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Raph Delegero
Raph Delegero Prije 13 sati
14:51 best build so far 🙃
Tuskilollydub Prije 19 sati
Denmark stand up 👆🇩🇰
Maytal Rosenfeld
Maytal Rosenfeld Prije dan
Pewdiepie: I’m not a nerd 2 seconds later: cool Naruto pixel art
Robloxian MEMESTER
Robloxian MEMESTER Prije 2 dana
Everyone: Sees aang and temple from Book 3 Episode 12 Pewdiepie: We Got some Dragonball And WHAT IS THIS?
Jeremy Stevens
Jeremy Stevens Prije 2 dana
_[comment reported]_
Magnificient Blade
Magnificient Blade Prije 2 dana
I wish I could join
Game Library
Game Library Prije 3 dana
Large ikea is the robbed version 😂
richard lanelly
richard lanelly Prije 3 dana
Large IKEA I'd aids
Exorelis Prije 3 dana
imagine joining with no member.
Achmad Taufik Ihsan
Achmad Taufik Ihsan Prije 4 dana
The fps: " I'm dying help me"
Alexander Pitt
Alexander Pitt Prije 4 dana
pewdiepie: give me redstone thing me: no you give the server redstone acces
JasonDragon Prije 5 dana
I've already missed the old pewd's
SCP 999
SCP 999 Prije 5 dana
no noob could make a picture representation of pewds
Felix _TheCat21
Felix _TheCat21 Prije 6 dana
Is that an Indonesia map and Monas???
home family
home family Prije 6 dana
3:44 this indonesian
kokosguy 67
kokosguy 67 Prije 6 dana
whats the server ip
Svenproducer Prije 6 dana
Ey I am the dog sven
Alt title: swedish man says GODDAMN after looking at a minecraft
Anime Freak
Anime Freak Prije 8 dana
I like it when he entered watoh sheep's temple the danganronpa theme pops in
Mursive Prije 9 dana
5:54 when pewds calls himself sexy through controlling his wife.
ö Prije 9 dana
Pewds: **hates like aang build** Pewds again: **starts watching ATLA**
Xd_ Gamer
Xd_ Gamer Prije 9 dana
PewDiePie do you Like Anime?
Xd_ Gamer
Xd_ Gamer Prije dan
And also I like Anime! A lot of anime
Xd_ Gamer
Xd_ Gamer Prije dan
And bye I'm busy with something
Xd_ Gamer
Xd_ Gamer Prije dan
Also Bruh I've been watching A lot of his vids
Xd_ Gamer
Xd_ Gamer Prije dan
Also what's with the name Bruh
Xd_ Gamer
Xd_ Gamer Prije dan
Also what's with the name Bruh
Roy Alexander
Roy Alexander Prije 10 dana
14:51 it's ricardo pixel art, felix
James Bolland
James Bolland Prije 10 dana
at 4:28 that is my creation
6-D Pegasus
6-D Pegasus Prije 10 dana
14:42 canterlot
Mian Sajjad
Mian Sajjad Prije 10 dana
I would make jourgen Sven bengt next to each other and put they miss you do Minecraft again
Mian Sajjad
Mian Sajjad Prije 10 dana
It is water sheep heaven lol
Shahla Wati
Shahla Wati Prije 11 dana
Steve head buildings give me a real pain and it cursed
USGC CHARCTER WARR bender Prije 12 dana
5:10 thats not planktons computer wife lol
Chinmaya J
Chinmaya J Prije 13 dana
guy 1: builds two frecking giant dragons pewd's : cool guy 2: writes floor gang with blocks pewd's: this is the best one so far
lucas fabian
lucas fabian Prije 13 dana
3:25 is this the thing from avatar with the big big dragons?
remixd4k Prije 13 dana
3:44, that my friend is Indonesia, that is my country
Fred Fred
Fred Fred Prije 13 dana
Did he call Karen from spongebob the Nintendo robot Nevermind it’s fine
MixerPlayz Prije 14 dana
The Fact That Felix Got Rickrolled In Minecraft
Velo C. Raptor
Velo C. Raptor Prije 14 dana
4:46... yaay a croatian flag. :)
Rose Edmondson
Rose Edmondson Prije 14 dana
*england hasn’t invented anything* We have invented tea... ummm.... hmmmm Weirdly stupid presidents?
