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dope water
dope water Prije dan
7:17 one punch man
farid drif
farid drif Prije 2 dana
and the girl is ugly with a massive jaw and minus like mark lips
Gömböc Prije 2 dana
Woah, where did that I go in the intro?
Ball-Man Prije 3 dana
"I love meeting you guy-" [Ad in 0] "GAH! is that what your back is telling you right now?"
로키와삼인방 Prije 3 dana
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Aine Doyle
Aine Doyle Prije 14 sati
Mark Louise U. Pamplona
Mark Louise U. Pamplona Prije 3 dana
i have 2 inches
Bukson Matyáš Bukolský
Bukson Matyáš Bukolský Prije 4 dana
I think pewds should watch one punch man.
thalia oriol
thalia oriol Prije 4 dana
just respect the mans privacyyyy
aFlyingBanana Prije 5 dana
Pewdiepie: simp Pewdiepie after marrying: simp'nt
jose romero
jose romero Prije 5 dana
wtf why would mr beast donate that much SIMP!!!!!!! to a girl tho SIMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jose romero
jose romero Prije 5 dana
lol i liked how you said u dont have faith in us lmao floor gang tambourine
Sean Iñigo Desalisa
Sean Iñigo Desalisa Prije 5 dana
6:24 A situation of “Damned if you do, Damned if you dont”
Bunzen Kantzen
Bunzen Kantzen Prije 6 dana
Mr. Beast never donate to my garbage stream. He is 100% a simp confirmed
Po Po
Po Po Prije 7 dana
I have met quite a few of my favorite creators but I just talk to them like anyone else because they are just people not some exotic animal
Matty Prije 8 dana
why does he look like rhett in the Phineas and Ferb version
TheLordSG Prije 8 dana
Poods in The internet: WHAT u A SIMP i will spit on ya Poods in real life: NOOO no photos pleaaase
lmriana Prije 9 dana
I wish all the celebs I am fan of would express their views on being photographed with fans on public places with such honesty. Because the last thing I or any true fan would want is to dehumanize the very person who gives us joy like them. Anyways, I hope all the 19 yr olds will go by this request.
RIVER TEMPLE Prije 11 dana
What about autographs???
NyxNyx Prije 11 dana
11:05 Ah yes.. my favorite chef Haachama.
Angela Lengoloi van Rooyen
Angela Lengoloi van Rooyen Prije 11 dana
My model mid-roll was a "How to be a Simp" ad.
Unwanted Commentary
Unwanted Commentary Prije 12 dana
I was probably never going to see Pewds in public anyway so I can't be that sad about the selfie thing
Kelvin Mark R. Antazo
Kelvin Mark R. Antazo Prije 12 dana
pewdiepie hates us
Lightning Prije 12 dana
Dont worry felix i am not taking photos
Lightning Prije 12 dana
You should shave your beard u look better without it
sam •m
sam •m Prije 14 dana
help im not 19 anymore i just turned 20
Rose Bell
Rose Bell Prije 14 dana
That sound quality tho
Heather Harrison
Heather Harrison Prije 14 dana
Felix: You all are like father to me Me: who has watched him call all of his pets his father after they die Im in danger
Fadi Sabri
Fadi Sabri Prije 16 dana
7:07 80's anime
Subham Mishra
Subham Mishra Prije 17 dana
I honestly didnt know who Belle Delphine was and to get some context I checked one of her videos and I gotta say, one of the most shocking experience in my life.
Ģřøžā Vėŧŗöv
Ģřøžā Vėŧŗöv Prije 17 dana
Soundcloud Trash
Soundcloud Trash Prije 18 dana
We get video quality OR mic quality Not both Thats asking too much Hes a simple man Floor gang AHOO
Adrianna Rojas
Adrianna Rojas Prije 18 dana
Pew-DIE- Pie
MR MLG PRO Prije 18 dana
i cant imagine the amount of spit in felix's room
Mutuma Karichu
Mutuma Karichu Prije 19 dana
Felix:In 2021 my beard will be a bit longer Me(Seeing that he shaved in his most recent video):So that was a F***ing lie
Welp Prije 20 dana
Can I have a selfie with BeastMaster64?
