The Most Insane Couple Ever.. TLC #11

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Harry Morales
Harry Morales Prije sat
I feel bad for karine
FLAMEMECH 56 Prije 2 sati
Why doesnt Paul just marry the luggage then
Johny d
Johny d Prije 7 sati
Yo if u need corona protection call paul😅
Ollie Prije 9 sati
I came here from the last vid but props to him for giving a recap and not just saying go watch last vid :)
Martha Newsome
Martha Newsome Prije 9 sati
Pewds it's $500 a month not a week in the US. He can afford to boards his dogs, but not have a decent home for his family???
Martha Newsome
Martha Newsome Prije 10 sati
I was hoping it was his mother's pubic hair!
Tana Diamond
Tana Diamond Prije 15 sati
America isn’t better than other places. Just different problems. We are extremely lucky in some ways. But that doesn’t mean we’re the best at all
Bangla Tutorial
Bangla Tutorial Prije 15 sati
Thanks for share
ً Prije 15 sati
American house are expensive to buy and rent... so the people that has bought a house 50 years ago and the house is slightly bigger, I bet it was 250k dollars now
ً Prije 15 sati
I like how google translate is how their talking like the situation what's going and you just messing with google translate and put bunch a weird alphabet on it XD
ً Prije 15 sati
Damn, this Is like anime shit and stuff, good shit
Michael Thompson
Michael Thompson Prije 16 sati
Wait I missed a lot too. Is it even Paul’s baby?
Cameron Brown
Cameron Brown Prije 21 sat
I just started watching pewdiepie for the first time like 3 days ago I've been missing too much
Luqman Diaf
Luqman Diaf Prije 21 sat
Got 5
Emily Stiles
Emily Stiles Prije dan
People believe in the American dream still? American here, we're just trying to get by like everyone else. There is no dream. 🤣
Lauri Prije dan
These intros are killing me
daily life of a weeb
daily life of a weeb Prije dan
I wouldn't give 10 $ for that place 😑
Shelby Jenkins
Shelby Jenkins Prije dan
Rent sucks in the US. I’m gonna be 20 soon and I can’t move out of my parents house. Where I live a 1 bed apartment is $900...
PewDiePie Kids Channel
PewDiePie Kids Channel Prije 6 sati
20 is still quite young. It’s not that weird to still live with your parents around that age.
Unknown Bassist
Unknown Bassist Prije dan
Pewds really can't forget about the hair 😂
Unknown Bassist
Unknown Bassist Prije dan
This perfectly describes his past 😂😂
Sharron G.
Sharron G. Prije dan
Okay...When someone keeps saying "I'm a bad person" the WAY he says it...believe him. Serial killer/stalker vibes on this one is huge. I work with domestic violence victims. He's already showing signs of being controlling and he's an emotional blackmailer...expect him to threaten suicide or self-harm if she ever tries to leave him or they get in a bad fight. He will do this to control her and make her feel too guilty to leave. If that fails....they can easily turn to rage. He was charged with arson and his ex took out an emergency protection order. That doesn't happen unless someone is scared. This is serious. He creeps me the fuck ouuuuuut!!!! PS: Love these videos!!!! Just found your channel and I'm hooked haha
PewDiePie Kids Channel
PewDiePie Kids Channel Prije 6 sati
Nope he’s just a weirdo who tries to act edgy and cool
Mon Rojas
Mon Rojas Prije dan
wtf are those intros
Rola Moussa
Rola Moussa Prije dan
I think karine is much as annoying as paul
Lorena Munoz
Lorena Munoz Prije dan
1 punch man intro is so far my fave
TobLayer Prije dan
Kevin T
Kevin T Prije 2 dana
i want to watch this but i dont want to watch this
Clayton Emmrich
Clayton Emmrich Prije 2 dana
Noooooo not the rejecting of the hair poor Paul😢
Ethekilkerbee Prije 2 dana
Paul is the most nervous man in the world
ja'Nae Collins
ja'Nae Collins Prije 2 dana
bruh in Miami you can get a 2 bed room apartment one complete bathroom for 500-700 bucks with fresh water and schools near by with lots of kids and its super nice inside where tf is he?
aaangela hhhello
aaangela hhhello Prije 2 dana
it just hit me that Karine looks like a knock off Cardi b... is that offensive?
Adventures With Brie
Adventures With Brie Prije 2 dana
Omg I'm going to Brazil in December o.O
UrbanChaos TV
UrbanChaos TV Prije 2 dana
Asifur Rahman
Asifur Rahman Prije 2 dana
Why would people get married to someone they need google translate to talk to?
emma cornish
emma cornish Prije 2 dana
He is a horrible person omg
m.febriana.p Prije 2 dana
Damn..the way he talked to his mom. It convinced me that he actually set fire to his own house.
