Woman Dates 20 Guys And Its Uncomfortable.. Jubilee React #11

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Weswalls Prije sat
life lesson from pewds @8:10 gotta love it
Abu Baida
Abu Baida Prije 9 sati
Imagine this Muslim girl her parents knew that she's doing this.. Rip
Moona Prije 9 sati
A great example of pretty on the outside and an absolute mess on the inside.
Jessica Rose
Jessica Rose Prije 12 sati
That girl should had asked the hight and age question first. Those are some pretty big factors
Cherryblossom ink
Cherryblossom ink Prije 19 sati
Wow this is two funny 😆dude I would date one of those four guys that left
Aditya Dey
Aditya Dey Prije dan
man please be serious with your intros. i feel like i am gonna watch a nursery rhyme video
Saiarisa Kongri
Saiarisa Kongri Prije dan
She's not even tall for an Asian lmao. She's average, ik girls here who are 5'10 as an average lolol
Rah Rah Rasputin
Rah Rah Rasputin Prije dan
This is what happens when everything is a dealbreaker, nothing negotiable.
Another Titan
Another Titan Prije dan
I absolutely went mad laughing when she said "im pretty tall for an asian girl" proceeds to say shes 5'6 XD
Rex Merrigan
Rex Merrigan Prije 2 dana
when they moved the circle closer because 2 left i thought they were all getting up to leave
So Vidushi
So Vidushi Prije 2 dana
I was staring at his right hand the whole time. WHAT HAPPENED FELIX!???
Doonsides Prije 2 dana
she has LONG toes or something down there deformed
Doonsides Prije 2 dana
otherwise she would give a slippery fj
Sofia Vargas
Sofia Vargas Prije 2 dana
short guys i feel ya.
John Can
John Can Prije 3 dana
“I like to party” Random guy: I’m black
Marklee NG
Marklee NG Prije 3 dana
I'm just gonna say it, she was bitchy but the hate towards her is highly overboard... That was the game, to eliminate based on preference....she was being abit.haughty but it's not wrong to have preferences,she didn't say "ALL GIRLS LIKE PEOPLE TALLER THAN THEM it's just what she wanted...but some parts for example the age thing for one month was a lil bit close minded...
Bassmatrix Prije 3 dana
Must be tall, younger than me, like children, financially supportive, deal with me getting drunk, must like dancing etc etc etc Why did everyone leave?
S B Prije 3 dana
She should have just asked the age the moment she joined the chat so all the boys leave and the video is over!
Kermit Prije 3 dana
I mean she was looking for a 30 year old basketball player
Madhav Badhwar
Madhav Badhwar Prije 3 dana
She’s gonna die alone if she keeps so many physical threats instead of looking at their personality
Clara Nguyen
Clara Nguyen Prije 4 dana
The way she phrases questions are so aloof.
Fluid Tomato5208
Fluid Tomato5208 Prije 5 dana
Just straight chads
ilikecheese2 Prije 5 dana
I wonder whether she would accept if the guy is 1 hour younger than her 🤔😂
*Lovannie* Prije 5 dana
she looks like nessa barrett kinda
S B Prije 5 dana
You know why she's gonna be single forever? Because she's shallow. She needs to know what's the definition of values
Heckuius Prije 6 dana
She was a high school bully
Rajendra Prije 6 dana
why is that one girl wearing a hijab and a ripped jeans at the same time lmao
ΓΞΛקΞΓ _SO2 Prije 6 dana
marzia: bruh
Savannah Lopez
Savannah Lopez Prije 6 dana
I'm not into horoscope tbh
Shiny Samson
Shiny Samson Prije 6 dana
Lol .. Pewds made wrong assumption this time. I hate horoscopes..😂
EliteGod NL
EliteGod NL Prije 6 dana
Arno Zela
Arno Zela Prije 6 dana
this is that kind of girl that has way too many standarts, like he said, shes gonna be single for awhile
CASE 19 Prije 6 dana
No wonder she was with a lot of “bad guys”
zedommfir Quarantaine
zedommfir Quarantaine Prije 6 dana
5'6 is not tall lmao
blue Imagen
blue Imagen Prije 7 dana
I had my first boy friend when I was 14 and we didn't break up till I was 18. It was hard but I mean ehh it was year's ago so mehh
Adam, Mustafa
Adam, Mustafa Prije 7 dana
"So uh, I'm just brainstorming here but...there's 20 guys in here and 1 girl..you know..have you ever considered trying something new, like, taking a "train ride"...nah, nah, I'm kidding...unless? Are you fellas down if she is?"
