This is Unacceptable!~ #73[REDDIT REVIEW]

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Naomi Prije dan
"Wait, it's all Fortnite?"
UrbanChaos TV
UrbanChaos TV Prije 2 dana
Vasili Dallas
Vasili Dallas Prije 5 dana
12:42 pewds just called one of my fav subs cringe. the glorious council will decide your fate.
Mayer Prije 6 dana
4:25 WORLD'S deepest sinkhole in CHINA so China is the Earth now huh
Carson Rhoades
Carson Rhoades Prije 7 dana
16:08 Fallout 76 stayed in West Virginia way longer than any other state 🤣
Saurabh Kumar
Saurabh Kumar Prije 7 dana
Josselyn Reynoso
Josselyn Reynoso Prije 7 dana
1:36 *cri*
AngelCraftGaming Prije 7 dana
He has 3 mill on reddit but 100k on HRpost
Lion Lance
Lion Lance Prije 9 dana
“It is the year 17:02. We have sailed to the new world in hope of finding gold, but all we can find is an animal here names baby yoda. Food supply is low, and we are far inland. If we want to survive, we need to eat something, and there are so many baby yoda...” A page of a journal from an English explorer, starting the overhunting and eventual extinction if the baby yoda.
Nathan Paul
Nathan Paul Prije 11 dana
You own a cat? That’s not vegan.
Jon Moxley
Jon Moxley Prije 12 dana
Leo Guidi
Leo Guidi Prije 13 dana
Felix: reacts to the gas mask image Doctor Who fans:
weird GD
weird GD Prije 14 dana
That cat tho
Orosaurus Gaming
Orosaurus Gaming Prije 14 dana
Pewds a year ago: KIdS arE fRICkEn StUPId!!! Pewds now: *Donates $89,000 to save the children in Yemen*
Ciatric Seahawks
Ciatric Seahawks Prije 16 dana
I loved Jojo rabbit
Sukhpreet Singh
Sukhpreet Singh Prije 17 dana
Why this vid have so many dislikes ?explain please
Alexis hmmm???
Alexis hmmm??? Prije 17 dana
I remember seeing the clip at 13:35 on tik tok a few years ago and i commented saying "yall really cant believe this is real, this is clearly cgi" and i ended up getting in the BIGGEST religious argument ever with this lady, she believed this was real and the devil and i was possessed??? Funniest stuff ever i stg 🤌🏻
K Rose
K Rose Prije 20 dana
I wana see pewds watch scary videos like in this vid for spoopy season
ashton miranda
ashton miranda Prije 21 dan
felix: become a member to help the children of yemen also felix: but THat's not important right now
abhishak yadav
abhishak yadav Prije 24 dana
pewdiepie sounds like a house cat when he hisses. i love it, so cute
Samet Demirbaş
Samet Demirbaş Prije 24 dana
pewds needs to review r/creepy
guntavare nykvistr
guntavare nykvistr Prije 25 dana
Pewdiepie actually made a meme that makes so much sense 🤣
Mr.PicklesWorth Jr.
Mr.PicklesWorth Jr. Prije 26 dana
I was having a bad day today, thanks for making it a bit better c:
ryan martin
ryan martin Prije 26 dana
Cutie ™
Cutie ™ Prije 28 dana
3:47 litterally says woah dude lol
The Shadow Club
The Shadow Club Prije 29 dana
Poor cat, that made me grumpy 😤 Cats paws/claws got caught in his pants as he lifted it. Then when he freaked and got up the cat was then hanging by it’s stuck paws from his pants. Ugh.
Bunny Bro
Bunny Bro Prije 29 dana
Isn't the "forensic question asking" persona of socrates made by Plato? Cuz Plato wrote his stuff from the perspective of Socrates
Toasted Roasted Peanuts
Toasted Roasted Peanuts Prije mjesec
6:22 what's with the guy from Phinias and Ferb in the background?