Big McCheesy
Big McCheesy Prije 15 dana
I’m sad pewds completely ignored speedwagon
swagi cp
swagi cp Prije 15 dana
Sveden was once a part of Denmark but got split in to its own land cuz denmark didnt want svedens bs any more. Wich means sveden is a desentend of denmark meaning if denmark is the worst Scandinavian land then sveden is a son of a bich
swagi cp
swagi cp Prije 15 dana
Rember when sveden was a part of denmark
Aquarium SMC
Aquarium SMC Prije 15 dana
That was epic
Jason Tan
Jason Tan Prije 15 dana
3:43 is thatt monas????
notsoattila Prije 15 dana
Michael DeSomma
Michael DeSomma Prije 16 dana
They may be better but their not the original
9331 Maximo
9331 Maximo Prije 16 dana
Zul Fitri
Zul Fitri Prije 16 dana
Robot Ajar Peah
SpiffyGading Prije 16 dana
Why does his sister have tier3 on pewds channel? Also why is he lifting his arm while flying and moving his mouse? Man im confused
حسين محمد جبر عبيد 3B10a
حسين محمد جبر عبيد 3B10a Prije 16 dana
10:57 what the name of this music ???
Teresita Garcia
Teresita Garcia Prije 16 dana
Everyone like so he can watch avatar the last air bender
Teresita Garcia
Teresita Garcia Prije 16 dana
Who else knew what that mountain bridge was like if you knew
Ender blade
Ender blade Prije 17 dana
Bionic hacked in to this world
Marion Roger Avila
Marion Roger Avila Prije 17 dana
boinic in server said cygorb gang
Carzean 24
Carzean 24 Prije 17 dana
*Me : never watch avatar before* *Felix : ey Dragonball* *Me : wait what?*
Noah Page
Noah Page Prije 17 dana
It annoyed me when he said I hate inland
maggie Christine
maggie Christine Prije 18 dana
The people who built the buildings watching like: 0 O "
trash panda
trash panda Prije 18 dana
"I'll make another one of these for sure" *so that was a fucking lie*
Edward Hulten
Edward Hulten Prije 18 dana
rest in peace peepeepoopoo, more like, rest in pee peepeepoopoo ;)
Vulgaaf Prije 18 dana
50% viewers : builds a 50 hour build next to a frog. pewds: omg look a pixelart frog meme!
Paul Mabanta
Paul Mabanta Prije 19 dana
Imagine Pewds visiting Hololive Server hahahaha
Abhijit shelke
Abhijit shelke Prije 19 dana
So it is a separate mod of Minecraft and PewDiePie's server or what?
Coder and Gamer
Coder and Gamer Prije 19 dana
It's the world tree from hunterxhunter
Micheal Joe mama
Micheal Joe mama Prije 19 dana
He didn’t blow up TNT HOTEL?!?!
Mary Adeline
Mary Adeline Prije 19 dana
Pewdiepie I want you to tell us how to go to your sever
Molly got hit by a car
Molly got hit by a car Prije 19 dana
2 things 1that flag was the Ivory Coast 2thats offensive im irish
meilana chandra
meilana chandra Prije 19 dana
Pewdiepie : wht dis is ? Me : wow dat indonesia coool Im from indonesia
CYRILLE PRADO Prije 19 dana
4:18 who else saw the philippine flag
Huong Nguyen
Huong Nguyen Prije 19 dana
pewd: sees Aang also pewds: dRaGoN BaLl
Vince Josef
Vince Josef Prije 20 dana
Grian: cool starter build
Anushree Prije 20 dana
Have a sip of water for every time pewds says 'goddamn'. Stay hydrated.
Muhamad Fachri
Muhamad Fachri Prije 20 dana
3.44 i think thats indonesian
Robo Studios
Robo Studios Prije 20 dana
3:25 Zuko and aang learn fire bending again and their is even a aang pixel art
J's Animation's
J's Animation's Prije 20 dana
Me getting triggered that he called Avatar Aang, "some Dragon Ball"
Negative Playz
Negative Playz Prije 20 dana
when felix has the most subs on youtube but still gets fps stutters...
