Among Us But I RAGE QUIT #4

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Prije 25 dana

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among is needs to be cancelled
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Mic Prije sat
Farel Arkan Ramadhan
Farel Arkan Ramadhan Prije 5 sati
Hi from indonesian
That One Guy
That One Guy Prije 8 sati
Imagine if Chillz joined in with Corpse in these games 🤣
Dasia Contreras.
Dasia Contreras. Prije 8 sati
Literally so stressful omg
Maysha Hajira
Maysha Hajira Prije 9 sati
Pewdiepie leaved in North carelina
Gaming Time
Gaming Time Prije 11 sati
4:15 wrong toast :0
Ruan Gonçalves
Ruan Gonçalves Prije 12 sati
I was seeing all of these in order, youtube originally skiped this one for me and i should have left it that way. That game where corpse was impostor made me ctinge internally so much at the absolute braindeadness of toast. Actually felt bad for felix man, that was PAINFUL to watch, i would have ragequit too.
Levy Lemonade
Levy Lemonade Prije 15 sati
If anyone guesses my password I’m screwed cuz I use it for everything. But have fun guessing the password cuz it was a password reset I memorized from using it so many times. And over the years it has become a part of my bloodstream even.
Demetri Prije 15 sati
Sir imma have to kindly ask you to disable AGC
Superkitty PRO
Superkitty PRO Prije 19 sati
why 68% off nordcpn my dide
[Delta] N
[Delta] N Prije 19 sati
The first ad in the begging of vid told me y are h poor
olliekeir Prije 21 sat
alexandra Prije 22 sati
look at the hand
Mari Muradyan
Mari Muradyan Prije 22 sati
Its like Felix is TRYING to act sus and get voted out...
Neil Cyrus Medrano
Neil Cyrus Medrano Prije 23 sati
9:07 thank me later
Koen Berends
Koen Berends Prije 23 sati
I usually skip the sponsors but this one was actually good
Sam Schmitz
Sam Schmitz Prije dan
Sure Marzia's voice with helium would break the sound barrier, but what about Lily's voice with helium?
WolvenBolt Prije dan
You forgot to put the other's channels in your description, who is Lily?
Lisaroly Gomez
Lisaroly Gomez Prije dan
Lily annoys the shiiii out of me ighh
Dee Prije dan
Julius Alexander
Julius Alexander Prije dan
If i would have gotten voted off like that while someone kills infront of me im putting a jet engine on the mic
k a r m a
k a r m a Prije dan
Please set me on fire
Please set me on fire Prije dan
The contrast between Corpse and Lily’s voice holy shit
Maro Mi.
Maro Mi. Prije dan
When you have already seen corpses and know he is the impostor
DiDi DiDi
DiDi DiDi Prije dan
Lmao pewds is the perfect third imposter. Bro why is telling the truth sooo hard for him 🙃🤣🤣🤣
Mr. Z
Mr. Z Prije dan
Its useless to tell the truth where 2 people already Sus of Him already
ghost dogs
ghost dogs Prije dan
You look like Ian Hecox in your thumbnail
Celine Prije dan
I can't listen to lily😭 it makes me aggressive
Remilynn Marie
Remilynn Marie Prije 2 dana
Stan pewds
donkey Prije 2 dana
marzia hears lily's voice: finally a Worthy opponent our battle will be legendary!!!
umar Ahmad
umar Ahmad Prije 2 dana
pewdiepie is actually so good at among us imo.
Gamers United
Gamers United Prije 2 dana
help them whith my youtube Channel please
PBJG5 Prije 2 dana
Lily's voice | corpses voice Perfectly balanced
Emo072 Prije 2 dana
pewdiepie is stupid too this whole game made me angry.
Lira Li
Lira Li Prije 2 dana
That moment when you realize that you accidentally hit the dislike button
Farrosi Luthfi
Farrosi Luthfi Prije 2 dana
Lily like omfg
Jenelle !!
Jenelle !! Prije 3 dana
Lily’s voice is... no
Boe Jiden
Boe Jiden Prije 3 dana
*sees corpse kill Jack* ”It’s toast”
• Glam •
• Glam • Prije 3 dana
Lmao image how much they had to pay for pewds to sponser them
Luis Licona
Luis Licona Prije 3 dana
My favorite part of this whole video was the Nord VPN sponsor. I was totally going waiting for it
Maggie Christopher
Maggie Christopher Prije 3 dana
i hate lily’s voice
LunaWolfMXS Prije 3 dana
Corpse is the type of dude to fake a voice to pick up underage girls.