Deacon Qualls
Deacon Qualls Prije mjesec
Can you stop with the stuped ass introse
M E L L O Prije 29 dana
You can skip them
herc shaw
herc shaw Prije mjesec
pewdiepie should ask siri what 0 divided by 0 is
jawad telleih
jawad telleih Prije mjesec
Well too bad it won't reach yamen children
Itay Prije mjesec
5:54 suddenly: 2016 pewdiepie
Bagel Mom
Bagel Mom Prije mjesec
Man the sound that cat made at 8:26 actually hurt, what the hell did the guy do?
SaTuRoChAn Prije mjesec
Some vegan people are okay. But then you get some crazy people like that, who even want to change the eating habit of animals wtf is wrong with them in their head 😂
PharetMC Prije mjesec
alternate title : Pewdiepie reading 1 memes from each top subreddit
Bizz y
Bizz y Prije mjesec
Daum can't believe food porn beat us
Brayden Kinder
Brayden Kinder Prije mjesec
National Basketball Association
James Ledford
James Ledford Prije mjesec
Hi my name is pubie pie!!
Nicolai Fredriksen
Nicolai Fredriksen Prije mjesec
Cat be like: Meow
Brianna du'bery
Brianna du'bery Prije mjesec
I honestly want to know what that guy did to piss off his cat so much
Christopher Tetreault
Christopher Tetreault Prije mjesec
Pewds: I give the best relationship advice!! Never interract with anyone!!
DaniLikesMilk Prije mjesec
I want to murder a cat
Dank Prije mjesec
I’ve never used Reddit but I created an account just to subscribe to the pewdiepie subreddit
Me Me
Me Me Prije mjesec
💘 NOW 😘👌
rover woelders
rover woelders Prije mjesec
Was he joking about 15 milion a month.??
izzynski Prije mjesec
I 100% reply to guys like that favorably on tinder so...
owe n
owe n Prije mjesec
l play your game
Novandre Javier
Novandre Javier Prije mjesec
'sorry interesting, youre not interesting' O... Okay
HowTo With93%
HowTo With93% Prije mjesec
5:11, did anyone else look at the mouse and then had to go back to see the bird? Lmfao.
SpezNex Prije mjesec
BigBabyBooBooBaBoon Prije mjesec
Edward Newgate ايدوارد نيوجيت
Edward Newgate ايدوارد نيوجيت Prije mjesec
In yemen the money is for the owner of the website i am a yemeni i proof that 😔
CandyKoRn Prije mjesec
What was up with that guys cat? They don't fly off the handle for no reason.
RazvanML Prije mjesec
NBA- No Bitches Allowed
ArtisticFleur Prije mjesec
rip luke perry
That Guy Ortell
That Guy Ortell Prije mjesec
Pewds, we cant fight a war with Cocomelon and the other Reddit’s at the same time. We all know how that went for a certain country
Clark Corpuz
Clark Corpuz Prije mjesec
Dear Sir. Im from philippines sir and Im here sir for ask for some help. I just wanted to help my family. Any help sir will be a good opportunity for me. I know sir maybe this is not right but Im willing to do everything for my Family sir. I cant find a job because the pandemic is causing a lot of trouble here sir. So sir plssss notice me. THANK YOU SO MUCH AND GODBLESS SIR!!!
Peisen Xu
Peisen Xu Prije mjesec
Dodged a bullet with that cat relationship advice one. Girl almost went out with a redditor.
Arijeet Marcus
Arijeet Marcus Prije mjesec
U see the Vedios of beast boy shub
1234Daan4321 Prije mjesec
If you date a vegan, you got small pp
Nick Magee
Nick Magee Prije mjesec
Watching Pewds for review: *small brain* Watching Pewds for new subreddits to explore: *galaxy brain*
pete vm
pete vm Prije mjesec
6:12 carl wheezer😳😳
RosesR4U Prije mjesec
No Gods name in vain , please. 🙏🏻thank you .
Hezekiah Rodriguez
Hezekiah Rodriguez Prije mjesec
Those were pretty funny, but not as funny as your submissions.
virtualshima Prije mjesec
PewDiePie: ANIMALS ARE NOT OUR FRIENDS his pets: wait what-
I Don't Get The Joke
I Don't Get The Joke Prije mjesec
*When you realize California never had impeachment as their top search result and instead it was Wuhan*
Christopher Cleto
Christopher Cleto Prije mjesec
2:33-3:20 For his gifs
adnethebot Prije mjesec
17:44 i love how he didnt notice that his video count was at 4200
Blue Hoodie
Blue Hoodie Prije 2 mjeseci
photography, who wants?