Clarck Tumazar
Clarck Tumazar Prije 20 dana
"Send message to your parents in the past eat fruits and vegetables" ahh yes steins gate baby!
toray개렬 Prije 20 dana
Watching this video, I was impressed. I will be a million Korean subscribers later.
Getting 20k subscribers Challenge with one video
Getting 20k subscribers Challenge with one video Prije 21 dan
6:47 LMFAO🤣🤣
TroyToaster001 Prije 21 dan
Did you know that essential of are just the essence of things. Essence-al oil. They are not essential put down the oil and take your children to the doctor.
Jessika Bodam
Jessika Bodam Prije 22 dana
it’s 1000% understandable that you don’t want to be taking pictures with fans while you’re not in that headspace to be “on”. it’s unfair of us to ask that of any creator, let alone the most famous man on youtube 👀
Random Patotoe creature of the Internet
Random Patotoe creature of the Internet Prije 23 dana
When he said wtf is shera i that kinda hurted me
Ben Willis
Ben Willis Prije 24 dana
I have no idea who Belle Delphine is but I’m just going along with the joke.
damix Prije 25 dana
8:26 my meme lol
Gloria Borger
Gloria Borger Prije 25 dana
{Stormy_Seas} Prije 25 dana
When pewdiepie Said what is She-Ra I cried a little. Catadora forever
Grace Sahara
Grace Sahara Prije 25 dana
We love you too Pewds, and we understand. Won't ask for any pictures promise
oliver hale
oliver hale Prije 26 dana
the intro!!!!!!!
Daniel Michael
Daniel Michael Prije 26 dana
PERSONAL SPACE! I told them for you, Pewds
Bruh Why can you rap
Bruh Why can you rap Prije 27 dana
Ya know what, I’m probably never gonna meet you, but, I understand and respect your wishes, honesty I’d prefer a hug but Covid ruined that
David Ganimations
David Ganimations Prije 27 dana
How is this one of hotdiggedydemon’s favorite videos (there are three)
rani salokhe
rani salokhe Prije 28 dana
Broooo. That Jojo post was soooo dope!!!!!!
Corporal Shephard
Corporal Shephard Prije 28 dana
Where is the video of the guy ranting about pewds at?
Full Of Nuts Coffee Reviews
Full Of Nuts Coffee Reviews Prije 28 dana
tambourines can't go to the moon, or they will be ceiling gang...........shit.........we must start digging
Patricia Moon
Patricia Moon Prije 29 dana
pewds says no photo what about a vid ?????
Patricia Moon
Patricia Moon Prije 29 dana
pewds says no photo what about a vid ?????
the demon in angels’ clothes
the demon in angels’ clothes Prije 29 dana
His intro killed me
HPure Prije 29 dana
Pewdiepie, I will more than likely never meet you as I live in Cincinnati Ohio, if I ever see you in public, I will not ask for a photo. You're not an animal, you're a hero to many.
John Gabriel
John Gabriel Prije mjesec
Marcelo is so popular that they made him real whaaaat?
Henk Verwoerd
Henk Verwoerd Prije mjesec
10:24 is that a steins gate reverence?
Iris Prije mjesec
7:20 i think it’s from one punch man
A Prije mjesec
imagine letting your 1 year old watch a guy who throws f bombs out every 3 min.
AMV Boi Prije mjesec
I would rather ask permission to record Felix's voice saying "FLOOR GANG OUGH" than take a photo with him.