Jason Prije 3 dana
I actually thought it was a jacksepticeye video when I looked at the thumbnail
Brady Hancuff
Brady Hancuff Prije 3 dana
is lilly a guy?
OTS Hypnosis
OTS Hypnosis Prije 3 dana
elizabeth ari
elizabeth ari Prije 3 dana
Saturn Cool
Saturn Cool Prije 3 dana
I already have nordvpn
Dodo Love you
Dodo Love you Prije 3 dana
Lily trying too hard her voice is so annoying omfg
Eve Prije 4 dana
Game play with Pewds is always the best
Huxley Congdon
Huxley Congdon Prije 4 dana
Ya know T Siri’s have more subs but pwediepie has way more views
ً Prije 4 dana
Your Angel
Your Angel Prije 4 dana
i just got an ad about the phone felix has...
terminated angel
terminated angel Prije 4 dana
Lily’s voice hurts my head
rensaki Prije dan
@Dodo Love you understandable. you'll get used to it dont worry. (i'm not trying to start an argument with you don't worry im not mad and thats your opinion i respect it :] )
Dodo Love you
Dodo Love you Prije dan
@rensaki later on you can actually hear her actual voice at like the end and no I can’t bear it it’s annoying as hell
rensaki Prije dan
@Dodo Love you it is shes been streaming with this kind of voice for years now. If Marzia has this kind of voice then Im pretty sure there are also some other people who has that kind of voice. if you cant bear with it then go do your own thing thinking how are you going to bear with it.
Dodo Love you
Dodo Love you Prije dan
@rensaki no? It’s not
rensaki Prije dan
its her natural voice. bear with it.
Tanya Reyes
Tanya Reyes Prije 4 dana
**test** *test* ~~test~~ ``test``
Brennan Walker
Brennan Walker Prije 4 dana
No cap lily's voice is mad annoying
Dodo Love you
Dodo Love you Prije 3 dana
twentyøneKilljoys AtTheDisco
twentyøneKilljoys AtTheDisco Prije 4 dana
Pewdiepie will probs not see this but I read online that hes transphobic and I dont want to believe it but if pewdiepie is transphobic I, as a trans dude, definitely dont wanna support him. So I'm conflicted because I like pewdiepie but idk if its true?
Haley Renegar
Haley Renegar Prije 4 dana
i like lily but i can’t stand her voice. too high pitched.
SaXaR.Tv Prije 4 dana
laXicッ Prije 4 dana
Lily is annoying all she dose is ask if your imposter
Henry Maximino Morales Samora
Henry Maximino Morales Samora Prije 5 dana
Its marzia playing?
Butterfish Gaming
Butterfish Gaming Prije 5 dana
one of the best HRpost channel on HRpost "nice content" i love it 😍
Aylin Kanas
Aylin Kanas Prije 5 dana
Wait, what is the name of this game 🎮 ?
Toja X
Toja X Prije 5 dana
Among us
Durty Dan
Durty Dan Prije 5 dana
I thought the volume on my earbuds had dropped for some reason but then I heard the sponsorship segment and realize that the audio is just borked on this video for the game play portion
mesru17 Prije 5 dana
bruh a cant stand lily’s voice
iTryToTryhard Prije 5 dana
I love pewds personality
I0000 Subscribers white no content
I0000 Subscribers white no content Prije 5 dana
Hello 👋
CounterCrafter Prije 5 dana
2:57 That SHOULD be banned
Jack Allcock
Jack Allcock Prije 5 dana
Is that lily's voice or is she just 12
Johanna Proaño
Johanna Proaño Prije dan
Its her real voice, she's 28 btw
trê Prije 3 dana
she fakes it
Stormstre Prije 5 dana
Lilly seriously throws so many games they play together ...
