The Last of Us 2 - Why Are We Still Here? Just To Suffer... - Part 7

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The Last of Us Part 2 or Last of us 2 is out now. We're continuing the playthough LIVE babey
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The Last of Us 2 (Last of Us Part 2) Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 includes the Intro, Review, Campaign Mission 1 of the Last of Us Part II Single Player Story Campaign for PS4 Pro and PS5 (Playstation 5)
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Belle Prije sat
pewds calling Lev Levi is the last straw. is there a single character in this game he named correctly?!!?
L Martin
L Martin Prije dan
Jarno Datema
Jarno Datema Prije dan
3:02:07 I love how he just stopped bothering to pretend to care about these characters
Septian Nugraha
Septian Nugraha Prije 2 dana
Where is part 7 btw ?
Lezin Prije 5 dana
The most satisfying thing in the game: blowing up people
SuperSniperSkill Prije 5 dana
Why are we still here just to suffer
Ulquiorra Michaelis
Ulquiorra Michaelis Prije 7 dana
Where's the next part?
anas syakir
anas syakir Prije 10 dana
All i wanna know is how tf did Yara reload her gun ???
Jose Guillermo De La Parra Velasco
Jose Guillermo De La Parra Velasco Prije 10 dana
say mexico if u are mexican :)
Jose Guillermo De La Parra Velasco
Jose Guillermo De La Parra Velasco Prije 10 dana
im a mexican
Nico Joshua
Nico Joshua Prije 12 dana
32:58 Felix gave a TedTalk about face cam
weaboo master
weaboo master Prije 13 dana
If you started up as abby , you'd probably hate ellie
J L Prije 13 dana
Abby: they saved my life can you help them? Joel: am I a joke to you?
Artsy Cosplayer
Artsy Cosplayer Prije 14 dana
Abbys new haircut said LEMME SPEAK TO YOUR MANAGER
Music That Feeds My Soul. Don't listen FEEL IT
Music That Feeds My Soul. Don't listen FEEL IT Prije 16 dana
What a little sook . does he bitch moan and complaine the entire game???
ninitehchS navI
ninitehchS navI Prije 17 dana
Getting so fucking annoyed at pewds bitching and complaining, talking over the game, getting stuck because he doesn't pay attention.
Anders Santus
Anders Santus Prije 21 dan
how to train your dragon 3
2devil35 Prije 22 dana
I've been a fan of Pewds since the very beginning, but it actually pisses me off how stupid he sometimes actually is.
Weeb God
Weeb God Prije 22 dana
m1xailo Prije 23 dana
why is pewds so bad at video games lol
Sanna Wiehl
Sanna Wiehl Prije 24 dana
i just streamed a 3+ vid of you bullshitting tell me my life isnt boring
Phoenix-Senpai Prije 25 dana
i fell asleep and woke up to this
TheBirthOfCorruption Prije 29 dana
Abby the Fatty
Norman n
Norman n Prije mjesec
The story might have gone a lot better in my opinion if for example Abby beats up Joel and before he is dead she pushes him off a cliff down a waterfall or some shit and everybody thinks he is dead and half way in the game when Ellie is in Seattle trying to get revenge and she is about to get killed Joel shows up and saves her. And we get to see how he survived the fall. Maybe Joel being alive beats the whole point that the developers were trying to tell about the whole circle of violence but I think anything would have been better than this.
Dotty yyz
Dotty yyz Prije mjesec
I didn't care when Abby was just being Abby and u skipped through it tbh but I love lev and thems story I really want the best for them got like an hour left
Dotty yyz
Dotty yyz Prije mjesec
Lev looks like the avatar
vivlodia Prije mjesec
idk about yall I really like abby's character, even tho I dont like the plot much
Kaitlyn Olivier
Kaitlyn Olivier Prije mjesec
Kaitlyn Olivier
Kaitlyn Olivier Prije mjesec
Same I like abbys character as itself but the plot to me is just.... bleh
L Martin
L Martin Prije mjesec
1:47:15 after spending the entire game whining about how Abby’s body looks and shitting on her appearance nonstop 😂 “she’s based on a real person? Well that’s someone who dedicates their life to their body!”, kind of like a soldier? So moronic. Joel was as equivalently buff for a man, but men never said a thing about him looking like shit. It’s because her body type doesn’t appeal to you sexually (see: Felix’s comments during the sex scene, “he is really REALLY drunk” LOL) or conform with how you think women should look. Jesus, just be honest. His commentary is still like a juvenile 20 y/o dickhead (see: “I want to make so many abortion jokes right now but the SJWs won’t let meeee”). He never grew up.
