This Subreddit Needs to be STOPPED! #75[REDDIT REVIEW] /r/MEIRL

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NECROMANCER 88 Prije 2 sati
I can relate almost all of them to myself!
Wired Tomb
Wired Tomb Prije 9 sati
4:21: Hey, I didn’t choose to grow up with that trashy system.
Gzim Zhilivoda
Gzim Zhilivoda Prije 10 sati
Dude those dead pixels when he zooms in the memes .... kills me
Daria Cutie
Daria Cutie Prije dan
Felix: Wht did plants ever do to me?!!! Me: They provide you with oxygen
Daria Cutie
Daria Cutie Prije dan
4:47 Jungkook?
Rylend Merritt
Rylend Merritt Prije 2 dana
This is my first pewdiepie video i watched, sorry im late
Hawkings Prije 3 dana
Pewds I’m sorry I couldn’t find the good HRpost video to watch while I ate so I’m settling for this, it’s a good vid I’ve just already seen it
_ DRAGONSTORM _ Prije 3 dana
6:31 uuuuh... they give you air.
Enriko Pints
Enriko Pints Prije 3 dana
But plants literally make oxygen or whatever shit u need for breathing
Mystical RSD
Mystical RSD Prije 3 dana
11:47 that's actually scared me
Herculean Prije 4 dana
>finally lucid dreams >realize more that I am lucid dreaming >hopes I don't lose control >"lose control" >thinks about losing control so my brain actually loses control mfw bruh
Mykel Joaquin Barrientos
Mykel Joaquin Barrientos Prije 4 dana
Last time I was here there was no background music.
Mykel Joaquin Barrientos
Mykel Joaquin Barrientos Prije 4 dana
Last time I was here there was no background music.
Ian Prije 4 dana
11:46 scared me wtf
FlxffyAliya Prije 4 dana
Man chokes dog Pewds: Aww so cute
Zero Prije 4 dana
9:43, don’t worry felix you were always annoying
Vidhi Khatri
Vidhi Khatri Prije 4 dana
I love PewDiePie but bro plants give u oxygen
Henry's Waifu
Henry's Waifu Prije 4 dana
How does felix not know that plants produce oxygen.They are the reason we can breathe..
Asian Bug
Asian Bug Prije 4 dana
Bruh he said in first grade in school I was 5 bruh big brain.
46raulfull Prije 5 dana
In the article it says that a new drug to treat cancer can take from 10 to 15 years to get approved by the FDA, holy shit
Katsuki Bakugou
Katsuki Bakugou Prije 6 dana
Omg I actually prepare to say "here" during attendance... Shit I never realized I was a pussy
Jack Preacher
Jack Preacher Prije 6 dana
Wait, Pewds can Lucid Dream? That shit is hard.
J Prije 8 dana
Did he say: "Lucy dreams"? 😅
Ishaan Sinha
Ishaan Sinha Prije 9 dana
I feel highly offended by when u said to nuke Kansas. My family is very patriotic about my state. Jk I live in my moms basement in new york
Lorena Munoz
Lorena Munoz Prije 9 dana
These intros though
Lorena Munoz
Lorena Munoz Prije 9 dana
They keep getting better and better
Ethan Wingrove TV
Ethan Wingrove TV Prije 9 dana
Paul Felder in a pewdiepie vid!
Brodsta01 Land
Brodsta01 Land Prije 10 dana
Felix: ‘Why can I relate to this subreddit so much?!’ Me: ‘It’s literally called r/meirl’
Levi's Left Buttcheek
Levi's Left Buttcheek Prije 11 dana
Pewds: "what do plants do for me, hUh?" Me: 👁👄👁
amasian girl
amasian girl Prije 11 dana
I swear to god it feels like I watched this yesterday
Abhishek Rana
Abhishek Rana Prije 11 dana
In my lucid dreams, I bang all the women I can't in real life and that's sad.
Tim Rone
Tim Rone Prije 11 dana
I love how pewdiepie treats Edgar like the way Tony Stark treats his robots
saitama Prije 12 dana
wait people watch yt when eating food
kjellberqs Prije 13 dana
Marrow Prije 13 dana
As an amarican... I'm hurt.