Just Your Ordinary Commentator XG_St0rmZzz
Just Your Ordinary Commentator XG_St0rmZzz Prije 7 dana
The height and age standards were a big L for her.
Christian Reyes
Christian Reyes Prije 7 dana
Pewdiepie is psychic all woman like horoscopes
Quade Smith
Quade Smith Prije 7 dana
Always remember, its whats on the outside that counts.
Lezley Roberts
Lezley Roberts Prije 7 dana
The boys should kick her from the group chat and just become bros
Beyond the pines
Beyond the pines Prije 8 dana
I haven't watch this video yet, but I've seen the original twice and I for sure know pewds is gonna comment on the choking ppart
Heather Caywood
Heather Caywood Prije 8 dana
I'm with Aggretsuko with every aspect of dating 👏🏻😅
love for chicken nuggets
love for chicken nuggets Prije 8 dana
bruh she snapped 2 times
unknown utuber
unknown utuber Prije 8 dana
you remind that fucking girl!
Marcelo Costa
Marcelo Costa Prije 8 dana
Honestly pewds is the best personallity in the web
otto 552
otto 552 Prije 8 dana
She is literally the meme of the south park girl in the bed with the canada baby and the caption is "how girls see guys their own age" hahaha
Ghaith al-saudi
Ghaith al-saudi Prije 9 dana
who else noticed Agent P? (Perry)
Ian Prije 9 dana
20 guys and none was left. Bruh. She felt like she wasn't good enough from her past relationships, but then proceeds to carbon date every guy from the group. This girl is a living walking contradiction.
Potato God
Potato God Prije 10 dana
lets be honest, she just wanted a reverse harem.
J. V.
J. V. Prije 10 dana
regarding the setup they all agreed to be part of, this was meant to fail either way. She doesn´t want to meet bad men, but did not ask one charakter related thing. It was: Do you like to choke me? are you tall enough? Do you want kids? and are you old enough?
J. V.
J. V. Prije 10 dana
HAHAHAHA, she´s got nerves: Her: " I wanna end my streak of bad relationships with bad men." Her one minute later: "I like to party, drink a lot and also choking me sounds like fun."
Georgi Georgiev
Georgi Georgiev Prije 11 dana
I hope I cut my pattern with bad men - her standard is a tall, kinky guy who drinks a lot and likes to party.
Samantha Cheong
Samantha Cheong Prije 11 dana
people actually memorize their heights?
RonaldMcDonald Prije 11 dana
If you see your brother in every man that’s younger than you, you have a problem deep deep down your fricked up that’s nasty
Belle Clemonte
Belle Clemonte Prije 11 dana
yeesh sis
ThexPhantomxAnimations Prije 11 dana
" You're gonna be single for a while " TRUTHALITY
Ella Prije 12 dana
this chick: "Maybe I'm the problem...... Nahhhh, yall into feet?"
Alen Combs
Alen Combs Prije 12 dana
Girl fails and doubles down. Guy has success but still tries to learn from his failures.
Kunisake Prije 12 dana
She wants to *do things* in the bedroom
Mr. LoneWolf
Mr. LoneWolf Prije 12 dana
Sure she got time, until she hits the wall
ImDeliciousS Prije 13 dana
I know the second guy from somewhere but i dont know from where!
Unwanted Commentary
Unwanted Commentary Prije 13 dana
She deserves to be alone
TheDankHotdog Boi
TheDankHotdog Boi Prije 13 dana
Why is Agent P next to Felix at 16:12
CEO of Bananas
CEO of Bananas Prije 14 dana
Dodo fart 👁👄👁
Derya Sönmez
Derya Sönmez Prije 14 dana
UrbanChaos TV
UrbanChaos TV Prije 15 dana
instead not school than in vain
instead not school than in vain Prije 15 dana
2 month ago
JhamNoneL Prije 15 dana
Girls doesn't want a bad dude yet her ideals are those overconfident dumbass type of people.
Tsue Prije 15 dana
The dude looked like Filthy Frank and Ricegum for a sec
Simon Lavenzer
Simon Lavenzer Prije 16 dana
Best line. In whole video...she about to thanos us...
