Man Hides BIG SECRET From Wife Then TAKES OFF! TLC #10

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Paul is insane and its... insane!
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Mo00 Prije 10 minuta
wierdest person i have seen, i sorry for her
Jonas Prije 2 sati
João Pedro Avelãs e Silva
João Pedro Avelãs e Silva Prije 2 sati
Brazil's NOT for amateurs.
AuthenticallyAriana Prije 3 sati
He needed to add some drama when he announced his criminal record.
Maiden DE
Maiden DE Prije 5 sati
I think this series is designed to make White people look as bad as possible. It’s actually outright evil.
Maiden DE
Maiden DE Prije 5 sati
Wow. Paul is ridiculously anxious. He’s like the worst product of postmodernism.
HA HA POOR Prije 6 sati
Paul: *tells her about him going to prison* Paul right after: *Ight imma head out✌️*
s r
s r Prije 9 sati
6:56 anybody notice
Ali R
Ali R Prije 11 sati
Someone needs to tell this man to live a little
JD Rome
JD Rome Prije 12 sati
This dude was so concerned about the peepee fish... like bruh just don’t piss into the water. Are you 5?
Mike Espinoza
Mike Espinoza Prije 13 sati
Dude says he doesn't have 500 bucks for rent. I cant wait to see his reaction when he finds out how much a baby costs.
rio Prije 14 sati
this is so fucken funny
Z J Prije 14 sati
anyone else hear Felix breathing?
MeTheMike Prije 15 sati
I’m gonna be honest, at the beginning I half-expected this man to be gay.
Esteban Garza
Esteban Garza Prije 23 sati
I do that all the time @PewDiePie you told your future self something bc you'll remember it later
Alexander Livadini
Alexander Livadini Prije dan
Why does the American guy kinda look like PewDiePie
yamna hehe
yamna hehe Prije dan
Paul is annoying
babyy joseph
babyy joseph Prije dan
us kentuckians do NOT claim this man.
[SK] Dredge
[SK] Dredge Prije dan
Her hair?
Stanislav Mikheyev
Stanislav Mikheyev Prije dan
Calling this guy insecure is like calling someone who committed suicide sad.
Blue Skies
Blue Skies Prije dan
Urethra-mom’s-hair-Paul got some MOMMY ISSUES
Beanie Boo
Beanie Boo Prije dan
Are we just going to ignore the fact that Jeremy is in the background?? 6:56
Elsie Rogers
Elsie Rogers Prije dan
why does he say her name like careeney
What color effect is that called again?
Elsie Rogers
Elsie Rogers Prije dan
Americans scare me and I'm from ca
Xylinx Prije dan
"I've never left the country." Me and Pewds at the same time:"*I can tell.*" Me: (Suprised Pikachu face)
ArijOn Dauti
ArijOn Dauti Prije dan
Can i please unsee this whole video...???? ._.
Tiago Durante
Tiago Durante Prije dan
as a Brazilian, I really enjoy the disconnection from reality he has about Brazil.
Myk Al
Myk Al Prije dan
the fuck was that game at the end
John Doe
John Doe Prije dan
Yes, people are flirtatious in Brazil. I personally blame our shitty culture.
ur mom get rekt
ur mom get rekt Prije dan
paul is a goat lol
Chad Prije 2 dana
I can understand the condom because that would be no good, but the life vest and plastic trousers are way overkill
scale is jeongguk
scale is jeongguk Prije 2 dana
this man is capping he's never been to jail
JackHasADHD Prije 2 dana
Arson😍😍😍😍 how cute
shadow Tales
shadow Tales Prije 2 dana
I'm sorry but I think Paul is a psychopath
gio b.
gio b. Prije 2 dana
Guys ready for doomsday 😂
Shanlee Lashea
Shanlee Lashea Prije 2 dana
Mohamed Alhuwairy
Mohamed Alhuwairy Prije 2 dana
wait a minute !! is that jacksepticeye ??!
