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FBI Prije 9 minuta
Britney Alyssa
Britney Alyssa Prije sat
I like the tik tok react videos. I have no complaints with the content you upload so please don’t change anything. RIP pew news tho
Miranda Raman
Miranda Raman Prije sat
Dont stop making tic tok videos! They are entertaining to watch! ❤️ Do what you want to do pewds!
KylerDaConquer 007
KylerDaConquer 007 Prije sat
Howls moving castle theme + Frank Sinatra's fly me to the moon + twinkle twinkle little star
Zack Zean21
Zack Zean21 Prije sat
Uhmmmm I have 1k subs
Tegar Agni Putra
Tegar Agni Putra Prije 2 sati
Borac9 Prije 2 sati
3:20 Is that…Dani Daniels?? Also that’s definitely not the Blue Shirt Kid
Doc !!!
Doc !!! Prije 2 sati
Silly question, but why is he the most subscribed HRpostr in the WORLD? just asking.
niochuva Prije 3 sati
i love you pewdipie
Amv Gamer
Amv Gamer Prije 3 sati
Lund is pp in india
karl dayao
karl dayao Prije 5 sati
more beast master 64
Purple Potion
Purple Potion Prije 6 sati
I like the tik tok reacts
Yaqen kim
Yaqen kim Prije 7 sati
صمون حقًا بألف
Spicy Wolf
Spicy Wolf Prije 7 sati
I mean the sword probably hadn't made it into the video because it looks pretty mediocre. Props for the effort but eh.
SuperNoodlea Prije 8 sati
At least their was one thing to make fun of the Italians for
Fluffy Prije 10 sati
Petition to make PewDiePies epic melody one of the Minecraft disc songs and the disc is the pink and black PewDiePie waves
Daria Morgendorffer
Daria Morgendorffer Prije 11 sati
heeey, it actually was my birthday! thanks)
Imamah Hanif
Imamah Hanif Prije 11 sati
i wish it was my birthday today so that he would have wished me at the end at it would have made my whole year but...
Tshering Tamang
Tshering Tamang Prije 11 sati
Lund is called pp in india..
JUSTIN Prije 13 sati
you know he's a man of culture when he didn't recognize Dani Daniel's
Quayle Man
Quayle Man Prije 13 sati
Wait no tuber simulator ad at the end? That was my jam 🤣
Quayle Man
Quayle Man Prije 13 sati
You need to do the book 📚 club thing thing that was cool got me to read a book like subscribe
Nandos Kitty
Nandos Kitty Prije 13 sati
Imagine Swedish people pronouncing the brand River Island
Kenthis15 Prije 15 sati
HRpostrs without 110 million subs : thanks for watching Felix: you are whiny. Smash subscribe, do it.
Nutmeg X8
Nutmeg X8 Prije 16 sati
Bruh pls stop posting t..t.. vids pls
LemonsquizzerPlayz Prije 16 sati
CtWolffe Prije 16 sati
13:12, felix, you look like general Kenobi
Cole Romero
Cole Romero Prije 17 sati
That piano melody needs to be remixed i his next diss track, or new song
strawberry banana
strawberry banana Prije 17 sati
Please make a funny vid today... not one on how the world will end 🤣🙄🤣
WeeBツ Prije 17 sati
J Bas
J Bas Prije 17 sati
tiktok>reddit any day
Ardusk Prije 18 sati
"If today is your birthday, happy birthday" See you in June, then!
Senpai TM
Senpai TM Prije 19 sati
Fuwo binguish:333
Fuwo binguish:333 Prije 20 sati
It’s Sunday
Dampierre Prije 21 sat
What a time to be alive when pewdiepie semi revives the fridays with pewdiepie series
Hao Lu
Hao Lu Prije 22 sati
That sword was trash
zikeyy Prije 23 sati
11:27 "what's felix's a҉͖̟̜̞̂̃̑̽͢͢͠͡u̶͖̖͆̊̈́͡͡g̷̵̸̡̼̱͎͎̞ͤͬ̅͢͟͞h̷̶̘̘̬ͭ̏͞͡u̶͖̖͆̊̈́͡͡U̵̶̸̹̮̹̲̻͙̎ͪͣͦ͜͡͞͡͡G̸҉̜̜̱̄ͩ͆͜͝͞H̴̶̵҉̨̡̛̼͎̫͓̒́̔ͩ͜͟͠͞͞ whoOOOAA!!!"
