Things Humans Were Never Meant To See...

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An Empty Bag
An Empty Bag Prije sat
Hey we got some Watop nice
An Empty Bag
An Empty Bag Prije sat
2:53 sounds like the pda in subnautica
EFEz Prije 10 sati
Elżbieta is Polish name like the fores :P
Sachi Loreigne
Sachi Loreigne Prije 21 sat
the moose was focusing its chakra into its hooves
Gareth Beazley
Gareth Beazley Prije dan
Those are scallops and clams not mussels.
MMoney Prije dan
Felix: thank you god I will be good in this life Also Felix: yes kill her, kill Mother Earth
Karen Sharp
Karen Sharp Prije dan
so uh killing is optional right?
Nor Sahalan(Sahalan)
Nor Sahalan(Sahalan) Prije dan
Science atomic..can cause burning
choubi Vallée
choubi Vallée Prije dan
Subscribed to kinoah
Noah Mallory
Noah Mallory Prije 2 dana
I have seen the end of rain as well it's very odd
Sarunia K
Sarunia K Prije 2 dana
as a polish individual, I have no fucking clue how and why we did that
AS33H Prije 2 dana
Inflatable war tanks😂😂
Turbo Sprężarka
Turbo Sprężarka Prije 3 dana
3:40 That Poland would be at least a little recognizable. Miłego dnia:)
Kensblade Prije 3 dana
"all tree faces north" 3:26 there litterly one up in the right doing the opisite LOL
Dheeraj Talwar
Dheeraj Talwar Prije 3 dana
I seen 2 rainbow 🌈 2 times😂
Pseudonymous Garbage
Pseudonymous Garbage Prije 4 dana
I remember hearing from somewhere that some turtles have incredibly scary mouths but that some have flexible teeth and most rarely attack humans. The teeth are just for securing a meal I believe.
MrcyPlays Prije 4 dana
My favorite animal used to be turtles until that picture it will forever haunt my dreams
Roman The Car guy
Roman The Car guy Prije 5 dana
4:49 marzia CHECK WHATSAPP
LUCASS Prije 5 dana
Y saw the end of a rambio
Anthony Lank
Anthony Lank Prije 5 dana
actualy pewds 15 species of shark can be found in sweeden waters. but that egg casing belongs to a dog fish
Anthony Lank
Anthony Lank Prije 5 dana
sorry pewds but thats a scolop not a mucle
Anthony Lank
Anthony Lank Prije 5 dana
and they comenly swim
Freakster Prije 5 dana
ഓടെടാ എന്നാൽ
LightningKE4 Prije 5 dana
7:44 Penguins: am I a joke to you??
Bruh Prije 5 dana
Pewds: Italians need to be stopped Marzia behind the door:😭 Bonus!!! Pewds: Turtles your time has come Master Oogway: My time has come
John Milk
John Milk Prije 5 dana
The forrest breathing one happended in Romania
Szymon To ja
Szymon To ja Prije 5 dana
kto z polski?
Mitchel Fiction
Mitchel Fiction Prije 6 dana
Wtf turtles 🐢
Cake loving Kenzie 🍰
Cake loving Kenzie 🍰 Prije 6 dana
Bolt Bolt
Bolt Bolt Prije 6 dana
The courageous millennium immunohistologically cause because scallion naturally wish apud a adaptable offence. chilly, auspicious octagon
Comment_Bot432 Prije 6 dana
Spongebob didnt lie!? Mussels can indeed fly!
Tim Muk
Tim Muk Prije 6 dana
why does the voice actor for the crooked forest sound the same as the voice actor for the robot in subnautica??
Cole Hamilton
Cole Hamilton Prije 6 dana
Break Plays
Break Plays Prije 6 dana
what is that song in 0:13?
Abdul Afiq
Abdul Afiq Prije 6 dana
h3atzZz Prije 6 dana
We have the same crooked forest in Russia located in the Curonian Spit
Crow Crew
Crow Crew Prije 6 dana
Italians after seeing themselves do dumb shit - *I am going to mama my last mia* pulls out pasta bullets and pizza gun
CommunistChris Prije 6 dana
Glad my people didn't make those trees
Amy Silverstone
Amy Silverstone Prije 6 dana
Shark egg? More like a headcrab
Tommy Kammers
Tommy Kammers Prije 6 dana
And also the little owls are adorable
Tommy Kammers
Tommy Kammers Prije 6 dana
A horse wearing pajamas LOL
Barb Iv
Barb Iv Prije 7 dana
gay pine trees surrounded by straight ones
Mike TheScienceGuy
Mike TheScienceGuy Prije 7 dana
you should see inside a camel's mouth
Shihab Sahel
Shihab Sahel Prije 7 dana
Feliks:Thanks for making me a MAN!! I will not be reincarnated as a turtle!! Anime authors: Write that down!! Write that down!!
Sakura Sorano
Sakura Sorano Prije 7 dana
Pewdiepie: fireworks in the daytime?! Ilegal! Come to spain march 15 to 19. We have in a city named Valencia a thing called Fallas (pronunced faias) everyday for a week we throw fireworks at 1pm, is super cool!
EvilP1 Prije 7 dana
2:00 the blow up tanks actually worked well
Percy not Jackson!
Percy not Jackson! Prije 7 dana
4:37 it's the 3rd impact, also 7:24 looks like a Gore nest in Doom
Vector- Man
Vector- Man Prije 7 dana
Netcracke Prije 7 dana
@PewDiePie vs @arjyou Who will win
fiji 12315
fiji 12315 Prije 7 dana
when i am in poland rn and that i can go there
Serj Star
Serj Star Prije 7 dana
come on man stop going throught so quickly im trying to enjoy the information Felix stop being such a little bitch please !
