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r/cringetopia is very cringe
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not your fbi agent
not your fbi agent Prije 2 sati
The camera resolution looks like 2016 vivo camera
nice clean gaming
nice clean gaming Prije 3 sati
pewds hair looks motherfliping epic
Isha Garg
Isha Garg Prije 12 sati
10:20 platypus perryyyyyyy!!! 🤣🤣
johnny laval
johnny laval Prije 14 sati
Existing is so cringe lol my girlfriend is so awesome
David Robinson
David Robinson Prije 20 sati
If pride existed would you consider yourself obese & not so mentally equipped as yourself, if you didn't have the characteristics of some people?
YeetusWRLD Prije 23 sati
Pewds was right about animals and this is why I hunt, it is a lot more humane to eat an elk burger that I butchered killed and processed then eating a cow that got tortured through its entire life
Brett Kutner
Brett Kutner Prije dan
cod players at 12:00 : PICADILLY
faye rimmer
faye rimmer Prije dan
I feel like his intros are getting more and more out of hand..
AMR X X Prije dan
No for real do your thing HRpost
Gloomy Gamerz
Gloomy Gamerz Prije dan
"This Christmas give you wife something she really wants." So a divorce
Ghoster_ 07
Ghoster_ 07 Prije dan
There's Perry the Platypus on the top left on 10:21
svajka_ martin
svajka_ martin Prije dan
3:27 this Is literally the things i get for christmas And am fine with it
Skeletom Prije dan
Pewdiepies hair does look pretty mother fucking good. Lmfao
jezabelle lowry
jezabelle lowry Prije dan
11:17 Perry the platypus
AsoCan Aso
AsoCan Aso Prije 2 dana
2:38 Doesn't this guy looks like Thomas Sanders? Even his name starts with T and ends with rs lol Edit: O-O yea.. Got it.
Will Prije 2 dana
After taking a photo of a girl holding up their artwork they should upload the post again but in the description it should say that she has a boyfriend
N Prije 2 dana
To my future self coming back to watch this video, 3:10 was the LEGO part of the video you loved. (In case that's what you may have come back for)
AlternateCheems Gaming
AlternateCheems Gaming Prije 2 dana
Darneisha Gause
Darneisha Gause Prije 3 dana
acts black? pewdiepie acts like pewds xD Saying he acts black is taking it to far.
Robotron Sage
Robotron Sage Prije 3 dana
Thanks for speaking up about veganism pewds
Andross Nelson
Andross Nelson Prije 3 dana
Pewds making fun of neckbeards be like fat guy making fun of sumo wrestlers.
CHA0TIC Prije 3 dana
i pray whoever reads this becomes successful in life, can I Please get some support for my channel I just started not to long ago and I really need some help to just get started
PewDiePie Kids Channel
PewDiePie Kids Channel Prije 2 sati
The Green Bastard
The Green Bastard Prije 4 dana
I helped raid pigs Evil pigs Good sausage tho
Blue Hoodie
Blue Hoodie Prije 4 dana
We all know whos the vine guy
Darius Prije 4 dana
Birdz Talon
Birdz Talon Prije 5 dana
Anyone not gonna talk perry the platapuss at 10:20
reno relapse
reno relapse Prije 5 dana
Omg pewds hair is like the sexiest thing I have ever saw
Mr Sir Johny
Mr Sir Johny Prije 6 dana
What was that red thing on his wrist..?
Chandler Bing
Chandler Bing Prije 6 dana
Amazing how he isn't bias, if its bad he says it is 😍🤗 mad respect pew die pie
j wilson
j wilson Prije 7 dana
Felix does not act black lmao
Placeboプラセボ Prije 8 dana
Omg pewdiepie is look like dumb face.
