Reacting To My Public Appearances

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Olle Vidman
Olle Vidman Prije 23 minuta
no u soft have u heard värmländska?
Shawn Hapes
Shawn Hapes Prije 34 minuta
Why did he sound like he was trying to sound gay in the bad interview
Nadia Crane
Nadia Crane Prije 45 minuta
That motivational speech at the end tho
Shawn Hapes
Shawn Hapes Prije 45 minuta
Why did the Swedish speaking just sound like people were mumbling
supercool1412 Prije 47 minuta
He is still not over the handshake meme.
Jan Beton
Jan Beton Prije 2 sati
So proud 😭
Yeetwch Y Baban
Yeetwch Y Baban Prije 2 sati
Old felix looks like shaggy from scooby-do
•sonia• Prije 4 sati
I listened to sommarpratarna when he got to host and I remember that I was so proud of him that he got more recognized, I cannot believe that it's been like 6-7 years ???
Angel De Zenea
Angel De Zenea Prije 6 sati
pewds bein a real one since day one!
Bahar Öztürk
Bahar Öztürk Prije 6 sati
Stop Mane
Stop Mane Prije 6 sati
Please make a horror game
Ki11erKitty Prije 10 sati
No, it's good that you did what you did with Marzia. To an extent, that early in a career you have to do certain things to cater to the media. By her stepping out of the pics briefly, you didn't give them a poor impression. Which can be important in a early career as I said. Which then helped open the door for both you And her later. :) So don't think poorly about it. You did the right thing. If you did that Now, that might be different though lol. ;)
Mite3 Prije 11 sati
Make a horror game bro, i swear that would be the FUNNEST shit ever, it would be amazing man!
Sean Marin
Sean Marin Prije 12 sati
Fr I feel at home rn
Finn Trester
Finn Trester Prije 12 sati
Ladies Of Life After
Ladies Of Life After Prije 13 sati
thank you for the translate Pewds that made me laugh when he pointed out the duck and so on XD
INsmarted Prije 15 sati
“I did a thing in bilboa I’ve never been there it’s really cool”
Lil BroomStick
Lil BroomStick Prije 16 sati
Martiza looks like Bella delphine
Lakdinu Bandara
Lakdinu Bandara Prije 16 sati
ThAt wAs My LigHtNinG 😂
jim jimmy jr
jim jimmy jr Prije 17 sati
Where is part two ?
Kira Henders
Kira Henders Prije 17 sati
this is entertaining
Emily.332 Prije 18 sati
18:34 Editor mistake: "Damn he looks nice he should start his own Minecraft series Hahaha" "Why am I so BLU-'' "Wonder if I"
Danilo Gentile
Danilo Gentile Prije dan
Actually, you should learn a lot from your past videos. All the "awkward" stuff you point out is absolutely normal, i feel like what's awkward now it's your fake laugh repeted over and over in every video. No hate
Mirodyme Prije dan
If pwediepie made a horror game the world would stop spinning
Mirodyme Prije dan
cuchi breath
Heikki Koo
Heikki Koo Prije dan
This video alone has 6+ million views. I guess public appearance is when you put on suit.
Andrew McDonald-Bates
Andrew McDonald-Bates Prije dan
Nice closing sentiment. It must be a strange sensation being able to literally roll the tape on your past like that. Epic that you've stayed humble about your achievements to.
Bear Prije dan
It’s so crazy that I watched pewdiepie back when that first interview happened. That’s insane how much they’ve grown. I remember being in middle school OTPing him and Marzia. Him and cryaotic collabs. He got me and my friends playing Happy Wheels secretly in school. We were such stans. Even called each other the bros. Now I’m grown and have 2 degrees and I’m honestly so proud to see where Felix has gone. I stopped watching through most of high school, but I’m so glad I’m back. I’m so proud of you Felix. Thanks for the nostalgia and creating a whole genre that has become one of my favorite. Also, thanks for reminding me how much I’ve grown too
melismelos Prije dan
you give me hope that maybe i will get somewhere in life one day
ニガス イン パリス
ニガス イン パリス Prije dan
11up updated
11up updated Prije dan
i know a video that has 1 billion veiws and it is called ride by twenty one pilots
Kenzie Prije dan
If you rent then your poor! 😂🤣
Shinigami_The_Kid Prije dan
Felix is sexy as fuck in a suit lmao
chrissdevanoツ Prije 2 dana
pewdiepie with rented 2nd hand appartment: single pewdiepie with 100M subs and own house: married Coincidence? I THINK NOT!
