We Need To Stop This WomaN!

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Mohammad Sultan
Mohammad Sultan Prije 3 minuta
Lol the doggo cam was so adorable.
M Eh
M Eh Prije sat
little over cooked
SwordLily Prije sat
Obviously what she needs is a new mans
Amber McCaig
Amber McCaig Prije 2 sati
Two reasons why this technically isn't illegal, 1. Flesh must be consumed for it to be considered cannibalism, and 2. This is an actual practice in some religions
Lena Oxton
Lena Oxton Prije 2 sati
I'd love to see Felix try to fill in a US map, he'd probably get more than most Americans lol
quarantine life
quarantine life Prije 4 sati
i love when you 2 make videos together
Jill Hazlitt
Jill Hazlitt Prije 5 sati
Why would they bother embalming a body that was going to be cremated though?
Burger Buns
Burger Buns Prije 5 sati
Is she still a canabul if it’s not skin
steealy 55
steealy 55 Prije 6 sati
More husband you have, less husband you have...
Johna Tv
Johna Tv Prije 6 sati
that one part in the beginning was so awk 😭
Purple Potion
Purple Potion Prije 6 sati
Think this got demoitised 😭
Bartimaeus Carbulo6684
Bartimaeus Carbulo6684 Prije 6 sati
Worst fate....eaten by a karen.
King- Steve
King- Steve Prije 6 sati
*Person with a very unusual eating habit* TLC:”We’d like to talk to you about the eating initiative”
deathstar2294 Prije 7 sati
She made her own fun dip
Peaceandloveall0 Prije 7 sati
Wtf if is real she should get jail
Renan Menezes
Renan Menezes Prije 8 sati
Who is this guy with him?
Sedona Prije 9 sati
Cannibalism isn't illegal. But killing someone is.
Kyle Bodwell
Kyle Bodwell Prije 9 sati
Why she look like adult Dora though?
Gabriel Romero
Gabriel Romero Prije 9 sati
Imagine still pleasuring someone after you die
HEIDUR Prije 10 sati
You have to be braindead to enjoy this channel.
Keito the Kraken
Keito the Kraken Prije 12 sati
You’d be surprised how aware some people are of their compulsive behaviours, behaviours they don’t necessarily want to do (hence, addictions). It looks like she’s going through an incredibly difficult grief process…my heart breaks for her, really :(
Painted Spill
Painted Spill Prije 12 sati
Hannibal Lecter is surely taking notes of this
Big lips Kakashi
Big lips Kakashi Prije 12 sati
She should put it in a shaker cup shake the ashes and drink that up know your literally his husband
hookedonafeeling100 Prije 13 sati
I thought it was the women who ate husbands asses. Guess that was a different lady
hookedonafeeling100 Prije 13 sati
need to eat something
Giorgi Gio
Giorgi Gio Prije 14 sati
well humanity is gradually turning into zombies
Womasplays Prije 14 sati
Mystakat Prije 14 sati
Sum mer
Sum mer Prije 15 sati
I’m sorry but idk how people who cremate their loved ones can just keep them with them or even in their house. It just kinda makes me sick, it’s like keeping around their dead body. I kind of understand why someone would want to but it’s just sickening to me
Damon Jirout
Damon Jirout Prije 16 sati
dogs do in fact have no problem whatsoever to eat their dead owners, but you just keep telling yourself the opposite; felix. :D
LemonsquizzerPlayz Prije 16 sati
BeastLord118 Prije 16 sati
24:03 It’s gorda the explora!
Emily Danielle
Emily Danielle Prije 17 sati
I physically gaged when they showed the clips of her eating his ashes 😩 gross
Lan Man
Lan Man Prije 18 sati
24:26 made me feel better that they felt the same.