Chipette on fire
Chipette on fire Prije 8 dana
Pewds looks really bored :(
psycodoood Prije 8 dana
16:08 looks like Sykkuno
Honey Bear
Honey Bear Prije 9 dana
5:20 crazy how men objectify women since the beginning of time but it happens to men once and they can't even handle it lmao or even educate themselves on what minorities go through compared to privileged people. Smdh
Claire M
Claire M Prije 3 dana
1LoveChez Prije 10 dana
tintin is epic though
billy moge
billy moge Prije 10 dana
10:20 do be do be do ba do be do be do ba
Daniel Andrews
Daniel Andrews Prije 10 dana
Omg, pewdiepie is look like dumb face
CHINMAY S Prije 10 dana
로키와삼인방 Prije 11 dana
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William Fifield
William Fifield Prije 11 dana
Just think that the most popular youtuber is bald and sits and the floor while banging on a tambourine yelling and laughing at memes life is amazing
halomerc5423 Prije 11 dana
so much more simple times
namjoon's passport
namjoon's passport Prije 12 dana
11:13 as an army, we do not claim this person
Dani Dude
Dani Dude Prije 12 dana
Damn poods kinda looked a little like linus
Łyda Łydish
Łyda Łydish Prije 12 dana
HAHAHA my teacher gave us book markers with quotes one them as a present, my book marker had a Cosby quote on it that she chose specially for me xD
dhanze pangilinan
dhanze pangilinan Prije 12 dana
Chloe kinds cute tho
malachi yelverton
malachi yelverton Prije 12 dana
Blitz Mau
Blitz Mau Prije 12 dana
1:56 I can go on tik tok for a minute and find at least 10 people that look like this
EneEpic Prije 13 dana
save the planet
save the planet Prije 13 dana
Understandable. Chloe Grace Moretz is well known to not see flashes Also stop using depression as a tactic to get attention or seem cool. I have anxiety and depression and every moment of my life is sheer tortue. It isn’t anything to joke about.
Kelsey Miller
Kelsey Miller Prije 13 dana
I think Tintin's hairdo is epic, which means yours is also epic
kursna Prije 13 dana
The difference between australia and farms is that cows aren't going extinct but koalas are and we lost the majority of the koala population to the fires
Yami Prije 13 dana
gamer wrist
Taha K
Taha K Prije 14 dana
Always knew Felix was based and redpilled.
phillyhippie Prije 14 dana
How does pewdiepie act black? What did that even mean
Patrick Rubino
Patrick Rubino Prije 14 dana
The whole crying into my cereal over the meat industry posture reminds me of people crying for m-effers they’ll never meet in countries they’ve never been too. It’s self-righteous emotional masturbation.
snickle1980 Prije 14 dana
Also, "mom jeans" make your ass look awful.
Zirain Prije 14 dana
9:58 I found the fact that they took a picture of a stranger in public more cringy than the jacket, honestly.
Quag Mire
Quag Mire Prije 14 dana
SeeGo YT
SeeGo YT Prije 14 dana
Damn pewdiepie got that perfect hair I think I'm bout to simp
Connors Palace
Connors Palace Prije 15 dana
Personally the whole vegan thing, I don’t give a shit, just don’t shove it in my face like the vegan teacher. And I get that the way they kill the animals in slaughter houses is a bit much and kind fucked up. But I find it to be better than the animal just dying and providing no use. I mean, wouldn’t you like to die knowing you provided and helped someone, it’s the same for animals. Because if they didn’t kill the animals, they don’t really have a point, and they kinda just, live. But do whatever you want, I don’t care.
Fuzzyspike Orange among us
Fuzzyspike Orange among us Prije 15 dana
PewDiePies hair is eppppppiiiiiicccccc
Rebekah Wordsworth
Rebekah Wordsworth Prije 15 dana
Imagine using your youtube power to support lego and kindness. Cringe. (Joking go Pewds)
LS_turtle 0808
LS_turtle 0808 Prije 15 dana
20:37 sounds like whip cream
Elly Prije 15 dana
Mud/charcoal face masks: *exist* The media: Is this blackface?
