Who is not Straight? Jubilee React #13

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Youniverse Prije sat
"r u gay" "no, im doin wire"
DaGoofSta Prije 10 sati
What a shame you have to be politically correct after every joke :/
Ric O
Ric O Prije 13 sati
My name is Corbin but with a c
Im Prije 16 sati
plot twist : they are all secretly gay
Finlay Proctor
Finlay Proctor Prije 20 sati
This is amazing
Evie Dickinson
Evie Dickinson Prije 23 sati
frank from how to get away with murder yessss
Calvin McMurray
Calvin McMurray Prije dan
I think nabeel
Lorna Simeon
Lorna Simeon Prije dan
It's like among us they call a meeting they vote someone off
infinite ropex
infinite ropex Prije dan
Doc Prije dan
Kendrick Jhon Rea
Kendrick Jhon Rea Prije dan
8:31 how 'bout me having a girlfriend when i was in 8th grade? Is it normal?
JedFleming Prije dan
Luh Splurge
Luh Splurge Prije dan
What in the among us.
A Ghost.
A Ghost. Prije dan
they should do one of these accept all of them are gay
Bab Cab
Bab Cab Prije dan
12:30 that’s the “1,000 years of death!” jutsu Kakashi pulled on Naruto.
Evan Barnicoat
Evan Barnicoat Prije dan
Pewd’s said I’m gay
Amir Last
Amir Last Prije dan
3:07 BTS?
Bob Driessen
Bob Driessen Prije dan
Bro my gaydar is way to good
Jazmine moreno
Jazmine moreno Prije dan
Lol ”he looks like a lost kid in legoland “ 😭
GardenWarfareSweat Prije dan
Just start yelling gay slurs.
FTB Prije 2 dana
this is just them not knowing what to do
Tesco Express
Tesco Express Prije 2 dana
This the best episode of odd man out by far
Ivangshu Majumder
Ivangshu Majumder Prije 2 dana
Sala I'll slap you, korbin's not gay ffs
suzy Prije 2 dana
_laughs in asexual_
- YourLocalPuffPuff
- YourLocalPuffPuff Prije 2 dana
As soon as Evan mentioned the Gaydar I knew
Satiarrex Prije 2 dana
gay dude is pewds i just know it
Daniella Fields
Daniella Fields Prije 2 dana
“He looks gay too” “He could be gay too”
craziiedinasour Prije 2 dana
13:20 hey can I message you
SilentButFriendly Prije 2 dana
Is it too late to say Among Us IRL
Cat Noir
Cat Noir Prije 2 dana
In islam being gay is forbidden if you want to know why you can search it up on youtube its not because of his decision alone
Jarod Powell
Jarod Powell Prije 2 dana
Could tell he was gay....look at the way he crossed the legs
Naomi Prije 2 dana
As a lesbian, we wear weird objects as earrings, so I guess it would make sense to think a man with a key around his neck is gay.
Paing SoeThu
Paing SoeThu Prije 3 dana
How many pp have you seen?
Hanna Friesen
Hanna Friesen Prije 3 dana
"The gay man hides in the shadows"
n9nthstar13 - EL da Phoenix Sun13 Bey
n9nthstar13 - EL da Phoenix Sun13 Bey Prije 3 dana
They are all gaaayyyyy!
Sebas Q
Sebas Q Prije 3 dana
Jubilee: there is one gay guy Pewdiepie: he’s gay and he’s and him too
Beyblade BurstLover
Beyblade BurstLover Prije 3 dana
U guys realize that they know the answer but they vote other ppl so they can san split the money between less people.
First BLooD
First BLooD Prije 3 dana
They missed most epic question "are you bts fan? " 🥴🥴🥴
The Verdict
The Verdict Prije 3 dana
The Glacier
The Glacier Prije 4 dana
dude im bisexual it was so obvious it was him lol
Joakim Acosta B
Joakim Acosta B Prije 4 dana
Felix, if you one day have a son who turns out to be gay, id like to hear you say again that's it's no problem to be gay😂😂😂
69% Sham
69% Sham Prije 4 dana
If Even and Wesley had a child it would be the Adoring Fan from oblivion.
M S S K Prije 4 dana
I knew Evan was gay, I could see the gayness in his eyes
Crippled Body
Crippled Body Prije 4 dana
As a muslim, we dont like uh accept gay and stuff. But we dont like make them feel bad and just hate on them. you dont decide your attraction that's the thing.
Lowkeyova m
Lowkeyova m Prije 4 dana
The liar was so easy to find when he did not raise up his hand to continue the game😹 10:43
Magic Prije 5 dana
13:57 Felix you might wanna blow your nose...
Marco Dos Ramos
Marco Dos Ramos Prije 5 dana
Odette Popko
Odette Popko Prije 5 dana
gelpy27 Prije 5 dana
It would be way more fun if it was 5 gays against 1 straight man
sxopememes 3
sxopememes 3 Prije 5 dana
4:15 😭😭
Yohan Rajapaksha
Yohan Rajapaksha Prije 5 dana
Dominating the conversation is straight bruh
pickle rick
pickle rick Prije 5 dana
“okay just tell us, who is gay?” this is like that one kid who asks for the answer in an exam
Ganesh a
Ganesh a Prije 5 dana
2:20 I think he has reaction channel.