Ameliah Harris
Ameliah Harris Prije 2 dana
Not gonna lie the guy who said 2 bags 2:31 sounded like the guy from lama arts who was like get of the grass you don't wanna get your shoes dirty now would you
Aiden Kahn
Aiden Kahn Prije 3 dana
PuffDragon 225
PuffDragon 225 Prije 3 dana
She's unreasonable and he's kinda crazy
CJ Crow - Haynes
CJ Crow - Haynes Prije 3 dana
“i’m sorry americans y’all are great” no, no we aren’t
Abraham Justin
Abraham Justin Prije 3 dana
You could probably live in a hotel that is better than that with room service for 500 bucks. He could have got a home loan for 30000k and paid 500 bucks a month and paid of the mortgage in 5yrs. This guy did not think anything through
Hemlata Poorun
Hemlata Poorun Prije 3 dana
Me:🙄 Pewdiepie: he will go in the pp water
feziqx Prije 3 dana
Honestly, that 500 dollars has to be for a year right? We can rent a modern 2-floor building for that in Europe.
Choco Drew
Choco Drew Prije 3 dana
so she gets mugged and the camera crew just still at the side everything okay like.. TAKE THE CAMERAS THEN they worth more then a couple phones my goodness hes so dramatic and narcicistic 3:38
Bàñ Føxx Śïñ
Bàñ Føxx Śïñ Prije 3 dana
These comments😂😅😂😂
Christian Medina
Christian Medina Prije 3 dana
“What if i walk under a building and some idiot Paul guy installs this” im dead!
Lemon Lia
Lemon Lia Prije 3 dana
Im not gonna buy it when it’s without a number
Vinicius Moraes
Vinicius Moraes Prije 3 dana
Kkkkkkkk I'm born and live in Brazil, and i can say, this video is 100% fake kkkkk In the First day of him in Brazil, they got a thief and shots fire in a normal park? What is this, a GTA Brazil? Kkkkkk
AS0D Prije 3 dana
Not surprising he has a criminal past, look how is he angry and saying shit for anything Edit : Karine is kinda annoying too at the end, she just doesn't talk and wants nothing
Dazik Prije 3 dana
Can confirm. People will shove their A/C anywhere they can.
Aieshoo 1234
Aieshoo 1234 Prije 3 dana
15:27 It's me!
Doug Dimmadome
Doug Dimmadome Prije 2 dana
Shister Prije 3 dana
😂 the cameraman couldve helped her while she was being robbed. WTF 😂
Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan Prije 3 dana
all he needed is to pick 2 bags Moral of the Story: He is an idiot
TheBoyYouSaw Prije 3 dana
ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ
TheBoyYouSaw Prije 3 dana
Wtf dose this kind of persons existent. In 2020 bruhhh h
Ac Ghamir
Ac Ghamir Prije 4 dana
He’s not mama’s boy i think he’s papa’s boi
Brooke Koerner
Brooke Koerner Prije 4 dana
TLC exploiting undiagnosed mental illness at is ~finest~ .... @ all the people on 90 day fiance, are you okay?
REAL SH Prije 4 dana
People look for love even in the rain forests and my fat ass is sitting here eating fried chicken
GOU Gaming clan
GOU Gaming clan Prije 3 dana
@REAL SH unfortunately.
REAL SH Prije 3 dana
@GOU Gaming clan it be like that 😔
GOU Gaming clan
GOU Gaming clan Prije 4 dana
Ikr 😅 😂
idkeven know
idkeven know Prije 4 dana
His poor dogs... locked up in cages
Sunflower cookie x3
Sunflower cookie x3 Prije 4 dana
GOU Gaming clan
GOU Gaming clan Prije 4 dana
dhea reyssent
dhea reyssent Prije 4 dana
he is psychopath
" Edar your going on a vacation" Lol
Snarkle Fleb
Snarkle Fleb Prije 4 dana
I hate when legs are stiff
Sugulle hassen
Sugulle hassen Prije 4 dana
The baby is a floor gang member
Mbuyelo Nkuna
Mbuyelo Nkuna Prije 4 dana
America is expensive af in the USA like wtf
Aldo Herrea
Aldo Herrea Prije 4 dana
They could to Paul's mom's house and stay there for the time that is takes to get the money to get a house that has a upstairs and a lot of other things but paul is paul
noufathnoufal 612
noufathnoufal 612 Prije 4 dana
Bruh he was acting like a bish not getting into the water saying it ain't clean natural water and now he is taking his wife and small baby to a nasty shitty room??...Is there any logic to his actions and omg he was giving me this sociopath or psychopath vibe...It gave me chills!!!
