Flying Into My House in Flight Simulator 2020

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brb. gonefishing
brb. gonefishing Prije 2 sati
Can we repeat 911?but in another tower maybe cause this flight simulator using a new map
Arnav Chaudhary
Arnav Chaudhary Prije 2 sati
Go to area 51
I AM THE PRINCE Prije 7 sati
Its 21 FPS
Sank903 Prije 8 sati
When i fly in flight simulators i use a joystick
impostor Prije 14 sati
The intro is giving me nightmare
Nightmare pg
Nightmare pg Prije 22 sati
9 year old: (watches pewdiepie) pewds: hippoty hoppity you are 19
MBA Beast
MBA Beast Prije dan
MBA Beast
MBA Beast Prije dan
MBA Beast
MBA Beast Prije dan
Sub to pews
WawSlayer Fin
WawSlayer Fin Prije dan
8:54 LOL😂😂😂
427 Prije dan
what a clickbate
Nathan Olson
Nathan Olson Prije dan
I dont think pewds knows how airlines work its sooooooo lols great video
zinou berkat
zinou berkat Prije dan
Felix :my name is pewdiepie ......... Tradiction:my name is peter pat
djan baku
djan baku Prije 2 dana
Bana bana gəl gacma gozel
ITZHUMAID 1 Prije 2 dana
Mr.beast buy him a NASA pc
ITZHUMAID 1 Prije 2 dana
The game is laggy
محمد سامر الحلوي
محمد سامر الحلوي Prije 2 dana
Why you hate cocomelon that much 😂😂😂😂😂
͔NabilJ Prije 2 dana
The intro getting better and better.
Fire Up
Fire Up Prije 2 dana
28:24 seems like a nice soft landing to me.
Eitanoul Prije 2 dana
someone knows hes microphones name?
Amii Gardiner
Amii Gardiner Prije 2 dana
You good
Bilal Usman
Bilal Usman Prije 2 dana
Therapist:all dreams have meaning my dream
MasterCrafter209 Prije 2 dana
I haven't watched pewds in a while and still sees cocomelon intro Whatttttttt.
Aero Mexican
Aero Mexican Prije 2 dana
ah vale
the AH kid okii
the AH kid okii Prije 2 dana
What has the entro come to 😂
Klaw Now
Klaw Now Prije 3 dana
I want Knekbröd with Smör
Saucy Cheese327
Saucy Cheese327 Prije 3 dana
4:33 pewds says get played to pay games instead of get payed to play games😂
Shaheer Azhar
Shaheer Azhar Prije 3 dana
Tip 1 dont pull on the yoke so hard you will do a tailstrike
Paul venedic M. Camillo
Paul venedic M. Camillo Prije 3 dana
nice intro 😂😂😂😂
SUMEET GAMING Prije 3 dana
Flying beast copy😤
Christian Jeremy Macapagal
Christian Jeremy Macapagal Prije 3 dana
7:46 footage of Felix screaming at pewdiepie
Everything EarRape
Everything EarRape Prije 3 dana
the lag triggers me
itsukibøii Prije 4 dana
Felix: alright you see my house? Right there. *proceeds to crash into it*
Kramavilos Prije 4 dana
Ayo the cocomelon got a little bit dark 😳
BLUE95 PLAYS Prije 4 dana
All rise for captain pewds
Luke Margerum
Luke Margerum Prije 4 dana
What the fuck was that intro
Khalil G. Rivera Fernandez
Khalil G. Rivera Fernandez Prije 4 dana
1:37 sorry
Khalil G. Rivera Fernandez
Khalil G. Rivera Fernandez Prije 4 dana
1:23 flying the B-777
Jammer Prije 4 dana
Ajoy Nova Gaming
Ajoy Nova Gaming Prije 4 dana
10:36 what?. Do you farted PewDiePie?
IQFrazne Prije 4 dana
When you took off from Landvetter did you tanke off from the wrong side, PRO sertified pilot 😂🤣 (no hate)
Ako Si RODGIE Prije 4 dana
I need Help
Juxz Kidop
Juxz Kidop Prije 4 dana
Try to fly in the Philippines
TMGREEN LEAFTM #29 Prije 4 dana
Neck and bra
TMGREEN LEAFTM #29 Prije 4 dana
Neck and bra swedish bread
Harjot Chahal
Harjot Chahal Prije 4 dana
Best intro ever.
David Mihai
David Mihai Prije 4 dana
hi pewdipie
BasketPropellors Prije 4 dana
This is one of the prime examples to not play a game at launch
BasketPropellors Prije 4 dana
I also noticed that Pewds did not use autopilot on cruising altitude but instead just fly the plane manually what a brave lad
Levi and errors adventures
Levi and errors adventures Prije 4 dana
I’m in 3rd grade
Dark Gaming6009
Dark Gaming6009 Prije 4 dana
2nd best mobile strategy game? I had a feeling he would've said the 1st is *RAID SHADOW LEGENDS* .... we all know its clash of clans
Markus Blascak
Markus Blascak Prije 4 dana
for those of you that know what lords mobile is, this is when the video starts 4:40
Shimar Ahmed
Shimar Ahmed Prije 5 dana
Well that was a long intro :)
haywire. yt
haywire. yt Prije 5 dana
bruh those arent flaps that where up those where the spoilers and if you want take them off and put the flaps on 45 to glide when your about to crash
haywire. yt
haywire. yt Prije 5 dana
intro creeped me out to much help
calix pinoy
calix pinoy Prije 5 dana
How did you know im 9.
