YouTuber House Tour Review

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Dearden Nya
Dearden Nya Prije 3 sati
In reality they are all S tiers
Charles Chonta
Charles Chonta Prije 5 sati
Why rate a persons house?
Narwhals are Cool
Narwhals are Cool Prije 10 sati
To put this into perspective Mr. Beast gave away Emma chamberlain’s taxes for 1 year in one video.
Andrew Au
Andrew Au Prije 10 sati
Pewds doesn’t know that California is not really the USA. Fuck California.
SingenStatt Atmen
SingenStatt Atmen Prije 13 sati
First one looks like a bad, but condescending modern art museum. Why would you want to live in an empty, echo-y hall?
Janco Coetzer
Janco Coetzer Prije 13 sati
Prt 2
JhinTastic Prije 22 sati
Very big house = too much cleaning
Pumallow Prije 23 sati
The lack of decor in Sniperwolfs house made it look like she could not afford to live there. / Who the hell buys that nice of a couch but it has an offset in the cornerstone of the L shape....
Narciso Astorga
Narciso Astorga Prije dan
Snipetwolff is a d tier, Bretman is A tier because it looks homey, Ace family is c and the rest is good
3idjn7 Prije dan
110million chad reviewing 20-30mil andy's mansions from his basement, poor tryhards
Vrishank pandey
Vrishank pandey Prije dan
Other house tours are okay, but a pewdiepie one?
Sophie Filgate
Sophie Filgate Prije dan
ok but logan pauls house is kinda sick in my opinion pewds shud check it out tbh
ValenCode Prije 2 dana
Ugh I hate the echoes on those houses, it's annoying.
Lars Prije 2 dana
you missed Davids "water fountain" :(
Erin P
Erin P Prije 2 dana
That isn't the furniture that Emma had in her house tho
Alex Bagchas3r
Alex Bagchas3r Prije 2 dana
Man swears he's the best HRpostr but all his content is ass 😂
Kevin Martinez
Kevin Martinez Prije 2 dana
@Alex Bagchas3r why you saying the same thing I said lol you have no comebacks?😄😁
Alex Bagchas3r
Alex Bagchas3r Prije 2 dana
@Kevin Martinez respond because what? U have nothing better to do?😬
Kevin Martinez
Kevin Martinez Prije 2 dana
@Alex Bagchas3r I am not even trying to get him to notice Me I was just responding to you
Alex Bagchas3r
Alex Bagchas3r Prije 2 dana
@Kevin Martinez it's kinda sad that you feel the need to respond like he won't ever notice u bro
Kevin Martinez
Kevin Martinez Prije 2 dana
@Alex Bagchas3r you saw in your page and you decided to right a comment cause you got nothing better to do kinda sad
?? Prije 2 dana
I like the minimalist house😍💛💛
Maditi Saboshego
Maditi Saboshego Prije 2 dana
this guy is not interning mr beast
Kevin Martinez
Kevin Martinez Prije 2 dana
What type right idiot
Fortyyew Prije 2 dana
Pewds come on cant hate on David by calling him a sociopath he’s a smart guy sure IN THE PAST he has done a few mistake I’m sure you can relate to that but he’s matured and u can’t just rate someone’s house lower just bc u don’t like him especially lower than the ace family u need to watch the whole video of his house tour like come on you didnt even see the fruit punch drinking fountain
ßēst øñës
ßēst øñës Prije 2 dana
They got balls I like that more balls I'm in to 😂
Richy Zarate
Richy Zarate Prije 2 dana
Why can’t rich ppl have normal houses ?
Tik Short
Tik Short Prije 3 dana
Rich people + Balls SUBSCRIBE if you want that balls...
Bongobongo !
Bongobongo ! Prije 3 dana
I just want a cabin
CG_Apocalypse07 Prije 3 dana
Him : “Why would you have a fireplace in Hawai’i?” Me : *Lives in Hawai’i* …You’d be surprised
Faith Harling
Faith Harling Prije 3 dana
I feel like a few of these people might not remember how to do their own laundry anymore.
Rhys Tilley
Rhys Tilley Prije 3 dana
All these massive houses give me anxiety with all that empty useless space, like wtf are you gonna do with all that open space with random couches in the middle of the room pointing at nothing smh
Niki Sharp
Niki Sharp Prije 3 dana
Jenna Marbles has one of the nicest HRpostr houses
Raxe Prije 3 dana
Granny kitchen.. owh, glad It was for his(her) mom
wookida03jit Prije 3 dana
Last house alli heard was hate
LT Gaming
LT Gaming Prije 4 dana
Why does pewds not like David do-brick
PixelB3 Studio
PixelB3 Studio Prije 4 dana
All these homes look the same and they are ugly and have no personality
PixelB3 Studio
PixelB3 Studio Prije 4 dana
“I want a new couch and I want it now..!” It was painful watching this and all these spoiled brats that don’t deserve luxury just flex everything they own.
