The Biggest Lie of Me EXPOSED

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Armand Johan
Armand Johan Prije 2 sati
Yes the old into hows it goin bros my name ia pewdiepie
Atx-Jonathan Prije 2 sati
What happend to cry I wonder
Atx-Jonathan Prije 2 sati
Cam of cam of cam of a cam because of a cam with a cam
Harri Tran
Harri Tran Prije 2 sati
Jeesusscrist when u put that mic in to ur mouth
IvarIsALie Prije 3 sati
Among Us was big in Latina side of them internet and then Waifu Kaif made it big.
igge dbm
igge dbm Prije 7 sati
2:16 thats mad sus
Sunshine Shinesun
Sunshine Shinesun Prije 8 sati
Pewds it is actually very hard to make animation you have to drew and edit it to pece it all together and put some music all so very hard and some drew it on a phone or tablet it is very hard to drew on their so after doing all of that to hear something you have been working on for a while to just hear I fucking hate this or I don't like it or mid pp that kind of sucks
5A ARJUN SONI Prije 11 sati
CaptainY1200ALT 1
CaptainY1200ALT 1 Prije 16 sati
Pewdiepie PewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepiePewdiepie LWAI
Proki Prije 17 sati
0:00 - 0:07 this gotta be the cutest intro in history of youtube
Sahin Gulseven
Sahin Gulseven Prije dan
what is pewdiepie reading in this video??
Kappasike Prije dan
I like how Pewdiepie’s mic sounds worst than my gaming headset
Nut Roll
Nut Roll Prije dan
what was in his teeth
Silina Libzo
Silina Libzo Prije dan
Edgar lost in no simp September
Adro Slice
Adro Slice Prije dan
Among Us' surge in popularity coincided with the release of the Henry Stickmin Collection by the same developer. I'd have to guess that's related.
Elmo’s World
Elmo’s World Prije 2 dana
I’m pretty sure the person who made it popular was call me carson He made a video on it in august Not sure if that’s viable evidence but it’s worth saying
Midnight MoonProductions
Midnight MoonProductions Prije 2 dana
Vincent Norwood
Vincent Norwood Prije 2 dana
I miss when I got fisted by pewdiepie every video now were to old to get fisted by pewdiepie I so sad
Randy Bangay
Randy Bangay Prije 2 dana
Its ok! I still think your a great person!
USGC CHARCTER WARR bender Prije 2 dana
Im suprised maya didnt say help like in jabba the hut and maya is better than sven i am a maya/puga simp
eli goldman
eli goldman Prije 3 dana
I love how he copied the jack files intro and is still using it and jack films just finds it fucking hilarious.
Tropixelate Prije 3 dana
u mean... she’s born to be a PUGCASTER
Edith Reynoso
Edith Reynoso Prije 3 dana
Stop copying Cocomelon!!! Make your own original intro.
Brian Rodriguez
Brian Rodriguez Prije 4 dana
15:02 mans got a law degree
Lim KeYuan
Lim KeYuan Prije 4 dana
At 10:14 ,Marzia probably pointing a gun at press from the way he sounds.
ً Prije 4 dana
When ur pets fart it's a sign of happiness? I got it from Johnny Test. [Quote]
ApaoHvH Prije 4 dana
I feel like that's too many cams for me
Yami Prije 4 dana
idk which cam to look at
Muhammad Rafay
Muhammad Rafay Prije 4 dana
12:38:I thought he said “Marzia” and was like “what?”
THE Bauk
THE Bauk Prije 4 dana
I'm pretty sure that maya has ceush on edgar!¯\_ʘ‿ʘ_/¯😂
KennyTheShark69 Prije 4 dana
What mic is it?
