Keane Hessing
Keane Hessing Prije 3 sati
Is it just me or does anyone else think that Chantels brother is like a trash version of lil pump
Keane Hessing
Keane Hessing Prije 3 sati
Chantels brother: slaps ikea lamp Felix: so, you have chosen death
charlie Manson
charlie Manson Prije 5 sati
Chantelle and her family, are the best type of people. They seem like genuinely kind people, that don't want to fight, but will fight if you fuck with one of their own. Love those kinds of people.
Matt Crowell
Matt Crowell Prije 10 sati
The one dude look like Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons.
Isabella Carlini Bulizani
Isabella Carlini Bulizani Prije 14 sati
The ikea Lamp
ً Prije 15 sati
I'll called her, Karen Karen
Usufa styles
Usufa styles Prije 16 sati
Chantels brother wasn't made for this but to look like an anime villain
LUIS FLORES Prije 16 sati
I think i just felt in love
Hasse hittar hem
Hasse hittar hem Prije 20 sati
Ha det bra du med :)
Ducky Animation
Ducky Animation Prije 22 sati
Can we talk about chantel's dad's beard. It's of centered and I have OCD so it's weird for me
José Carlos Baranda
José Carlos Baranda Prije 22 sati
The attitude of pedros mom is why many americans dont want immigration. They want to be assimilated and they want to bring bad customs and shit like that
RyEvDee Prije 23 sati
I miss 720 tbh....
Yellowdeath My dude
Yellowdeath My dude Prije 23 sati
Black Karen acts like my step mom Ik a thing or two because I’ve seen a thing or 2 that bitch is the evil one
Ante Lyttbacka
Ante Lyttbacka Prije 23 sati
That intro is so kungligt👌
kayla gelderblom
kayla gelderblom Prije 23 sati
That intro was fire.
Chris Li
Chris Li Prije 23 sati
I'm confused, do they just video tape the fight and everything going on in their life? I'm pretty sure this has to be set up right?
thalia oriol
thalia oriol Prije dan
i have so many questions ab why pedro’s family hates chantel? i need more context
Nicholas 21
Nicholas 21 Prije dan
2:31 nice light going out :)
Sing Jack
Sing Jack Prije dan
2:30 best reaction
CHEMI Prije dan
from what anime is that intro?
Mef P.
Mef P. Prije dan
Pewdiepie smashes table, lights turn off .Now I have a question , can any youtuber do this?xD
Pirateking Blackbeard
Pirateking Blackbeard Prije dan
Pewds rage after the lamp violation is where its at for me
Mr M
Mr M Prije dan
the intro was sick
i’m like a bird not a turkey
i’m like a bird not a turkey Prije dan
chantele’s dad talks like vito corleone-
Johnny Qush
Johnny Qush Prije dan
"Recipe for disaster"
Barbara Jimenez
Barbara Jimenez Prije dan
for everyone wondering what anime those lines came from 0:02 it was seikie rei its on netflix
Anthony Mayer
Anthony Mayer Prije dan
As a Dominican I must say: WE ARE NOT ALL LIKE THIS But I was very entertained, so that's something...
Quinn Prije dan
I feel like chantel and Pedro could work if their parents would like..... chill. For five seconds.
Harshita Yadav
Harshita Yadav Prije dan
Okay at 15:00, her mother was speaking like she was at some elocution competition in school
Harshita Yadav
Harshita Yadav Prije dan
That fight was hilarious
Jax Gregory
Jax Gregory Prije dan
IKEA lamp
いちごの恋人な写真用カメラ Prije 2 dana
I'm not from the DR but has a Spanish speaker I feel so embarrassed
Alexis Resto
Alexis Resto Prije 2 dana
Where are your kids at, he should be featured on coco melon
Mads Hansen
Mads Hansen Prije 2 dana
du er sjov makkerr flad af grin ind imellem godt arbejde
Sharon Goh
Sharon Goh Prije 2 dana
I immediately pressed the 'like' button when the light fell hahahaha...
Abdoollah saiyan
Abdoollah saiyan Prije 2 dana
Best intro ever ❤ Anos Voldigoad rocks ❤
Amin Barakat
Amin Barakat Prije 2 dana
8:15 ???
Christiana Le
Christiana Le Prije 2 dana
I am still figuring it out where does Chantelle’s Mother get a Taser from that TLC’s episode
ツ Yus
ツ Yus Prije 2 dana
2:29 look at Pewd's shock eyes
Joann Moomaw
Joann Moomaw Prije 2 dana
Pewds standing up for IKEA lol
Aarón Cuba
Aarón Cuba Prije 2 dana
lol im like n° 352000 I love it😏
Ivanna Kristel Castillo Danilov
Ivanna Kristel Castillo Danilov Prije 2 dana
Chantel smiling thinking that his mom was complimenting her😂 10:17
laurent Prije 2 dana
I like the new pewds
SpeakTruth ‘
SpeakTruth ‘ Prije 2 dana
Wait everyone doesn’t have big juices like that
Miyu Chan
Miyu Chan Prije 2 dana
Hahahaahhaahahha Pewd's reactions r gettiinng beeettteerr hahahah
josefmcfly Prije 2 dana
if pedro moved away from momma and brought his girl with him away from her family, theyd be fine.
