The Worst Couple I've Ever Seen.. TLC #8

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TLC Anfisa and Jorge is the worst couple of all time
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scott lawton
scott lawton Prije 23 minuta
If it was a man doing these things, he'd be arrested for domestic abuse.
Kill Me
Kill Me Prije 47 minuta
Never in my life, had I thought, that I would be relieved to be single.
KausticBane Prije sat
45 thousand for a ring :| f that shat
BATTLE GUY Prije 2 sati
Jojo Kaleido Artist
Jojo Kaleido Artist Prije 3 sati
It's hard to break a trama bond with an abuser.
Som ama
Som ama Prije 3 sati
a crazy monster she is
FISHBUCKS Prije 5 sati
the guy looks like shroud that started a mukbang channel
joe Quigley
joe Quigley Prije 6 sati
That ring is the price of my house
iixstrawbeariixs Prije 7 sati
the poor dude...
FREE FIRE Prije 7 sati
The way Felix imitates the lady's voice 😂😂
John Christian Aquino
John Christian Aquino Prije 7 sati
toxic girl
Rubi Yusif
Rubi Yusif Prije 7 sati
a demooon
Mandy Côté
Mandy Côté Prije 9 sati
She's nasty and he is s t u p i d 😳
God of Power
God of Power Prije 11 sati
Matt Crowell
Matt Crowell Prije 12 sati
Learn to truly identify your soulmate through more significant similarities and not by 1 overshadowing strength, and establish your boundaries and his/her boundaries as well.
Jack abdelmalek
Jack abdelmalek Prije 13 sati
not just that but also she's a hypocrite because when she slapped him, he was taking and she interrupted him and she's saying now not to interrupt her.
Matt Crowell
Matt Crowell Prije 13 sati
Never let this type of relationship continue, its just a snowball rolling down a snowy hill that keeps getting bigger and bigger, more and more money is sucked out of your wallet. Address this issue as it is majorly apparent.
Otaku God
Otaku God Prije 14 sati
Hes probably never been in a real relationship so he thinks this is love so cut the dude some slack
Angie Ramos
Angie Ramos Prije 14 sati
pewds- “i’ve never seen such a psycho couple” me- you’ve obviously never heard of ron and sam from jersey shore 🤭
YATIN VALECHA Prije 17 sati
i would have blind folded her to give a wonderful surprise and left her at the airport.... "Without taking off the blind" 😂
TrevorAmovies Prije 17 sati
Man 1:04 NONE of those women give a dam about him but his money lol All about the money... always and she was invented from society obviously.
TrevorAmovies Prije 17 sati
Vigilant Villain
Vigilant Villain Prije 20 sati
He's not a simp The Acid has caused brain damage.
Vigilant Villain
Vigilant Villain Prije 20 sati
Poor Pewds...
Vigilant Villain
Vigilant Villain Prije 20 sati
The man's dying of cringe
David Parkening
David Parkening Prije 21 sat
Love these lol
Im honestly not even mostly upset with Anfisa. It mostly pisses me off that Jorge refused to leave her even after seeing the problems in this relationship. Friggin simp
Rivelz Prije 23 sati
she isn't hot enough to be playing that type of game for that level of money
Kerim Dursun
Kerim Dursun Prije dan
Can you watch anna mürsel
Isaac Wood
Isaac Wood Prije dan
There’s clearly a Demond in his phone
PreparedDeath Prije dan
Throw me out of bed. Ok, throw me out the apartment? I’ll throw you out the window
Asyraf VLOG
Asyraf VLOG Prije dan
The money can buy this woman.. not love,woman can't get love from this guy..