Jevinnit 7
Jevinnit 7 Prije 8 dana
5:34 Italy: *lets recreate how to train your dragon last fight scene real quick*
Jackson and Margot channel Skonieki
Jackson and Margot channel Skonieki Prije 8 dana
I subscribed to you
Lorenzo Serrano
Lorenzo Serrano Prije 8 dana
7:24 i see a new top post incoming for r/dontputyourdickinthat
I Don't Know
I Don't Know Prije 8 dana
Double rainbow across the sky... Those who know, know.
Tomas Robertson
Tomas Robertson Prije 8 dana
the boat is a jet boat so it could even be on 5cm deep water so anyone could be that moose
Deborah Amos
Deborah Amos Prije 8 dana
The owls do that because their head are too big/heavy though? Isn't the blood ice just iron? Like dude look how cool science is explaining stuff.
Supesonit 16
Supesonit 16 Prije 8 dana
The inside of a 🐢 mouth looks like when pennywise opens his face
Shoku Prije 8 dana
We will never tell anyone how we made those threes
Wayne Lavigne
Wayne Lavigne Prije 8 dana
The inflatables are true America is really proud of it. I would know cause every single year in high school I learned all about it
TrysT Prije 8 dana
2:12 me every morning
Codex Prije 8 dana
tohukazu _hd83
tohukazu _hd83 Prije 8 dana
now why would yo skip the end of the rain?
smigollo skkrt
smigollo skkrt Prije 8 dana
3:48 ok nie wiem jakby ludzie to robili pewnie setki lat temu a ty sie pytasz czemu my to robimy
aura christina
aura christina Prije 8 dana
Shark eggs but no sharks in Sweden pls someone explain
Culviz Prije 8 dana
8:16 the forbidden gusher
We Are Past Broken
We Are Past Broken Prije 9 dana
Cactushothot Prije 9 dana
Blood falls is rust
Armin Zahirovic
Armin Zahirovic Prije 9 dana
The voice from crooked forest is the same as the one from the damn subnautica, now i have to play it again 😔
The Idiotic Genius
The Idiotic Genius Prije 9 dana
2:13 It's mating season
Jordyn H
Jordyn H Prije 9 dana
the animal ones "ain't no fckin way my boi"
KayKay Prije 9 dana
Imagine being the Nazis and popping one of those blowup tanks , being on the sidelines and getting scared shitless …
Caleb Engledoe
Caleb Engledoe Prije 9 dana
Bruh u should be thankful for not being that turtles lunch 😂🤣
Eluvix Prije 9 dana
Is it just me or does that lady talking about the crooked forest sound like the voice of your PDA ai from subnautica?
mujasyd Prije 9 dana
polish: co ty masz do polaków? english: what u have to polish people
PES Bro Prije 9 dana
Thank God for making a Man and not a Turtle.
dave minion
dave minion Prije 9 dana
Pewds: What is wrong with Italians? Pewds Better Half: ** Gives the Italian Sign **
Awesome Gear
Awesome Gear Prije 9 dana
i was trying to eat during the video xD
Simran Seehra
Simran Seehra Prije 9 dana
that moose was just practicing its chakra control
StrawWarrioR Prije 9 dana
9:55 Minecraft biome borders be like
bfdi firey
bfdi firey Prije 9 dana
10:07 bruh thats a headcrab
Mario Alberto
Mario Alberto Prije 9 dana
What is wrong with Italians? *Proceeds to marry one*
Mikezzo Prije 9 dana
0:38 fun fact you can't see the end of a rainbow bc a rainbow forms a circle that is why they say there is loot at the end of a rainbow Bc there isn't
Santino Aldaba
Santino Aldaba Prije 9 dana
DONT search "sharp knife" in latvian, WORST mistake of my life !!
Elite459 Prije 8 dana
i should of listened!!
Air Spike
Air Spike Prije 9 dana
FBI called me after this video
Trollface Twatbag
Trollface Twatbag Prije 9 dana
I've wondered my whole life how tf is supposed to firework look during the day
Teencraft Prije 9 dana
Hey pew die pew do minecraft again 😥😇
Teencraft Prije 9 dana
Because he is best minecraft player
Teencraft Prije 9 dana
Minecraft 😥😥
YT Jackieboy PG3D
YT Jackieboy PG3D Prije 9 dana
You now that you have your own skin in pixel gun 3D in the lottery
Daniël Koegelenberg
Daniël Koegelenberg Prije 9 dana
8:33 its official,Jesus has been reincarnated as a moose
zeldagoblin Prije 9 dana
You have no idea the PTSD you just gave me with the Sonic drowning sound clip! Please don't ever do that again! Or at the very least, add the sound of grabbing an air bubble afterwards. 😐😶
Janex Gaming
Janex Gaming Prije 9 dana
Im from poland
Kyle Coughlin
Kyle Coughlin Prije 9 dana
"Polish people" *click click* careful now Felix.....
Zelig-Shaine Prije 10 dana
this whole vid has just been "stop, [humans, nature, Earth], just stop" lmao
Ya boy Riot
Ya boy Riot Prije 10 dana
The trees are upside down question marks
akarui Prije 10 dana
pewds: what is wrong with italians? valencians during the entire month of falles: **looks away**
Karenix Prije 10 dana
Max Craig
Max Craig Prije 10 dana
For those bent trees it could be that the older trees didn't experience winds that strong
PotatSUS Prije 10 dana
Felix's forehead is more smooth than butter
PotatSUS Prije 10 dana
Felix's forehead is more smooth than butter
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