SteveTrimbo Prije 4 dana
I'm sorry, I couldn't skip the fact of this lady itching her belly @3:05
pearl Piy
pearl Piy Prije 5 dana
More house tour pls
portia331 Prije 5 dana
they're all empty, cold, echoey, devoid of personality (except the brettman one) and two of them mention they spend all their time cleaning. wtf who would want to live there?
klaching mac gaming
klaching mac gaming Prije 5 dana
Smile Swiss
Smile Swiss Prije 5 dana
Basically being flex
b4ked p0tat0
b4ked p0tat0 Prije 5 dana
Went to the same high-school as Bretman and that kid is annoying af
Walker Prije 5 dana
Do unspeakable
moCCiii Prije 5 dana
He's talking abt richness. Seems like what rich people would be saying... 👀
J Prije 5 dana
"David Dobrik's house...also B tier." "..." ", *moves him to C * C tier." "cuz I don't like him."
Allie Areno
Allie Areno Prije 6 dana
dude these influencers such as the ace family have GIANT kitchens and GIANT fridges and will get a hello fresh subscription…
Kaveh's Aviation
Kaveh's Aviation Prije 6 dana
1:43 her pants blend in so well with the floor it looks like she has no lower body.. seems like a good match for Felix
Carlos Barba
Carlos Barba Prije 6 dana
ace family home look like that episode in bikini bottom
Zizin Prije 6 dana
why all these houses look like they designed by UNATCO
Yesenia Garcia
Yesenia Garcia Prije 6 dana
I really wanted to skip the Ace family party but didn’t want to miss what Pewdie had to say about it
Caleb Painchaud
Caleb Painchaud Prije 6 dana
Is it just me or was sniper wolfs couch that she was freaking out about not actually screwed up like she said? It honestly looked like you just need to turn the two side pieces so that the longer edge was matching the centre section
cnote Prije 6 dana
I didn't think people could tell houses with personalities. Lol but I agree Bretman and Emma out of all these is lively.
SETHY6000 Prije 6 dana
I like how pewds acts as an actual Arcitect for this vid
The O
The O Prije 6 dana
Phoenix _66
Phoenix _66 Prije 7 dana
kameron spurlin
kameron spurlin Prije 7 dana
100% agree with you about every house!! Please do another video about rating youtubers houses! You really need to see Logan Pauls house. However you feel about him is irrelevant when you see his BEAUTIFUL house! Please like for the pewds to see. 😘
Joaquin Bru
Joaquin Bru Prije 7 dana
You have to watch Enes yilmazer house tours!!!!
Enricho Muhammad
Enricho Muhammad Prije 7 dana
Yo, you all don't like the house just because you're not rich as much as them. Even pewd says the bretman's house is the worse tho. Don't just blaming it just because you don't have money to afford dude. Btw sorry for my rip english, i just wanna say "i hate people who just blame people".
CHOCOBALL CHANWOO maknae on top Prije 7 dana
dang bretman's house view is such a paradise. imagine waking up and thats the first place you see
Jason Stranks
Jason Stranks Prije 7 dana
crazy how far he has dropped from being one of the best to this !!!!!! judging people on their houses sad how low he has dropped
Vadimisboss Prije 7 dana
Part 2 for this please
Vadimisboss Prije 7 dana
He should have done the Captain Sparklez house
Epinephrine_Unlimited2017TV Prije 7 dana
Hey Pewds house reviews were fun could you review more houses? Hey bros upvote my comment so Pewds can see!
Grace Montenegro
Grace Montenegro Prije 7 dana
I hate how you react to bretman's house... That is what you call HOME..! Unlike those expensive modern houses that looks like a model house.. Empty and dull..
Mr. Nuggets On WoTB
Mr. Nuggets On WoTB Prije 7 dana
“Balls, I’m into it”
Jok Ono
Jok Ono Prije 7 dana
You should watch Dakota Johnson's house tour. 🥰
rishabh sharma
rishabh sharma Prije 7 dana
You hate David and still use him as a clickbait
Kevin Martinez
Kevin Martinez Prije 2 dana
Click bait helps david more than pewdiepie lol david fanboy
rishabh sharma
rishabh sharma Prije 7 dana
Are you jealous of David dobrik?
dranreb meneses
dranreb meneses Prije 8 dana
pewds house tour 👊🏻
Metro Exokitt
Metro Exokitt Prije 8 dana
"Hava'ee" person probably had the nicest house. The rest looked like sterilized hotel lobbies.
akil boy 2
akil boy 2 Prije 8 dana
My house is as big as Emma chamberlain and 1/13 the price…
Lisa Kokx
Lisa Kokx Prije 8 dana
There not much I hate more house-wise than those all-white ones with no texture, no belongings, just.. solid walls and no personality.