Ryan Arlert
Ryan Arlert Prije 2 mjeseci
True Comedy
True Comedy Prije 2 mjeseci
I got ball I got black...what you want?
P.U. F.F
P.U. F.F Prije 2 mjeseci
Bhad me ja
iGoSouth c:
iGoSouth c: Prije 2 mjeseci
Kkk Kool kids klub
iGoSouth c:
iGoSouth c: Prije 2 mjeseci
Settlers killed the native Americans XD what even is that Like why they trying to change history?
iGoSouth c:
iGoSouth c: Prije 2 mjeseci
My intrest as a porn would be porn porn :/
SomethingDifferentYT Prije 2 mjeseci
A reddit review of reddit
The Injured Toa of Metru nui
The Injured Toa of Metru nui Prije 2 mjeseci
I refused to watch pewdiepie for a while, then I realized I watched a bunch of pewdiepie clones
Ahmed Altan
Ahmed Altan Prije 2 mjeseci
The subreddit at 82th place makes me quite nervous
Lilyth Marcola
Lilyth Marcola Prije 2 mjeseci
The guy talk with me???
The Fancy Squid
The Fancy Squid Prije 2 mjeseci
That dude’s girlfriend sounds like if PETA was a person, it’d be her
Tylerb Prije 2 mjeseci
For the overwatch one, I think they posted it because it said the junkrat killed him even though he clearly jumped and made a input to cancel the environmental kill
حسين عدنان
حسين عدنان Prije 2 mjeseci
I lvie I spek Ardk
حسين عدنان
حسين عدنان Prije 2 mjeseci
احبك والله
Cody Hedges
Cody Hedges Prije 2 mjeseci
Not Bouncy Ass Edit: Nice Bouncy Ass?
Deril Prije 2 mjeseci
5:55 nice rhymes, man
Gurdmaan Prije 2 mjeseci
Fucking love the charity you chose man big up pewds.
JaeGames Prije 2 mjeseci
food porn should be 69
High Pixels
High Pixels Prije 2 mjeseci
PewDiePie did it "Look at that simp" meme is now used by Everyone
Jahmai Zabdi
Jahmai Zabdi Prije 2 mjeseci
The real question here is why would anyone sub 2 T-ser-- nvm I don't want to say such disgusting words. Jk im joking
Kincade Jennings
Kincade Jennings Prije 2 mjeseci
Its funny how food porn is above him if anyone noticed
Daniela de Souza
Daniela de Souza Prije 2 mjeseci
Fala muito palavrão, pqp
kalebe Retardado
kalebe Retardado Prije mjesec
Um comentário brasileiro e AINDA fazendo uma crítica kskkkkksksksk
5555 Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge
5555 Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge Prije 2 mjeseci
Seriously Felix Intros😇 r way better then Netflix remakes..
Mr. Cat
Mr. Cat Prije 2 mjeseci
5:54 And
Siddharth Prije 2 mjeseci
5k subscribers no video challenge ???
5k subscribers no video challenge ??? Prije 2 mjeseci
Bet I get to 5k without any videos (lmao help me out)
Akamaru Clement
Akamaru Clement Prije 2 mjeseci
I love how happy pewds looks in this video :)
Pencils and Pens
Pencils and Pens Prije 2 mjeseci
Bald black bouncy and what Felix tell me what dammit
Mops SPOOF Prije 2 mjeseci
I have a PS3 which is even more outdated, plus I have an Xbox 360, Wii, WiiU, Gameboy Advance, 3Ds, DS, and an iPad Mini 2
Mops SPOOF Prije 2 mjeseci
Furry IRL and NoahGetTheBoat are probably pretty big rn lol
Dawid Czarnota
Dawid Czarnota Prije 2 mjeseci
8:20 im never having cats
Please dont hate me for this.. LWIAY #00128
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