Lucas Mroczynski
Lucas Mroczynski Prije 4 dana
Pewds is suprised that its 500$, the one they were looking at is probably 500$/month if not a year XD the one pewds was looking at is probably 500$/a week
Pandajerk86 Prije 4 dana
Dude needs to get towork and make money and stop being a beta she’s right dude needs to step up.
Noah L.
Noah L. Prije 5 dana
Where can I get a flat like that for 500€ ?!
Goldn Prije 5 dana
Pipe or cigger?
retroFIX Gaming
retroFIX Gaming Prije 5 dana
I mean I don’t blame her
Taylor R
Taylor R Prije 5 dana
To live the American dream, you need to be rich. You can’t be from someone from Brazil who has a baby and no job. 🤷🏾‍♀️😂
Real Kirbo
Real Kirbo Prije 5 dana
don't be like Paul, install your AC's properly, learn to love yourself before you try to love others, and wait at least a couple years to get married and have kids
Mugelbbub16 Prije 5 dana
He just needs to buy a wetsuit, like for diving, he might not look too great in it but it's better than oversized pants
Rashelle Ray
Rashelle Ray Prije 5 dana
That man has major anger issues, poor mother but then she probably enabled him all his life.
Kathleen Kaye Lozada
Kathleen Kaye Lozada Prije 5 dana
Pewd reacting to 90-Day Fiance is the series I never knew I needed
High_doggy Prije 5 dana
Having him is probably like having 2 kids in one.
The Blue Man
The Blue Man Prije 5 dana
Assalto e tiroteio sendo filmado ao vivo, nunca me senti tão bem representado kkkkkkk
Naser Al- Jassar
Naser Al- Jassar Prije 5 dana
Give him a break he’s trying 😐
Naser Al- Jassar
Naser Al- Jassar Prije 5 dana
Edgar you have to leave 😂😂😂
Hans Maulwurf
Hans Maulwurf Prije 5 dana
this guy give me some bad vibes, he is so creepy
Melissa Porras
Melissa Porras Prije 5 dana
Michael Beloshitsky
Michael Beloshitsky Prije 5 dana
America is fine idk where they living when a trailer is 500 a month when u can get better in bigger cities lmao 😜
D Buzzard
D Buzzard Prije 5 dana
Idk where they are at but im in a 5 bed 2 bath house for 500 hundred a month rent
Emma Hunter
Emma Hunter Prije 5 dana
How does this guy have money to buy random bullshit to protect himself from parasites but not have money to get a decent home for his family
Map Room Gaming
Map Room Gaming Prije 5 dana
Pretty sure there are literal meth labs that are nicer than the place the realtor was showing them.
Kieren 41
Kieren 41 Prije 5 dana
they got mugged but the robbers didn't bother mugging the camera from the cameraman ?
Mati mizfit
Mati mizfit Prije 5 dana
I got anxiaty watching this... Jeese
crustbin Prije 5 dana
500 bucks which consists of $11 rent and $489 life time n word pass.
Edwin Quinde
Edwin Quinde Prije 6 dana
“Edger you’re going to vacation” 😂
Carls Roa Montilva
Carls Roa Montilva Prije 6 dana
"Paul actually needs 2 bags" *puts up 2 fingers* " the other three..." *puts up 4 fingers* Ah yes, le methematician
Personal Magbanua
Personal Magbanua Prije 6 dana
Pewds really enjoying this like a Netflix series, that 'DRAM-MAH!" at 6:55 just secures it.
Mike Strozier
Mike Strozier Prije 6 dana
Bro she was so accepting and he still fucked it up
Duckiee Sann
Duckiee Sann Prije 6 dana
In my apartment here my roomate installed an ac with duct tape and rope foundation was made by cardboard btw
Cass Cass
Cass Cass Prije 6 dana
Pends : I’m sorry Americans No its fine we know our country is garbage and sad
Samantha Smith
Samantha Smith Prije 6 dana
I don't like the intro. It just feels really weird to me
lattertk Prije 6 dana
People need to understand you have to EARN the American dream, it's not some birth right. Depending how you see your own dream, it's more like the dream of opportunity.
Jake Witecki
Jake Witecki Prije 7 dana
this video is PURE GOLD
G. Moos
G. Moos Prije 8 dana
Crazy what happened to Paul Joseph Watson
Spoopy Meat
Spoopy Meat Prije 8 dana
10:55 Pewds body was found in elec
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