𝐭𝐢𝐭𝐡𝐢 Prije 8 dana
the 4th house is whatt? my house is 1/10 the size but def better.
Kamille Gamboa
Kamille Gamboa Prije 8 dana
Bretman's house isn't a house its a HOME
wkmskk Prije 8 dana
They were all terrible and they all some how looked like a hospital
Pugz _lol
Pugz _lol Prije 8 dana
Pewdiepie playing with a butterfly knife as he is rating house tours XD
hanna _Sanchaita
hanna _Sanchaita Prije 8 dana
Bretman house looks so cosy and feels like a house 🤧🤚🏻 I like it
Kazuma Prije 8 dana
Pewdiepie - 'omg they're stupid rich' Also pewdiepie - 'pff that's your tv?' Lmao
Irish Pinca
Irish Pinca Prije 8 dana
ed clark
ed clark Prije 8 dana
you should also do the james charles house tour, its pretty nice
frazebean Prije 8 dana
See what I respect about Pewds is his reaction to the Ace Family's house. The irony is he's probably worth more than them and can afford that house.
Abhi Jain
Abhi Jain Prije 8 dana
That house is on sale as they have not paid their mortgage
Pak Neger
Pak Neger Prije 8 dana
Why would u get a self playing piano just buy fk speakers…..
Sihyeon's enthusiast
Sihyeon's enthusiast Prije 8 dana
idk bout yall but i would live in emma's... its nice
Martina Komanová
Martina Komanová Prije 8 dana
Yes please! 😁More house rating!
Romario Ramsey
Romario Ramsey Prije 8 dana
Pewdiepie like for the ace family balls more balls im into it my brother What did he sayyyyyy!!
Gerson Alveal
Gerson Alveal Prije 8 dana
Give me that couch
Ironically Epic Moose
Ironically Epic Moose Prije 9 dana
Bro pewds makes over like 100,000$ a day and doesn’t flex it and he uses his money super wisely and he’s a good guy That’s why I watch Felix
only the truth
only the truth Prije 9 dana
*what the fuck is Felix a weeb....ewwwwwwwwwww, isn't he like 30*
only the truth
only the truth Prije 8 dana
@FROSTY Burny master you say that shit like you know me
FROSTY Burny master
FROSTY Burny master Prije 8 dana
And richer than you’ll ever be
Joel Polanco
Joel Polanco Prije 9 dana
You should react to Aaron Paul’s house tour it’s beautiful
Basch Rivai
Basch Rivai Prije 9 dana
i wonder how pewds gonna rate my kitchen... Z-?
Scorpy0z Prije 9 dana
Why does he hate David Doberick so much?
Kevin Martinez
Kevin Martinez Prije 2 dana
Cause he can
Loyd Paranoid
Loyd Paranoid Prije 9 dana
no clue, who these people are... but ok.
Elite459 Prije 9 dana
the ace family's house is so bland theres not enough colour
Jaco van Aswegen
Jaco van Aswegen Prije 9 dana
Why do rich people have such visually boring houses?
Saish Sankhe
Saish Sankhe Prije 9 dana
Do logan paul and ur house tour next plz bro plz
davi jr98
davi jr98 Prije 9 dana
wait what u put david’s under ace family ace family built such a big house to be like that its doesnt even looks expensive
Zerayah Prije 9 dana
I feel like I couldn't live in any of those houses, It feels so empty, too large, too white, also if you have a pool If the area is too Open that's so uncomfortable
Jazzy Mohun
Jazzy Mohun Prije 9 dana
What i learned in this video: Pewdiepie is into balls
Funk Prije 9 dana
That last house, couldnt watch it. Cant handle hearing massive throw back accents.
Azazel the Fallen Angel
Azazel the Fallen Angel Prije 9 dana
I dislike how Sniper wolf and rest of female millionaires carry their tiny dogs all the time, like at least they should buy like dogs with paralyzed legs.
Zalazar Prije 9 dana
Their houses are as boring and lifeless as their souls lol
SuperPlushBros Prije 9 dana
My favorite pie is PewDiePie
valley valley valley
valley valley valley Prije 9 dana
Bretmans was by far the best this is disappointing
Mariel Flores
Mariel Flores Prije 9 dana
U know the house is huge huge when there’s echo everywhere like what!
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