I am Groot
I am Groot Prije 2 dana
I can see why you don't get out much and prefer to stay inside and play video games.
СБК Prije 2 dana
If peoples are upset because you play Video games for a living, just tell them how much green paper you make. They will shut up
Gypsy Gaming
Gypsy Gaming Prije 2 dana
i didnt edit this vdeo but u wil never how i got these much likes
Steve From Minecraft
Steve From Minecraft Prije 2 dana
Please do a part 2 and 3
No eihän siinä
No eihän siinä Prije 2 dana
When it's easier to read the swedish subtitles than figure out what pewds is talking in english, and you are _finnish_ He got so big 😭❤
JO O Prije 2 dana
Felix is such a nice dude
Aleksi Suuronen
Aleksi Suuronen Prije 2 dana
As a finn swedish is super soft language, it's weard to hear swedish person swear straight from their emotion because their face looks right but it sounds like they were singing a love song or something. Then again finnish propably sounds like we were swearing all the time.
Feeroz Yusoph
Feeroz Yusoph Prije 2 dana
i love u :
Nikon Roman
Nikon Roman Prije 2 dana
"everything I did was to prove the naysayers wrong so that everything who told me I wasn't good enough... How do you like me now?" - Jay from modern family
Taylor Ross
Taylor Ross Prije 2 dana
LuXe Prije 2 dana
this is so insane man... dam
Alex Bailey
Alex Bailey Prije 2 dana
Hey guys can you check the hoof gp hes so good at what he does and Deserves the support please go check him out on (the hoof GP)
Carter Jones
Carter Jones Prije 2 dana
How can he have 30 mill views a month but be loving in a place like that
Soggy Brownie
Soggy Brownie Prije 3 dana
Pewds in his first big appearance and now are two completely different people
Soggy Brownie
Soggy Brownie Prije 3 dana
Tbh that intro with the cocomelon was one of my favorites
Anarch 1
Anarch 1 Prije 3 dana
When pewdie felt nostalgic bout watching his old videos I felt the same
Sara Maria
Sara Maria Prije 3 dana
pewds ur too cute omg🥺
r_ramendump Prije 3 dana
Im sorry for the mad singaporean fanboys and fangirls
D Moll
D Moll Prije 3 dana
Make a horror game! I'll buy it!!
yes Prije 3 dana
I wanna watch his happy wheels videos now lol
Must Alam
Must Alam Prije 3 dana
0:52 malay overproud
Tristan Barker
Tristan Barker Prije 3 dana
The good ol days
I hate Cocomelon
I hate Cocomelon Prije 3 dana
Pewdiepie: theres the shuthfieoapdkw Captions: theres the shut the google
Papa Smirk
Papa Smirk Prije 3 dana
It’s so weird that some people don’t know how HRpost works
Doonsides Prije 3 dana
7:30 please tell me what he said ! who knows what he said pls tell me
Sohum Mogale
Sohum Mogale Prije 3 dana
2:53 Yo his old microphone is the same mic that I use now
YouTube that who created YouTube
YouTube that who created YouTube Prije 3 dana
"I dont know what he's saying, but he sounds smart" -Pewdiepie
Sal Al Suwaidi
Sal Al Suwaidi Prije 3 dana
Awwwh appreciate old Pewds :') Amnesia and Happy Wheels, I remember when these vids were all over my home page. :') *BroFist*
tired fxxk
tired fxxk Prije 3 dana
The laugh hasn't changed
tired fxxk
tired fxxk Prije 3 dana
2:25 I don't know why but this made me laugh so hard
cranberry.juice Prije 3 dana
Pewds looks so much better without a beard
Simon s
Simon s Prije 3 dana
Good for you pewds. I ain’t made shit tho
Noah Williams
Noah Williams Prije 4 dana
“fuck it I can do it I have money”....beautiful
The Real S
The Real S Prije 4 dana
Pewdiepie? More like simpyguy amirite? heh... heh heh.... heeehhhh.... Pokimane is a pos.