Blood Zero
Blood Zero Prije 6 dana
In Muslim homosexuality is not allowed pewds.
Ash Prije 6 dana
Jonathan was an Imposter
Pigeonatic Prije 6 dana
damn straight people are truly incompetent lmfao
Black Dreamer
Black Dreamer Prije 6 dana
You can’t be gay and muslim what are you saying pewdie 😂
Auritra Paul
Auritra Paul Prije 6 dana
our stupid reactions...kobe looks op😂
visaahan kp
visaahan kp Prije 6 dana
Evan I thought him
Cryztal Prije 6 dana
1:52 J.K. Rowling be like
ٱنسان_ human
ٱنسان_ human Prije 6 dana
You mean like 6 crew mates vs 1 impostor
Jordan Yost
Jordan Yost Prije 6 dana
“Who here’s been kissed by a dude?” *everyone raises hands* “I’m not gay”
Tatiana Lily
Tatiana Lily Prije 7 dana
I tink it was the Muslim dude Me pressing play to find out who it is: 👁👄👁 😑it was...EVaN😲😲😲😲 what the flippen flip!!!!!
Ilana Rubin
Ilana Rubin Prije 7 dana
Nabeel is gai idc
Taffy Stretch
Taffy Stretch Prije 8 dana
Look me in the eyes and tell me your not simping over corpse
Ari Prije 8 dana
(3:06) Was said before knowing the beautiful voice of Corpse
fahad mohammadi
fahad mohammadi Prije 8 dana
that's true that Muslims doesn't xcept gay
SplatterCake Prije 8 dana
“It’s so gay it’s straight” has the same energy as “if I was the imposter than I wouldn’t of told you this”
Hirotaka shigeru
Hirotaka shigeru Prije 8 dana
Korbin wasnt the imposotor he was doing wires
william nebe
william nebe Prije 8 dana
Green light Everybody kisses
william nebe
william nebe Prije 8 dana
Ive watched enough ..pron to know each one could be gay
donkey Prije 8 dana
why are yu geh ho ses am geh yu ah geh if you read this correctly ur a real MEMER
Nd Isw
Nd Isw Prije 8 dana
اتمنا لو تضيف ترجمه العربيه هواي ناس تابعك وعرب وانا احبك❤
Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali Prije 8 dana
Y do I reply to my own comments?
Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali Prije 8 dana
Idk man
Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali Prije 8 dana
xd Mclex
xd Mclex Prije 8 dana
who is the imposter
Ashton J
Ashton J Prije 8 dana
Bro now I know where the idea of among us came from
Brendan Clarke
Brendan Clarke Prije 8 dana
There is one imposter among us
THE VICTOR Prije 8 dana
(Evan comes out) Pews (what what what what !!!!)
THE VICTOR Prije 8 dana
It's so gay that it's straight
Random Stuff
Random Stuff Prije 8 dana
Even like ow so I get to be in a room full of men. Dream come true.
Frixion IIX
Frixion IIX Prije 8 dana
Plot twist there all GAY
E H Prije 8 dana
Plot twists: No one’s gay. Or They’re all gay.
Richard Tipton
Richard Tipton Prije 8 dana
"You're all Gay" I love this fucking guy 🤣
Lazer King 5
Lazer King 5 Prije 8 dana
This is f up like who is the owner of the game and come up with this idea 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 and I just realized my friend say I’m gay for me doing stuff mind you is normal
Eva Luna Cedeno
Eva Luna Cedeno Prije 8 dana
Im pansexual, so I dont care if u r a girl or a boy, Im into humanssss
Dom Boi
Dom Boi Prije 8 dana
What if prove the their Straightenes They pulled out a picture of a woman And sees who Steals it and runs away
Anim8 This
Anim8 This Prije 8 dana
There is one imposter among us
Bruh Britt
Bruh Britt Prije 8 dana
So basically the good looking guys are gay Lmao
Zachary Newsom
Zachary Newsom Prije 8 dana
"Look me in the eyes. Are you gay?" "No" "Then why did you just look into my eyes"
Imani Webb Brown-Floyd
Imani Webb Brown-Floyd Prije 8 dana
*Collins Key is crying on the ground rn.*
dank field
dank field Prije 9 dana
69 a rat
Taremwa Hartley
Taremwa Hartley Prije 9 dana
There is literally nothing funnier than 12:40 😂😂
Susan Breytenbach
Susan Breytenbach Prije 9 dana
Im betting mad among us vibes from this
A.F Prije 9 dana
wtf wesley was doing?? lol
mA88iE Prije 9 dana
Those straight men looks like my mom figuring out im lesbian
Yeomango Prije 9 dana
Girls platonically kiss all the time- boys are seriously missing out on the tension
Caleb Reifer
Caleb Reifer Prije 9 dana
White shirt is sus...
Sam Gomez
Sam Gomez Prije 9 dana
I feel like the Korean guy had some good points tbh lol
Bruh Lopez
Bruh Lopez Prije 9 dana
"There is one imposter among us"
Rohit birhade
Rohit birhade Prije 9 dana
Look into PewDiePie eye, are you guys gay?
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