Tony Frijia
Tony Frijia Prije 18 sati
Along with Jack this is a legendary collab
Sparsh Lohia
Sparsh Lohia Prije 18 sati
jeffery dahmer would be proud
Angelina Lucie
Angelina Lucie Prije 18 sati
I really think she should consider a box that you can’t get into… 🤭
tiggz R
tiggz R Prije 18 sati
Dogs eat ppl too lol
Hot Pod
Hot Pod Prije 19 sati
Thats fucked up
Humayun Khan
Humayun Khan Prije 20 sati
So on average 2pct of the subscribers watch his videos
freezy dot
freezy dot Prije 21 sat
was just eating food watching this video, and as soon as it came to the ash licking part , it was the worst catastrophe that ever happened to me :_:
Orange Tater
Orange Tater Prije 21 sat
I love how ken pretends he didn’t watch these vids with Dane already 😂😂
Maximum Power
Maximum Power Prije 21 sat
forbidden fundip
Maup Schouten
Maup Schouten Prije 21 sat
And they say I am an emotional eater...
Nina Bax
Nina Bax Prije 21 sat
wait did felix remove the other react video with ken where they were reacting to that girl that married her very creepy doll?
Ashtin Vaughn-Thurner
Ashtin Vaughn-Thurner Prije 22 sati
Turning Ken into a Ken doll lmao.
Syd Prije 22 sati
Ken pretending like hes never seen these videos KILLS ME
Jana Karimi
Jana Karimi Prije 22 sati
I feel so sorry for her. She was soooo happy with him. Maybe one day they are together again. Btw love your Videos.❤️
Wild Wyatt
Wild Wyatt Prije 22 sati
This is actually sad, imagine loving someone that much? And then when they're taken away from you, you have trouble processing it, to the point you continue to cook for them. No matter how long you spend with out them, you long for them, and eventually you defile what's left of them.
MatthewDeReZ Prije 22 sati
I didn't realize until you told that its pretty mutch cannibalism, and ye ashes are still technically human body, aaand thats kinda fucked up
Evonie Defsoul
Evonie Defsoul Prije 23 sati
they should react to haunted dolls
Nilesh Agrawal
Nilesh Agrawal Prije 23 sati
I literally puked !!! WTF 🤮🤮🤮
Mike D
Mike D Prije dan
Thanks, I hate her.
Maryam Dadar
Maryam Dadar Prije dan
Felix’s reaction to this woman matched mine exactly.
Soren Prije dan
I thought they were talking about cigarette ashe originally, oof.
Leona Bell
Leona Bell Prije dan
the face cam of all four of them at 12:57 🥺🥺
Bunzen Kantzen
Bunzen Kantzen Prije dan
Alright putting "please don't eat me" in my will.
poison soop
poison soop Prije dan
I looked it up and apparently she checked herself into a inpatient care facility
Jacob Smith
Jacob Smith Prije dan
South park did it
Niax Prije dan
Ik your not trying to be mean but this happens a lot due to iron deficiency it makes you crave crunchy stuff, sand, rocks, etc it happened to my mom but with the tide powder and she couldn’t help it it’s like a nicotine problem but ya
Joeylopo Prije dan
My mom was in the police and I can confirm from her many stories that both cats and dogs will eat you body if they are trapped and starving it’s very sad
Roll tide 93
Roll tide 93 Prije dan
Fayetteville tn is maybe 10 minutes from me I've already sent the original video to everyone I know I need to meet this woman
Sven Prije dan
6.32 Ken’s face I’m dying
Selene Esparza
Selene Esparza Prije dan
Isn’t this some type of assault?
Chastity Renee
Chastity Renee Prije dan
Can you imagine being this dude's mom or brother??? Yikes.
Ana Gabriela Teixeira
Ana Gabriela Teixeira Prije dan
What the hell did you recommended me HRpost
Kurdish_ _BOSS_Gamer
Kurdish_ _BOSS_Gamer Prije dan
One this women will attack someone and b Burning someone to ash and for a desert
Phola Reacts
Phola Reacts Prije dan
Pewdiepie watch’s Phola Reacts
Julia Prije dan
She needs help but this genuinely makes me feel sick watching it
Ilija Gorgev
Ilija Gorgev Prije dan
Eat sand you'll rock.