Jace Shelton
Jace Shelton Prije dan
Me watching this randomly on my birthday 👀
Hero Senpaii
Hero Senpaii Prije dan
Play Pixelmon
DOOM GUY Prije dan
NOOOOOO! Not the lizard :(
Nitro Zeus
Nitro Zeus Prije dan
the blahs
the blahs Prije dan
I love your tik tok content please don't stop
Kitten ShibaLoaf
Kitten ShibaLoaf Prije dan
“Pewdiepie Accidentally Makes an Epic Piano Melody,” sounds like an opening to an anime
Tanya Degurechaff
Tanya Degurechaff Prije dan
Eu descobri que o pewdiepie é gay
Renato Gutierrez
Renato Gutierrez Prije dan
Sub to pewdiepie
sillysnoozer Prije dan
tik tok vids r funny pls continue them
Zoë Von Kohorn
Zoë Von Kohorn Prije dan
pls give us full livestream
TheBroShow Prije dan
ok i will help you, unless you are a derp :()
TheBroShow Prije dan
derp >:D
lxvelydayz Prije dan
Not me thinking this was dantdm until I heard the intro
Slembret Prije dan
When the 19 y/old thing started i was 19 but now im 20 so can we cange it to 20y/old?
Clock Man Official
Clock Man Official Prije dan
Outer Wilds is a pretty cool game. Gameplay video idea. I love it.
Phola Reacts
Phola Reacts Prije dan
Pewdiepie loves Phola Reacts!!!! 😍😍😍
lelsemha Prije dan
I don't mind the tiktok videos, they're funny :)
Rebecca Carpenter
Rebecca Carpenter Prije dan
LOL does kens out-tro
AirCooledThomas Prije dan
Repentance Faith
Repentance Faith Prije dan
Consider where your soul will spend eternity, heaven or hell. You don’t want to end up in hell because you rejected the Sacrifice Jesus has made all who repent and turn to him by faith. We are all guilty of sin. We lie, steal and look with lust in our hearts. We are all Guilty before a Holy and Righteous God. GOD is not just all loving and overlook your sin. He is loving, but sin He will Judge because He is Perfectly good. The Good news is God the Father sent His Son Jesus Christ who was perfectly Holy to pay the penalty for your and my sin out of Love for us. We can’t keep the Law we break most all commandments. But Jesus fulfilled ALL by his perfect thoughts, words, deeds and motives for us because we could not. Jesus loved all humans and God the Father perfectly. Turn, repent of your sin and confess Your thankfulness for what Jesus did for you. Put your faith in the perfection and the righteousness of Christ. Jesus was raised from death to give you new life; death has been defeated. Out of love and grace eternal life is promised to those who have faith / / / / ., , // / / , .. . ,
Captain Prije dan
Pewds doesn’t even need to try with the thumbnails anymore xD
Порась{Филиное Куре}
Порась{Филиное Куре} Prije dan
А я русский
Pixel Sheep
Pixel Sheep Prije dan
So Felix made a Ghibli theme... interesting
LambyBambyChu Prije dan
Peter Dobeš
Peter Dobeš Prije dan
stop saying "lit up" instead of "light up" please
Seena Thaana
Seena Thaana Prije dan
Who's that woman with that blue shirt kid? 🤔
Jonah Raines
Jonah Raines Prije dan
Sharmeen Prije dan
Lund means penis in Urdu/Hindi. That's why I will never apply to Lund University 💀
مريومة Prije dan
Arthur Jordens
Arthur Jordens Prije dan
I'm an adult and my fridge has never been full. why must you hurt me this way
Maria F.
Maria F. Prije dan
Are you ok, Felix? Your thumbnails have been kinda showing you in sadface mode and with this title, idk what to think. I hope you're in a happy place mentally, but if you're not, I hope you'll consider yourself a priority and take steps to feel better - even if it comprimises your youtube channel.
Maria F.