I Want To Be Better
I Want To Be Better Prije 16 dana
She should have been relaxed with the height, 5'6'' is not that tall to require a min 5'10'' guy
Joseph Cooper
Joseph Cooper Prije 16 dana
Guy's requirements for a partner: -Not fat -Female (optional) Girls' requirements:
jerry Prije 16 dana
my dude looks like Stingy from Lazy town
Cyrus Prije 16 dana
Her value is having a feet fetish. (If you're into this thing, go for it. But I wouldn't call that a value.)
Caroline Backstad
Caroline Backstad Prije 17 dana
I would date this Y.J Gold guy xD
zero800 Prije 17 dana
just gonna leave it here 2:02
Siena Masilionis
Siena Masilionis Prije 18 dana
i just realized she has attached earlobes
Crazy_Tulip15 Prije 19 dana
No one’s talking abt that dope intro?
Tobias Neumann
Tobias Neumann Prije 20 dana
wow i love Girls like the asian one: i like my man to be responsible for financial stuff for parent stuff for handsome Looking stuff - lets skip it and just say responsible for everything and i´m just there and if he dont makes me happy i Need to look for someone else. These Kinds of women if you give everything for her in 10 years absolutly everything she would leave you instantly if you start having some Troubles in life. Advice for everyone: dont touch it
Momo-san Prije 20 dana
The guy who said "you're gonna be single for a while' deserves respek
MM//MysteriousMaster Prije 20 dana
7:10 this asian girl is 99% of all girls in the world rn
Spencer Brayman
Spencer Brayman Prije 20 dana
Literally everything that girl asked was superficial and surface-level
Aaron Hernandez
Aaron Hernandez Prije 20 dana
Gianski Prije 21 dan
pewds, my sister talks about accounting
Obbi.Edits Prije 21 dan
**She's the type of girl to say a guy has high standards and not see the hypocrisy**
Arrngrim Valesti
Arrngrim Valesti Prije 22 dana
Amen Pewds, preach on brutha!
Noobtube2 Prije 22 dana
"who likes to dance?" "i'm black" can't say i know what they have to do with each other but ok.
Grim Prije 22 dana
How is a 4 so picky?
Mrs. Duckalot
Mrs. Duckalot Prije 22 dana
These guys are fucking legends, I pause the video every couple of seconds so I can read all of the messages. This idea is fucking terrible but at least the candidates have an amazing sense of humor.
estrulv Prije 23 dana
;-; That intro scared me so bad. I thought it was a troll intro, I was waiting for something to pop up- 👩🏽‍🦲✌🏽✨
Tan Jia Yee
Tan Jia Yee Prije 24 dana
i finally came back to finish this video bc i couldn't handle the cringe,, let's hope i can make it to the end bahahaha
Niet P
Niet P Prije 24 dana
She's not even attractive, has the shittiest personality and overall an awful pick with nothing to offer either
PokeGo Walking
PokeGo Walking Prije 24 dana
Lol, yip, in 2020, you've got alot of guys who are in their late 20s 🤣so, if a girl is looking for guys older than 26, good luck with that 🤣🤣
The0neEyed0wI Prije 24 dana
*“Gentle choking”*
kandastrike Prije 24 dana
100% agree with pewds on this one (8:08) this bitch calls her "you must be this tall to date me" a value lmfao get out
Useless Eli
Useless Eli Prije 24 dana
6 months is long? I was in an 8 month relationship as a 14 year old lol (but like, can’t really compare cuz it’s two different worlds... but still XD)
happymasksalesman Prije 24 dana
He had to google what an esophagus was....just throwing that out there
Hi Loral
Hi Loral Prije 25 dana
Imagine refusing someone because of their height 😂
Robotic 135
Robotic 135 Prije 26 dana
A tree is the best option, taller than 5,10 older than her, probably like 150, wont have kids, youll be able to party and drop liquor on it, and she could choke with the tree.. for ever basically.
Bhawna Patnaik
Bhawna Patnaik Prije 26 dana
I don't like or know anything about horoscopes xD n I m a girl
Angela Lengoloi van Rooyen
Angela Lengoloi van Rooyen Prije 26 dana
Her fake shocked face though. What did you expect? Go to build-a-boy with all your unrealistic requirements.
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