Blair Lavoux
Blair Lavoux Prije 2 dana
The guy is really scared even since the beginning lolsss
Spawn The Gathering
Spawn The Gathering Prije 2 dana
idek Prije 2 dana
off topic but imagine if felix didnt go to italy T^T
Consuelo Gallardo
Consuelo Gallardo Prije 2 dana
es divertido por que como latina entiendo el potugues pero también el ingles, asi que me siento muy trilingue en este momento
Oliver Long
Oliver Long Prije 2 dana
Big Ed std
Chris M
Chris M Prije 2 dana
Paul running way waaaas amazing!!! Wtf bruh?
johnny poff
johnny poff Prije 2 dana
Appreciate all the constant content Pewds, I've been a bro for a looooooooong time. And I will say that I never really knew or understood the amount of effort that goes into making your hilarious videos, but a picture is worth a thousand words, (I know it's a video). The image of your irritated right palm when you scratched your head at 14:22 told me everything that I need to know about the effort. Goodjob pewds, you've come so far, I speak as if I know you personally because I have watched countless days just binging your videos i know you edit them to cut out certain things you don't want us to see, but was still able to catch certain things that showed your personality which a lot of BIG youtubers try to hide. But what makes you the BIGGEST youtuber is you dont give a fuck, which i love. But have been here with nothing but support for you. Thank you again pewds, and as always stay awesome.
Justynne Fabian
Justynne Fabian Prije 2 dana
The cringe was so bad I had to switch to some among us after 10 minutes because I knew I'd spontaneously combust
Hazwan Hashim
Hazwan Hashim Prije 2 dana
Hhahaha this guy sso funny
Carolina Matos
Carolina Matos Prije 2 dana
Fernanda Marini
Fernanda Marini Prije 3 dana
Paul gets mad bc of a couple of emojis after she let pass the fact that he didn't tell her before he was a convicted criminal. I'm ???????????
Garrett Wilson
Garrett Wilson Prije 3 dana
Thanks! , i hate it!
bath time maric
bath time maric Prije 3 dana
6:56 why
Eric Akira Rodrigues Terai
Eric Akira Rodrigues Terai Prije 3 dana
Melhor episódio até agora hIUAHHHHHUEUEUAIE
Belle Baranda
Belle Baranda Prije 3 dana
Why does Paul looks like my ex HAHAHAHA OMG he reminds me of HIIIIM!!!! But without beard 😬
Spikey Junior
Spikey Junior Prije 3 dana
Wanna be friends
James Mah Thiam Wing Mah
James Mah Thiam Wing Mah Prije 3 dana
Cautious hero in real life
Lolcool Bye
Lolcool Bye Prije 3 dana
If world war 529 happens he would be ready in a pair a of pants what looks like socks
Brandy Weaver
Brandy Weaver Prije 3 dana
That guy is bad, he's manipulative as fuck...
Esmaro Watson
Esmaro Watson Prije 3 dana
That thing with the hair still gets me every time 🤢
Rainbow Critter
Rainbow Critter Prije 3 dana
I live in Louisville, and if I ever run into this man I desperately want to fight him. Simply for his mere existence.
James Prije 3 dana
I will fight him with you. I’m just 20 miles away or so in Oldham :)
Miles Williams
Miles Williams Prije 3 dana
The guy is straight up Eddie from IT lol. Bringing the whole pharmacy and shit!
concretegiraffs Prije 3 dana
when he ran away to the forest, it reminded me of every dramatic scene I have created with my barbies or dolls.
cutieowl347 Prije 3 dana
Umm why did he grab her chest when he fell into the water! that was disgusting. This guy is so creepy...
Kratos na Caverna
Kratos na Caverna Prije 3 dana
do ever look at someone and think, “how do fuck does this guy have a girlfriend and i don’t “
Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones Prije 3 dana
its so sad because later on shes so sad with him :(
Derrick Marquis
Derrick Marquis Prije 3 dana
He’s worried about that water but he’s been to prison?