Blake Douville
Blake Douville Prije 2 dana
This is the new dr. Phil episode’s
just meg
just meg Prije 3 dana
but she's so pretty,, she deserves better :))
Joseph Durkin
Joseph Durkin Prije 3 dana
The intro made my day
xd Chunkzz
xd Chunkzz Prije 3 dana
Does Chantelle have instagram.....?
Nathan Drake
Nathan Drake Prije 3 dana
Alexander Broadway
Alexander Broadway Prije 3 dana
To be honest, out of all of this. i would love that much juice damn. I gotta buy like 2 1L bottles ffs
Seraj Jahan
Seraj Jahan Prije 3 dana
why does the intro get intense after every video
The Cat
The Cat Prije 3 dana
Bruno B
Bruno B Prije 3 dana
Tactical flashlight 🔦
Is toch Zieeek
Is toch Zieeek Prije 3 dana
Chantal was a baddie tho
no one
no one Prije 3 dana
7:45 dont ever slap ikea lamp
Matrix 892001
Matrix 892001 Prije 3 dana
I thought stuff like this happens at Indian Weddings.. This is way worst.. and why am I liking this.
FIZZY WIZZY 30 Prije 3 dana
Her mom is like Big Mama's daughter!
Avedal Prije 3 dana
04:27 just went full Rick Grimes
bigdickjohnwick Prije 3 dana
You're already old
ゾロロロノア Prije 3 dana
3:35 pews why do you look like my aunt in this clip lol love you
Phumelele Nzuza
Phumelele Nzuza Prije 4 dana
30 seconds into this video I’m already laughing 💀💀💀
Choco Drew
Choco Drew Prije 4 dana
dam my boi on the left be hella fire in that denim jacket anf his hair and the galsses boi! 11:09 skinny black dudes wearing denim jackets be hella hot change my mind, looks like a levis model
Felix Rawlings
Felix Rawlings Prije 4 dana
did anyone notice the mom is called karen
Reysce Senevara
Reysce Senevara Prije 4 dana
Filipino drama are better. Change my mind.
Ivan Cake
Ivan Cake Prije 4 dana
holy sh*t it is fun talking like a mafia boss
Sander Shano
Sander Shano Prije 4 dana
People like Pedro and his family need to be in jail.
LUcIDaMa Prije 4 dana
The poor lamp that died is the real victim here
Zakasato_wolf Prije 4 dana
2:31 almost went back to old pewdiepie lighting
Pilar Ospina
Pilar Ospina Prije 4 dana
Love that intro! I wasn’t expecting that at all
Fro Prije 4 dana
The Intro 🤣😂💀
Bird Gaming
Bird Gaming Prije 4 dana
the guy who is going to the Dr for a bit about got muset up
DiyarTheGamer Prije 4 dana
My name is Diyar you said it perfectly 👌🏽 1:48
DiyarTheGamer Prije 4 dana
This is creeping me out Alot
wattles Prije 4 dana
2:26 , thank me later.
Cloud Prije 4 dana
7:40 where the good part starts
Bryan Obee
Bryan Obee Prije 5 dana
she's so pretty and seems well off financially what more could that guy ask for, he's not even very handsome at all.
supremo bro
supremo bro Prije 5 dana
i love pewds but.. did he just objectify a woman in 2:42
Robert Thomas
Robert Thomas Prije 5 dana
demonocus metalocus
demonocus metalocus Prije 5 dana
People love to point their fingers and say that's the bad guy. (scarface quote)
Anime4 LaijFuh
Anime4 LaijFuh Prije 5 dana
Good lorde she is cute and have 2 Big personalities 👀
yaren celen
yaren celen Prije 5 dana
Aditya N
Aditya N Prije 5 dana
I love how pewds voice went so deep like a demon when that dude slapped the ikea lamp at 7:48
abdi salam
abdi salam Prije 5 dana
I no black i tho minico
Manash .B
Manash .B Prije 5 dana
Legendary intros of a Legend 😭
Aragami Prije 5 dana
I want this video with eyetracker
Becoming Amira
Becoming Amira Prije 5 dana
Her name Karen but she not a Karen
Becoming Amira
Becoming Amira Prije 5 dana
Do they not know they could get so much many more viewers if they did use the taser
The Doctor
The Doctor Prije 5 dana
Ruairidh McMillan
Ruairidh McMillan Prije 5 dana
4:18 Pewds does his Jack Nicolson improv.
Isoni Prije 5 dana
7:46 Swedish man gets mad after IKEA furniture gets possibly damaged
Judith Aispuro
Judith Aispuro Prije 5 dana
Pewds a whole dating coach
morgan stambaugh
morgan stambaugh Prije 5 dana
S tier intro
Ni vence
Ni vence Prije 5 dana
"i cant wait to get old and just be an asshole" HAHAHAHAHA
AndeOkey Prije 5 dana
as a swedish citizen since birth i was very offended when he slapped that ikea lamp
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