Boo Bryant
Boo Bryant Prije dan
That ring is her retirement plan 😂
Ezalator Prije dan
Can tell she has no soul because when he confessed he was in debt she wasn’t supportive
SpeakTruth ‘
SpeakTruth ‘ Prije dan
Serena K
Serena K Prije dan
He deserves better
Francis Martorano
Francis Martorano Prije dan
this dude is really a bigger simp then all of pokis fan base
Mandy Angeliz
Mandy Angeliz Prije dan
I would be ashamed to even walk next to that so called woman whos made out of plastic. Let alone breathe the same air as hers 🤦‍♀️ its sad for the dude :(
Daniel Johansen
Daniel Johansen Prije dan
Do you ever just wanna.... 👋👩🏻
Purnima Adhikari
Purnima Adhikari Prije dan
This is what happens when your the biggest simp ever. But honestly, why did he not call the police and get a divorce with her
ARTemis Prije dan
She looks like a blow fish 🤣 all that surgery and.... thats the result?
Revolver Ocelot
Revolver Ocelot Prije dan
Press F for Jorge
Madhav Badhwar
Madhav Badhwar Prije 2 dana
17:23 low-key she reminds me of Alinity Alinity: he said my name, can we copyright strike this guy
I Creeper
I Creeper Prije 2 dana
At 6:27 you can hear something like a natural autotune
Lady Owl
Lady Owl Prije 2 dana
Here because of CinnamonToastKen :)
L W Prije 2 dana
The jewelry clerk is the underdog here, she's great at selling and baiting. Im inspired
Ali Reyes
Ali Reyes Prije 2 dana
What’s weird is that the girl looks alright. Like a 7 out of 10. But he still shouldn’t be bending over backwards like this for a 10.
Mr. 212
Mr. 212 Prije 2 dana
Bringing your broad from abroad lol
Gia~ Prije 2 dana
I like her. She’s smart.
Naruto kun
Naruto kun Prije 2 dana
Her lips are hideous
Connor RK800 Android
Connor RK800 Android Prije 2 dana
She is a damn Banshee
Khagal'Ur EU
Khagal'Ur EU Prije 2 dana
No! Pls! Don't let her go back to Russia! We don't want her here!
MR.B34R Prije 2 dana
If miss piggy was in a human body You know who it would be in this video
shabana shammy
shabana shammy Prije 2 dana
Aliens, please take her from this planet.
tejaswini ramesh
tejaswini ramesh Prije 2 dana
Yeetus Anfisa ,press deletus, and pray to Jesus
SPLITTZ :P Prije 2 dana
i can imagine how she is when shes old
Kalani Germono
Kalani Germono Prije 2 dana
She’s off the drugs she obviously grew up rough which turned her into a straight up gangsta made Jorge her bitch 😂
Victoria Cruz
Victoria Cruz Prije 2 dana
pewdiepies heavy use of toxic masculine jokes or “memes” kinda scares me cause i rly do hope he’s not that type of guy 😕
vxvoart Prije 2 dana
This is so sad to watch.
ahaha21 Prije 2 dana
she respects him... in no way whatsoever
Lauryn Prije 2 dana
Pewds trying to pronounce Jorge is sending meeee
Quinn Prije 2 dana
Felix, a happily married man watching this: 👁👄👁
beasty NS
beasty NS Prije 2 dana
I was playing the intro near my brother and when he heard it he started laughing then when it said PewDiePie his face went like 😀🙂🤨😐😑
Chris corte
Chris corte Prije 2 dana
You know what you gotta do when your woman starts acting this way? SeNd HeR To ThE RaNCh!!!!!!!!!!
Babek Agayev
Babek Agayev Prije 2 dana
I guess this man was never truly loved by a woman , so he doesn't understand how things are actually supposed to be . I feel sorry for him.
卐ϟ Zyphe ϟ卐
卐ϟ Zyphe ϟ卐 Prije 2 dana
Can you imagine if the roles were reversed and she was a man and he was a woman. She’d be in jail for a very very long time. I wouldn’t ever hit a woman, but if I was in his position it would take every ounce of strength to not snap her neck
yeet sin of memes
yeet sin of memes Prije 2 dana
from all the anime i watched that slap looked so weak...
Bananas are healthy
Bananas are healthy Prije 3 dana
We should get the abused women and men together to pair a relationship.
Bananas are healthy
Bananas are healthy Prije 3 dana
Her: Slaps the man (Its fine...) Him: Slaps the woman (Sentenced 50 years in prison for sexual assult.)