AKUJI Remo Prije 4 dana
I understand every Swedish word because I am Swedish so it is fun to hear Swedish on a pewdiepie video.
mrsatanknows Prije 4 dana
me rewatches this video bc im sad at 4am. * young pewds awkwardly laughs * me: ah i miss those times (thank for everything felix
Abraham Varghese
Abraham Varghese Prije 4 dana
5:55 XD
UnknownPan YT
UnknownPan YT Prije 4 dana
18:22 Write that down... WRITE THAT DOWN.....
UnknownPan YT
UnknownPan YT Prije 4 dana
2:42 god of thunder
Alain Jacques
Alain Jacques Prije 4 dana
Please continue to be active for your fans
Just a MuffHugger
Just a MuffHugger Prije 4 dana
Man that OG pewd into brought back memories.
Wonderland Legion
Wonderland Legion Prije 4 dana
My heart melted when he started talking about Marzia and how he shouldn't have never let her go or let that happen 😭. He's such a sweet kind person. Marzia is lucky to have such a man like that in her life, vise verse. They're both beautiful beings ❤️. Pewd's you definitely deserve this, you're amazing and we are thankful for the content you provide us with. It's gotten so many of us that were dealing with a tough time through. You give us laughs. You give us entertainment. And most importantly, you showed us how to be one by getting along with the bro fist 👊🏻. You definitely deserve to be where you stand today. We're proud of you 🥰.
h SHADHIN Prije 4 dana
The meme lord #1
The meme lord #1 Prije 4 dana
18:37 random cut, nani???
Shinn Prije 4 dana
feel so proud of you bro
Mason Alex
Mason Alex Prije 4 dana
10:55 should not have let her go, *and that's the moment she met ricardo*
gamerman Prije 4 dana
Wow, these are some serious vietnam flashbacks
xxNathaleexx Prije 4 dana
Me who’s been here from the beginning watching Felix play old games: Aah the days, always got a heart attack watching horror games😌 love that
Emily Londt
Emily Londt Prije 4 dana
Remember when pewdiepie said he was never gonna play mc
Marva Malik
Marva Malik Prije 4 dana
he can do a TED Talk now and I will listen
M1ckFluffy Prije 4 dana
Ash Sawyer
Ash Sawyer Prije 4 dana
11:09 "Beautiful. She's bootiful. How can you not wanna take a photo of her?" I'm fine. Totally fine. There's just a tambourine in my eye.
Lukas Söderpvist
Lukas Söderpvist Prije 4 dana
Fuck i miss when you played Happy Wheels
Hooud Jawad
Hooud Jawad Prije 4 dana
This video was released on their one year anniversary, who else noticed.
Wajahat Ali
Wajahat Ali Prije 5 dana
I want a pewdiepie horror game.
hamburger boy
hamburger boy Prije 5 dana
Snälla gör ett skräckspel!!!
I0000 Subscribers white no content
I0000 Subscribers white no content Prije 5 dana
Hello 👋
Shugucchi Prije 5 dana
The part where Marzia found out about felix through a email from a friend roasting him and her then marrying him years down the line is nothing short of a big FeelsGoodMan actually had me tear up a little bit.
Keoma Eklund
Keoma Eklund Prije 5 dana
its fun when its fun 4 u brooooski
HelloItsVictoria Prije 5 dana
19:50 Pew seems so small compared to Conan....
HelloItsVictoria Prije 5 dana
I usually get second hand embarrassment quite easy but im absolutely loving this right now. Super Enjoyable to watch. thxx
chloe o'shaughnessy
chloe o'shaughnessy Prije 5 dana
Iwl it’s so weird looking at his subscriber count and seeing 107 mil 😳 likes damn
Gammofication Prije 5 dana
i feel like we should be called bros instead of floor gang
Jasdev Singh
Jasdev Singh Prije 5 dana
who thinks pewds can pull off a viking look with that beard?
Jayden Cheng
Jayden Cheng Prije 5 dana
Dude when was this (13:00) I’m a big fan and live in Singapore but I didn’t hear what this was
AHcows13 Prije 5 dana
Pls make a horror game that’d be fun.
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