Aylin Ecrin Gümüş
Aylin Ecrin Gümüş Prije 21 dan
l'am from Turkey
Ferdinand mapanao
Ferdinand mapanao Prije 21 dan
felix says : hey thats the robot from nintendo nickelodeon : that karen from sponge bob
Ferdinand mapanao
Ferdinand mapanao Prije 21 dan
felix it is not a flag its un umbrella
Kevin Surya
Kevin Surya Prije 21 dan
indonesia map
Cassius Fiorill
Cassius Fiorill Prije 21 dan
Pewidpie: what is this a video game I’m not a nerd Also pewdiepie: proceeds to play videogames
sengeh jr
sengeh jr Prije 21 dan
5:10 is A HRpostr Ajar from a country of Malaysian He stole your lwiay
Silent Hawk
Silent Hawk Prije 21 dan
14:50 uhmmm wutt
Rick roll
summerfire Yt
summerfire Yt Prije 22 dana
Everyone else: builds like a god Pewd: big pp to you! That one person who write "floor gang" Pewds: NICE! That's the best one so far.
Muhammad Hesa
Muhammad Hesa Prije 22 dana
3:44 That is Indonesian map with Monas and Borobudur temple alongside
Muhamad dzikri A.h
Muhamad dzikri A.h Prije 22 dana
03:40 Its An Indonesia Map
MyTvI5Br0k3n Prije 22 dana
At 3:45 that is actually indonesia and thats where im at ;-;
-IDK GRAPHICS- Prije 22 dana
3:44 wow that's my country on the server:D
Nigel P
Nigel P Prije 22 dana
12:12 rellyyyyyyyyyyyy
English Rhino
English Rhino Prije 22 dana
Plz sub to English Rhino
Elijah Bautista
Elijah Bautista Prije 23 dana
pewds: is that ireland? mexico: insert* "why am i still here"
Montage Master
Montage Master Prije 23 dana
Girls who like Pewdiepie call pewdiepie cuteiepie
Okto Sixlenius
Okto Sixlenius Prije 23 dana
ada peta indonesia, monas, sama candi borobudur
Ken Lopez
Ken Lopez Prije 23 dana
Rip fps
zTmui Prije 23 dana
The robot from WHAT
Mikael Geraldo Gideon 1627006
Mikael Geraldo Gideon 1627006 Prije 24 dana
pewd he island is indonesia i live there
Hagios Greggorio Gokma Silalahi
Hagios Greggorio Gokma Silalahi Prije 24 dana
mr. Felix Sir, WATCH ATLA NOW!!!!!!!!!!!
Hagios Greggorio Gokma Silalahi
Hagios Greggorio Gokma Silalahi Prije 24 dana
and put it on recording then post it on HRpost NO EDIT OR SKIP
Bek Oliver
Bek Oliver Prije 24 dana
12:11 that’s not dragon ball dumb dumb that’s Aang
Masters of Shadows
Masters of Shadows Prije 24 dana
The tumbnail:*menacing*
Jacob Frederiksen
Jacob Frederiksen Prije 25 dana
Denmark is better then sweaden nerd
Theo Sutartho
Theo Sutartho Prije 25 dana
Pew : what is this supposed to be Me : I'm pretty sure that's a map of my country
Natali Kogut
Natali Kogut Prije 25 dana
6:42 that’s actually a real tank this tanks was actually in world war 2 and it was standing for Soviet Union and the tanks name is KV-3
Natali Kogut
Natali Kogut Prije 25 dana
KV-2 sry
Rasa Rimeisytė
Rasa Rimeisytė Prije 26 dana
When pewds calls aang its a some dragone balls me 😭😭😭😭
what am i supposed to do? idk
what am i supposed to do? idk Prije 26 dana
7:49 read the meme
Sri Kusrini
Sri Kusrini Prije 26 dana
What marzia skin
Untitled Goose Game. is epic
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