Sophia Marielfe
Sophia Marielfe Prije 5 dana
Lily and Gumi's voice: ✧⁺⸜(●˙▾˙●)⸝⁺✧ Me: Uh,,, (sometimes) I'm confused on who is who-
PlatinumPump Prije 5 dana
I literally hate Lily’s voice and she is annoying af
hey marshall tutoriales y mas
hey marshall tutoriales y mas Prije 5 dana
I know you are not going to read this but my big dream is to be a great youtuber and if you can support my dreams you are welcome to my HRpost channel
Ashley Clark
Ashley Clark Prije 5 dana
Lily's voice takes away my serotonin but then Corpse comes in for the save
vmillixn Prije 5 dana
why is lily forcing her voice so hard it’s so annoying💀💀
Yasse G
Yasse G Prije 2 dana
Right?? I dont understand how people can be denying it lmao. Them saying "Shes been talking like that for years!!" ok and? shes obvi just got used to it lmao
Rat Prije 3 dana
sounds like corpse is too :/ but i don't think anything about it..
chendoodles Prije 5 dana
lmao she really isn’t tho
Sandalwood01 Prije 5 dana
shes not, just like corpse, thats their natural voice, go check their streams
Cody Muller
Cody Muller Prije 5 dana
Corpse sounds like he's doing a fake voice lmao
Aaron Alvarez
Aaron Alvarez Prije 5 dana
IAmJamina Prije 5 dana
LMFAO Lily's little noise at 9:07 she's so cute
vmillixn Prije 5 dana
she’s annoying asf
Levent Trollz
Levent Trollz Prije 5 dana
Wizzz Gin
Wizzz Gin Prije 5 dana
after lily accuses felix, everyone has attention on him. here, corpse take opportunity in this psychological situation, to trap pewds by killing everyone else but felix. so by the last 3 person alive its just gonna be the impostor (Corpse), the one who have no idea who the impostor (Spedicey), and the one who EXACTLY KNOW who is the impostor (felix). triangle of trust.
dlurpie 13
dlurpie 13 Prije 6 dana
Dude how could they have lost that 😓 He was telling them it was corpse
vishal yadav
vishal yadav Prije 6 dana
Pure Indian people help pew di pay
Klc G.
Klc G. Prije 6 dana
Corpse literally does not have a liar voice wth
Digital Made
Digital Made Prije 6 dana
or... buy an ovh...
taye simeon
taye simeon Prije 6 dana
felix always sounds sus when lying and telling the truth lmao. he’s terrible at convincing!🤣
Elsa Smith
Elsa Smith Prije 6 dana
jack and toast are dumb tbh but pewds you did sound sus a little
ReacTim Prije 6 dana
Pewds, if you see this, I would love to help people out Pls help me Like for pewds to see this and give me a chance to chase my dreams I'll give you a cookie
Shea Lee
Shea Lee Prije 6 dana
For whatever reason, I hate whoever corpse is. Idk who he is or what he does but I just know I won’t like it
Jeremy Mitchell
Jeremy Mitchell Prije 6 dana
Its CrewDiePie!
Javelin Valle
Javelin Valle Prije 6 dana
Dammm , f u corpse 😂😂😂
Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz Prije 6 dana
When I watch this lily's league of legends sponsor showed up :)
Isaiah Martin
Isaiah Martin Prije 6 dana
“Felix, Triangle of Trust, was it you? Felix: *literally all he has to do is say no and they’ll believe him* “...I will not speak of the triangles”
Nitya Prije 2 dana
triangle of trust is game breaking so he stopped wanting to use . Corpse already said he can't lie to the triangles so what's the fun in forcing the truth out of someone
Julia Clack
Julia Clack Prije 6 dana
I seen the video that I forget who Did it but like I didn’t know you were in it That didn’t make sense
Brendan Morin
Brendan Morin Prije 6 dana
Omg the way it zooms in one the wrong people is so funny to me
Noisy Watermelon
Noisy Watermelon Prije 6 dana
Anyone think pewds kinda looks like jack in that thumbnail
Patrycja Kapkin
Patrycja Kapkin Prije 6 dana
i see corpse i upvote
serenity elicaaa
serenity elicaaa Prije 6 dana
i liked among us and i didnt think it could get better but it did cause pewds post it and now im addicted
이상윤 Prije 7 dana
I feel like every time I watch Pewdiepie's among us videos, I am little by little getting cancer cuz of the other stupid people!!!! Literally everytime, situations were so damm obvious but I don't know, they just don't know lmaoo
Marzuq Eashan
Marzuq Eashan Prije 7 dana
The audio is low
Dario Magliozzo
Dario Magliozzo Prije 7 dana
Flick Films
Flick Films Prije 7 dana
The sponsor scared me so bad
L 9 i R C H •
L 9 i R C H • Prije 7 dana
أسف على هذا التعليق 🙏 ولكن❤️ انا عندي محتوى جميل عن فري فاير 😇 أتمنى منك تشوف قناتي فقط 🙏😔
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