Adityo Wahyu
Adityo Wahyu Prije 3 dana
I convicted criminal, for stolen some candy from baby. :(
Adityo Wahyu
Adityo Wahyu Prije 3 dana
DAMN i am late for fun!
Jonas Padgett
Jonas Padgett Prije 3 dana
Felix can u stop breathing with that nose whistle so much in the mic
Данило Јовић
Данило Јовић Prije 3 dana
I almost died for real when Felix said "Noo dont take his urethra and then paul's face just ended my lungs,my heart stopped beating i dunno what happened
Sofia R R
Sofia R R Prije 3 dana
The way he runs off to play the victim when clearly he is the problem, it's the MO of toxic people
٠ ٠
٠ ٠ Prije 3 dana
6:57 wtf
Ava Prije 3 dana
Paul runs like he’s ice skating
Amine Ghachem
Amine Ghachem Prije 4 dana
Bruh this cringe af 😅lmfao 😂
Floki Prije 4 dana
Where do they find this wierd people XD I cant understand. And i wont. But i have to
Luiza Prije 4 dana
brasileiros vendo o brasil no youtube gringo cadê vcs
Batchy Prije 4 dana
Jesus christ dude stop being so weird.
Trunks Byrd
Trunks Byrd Prije 4 dana
KTAY Prije 4 dana
İ cant deal with this the mom gave her hair
Savannah Gordon
Savannah Gordon Prije 4 dana
My momma ain’t ever given me her hair, being from Louisville, we do not accept him.
Savage Gorilla
Savage Gorilla Prije 4 dana
that dad low key wants to kill paul
Mi Mi Mi Mi
Mi Mi Mi Mi Prije 4 dana
He really has some serious issues. And I feel bad. I feel bad for both of them.
Shane Roberts
Shane Roberts Prije 4 dana
This guy sounds like he's trying to cast some next spell
Tom G
Tom G Prije 4 dana
All that effort and Karina isn't even that good looking.
KGS Prije 4 dana
So many red flags gosh
But Rat issa fukquin rat
But Rat issa fukquin rat Prije 4 dana
So his mom gving him a head
Watch Time
Watch Time Prije 4 dana
USA: i have bombs Brazil: i have pp fish
Noah Hinson
Noah Hinson Prije 4 dana
this guy's a simp little butt whoo whoo thinks that a river ride is scary whoooOoOo
Leafy Agario
Leafy Agario Prije 4 dana
Paul is a weirdo bruv , nah both are , jesus christ mate what am i watching
John Doe
John Doe Prije 4 dana
i really want to know why his mom gave him hair and why he finds it normale like she done that before
ghost Prije 4 dana
The swimming in the lake in Brazil is probably better than some of the lakes in America, which btw have brain eating amoeba.
Santiago Flores
Santiago Flores Prije 4 dana
Weird ass dude lol
Rn Bliss
Rn Bliss Prije 4 dana
What the hell he tried to do after he ran away
Jades 8500
Jades 8500 Prije 4 dana
pewdipie here talking about his fear while going to italy meanwhile me here like: bitch u have huge pp for the pp fish!
Coinalis Mon
Coinalis Mon Prije 5 dana
in the background at 6:56 did anyone notice Jeremy on the window (Jeremy from Phines and Ferb) LOL
Classy Like Me
Classy Like Me Prije 5 dana
Dear me he burned his own house...but I mean, are we surpriesed?
dancingwithdmoon Prije 5 dana
So I was eating when the hair thing came up out of nowhere... 🤮
SphnxL Prije 5 dana
I fucking love your intros 😂👏👏
lucas A.C
lucas A.C Prije 5 dana
aqui no brasil motel é pra jiggy jiggy
lucas A.C
lucas A.C Prije 5 dana
"how did he find this bitch" haha
Shaurya Rana
Shaurya Rana Prije 5 dana
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