Bananas are healthy
Bananas are healthy Prije 3 dana
Imagine we reverse the genders in this situation.
Bananas are healthy
Bananas are healthy Prije 3 dana
She's like half baby and half adult in a body with a teenage and angry child personality.
1nonly raptor
1nonly raptor Prije 3 dana
Mother Russia deserves better
Purl Prije 3 dana
Did anyone notice him singing the theme song of “royaume des couleurs” on tiji in the beginning
Choco Drew
Choco Drew Prije 3 dana
7:34 isnt it his* apartment
NeverDead1987 Prije 3 dana
Stay single ITS CHEAPER!!
Samantha Llido
Samantha Llido Prije 3 dana
Image if I was the boy I will just kick her-
Königstiger مقداد
Königstiger مقداد Prije 3 dana
9:42 she went from 🐱 To a satanic metal head and Vietnam veteran
John Odei
John Odei Prije 3 dana
13:53 he got scared that she will hit him again 😂
BissQuit Prije 3 dana
This guy made a biggest mistake of his little weedy life.
Kristine Nidar
Kristine Nidar Prije 3 dana
Never seen a psycho couple? Watch Kitchen Nightmare's Amy's Baking Company 😂😂
Catluvr88 Prije 3 dana
Every guy gotta get messed up by a gold digger once haha. Just a matter how you limited the liability haha
Rylan Palahicky
Rylan Palahicky Prije 3 dana
I ain't saying she a gold digger...
Produsultana Prije 3 dana
not at the fact that this was uploaded on my birthday
Faith is tired
Faith is tired Prije 3 dana
9:52 someone call an exorcist 😳
Bananas are healthy
Bananas are healthy Prije 3 dana
underrated comment LOL
valeriatravaglio Prije 3 dana
Me da mucha risa como pronuncias Jorge
Victor Løje
Victor Løje Prije 3 dana
Send her to the ranch
Emil slåtta-Baardseng
Emil slåtta-Baardseng Prije 3 dana
Im soo GOD DAMN mad right now
Bananas are healthy
Bananas are healthy Prije 3 dana
ok boomer
Michal Prije 4 dana
It’s sad to see how she manipulates him for his money and he stays with her because.. why? Like Is he that desperate for a presence of a woman? I feel bad for him
woahtz [GD]
woahtz [GD] Prije 4 dana
Im 12 and im more mature than this woman but i think that a baby would be too :)
Bàñ Føxx Śïñ
Bàñ Føxx Śïñ Prije 4 dana
Jesus. This makes my head hurt😅
Ogre Under Bridge
Ogre Under Bridge Prije 4 dana
150K buys a really nice boat. You can do lobster fishing to earn off the investement. Dude, you already have bait
Robotron Sage
Robotron Sage Prije 4 dana
*obvious mail order bride scam from russia is obvious*
nur asyurah
nur asyurah Prije 4 dana
bruh as a girl i would just ask him for a candy ring
S__S Prije 4 dana
17:26 💀💀💀 shady 😭
Paige Allison
Paige Allison Prije 4 dana
The abuse from her is real omfg
wags 11
wags 11 Prije 4 dana
You don’t cook and give me food also her the woman should cook and provide food
Zene Johann Bornman
Zene Johann Bornman Prije 4 dana
I don't care if my boyfriend proposes to me one day with a wooden ring! It doesn't matter! 😠
Matthew Music
Matthew Music Prije 5 dana
She looks like the “what? Your stealing?” girl
Re d
Re d Prije 5 dana
i'm from 2025
Miyamoto D. Gutts
Miyamoto D. Gutts Prije 5 dana
Imagine if Jorge was wearing earbuds or whatever when she was screaming
David Robinson
David Robinson Prije 5 dana
Maybe Jorge wants to have a category in The Guinness Book Of World Records as the biggest undisputed simp
David Robinson
David Robinson Prije 5 dana
My dad went into hospital 3 days before, but you can guess the rest
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