Agus Mercado
Agus Mercado Prije dan
👁👄👁 💧
Repentance Faith
Repentance Faith Prije dan
Consider where your soul will spend eternity, heaven or hell. You don’t want to end up in hell because you rejected the Sacrifice Jesus has made all who repent and turn to him by faith. We are all guilty of sin. We lie, steal and look with lust in our hearts. We are all Guilty before a Holy and Righteous God. GOD is not just all loving and overlook your sin. He is loving, but sin He will Judge because He is Perfectly good. The Good news is God the Father sent His Son Jesus Christ who was perfectly Holy to pay the penalty for your and my sin out of Love for us. We can’t keep the Law we break most all commandments. But Jesus fulfilled ALL by his perfect thoughts, words, deeds and motives for us because we could not. Jesus loved all humans and God the Father perfectly. Turn, repent of your sin and confess Your thankfulness for what Jesus did for you. Put your faith in the perfection and the righteousness of Christ. Jesus was raised from death to give you new life; death has been defeated. Out of love and grace eternal life is promised to those who have faith / // / // / // / / /., .. ,, ,.,
Infinite Monkey Theorem
Infinite Monkey Theorem Prije dan
The funniest part about this is Ken who lives in the U.S. not realizing cannibalism itself isn't illegal in the U.S., stuff related to it is yes but because the woman didn't kill her husband she isn't doing anything illegal.
mestup Prije dan
Felix "chuck some shrimp on the barby" Ken "they don't say that here they call them prawns" me "wtf shrimp and prawns are 2 different things xD"
مريومة Prije dan
MS H Prije dan
Introducing the new g-fuel flavour! The Mighty URN BLAST!
Rick Shermantal
Rick Shermantal Prije dan
what happened at 24:31?
Julia Catherine
Julia Catherine Prije dan
Her new book: How I ate my husband in a year and you can too!
AJ Webby
AJ Webby Prije dan
AJ Webby
AJ Webby Prije dan
What is gonna happen when she rums out.
kono dio da
kono dio da Prije dan
me just eating popcorn while watching this video
Urban Fox
Urban Fox Prije dan
"I wanna see this woman EAT her husband!" Ken is sus, Change my mind.
John Smith
John Smith Prije dan
Cats will actually wait longer to eat their owners than dogs will.
hi im cwjhunter
hi im cwjhunter Prije dan
Ken "hes just extra crispy" omfg :')
Mathieu Cote
Mathieu Cote Prije dan
choubi Vallée
choubi Vallée Prije dan
Subscribed you kinoah
D00Mspyz Prije dan
Not gonna lie it looks like powdered sugar
TheProdigal Son
TheProdigal Son Prije dan
2:06 Thankkyou for that Ken. Pewds, u pissing me off
Ksj Prije dan
This was how Jeffrey Dahmer use to think about human flesh , That if he eats it ..it remains with him forever.
Dave G
Dave G Prije dan
Too much cuts for the talking, more on videoooooo pwwwweassse
Morgan rhodes
Morgan rhodes Prije dan
That’s a lie a dog would eat you eventually
Kali Styles
Kali Styles Prije dan
She and her husband lost weight. What happens when she runs out of husband? Someone eating someone else's ashes then their body being taken over sounds like a great horror movie.
Anita Borozan
Anita Borozan Prije dan
Get this poor woman some help jfc
Iris Yıldız
Iris Yıldız Prije dan
Wait what if her husband’s ashes finish
Krishansh Gupta
Krishansh Gupta Prije dan
The new tuber simulator is going to break the gaming industry. It is finally relevant.
Beklee Dee
Beklee Dee Prije dan
There are much better options to carrying around an urn. In 2018, my 6yo daughter passed away, I couldn't bring myself to get an urn so I bought a plushie and put her ashes into a container and put that in the plushie. I keep the plushie in a glass case though because I don't want it to get ruined. Eating the ashes though? Jeez.
Noah Hacker
Noah Hacker Prije dan
We need buff, Felix and ken
Emily Ewers
Emily Ewers Prije dan
Did...did Felix say put some barbey on the shrimp mate?
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