Rising Prije 15 dana
A giant part of the australia thing is also the endangerment of species and permanent destruction of habitats. Not to mention the incredible importance of those forests. I disagree with the practices of large factories and the over-all meat industry. But the local farmers who have some freeroaming animals are literally not an issue. The issue with all things consumption is quantity, you can eat meat in regular quantities and not promote these large factories. The issue is with eating a lot of meat every day or even multiple times a day. That is unsustainable. Luckily for us the insect based meat industry is making a lot of leeway and will probably become a heavy contender in the future. Which by all acounts is so much more effective it would put the meat industry out of business if it wasnt so negatively stigmatized.
Tim Rone
Tim Rone Prije 15 dana
Seeing that he already disliked the Kobe post makes proud
Ryomaru Reaper
Ryomaru Reaper Prije 15 dana
cardi b is so disgusting
Thelemurgods Prije 15 dana
pewdiepie's hair look like my grass
Hair Looks like Simon from inbetweeners
Makenzie Prije 16 dana
poor editing guy listening to pewds ted talks everyday XD i still enjoy listening to pewd's opinions on certain things ofc
Sergio Flores
Sergio Flores Prije 16 dana
Pewds: I just realized there’s 2 categories of cringe *lists 3 different categories*
David Anderson
David Anderson Prije 16 dana
pews hair looks mother flipping epic
anviolets Prije 17 dana
Mike Hat
Mike Hat Prije 17 dana
When he compared himself to the Chad meme I spit out my cereal lmao
Pillyop zeger
Pillyop zeger Prije 17 dana
Omg pewdiepie is look like dumb face
Beefmo Prije 17 dana
Big pp
Italian mafia Boss
Italian mafia Boss Prije 17 dana
I'm eating cereal when I saw Cardi B crying because of cereal.
The gaming Nugget
The gaming Nugget Prije 17 dana
omg pewdiepie looks like dumbface
Kajus Narunas
Kajus Narunas Prije 17 dana
This mans mustache really said "2"
Jasaco 12
Jasaco 12 Prije 18 dana
Most farms in Australia that sell meat they make sure that all the animals get put down without any pain
Daniel Houston
Daniel Houston Prije 18 dana
Please tell me ya'll know who TinTin is? If u don't: leave!
Cole van Tonder
Cole van Tonder Prije 18 dana
ill admit it im a simp for Chloë Grace Moretz
Cole van Tonder
Cole van Tonder Prije 18 dana
you think your hair is cringe & LEGO GANG
jayive34 Prije 18 dana
3:10 was like that one Christmas. Never have I wanted to punch a kid more.
Gamer Leo
Gamer Leo Prije 19 dana
Why there flying platypus at 10:19?
Gamer Leo
Gamer Leo Prije 19 dana
4.5k camera moment
Aaron Song
Aaron Song Prije 19 dana
10:04 you don't?
Grimmace Prije 19 dana
Ha.. started the video and it switched the quality to 140p on my monitor. Thanks pewds.
Mister Sire
Mister Sire Prije 19 dana
There's a reason they put up their art up for display at an art display studio
Depressed Boiii
Depressed Boiii Prije 19 dana
I just realized how crazy his growth is he really doesn’t care for another mil just adds another tambourine
Zipper Prije 19 dana
3:38 Me when my mom asked what I want for Christmas
Gabe 24/7
Gabe 24/7 Prije 20 dana
petition to have pewds build lego sets for a video
Colin Canzone
Colin Canzone Prije 20 dana
Pewds with these great messages and insightful thinking
UrbanChaos TV
UrbanChaos TV Prije 20 dana
Sebi Bergamini
Sebi Bergamini Prije 20 dana
did anyone else see Perry the platapus swinging around in the top left corner at 10:20
Moises Cortez
Moises Cortez Prije 20 dana
You heard him, you wanna do crack and probably kill someone indirectly. Its all right
sheen423 Prije 20 dana
real talk im 30 gimme that lego you jerk! (the post)
Ster Ling
Ster Ling Prije 21 dan
Edgar scares me now
Joseph Andrew Reyes
Joseph Andrew Reyes Prije 21 dan
*_What's the name of the girl in the Thumbnail_*
Ryakku _
Ryakku _ Prije 22 dana
I wear my hentai sweatshirt in school.
Please dont hate me for this.. LWIAY #00128
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