William Lee
William Lee Prije mjesec
The entire Abby play through was skipped, it was sooooo boring. Literally made me rethink buying the game after watching it lmao
PASTELCORE Prije mjesec
i dont get it, how can you emphasize with pixels when most ppl cant even emphasize with other humans
PASTELCORE Prije mjesec
this game feels like real life, ppl make idiot decisions, ppl die because of it
misstressfoxtail05 Prije mjesec
I don't know if this game achieved what it was trying to do by making you play as Abby. Honestly would've still skipped this entire part if it weren't for Yara and Lev. Still could care less about Abby even with the backstory.
drip hard not at all
drip hard not at all Prije mjesec
For sum reason i still havent completed dis game
Toma Ciocan
Toma Ciocan Prije mjesec
How did i get here, like really how did i get here
Elvira Cheung
Elvira Cheung Prije mjesec
Why do I kind of think that pewds speck funnier without face cam 😂 😂 😂 lol
pee pee poo poo
pee pee poo poo Prije mjesec
im using 2x speed at this point
Stanzan Gaming
Stanzan Gaming Prije mjesec
Hello sir...please promote my channel please sir...if you reading this please sir help me to increase my subscriber.....
Elisa Hinojosa
Elisa Hinojosa Prije mjesec
Estás pinche muerto!!
Danny Popp
Danny Popp Prije mjesec
I have YT perineum, and before I went sleep I just closed my computer; forgetting pause the video I was on. Now 10 hours later I woke up to this video
Nikolas Kirby
Nikolas Kirby Prije mjesec
I get so fucking annoyed everytime Felix misgenders Lev. He said that it was never specified. Even though everyone in the game uses he/him pronouns except for the scars bc they're bigots. Him saying "is it a he?" "she or he or whatever" is so inconsiderate. He just makes himself look dumb.
Mafalda Ribeiro
Mafalda Ribeiro Prije mjesec
the part where Abbys looking for supplies for Yara is the walmart version of the DLC section where Ellie’s looking for supplies for Joel.
Vicious Mixes
Vicious Mixes Prije mjesec
Pewds might have the worst sense of direction I've seen
jacob kras
jacob kras Prije mjesec
ellies kinda the bad guy
Kuba Imiela
Kuba Imiela Prije mjesec
watching this playhtrough is so depressing i love it
Your_ UndramaticEgirL
Your_ UndramaticEgirL Prije mjesec
"and that speech inspired her to kill Joel"
Parsa Mi
Parsa Mi Prije mjesec
3:04:17 where the f**k did she come from? Did she just teleport?
James Gibson
James Gibson Prije mjesec
This whole series was entertaining and I appreciate you playing so I don't have to but good God. This is how I imagine it would look if you took a cave man and made him fly a modern military jet.
JakunoMX Prije mjesec
no adds dammmm
MariaSweetie Prije mjesec
Pewds: He* my bad (everyone liked that)
AymanHDGaming Prije mjesec
What difficulty was Pewdiepie playing on?
V's Gameplays
V's Gameplays Prije mjesec
Lev was assigned to be a girl to be a wife to the elders. Now that I think about it, THE ELDERS ARE CREEPY OLD MEN! Like WTF???
vivlodia Prije mjesec
poor lev
Jonatan Ekeberg
Jonatan Ekeberg Prije mjesec
Why do you have a chat that spoils stuff? Takes away alot of the suspense and reaction.. Thats boring to watch. Bad decision to do this live.
hee HEE
hee HEE Prije mjesec
pewds: **kills one of their own kind** also pewds: was it something i said?
Liam LiAM
Liam LiAM Prije 2 mjeseci
youtube was left on last night and now i am here
Cheddar Chicken
Cheddar Chicken Prije 2 mjeseci
Pewds must of had some bad flashbacks when he had to cross that bridge.
LMAOPictures Prije 2 mjeseci
Have to say this is the worst playthrough you’ve ever done. Not at all invested in the game. If you don’t care about the game don’t play it...
AiErudito __-_-__
AiErudito __-_-__ Prije 2 mjeseci
Kadek Gadget
Kadek Gadget Prije 2 mjeseci
rat king bos fight is the best part of the game
Mueseek Prije 2 mjeseci
I think playing live really negatively impacted your playthrough. You got moments spoiled and too many opinions before you even reached certain parts. I love your TLOU1 playthrough and was excited about this one. I'm dissapointed that you didn't seem to give it a real chance and was just hating on it the whole time. Not a fun playthrough at all and disrespectful to Naughty Dog who put their heart and soul into this game. Just my opinion.
Cara S
Cara S Prije 2 mjeseci
Where’s part 8? Help
randomthings randomtimes
randomthings randomtimes Prije 2 mjeseci
Everybody: "OMG I LOVE THIS GAME" Pewds: "Those are some nice chairs."
älana Prije 2 mjeseci
‘Leg be like bruh ‘, I replayed that too many times 😂
OUTLAW Gaming தமிழ்
OUTLAW Gaming தமிழ் Prije 2 mjeseci
If a guy eats viagra before he becomes a zombie does he become a boner zombie?
Anime Tomboy Enthusiast
Anime Tomboy Enthusiast Prije 2 mjeseci
The real revenge was the friends we made along the way. We did make friends in this game, right?