AsoCan Aso
AsoCan Aso Prije 13 dana
I have a question for Pewds. Do u really love ur fans? Then name a fan that you replied their comment!! U-U still love ya tho-
Bryan Velazquez
Bryan Velazquez Prije 13 dana
*points at florida Nuke this area💀
trash boat
trash boat Prije 13 dana
Was that video of all the pins missing from connoreatspants?
Edi Belaj
Edi Belaj Prije 14 dana
11:48 lowkey it scared the shit out of me
I0000 Subscribers white no content
I0000 Subscribers white no content Prije 14 dana
Hello 👋
Torb 1 Trick
Torb 1 Trick Prije 14 dana
2:33 there pewdiepie said it for me
CreamyOreo25 Prije 14 dana
As an American I can say I wish we used metric
nathanael Rodriguez
nathanael Rodriguez Prije 14 dana
I need a new name
I need a new name Prije 15 dana
I don’t worri about finding a yuutube vid bc everytime I get home from work w my chicken sandwiches pewds vids always pop up first so convenient so convenient 😸
SOT_Toxic Prije 15 dana
Me listening to pewdiepie tell them to nuke Florida while in Florida 😔
UteFan Jr
UteFan Jr Prije 15 dana
Thumbnail literally describes sundee
Shinigami V
Shinigami V Prije 16 dana
The plants gave you oxygen soooo
Rebecca Schaub
Rebecca Schaub Prije 16 dana
plants help you breathe pewds
Noiz_613 Prije 16 dana
Lol pewds says 8:51 then I got an arrow from the Crainiac machine on pewdiepie tuber simulator
Noiz_613 Prije 16 dana
Anyone watching this video and playing pewdiepie tuber simulator?
Baicus_IL Prije 16 dana
The other youtuber i watch reviewd most of these
Rishita Umasankaran
Rishita Umasankaran Prije 17 dana
what if pewdiepie reviews TwoSetViolen subreddit
Nashua Zaina
Nashua Zaina Prije 17 dana
Edgar is like: why are we here just to suffer😂
⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ Prije 18 dana
6:58 **Dark souls intensifies**
Anja Zickafoose
Anja Zickafoose Prije 18 dana
"When have plant done anything for me?" you breathe
Jemuel Romey
Jemuel Romey Prije 18 dana
Great meme review :)
Chloe King
Chloe King Prije 19 dana
Felix: What did plants ever do for me huh? Everyone: uh... let you fkn breathe
Anthony Spinozzi
Anthony Spinozzi Prije 19 dana
Actually pewdiepie, plants which produce fruit, such as apple trees, strawberry bushes, citrus trees, peach trees, banana trees, tomato plants, pepper plants, blueberry bushes, and coca plants do something for you. Take care of them and they give you something that makes you happy, so plants are worth it sometimes.
CrankyTiffany Prije 20 dana
I’m sat here watching this HRpost video while eating while he talks about finding a good HRpost video to watch while eating because of the meme about watching HRpost and eating 👁👄👁
THADZ Prije 21 dan
6:53 I mean uhhh they took care of you the moment you were uhhh... Born because of oxygen NO!! CARBON DIOXIDE!!!!!! *How to trigger intellectuals*
Finneas Blakley
Finneas Blakley Prije 21 dan
HunterRyan30 Prije 21 dan
I would say I’d get offended at 4:29 because I am American. But 60% of Americans would do this if they could.
Mcom Prije 22 dana
3:25 *Angry Estonian noises*
Walrus Apparatus
Walrus Apparatus Prije 22 dana
I love driving my car with the speed limits in miles per hour just to hop into my physics lab where everything is in meters
Adam Giordano
Adam Giordano Prije 23 dana
Wow. He really thinks we should wear masks regardless of corona virus. -5 respect
CLEAR. Prije 23 dana
Gifting my nexт 4O Subs!! In Fortnite!!
Appelsina Prije 24 dana
Bygg, bygg, bygg, bygge, bygge, bygg! *IKEA FURNITURE ASSEMBLES*
Johnny Kabrare
Johnny Kabrare Prije 24 dana
I subbed to you because you became less annoying. So.