I0000 Subscribers white no content
I0000 Subscribers white no content Prije 5 dana
Hello 👋
Bad Alpha
Bad Alpha Prije 5 dana
fuck i actually searched for that building and found it on google earth just few seconds later he says its not his house 😥
Blizzy Prije 5 dana
“A bit of the center line “
Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider Prije 5 dana
Fly "into"...!!!! You mean crash land in to your house???
Larry Prije 5 dana
PewDiePie: Im a trained pilot Plane: STALL STALL STALL STALL Also PewDiePie: What tf does that mean
Nico Cepy_Putra_official_yes
Nico Cepy_Putra_official_yes Prije 5 dana
Know YOU Felix
Lil BlizSwift
Lil BlizSwift Prije 5 dana
Can we play lords mobile while we are kidnapped
ii7azoom4ever Prije 5 dana
Even pewdiepie doesn’t have enough money to play Microsoft flight simulator on solid 60 fps
Charles Daniel Ombajin
Charles Daniel Ombajin Prije 5 dana
30 seconds in the intro love it pewds thanks...
Gihanga Manvidu Gurugamage *
Gihanga Manvidu Gurugamage * Prije 5 dana
Making me cringe
Angelina Dash
Angelina Dash Prije 5 dana
I can't tell if pewdiepie is literally being serious about actually being a licensed pilot in sweden, or if he's REALLY GOOD AT TROLLING US! X'D
Oof Gaming
Oof Gaming Prije 5 dana
But pewdiepie...... I thought you were floor gang :(
NDSO - Gamers4
NDSO - Gamers4 Prije 6 dana
Can i play IT on Scool 😯😯😯
CAT GAMING Prije 6 dana
Saint Tha Singer
Saint Tha Singer Prije 6 dana
You should probably go talk to your parents bro.
S-B Prije 6 dana
How the fuck did he get 107m subscribers
12 I Putu Bagus Surya Dananjaya
12 I Putu Bagus Surya Dananjaya Prije 6 dana
Probably i do land on mount tai
COVID 19 pro
COVID 19 pro Prije 6 dana
Very first I found your video funny! From India.... before this I was supporting T-Series
Hance Ryker Mamolo
Hance Ryker Mamolo Prije 6 dana
The intro is to weard
tan mingqiang1
tan mingqiang1 Prije 6 dana
The intro is starting to get weird and scary lol
Aquarium SMC
Aquarium SMC Prije 6 dana
This is cool awsome flight 😎🆒😎
Help me to reach 1k subscribers
Help me to reach 1k subscribers Prije 6 dana
Nice man
gamezquad TM
gamezquad TM Prije 6 dana
I love how his flying with spoiler and flaps on
kade3270 kade3270
kade3270 kade3270 Prije 6 dana
Sub to acid flare pls❤🤣👌
Gamingwiththebeast Prije 6 dana
U shoulda flown over Area 51
Ohio001 Prije 6 dana
its low speed
Ohio001 Prije 6 dana
at 9:16 you stalled
Ohio001 Prije 6 dana
do you use a a yoke stick
Kira Yoshikage
Kira Yoshikage Prije 6 dana
pewds just revealed his own house, what a chad
Fried B R U H
Fried B R U H Prije 6 dana
that intro really "S P O K " me like the minecraft episodes
Wadiul Daisy
Wadiul Daisy Prije 6 dana
is that how you land a plane
Wadiul Daisy
Wadiul Daisy Prije 6 dana
747 8i
Wadiul Daisy
Wadiul Daisy Prije 6 dana
are you really a certified pilot
Novice -
Novice - Prije 7 dana
he’s a millionaire I wonder what kinda of house he lives in 😳
Oliver Keeler
Oliver Keeler Prije 7 dana
This game, but its a battle royal with the entire world, with 200 or so people each game and you can land anywhere, including your own house. There could be special guns at places like Area 51, and other poi's. The games would be very long but you can use any type of mobile vehicles. You could fight other people anywhere in the world which would be interesting, imagine a fight in the temples of Greece or in Mexico city. Or even your own home town. Obviously the map would be way to big for 200 people so everything would be scaled down to a map probably 8 times the size of Apex or Fortnites map. It would have a lot of problems but I think if it was made right it could be amazing.
1K Subscribers with one video
1K Subscribers with one video Prije 7 dana
Fianlly someone who also plays this game on 24 fps
Hello There
Hello There Prije 7 dana
I did not crash! I merely failed to lanf
Mona Echerqui
Mona Echerqui Prije 7 dana
Yo bro im from Sweden to man and i Can speak sweden and arabic and Frans and english
POPZZ Prije 7 dana
Wtf was that intro lol
Spicy Wonton
Spicy Wonton Prije 7 dana
8:24 *Weeb noises*
Infinity Aviation
Infinity Aviation Prije 7 dana
i wish i could be a pilot that 50k would help
theLazy one youtube
theLazy one youtube Prije 7 dana
Wich i can drive a plane into my home(in game, I am not that stupid)
Darker than Black
Darker than Black Prije 7 dana
:)I would literally die if pewdiepie was the captain of my flight :)
Jack Canoy
Jack Canoy Prije 7 dana
imagine your playing microsoft flightsim in 2001 and you see two planes head for the twin towers and you thought it was just another flight simmer but it was a real plane that was captured in microsoft flightsim live traffic
Avia Robloxian
Avia Robloxian Prije 7 dana
The problem is that you keep overspeed and that cases the aircraft to over stress an then ur wing and flaps fall of and then ur ded
Avia Robloxian
Avia Robloxian Prije 7 dana
i dont think a Boeing 747 is certified to take off and land at stockholm lanvertter.
Avia Robloxian
Avia Robloxian Prije 7 dana
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