The Fanciful Gun
The Fanciful Gun Prije 5 dana
Your dogs are too calm to be dogs
Mohammed Al Julandani
Mohammed Al Julandani Prije 5 dana
So PewDiePie thinks Canada is a part of America, and Abu Dhabi is in India???
bimbo Prije 5 dana
his back to his old intro, gives me the old vibes😎
Digital Xception
Digital Xception Prije 5 dana
Among us tip was a lie
CenZation Prije 5 dana
It’s crazy how many people grew up on pewdiepie
Kyle W
Kyle W Prije 5 dana
Pewds: “I don’t drug my dogs I swear” He doesn’t drug his dogs he drugs himself 5:40
Kyle W
Kyle W Prije 5 dana
Pewdiepie: “sadly no Edgar cam today” Also pewds: double dog cam
im so goofy
im so goofy Prije 5 dana
16:15 that can be missunderstood...😳
macy turner
macy turner Prije 5 dana
Miranda Davis
Miranda Davis Prije 5 dana
Answer to Pewds question (9:26) I believe the main reason Among Us got so popular recently is because it came out on mobile just a few months ago.
YoniGamez Prije 5 dana
No Among us Mobile came out 2018
Gold Juice
Gold Juice Prije 5 dana
when simp September is over. the boys: were going to war
Caffienchipmunk7 Prije 6 dana
this entire video is pewdipie just giving his doggies attention and commenting how cute they are.
ReacTim Prije 6 dana
Pewds, if you see this, I would love to help people out Pls help me Like for pewds to see this and give me a chance to chase my dreams I'll give you a cookie
YoniGamez Prije 5 dana
Lynx Horned B
Lynx Horned B Prije 6 dana
Your mic is long pp
Melissa Ann Wood-Searcy
Melissa Ann Wood-Searcy Prije 6 dana
That cam is terrible
YoniGamez Prije 5 dana
Always has been
beeno benny
beeno benny Prije 6 dana
Rewatching to see intro
Rose The Sicko
Rose The Sicko Prije 6 dana
wait...jojo is filthyfrank?
ˢʰᵉ ᵍᵃᵛᵉ ᵐᵉ ᑫᵘᶦᵗᵉ ᵃ ˢʰᵒʷ ^̮^
ˢʰᵉ ᵍᵃᵛᵉ ᵐᵉ ᑫᵘᶦᵗᵉ ᵃ ˢʰᵒʷ ^̮^ Prije 6 dana
aren't your fans growing older? why the f**k is your content produced for toddlers nowadays ?
ˢʰᵉ ᵍᵃᵛᵉ ᵐᵉ ᑫᵘᶦᵗᵉ ᵃ ˢʰᵒʷ ^̮^
ˢʰᵉ ᵍᵃᵛᵉ ᵐᵉ ᑫᵘᶦᵗᵉ ᵃ ˢʰᵒʷ ^̮^ Prije 4 dana
@YoniGamez excuse me?
YoniGamez Prije 5 dana
Cause of COPPA
Elijah Prije 6 dana
anyone else notice the green thingy in the back of his mouth? 5:52
TIDM Vids Prije 6 dana
sven's bf is dead 10:42
YoniGamez Prije 5 dana
Yes taco's are indeed mexican hotdogs
Gibberish Gamer
Gibberish Gamer Prije 6 dana
You went to another country to please her
YoniGamez Prije 5 dana
Yes Mcdonalds is An Italian Restaurant
Sunny Everette
Sunny Everette Prije 6 dana
9:31 if you you have small pp for upgrade..
Dario Magliozzo
Dario Magliozzo Prije 7 dana
jorge matute
jorge matute Prije 7 dana
Nur Mayanti
Nur Mayanti Prije 7 dana
Good life for all guys
daze noynay
daze noynay Prije 8 dana
The first subcriber of mr.beast is chris
YoniGamez Prije 5 dana
Yes Food is solid water
StickyIckyTRaiiN Prije 8 dana
Pugs are wack. Look boring af
Splash Animations
Splash Animations Prije 8 dana
Cool video
pallavi prajapati
pallavi prajapati Prije 8 dana
The biggest lie of pewdiepie exposed:::HE HAS LEGS!!!!!!!
d u h
d u h Prije 8 dana
2:02 pugcaster*
Charmy The Charizard
Charmy The Charizard Prije 8 dana
That intro is both a perfect inside joke and modern humour defined in just 1 clip
Bella McCormick
Bella McCormick Prije 8 dana
Sive suffering cam is my fave cam 😌
Aj Weeberton
Aj Weeberton Prije 9 dana
Why tf was there a Markiplier add on a pewds video? I legit thought Mark video bombed pewds' channel
Harry James
Harry James Prije 9 dana
petition to have pewds put a bed on his desk for edgar and maya
TKー TRVLR Prije 9 dana
wot Prije 9 dana
2:35 Zuko in 2020
dangershewrote AD
dangershewrote AD Prije 9 dana
let's join the skami channel there is an interesting video ... always support our channel brazzer greetings
Dr. Dodi
Dr. Dodi Prije 9 dana
Edgar.... Deutschland!!