Maria F. Prije dan
I know I don't know you like that, but I'd never want anyone to suffer for entertainment. I'm just a fan and you probably have people close to you keeping you up. The sadness in your thumbnails are just worrisome and I thought I would at least express it and ask.
gamer boyz
gamer boyz Prije dan
Can he beat t sires
lake roads
lake roads Prije dan
Pewds it my Bday
TheGaelicWarrior Prije dan
1:27 pewds remembered sawing it
Alicja Soroka
Alicja Soroka Prije dan
Hes the meme god
Gabriel Monias
Gabriel Monias Prije dan
I love pewdiepie! I started watching pewdiepie when I started high school (2012), and now I'm 24 years old. its been amazing watching and watching him when I went through hard times really helped. thank you pewdiepie for everything and everything you do for us. please don't stop anytime soon. prayers to you and everyone reading this
Rodrigo Vieira Dos Santos
Rodrigo Vieira Dos Santos Prije 17 sati
:D br?
Vendetta Birdcats
Vendetta Birdcats Prije dan
How do I get his headphones tho?
yokoshiko Prije dan
Erachi koodiyathinte menapa
Megan Prije dan
Don't dtop tik tok vids, people dont know what their talking about
Anime cover of this melody someone do your thing
Wacky Dawg
Wacky Dawg Prije dan
Wait a minute, that's not blue shirt kid? He's like 16 now? How's he that old already wtf?
Aiden Gilley
Aiden Gilley Prije dan
Funny thing is if he can find a way to run for president he would have a good chance
Otta Badea
Otta Badea Prije dan
Book review !
Hassan Akhtar
Hassan Akhtar Prije dan
Lund means PP in Urdu and Hindi spoken in Pakistan and India
ميمون محمد
ميمون محمد Prije dan
شو سعدون ماهو😕😆
Shcwarz Prije dan
4days Ago ? i just get notification '-'
dicky Top player
dicky Top player Prije dan
very good brother👍😊
ItsKoby Prije dan
i like the tiktok videos! keep doing them!
Phil Mahar
Phil Mahar Prije dan
Lund is pp in gujarati
✨𝐓𝐇𝐎𝐌𝐀𝐒✨ Prije 2 dana
emily rose
emily rose Prije 2 dana
omfg so hype for the next olympics stream, actually so funny
Yuvi FF
Yuvi FF Prije 2 dana
Pewdipie see carryminati song on you . Hate from India 🇮🇳🤫
Lethal Bacon
Lethal Bacon Prije 2 dana
Don't stop the tik tok videos i enjoy them 👊
awesome pants
awesome pants Prije 2 dana
Good job pewds
Tonianne Eiring
Tonianne Eiring Prije 2 dana
I love your tiktok additions , haters gunna hate
taylor ladoucuer
taylor ladoucuer Prije 2 dana
0:49 petition for pewds to use th harmonized version of the melody he made as the intro for fridays with pewdiepie
SneakerBrick43 Prije 2 dana
This is the first video of pewdiepie I ever watch after 2013
HUFFMAN 313 Prije 2 dana
12:31 its not that you expect something new to appear in your fridge its just that youre hoping your standards have lowered
mercy. fin
mercy. fin Prije 2 dana
Just realized I’ve been watching pewdiepie for 8 years 👌noice
Abhay Kumar Das
Abhay Kumar Das Prije 2 dana
Subscribe me
Zenozen0 Prije 2 dana
@medo amir Agreed
medo amir
medo amir Prije 2 dana
Pia Rattan
Pia Rattan Prije 2 dana
no, because my boyfriend stole your personality.
Zenozen0 Prije 2 dana
Wdym no, u should be happy cuz pewds is a great husband to say the least
Isabella Medaglia-Grindle
Isabella Medaglia-Grindle Prije 2 dana
Pewdiepie: "That ain't a Swedish Fish" Me: *giggles* swedish... fish...
Isabella Medaglia-Grindle
Isabella Medaglia-Grindle Prije 2 dana
Pewdiepie: "That ain't a Swedish Fish" Me: *giggles* swedish... fish...
Oli M
Oli M Prije 2 dana
“Nah, that ain’t a Swedish fish” 🐟 me thinking about the red candy 😋
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