Kian Bowles
Kian Bowles Prije 24 dana
Pewds: what do plants do for me Anyone who learned about photosynthesis: 😐😐😐
nut ?
nut ? Prije 24 dana
Achievement Unlocked
Achievement Unlocked Prije 24 dana
Pewds, we Americans can understand both Imperial and Metric. Not my fault y'all can't understand the unit of freedom.
Samuel Mayston
Samuel Mayston Prije 25 dana
5:21 Did the dude just say "harbour captain"?
Failed Abortion
Failed Abortion Prije 17 dana
He probably meant a harbormaster, in Swedish it's hamnkapten, which literally translates to harbor captain.
ABSTREKT Prije 25 dana
4.2 members on meirl sub, 4.2 people watched this video 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
PyroPug 01
PyroPug 01 Prije 25 dana
As a real american, I must confess: our metric system is retarded as actual fuck. no 2 ways about it
Ese shabo de la esquina
Ese shabo de la esquina Prije 25 dana
Now me irl is just people speaking about depression n stuff
Garrett Chen
Garrett Chen Prije 26 dana
I thought he was gonna sing Hej Monika for the not assembling stuff one
Delkio Gaming
Delkio Gaming Prije 27 dana
Kmh=fuckin bad
מיכל מורגנשטרן
מיכל מורגנשטרן Prije 27 dana
Pewds: when you can control your dreams Me: Lali ho
Chunky Boi
Chunky Boi Prije 29 dana
When you said weirdo in the garage I just imagined someone in your garage if you have one and just moving boxes pretty boring but I laughed
Heylololthere !
Heylololthere ! Prije 29 dana
I have to quarantine for two weeks and miss all my sports and school activities because people in America don’t like social distancing, can I get an F?
Kris Nelson
Kris Nelson Prije mjesec
Did y’all see 11:47 ??!!!
Katlyn Dobransky
Katlyn Dobransky Prije mjesec
3:15 that moment when Felix has more of a big brain than any of my teachers have
Young and Dumb
Young and Dumb Prije mjesec
shehrbano farrukh
shehrbano farrukh Prije mjesec
got an ad from dbrand with pewdiepie in it. sat there and just watched the whole add thinking it was part of the video.
Zlador Prije mjesec
Sive wtf dude I was scratching my eyes when this Happened 11:46 I hate you for that
why_vegan Prije mjesec
6:25 “what have you ever done for me?” ... oxygen ain’t important ur right Felix
De Re
De Re Prije mjesec
Expressvpn and astralvpn are both better than nordvpn if you're gonna go China
Micah Johnson
Micah Johnson Prije mjesec
There are two kinds of countries. Ones who use the metric system. And the one who has landed on the moon.
Amelia Prije mjesec
Jake Guttormsson
Jake Guttormsson Prije mjesec
I’m watching this with my pug
Sonal Gupta
Sonal Gupta Prije mjesec
The no mask line aged nice xD
Tuke Yop
Tuke Yop Prije mjesec
You know you played too much among us if you think PewDiePie was talking about among us when he said tasks
xGaming Wolfx
xGaming Wolfx Prije mjesec
11:49 Felix thats cuz i think 1 hour in your dreams is actually 1 minute in real life but thats just what i think
Soviet Union
Soviet Union Prije mjesec
Real dream I did like a beyblade tournament in a lava battlefield and the last battle is so flashy that in the speed test device that we have registered the speed as a billion times then when the beyblades met it created a blast then exactly atthat moment my grandma woke me up
DeadEstate Prije mjesec
This guy is as annoying af. Sorry pewpew Simps but the guy sounds like he snorted too many bath salts.
Vanilla How
Vanilla How Prije mjesec
hopefully he reviews r/2meirl4meirl
Nadia Maqbool Ahmad
Nadia Maqbool Ahmad Prije mjesec
12:56 ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Jack’s Animations
Jack’s Animations Prije mjesec
Felix releases masks......... corona cases drop to zero
Code Hub
Code Hub Prije mjesec
Imagine scientist had enough of the people that think the earth is flat that they just gather all of them and launch them to space and just left them there do storage to death
Dragonsblood Prije mjesec
PewDiePie: what have plants done for me when have they taken care of me Me: . _ . They keep us alive
SolomonTDG Prije mjesec
I got a dbrand ad
SolomonTDG Prije mjesec
They used you clip
SolomonTDG Prije mjesec
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