Hanzel Oliver
Hanzel Oliver Prije 9 dana
Edgar: blyart
DCED Prije 9 dana
depression is a form of mental health right? idk if you did that yet, yea that one since these people and their lies around c-0v1d
Appel PW
Appel PW Prije 9 dana
did you hear that fart !!!!!!!!
؟؟؟؟!؟؟؟! Prije 10 dana
اگه میخواید از خنده بپوکید یه سری به این کانال بزنید😉 ولی بلاهایی مانند شکم درد ، روده بر شدن و.... به سرتان بیاد ما پاسخگو نمی باشیم😂 به ما بپیوندید
SUPERKID BRO Prije 10 dana
funniest intro ever
Yunior Aguilar
Yunior Aguilar Prije 10 dana
Nvr forget about Ynk
Brandon Willabus
Brandon Willabus Prije 11 dana
PewDiePie: I haven't been cheating sometimes yes Marzia: What!
pewds fan
pewds fan Prije 11 dana
i just realized that pewdiepie has the same air conditioner as me
debdatta chatterjee
debdatta chatterjee Prije 11 dana
ye banda itna bakchodi karta hai mera stress utar jaata hai
Clive Wong
Clive Wong Prije 11 dana
how much time you took to do this video, it's so good
Im subbing To anyone who subs to me
Im subbing To anyone who subs to me Prije 11 dana
Read my name
Lunar360 Prije 8 dana
Such beggar
Something Prije 11 dana
how about no.
Vertitrax Gaming
Vertitrax Gaming Prije 11 dana
I subbed
JOSH PRANKS Prije 11 dana
Franc Amara
Franc Amara Prije 11 dana
Ok the pugs were the highlight of the video
Hey I'm Felix
Hey I'm Felix Prije 12 dana
I’m supposed to be catching up on all the homework from the past 7 months but instead I’m watching a weird 30 year old Swedish man look at memes and stroke his dogs.
S3NORCAT Prije 12 dana
Here’s 1 view PewDiePie - me. sUbScRiBe? nO? oKaY. 0_o sAd SmUrF HoUrS
Kellerwürdiger Shisha-Saiyajin
Kellerwürdiger Shisha-Saiyajin Prije 12 dana
its a little bit too late to make an excuse video about the bridge clip.
NeedSpoil Prije 12 dana
AnimeKnight99 Prije 12 dana
Viko Nink
Viko Nink Prije 12 dana
Pwediepie 2025: *puts too much cams for almost just useless things. Comments:we can't sea ur screen
Adam Mystery
Adam Mystery Prije 12 dana
6:18 11:32 these both are my memes
LIgNJo 2
LIgNJo 2 Prije 12 dana
I watched g fuel cam all vid
Awom Kenneth
Awom Kenneth Prije 12 dana
the memes lol
1ryanfire1 Prije 12 dana
Ok, I immediately paused it. Let me guess, it's a lwiay. Yep, another disappointment...
General Kenobi
General Kenobi Prije 12 dana
Were those legs on Felix that I saw? Nah it must be the acid I dropped earlier
Xscopee_SavageX Prije 12 dana
2:17 made me laugh so hard 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Lunar360 Prije 8 dana
It's not funny😐
Cakey Wakey
Cakey Wakey Prije 13 dana
*day 340 of asking pewdiepie to build a ship for boat cow*
nothing ¡-¡
nothing ¡-¡ Prije 13 dana
“I could feel her stomach vibrate” LMAO why is this hilarious😂😂😂😂😂
Big_ Boii
Big_ Boii Prije 13 dana
samuel O
samuel O Prije 13 dana
Felix we can see your snus
QuesoDaeso Prije 13 dana
When is the Cocomelon distrack coming?
I C Prije 13 dana
Today's like goes to Sive, I appreciate your editing.
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