Amber Ollari
Amber Ollari Prije 2 mjeseci
The bridge scene gave me fucking anxiety
Cara S
Cara S Prije 2 mjeseci
Mercy Hospital
Derrick Reynolds
Derrick Reynolds Prije 2 mjeseci
I jumped so hard when the running away one jumped out in the vent, I like pulled something in my shoulder. Haha
Zachariah Whiton
Zachariah Whiton Prije 2 mjeseci
1:15:05 that’s what she said
Celina Cisneros
Celina Cisneros Prije 2 mjeseci
Did he ever finish playing the game?
carlos mediaviila
carlos mediaviila Prije 2 mjeseci
black desert online
MySlave Name
MySlave Name Prije 2 mjeseci
whats a good site to read up on the lore and about this "world"? I'm WAY too jumpy for the game judging by these videos, but I definitly want to know more about whats going on.
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia Prije 2 mjeseci
Hey where is part 8 you didn't finish this.
kaoz spartan
kaoz spartan Prije 2 mjeseci
Barriath Prije 2 mjeseci
Is it just me or does Felix think this is before they kill joel? this is a few months after... lol
Powpows Prije 2 mjeseci
From 12:28 its god of war 2018
Ashton Martinez
Ashton Martinez Prije 2 mjeseci
Owen should’ve just pushed his baby momma in the ocean
Ashton Martinez
Ashton Martinez Prije 2 mjeseci
He probably throws Edwards toys on the roof and then laughs when Edgar can’t get it
Dylan Miller
Dylan Miller Prije 2 mjeseci
Why does abby weirdly look like mini ladd or is it just me
Janna Rhose Villaflor
Janna Rhose Villaflor Prije 2 mjeseci
Nice game...
M E Prije 2 mjeseci
Simp you like Abby and also chop of my brothers PP he likes chad wild clay
UltimateTouhouLove Prije 2 mjeseci
in another universe/version Abby and Ellie are shipped Lovers lol
Geralt of Bongs
Geralt of Bongs Prije 2 mjeseci
That's fucking stupid. They kill off the likable Asian character, Jesse. Then there's Lily. Another Asian, but trans. What a disgrace. As an Asian, I'm disappointed in TLOU2.
It's_Deacon Prije 2 mjeseci
@pewdiepie turns off camera. Gets more donations. Hmmm.....
Viktor Nylund
Viktor Nylund Prije 2 mjeseci
I find it funny how he skips the notes that provide so much interesting backstory, especially at the hospital part, then blames the game for uninteresting or incoherent story
epic Gamer129
epic Gamer129 Prije 2 mjeseci
3:17:25 my gahhhd 😂😉
Zahra Prije 2 mjeseci
1:36:10 that feeling from relief when you came home from the city.
Zahra Prije 2 mjeseci
Pewds: "I don't have ammo, I have to safe up for ammo." Also Pewds: *Has a gun with 58 bullets.*
Aki 514
Aki 514 Prije 2 mjeseci
Yeetntnt Prije 2 mjeseci
that giant thing is what you get when big ed and cocomelon have a baby
Holy Being
Holy Being Prije 2 mjeseci
2:37:45 I feel like Felix does not understand that Abby already killed Joel at this point and this is the change that happened in her afterward. He barely pays attention to the story, I think he would've enjoyed playing more if he wasn't so sceptical over every little thing.
tona tiuh
tona tiuh Prije 2 mjeseci
27:16 F
tona tiuh
tona tiuh Prije 2 mjeseci
26:34 can't believe to say your so dumb jajaja
Ok Boomer
Ok Boomer Prije 2 mjeseci
3:17:10 yeet yo feet
xwrathh Prije 2 mjeseci
Whats funny is that Abby helped scars who saved her life but also killed many of her people but Joel saves her life and just killed her Dad and Joel dies. aaa NANI
Lean Prije 2 mjeseci
Best part hands down 3:17:22
Jeremy Roland
Jeremy Roland Prije 2 mjeseci
3:02:06 "counter flank"
Jeremy Roland
Jeremy Roland Prije 2 mjeseci
It amazes me how many times he has questions or finds something extremely confusing after it was plainly explained in the story. If he would just listen...
Eilidh Knowles
Eilidh Knowles Prije 2 mjeseci
the transphobic comments in the chat are absolutely vile
blowing trees
blowing trees Prije 2 mjeseci
Last lesbians 2
Yolklor is the best
Yolklor is the best Prije 2 mjeseci
BooDoo DooBoo
BooDoo DooBoo Prije 2 mjeseci
Ayyy where is the rest of the vids
Dwayne Cooper
Dwayne Cooper Prije 2 mjeseci
I've never seen such a slow and agonizing to watch playthrough in my entire life
Magnus Guglius Vuglius
Magnus Guglius Vuglius Prije 2 mjeseci
ZeRO deAtHs!
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