Robert Wilson
Robert Wilson Prije mjesec
Thank you for that amazing steins gate reference pewds
FlawlessCocaine Prije mjesec
wait pewds seen steins;gate? damn
Henry Sychay
Henry Sychay Prije mjesec
All sive needs too do is mary bell
Mind zero
Mind zero Prije mjesec
If you ever go to denmark i will sure try to find you
lynn jones
lynn jones Prije mjesec
we gotta help pewds... 1 PHOTO GANG
Luisito Comunista
Luisito Comunista Prije mjesec
Pewds: 0:07 Later Pewds: “I broke my ass"
If If
If If Prije mjesec
Me: Someone who is about to grow up into being a 19 year old Pewds who can just turn the 19 year olds into 20 year olds
Josiah Haran
Josiah Haran Prije mjesec
18:00 - 18:10 I gotchu, pewds
Baylor Loney
Baylor Loney Prije mjesec
that intro was hilarious
Penelope Carleton
Penelope Carleton Prije mjesec
The fandom is insulted pewdiepie. You miss pronounced our legacy.
жара Ωツ
жара Ωツ Prije mjesec
still stuck at vines
shyia andrews
shyia andrews Prije mjesec
10 out of 10 intro
Silent Gameplay n stuff
Silent Gameplay n stuff Prije mjesec
Basically Xbox players 6:54
Antiquity -
Antiquity - Prije mjesec
Nah I dont like people in genral
almteshay Tessema
almteshay Tessema Prije mjesec
u hardly and badly try to conttol where u want to level me and see me i said no thanks i wil be who God called me i am before i was even born so stop wishing inside my life to ur own extention of life span satan leave my every thing and stay in hell.
Dylan M
Dylan M Prije mjesec
Coco melon is on Netflix
xiomara luque
xiomara luque Prije mjesec
i want hug from pewd
The Novak Element
The Novak Element Prije mjesec
Game Over
Game Over Prije mjesec
8:45 Pewd why u spit on us
S__S Prije mjesec
biggest plot twist sive being black I-
PewDiePie 2020
PewDiePie 2020 Prije mjesec
subscribe Hero
Dimitris Kastros
Dimitris Kastros Prije mjesec
7:14 that's from one punch man
radu gherman
radu gherman Prije mjesec
10:25 Steins;Gate
Swapneel Sarker
Swapneel Sarker Prije mjesec
Dude your videos are way too good
Dang June
Dang June Prije mjesec
Awwww i really like the intro. It’s so cute haha
Black Blater
Black Blater Prije mjesec
Pewdiepie seems the classical elementary school kid who doesn't want to play with female classmates 😂
Tyler Conley
Tyler Conley Prije mjesec
I had a dream that I was outside Pewd's house in Sweeden and he came out and kept hitting me with a stick lol
Albin Andersson
Albin Andersson Prije mjesec
wow never seen sive before, he's a sexy beast let me tell u that
taka_pista Prije mjesec
Does anyone know what's the bgm at 3:41
Madolyn Hunley
Madolyn Hunley Prije mjesec
I feel bad for simps tho
anson shi
anson shi Prije mjesec
Good to see hacchama in LWIAY as a meme
Poul Julle
Poul Julle Prije mjesec
The Hunter
The Hunter Prije mjesec
Mr. Beast: General of Pewdipie's army in the war with T-Series. Mr. Beast when Pewdipie calls him a simp: (._.')
Karxy Prije mjesec
Funny man makes Steins;Gate reference how
DATOR victor R.
DATOR victor R. Prije mjesec
JOJO references -Mohammad Avdol -A man from egypt -Woman chases man through contries -Mohammad values his hair
Charnt Sabre
Charnt Sabre Prije mjesec
edgar is pewds pepe at 3:56 HAHAAHA
Kim Olsen
Kim Olsen Prije mjesec
U are a simp the biggest SIMP ever....
Kim Olsen
Kim Olsen Prije mjesec
I will hate u for this.. Im no Stalker but i know u know that this is just bullshit and i want u to do whats needed now……..If u are Richard or not u know who he is so please get him to pick me up now
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