The Last of Us 2 - We Finally Get Vengeance!? - Part 5

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The Last of Us Part 2 or Last of us 2 is out now. We're continuing the playthough LIVE babey
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The Last of Us 2 (Last of Us Part 2) Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 includes the Intro, Review, Campaign Mission 1 of the Last of Us Part II Single Player Story Campaign for PS4 Pro and PS5 (Playstation 5)
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Sus S
Sus S Prije dan
4:12 ASSHOLE!!!!
Matt Earl
Matt Earl Prije dan
Kill the fucking dog and play the fucking game right you fucking idiot
Matt Earl
Matt Earl Prije 2 dana
Game play was fucking trash bro play better like try
Lezin Prije 2 dana
The Best character in the game : BEAR 🐶
Tolbka Miskin
Tolbka Miskin Prije 2 dana
Noora Simola
Noora Simola Prije 2 dana
Why didn’t anyone tell felix that if you throw a brick or bottle it makes the dogs confused so he didn’t have to kill the dogs😂😂
Cake Eater150
Cake Eater150 Prije 5 dana
Sad Abby moment PewDiePie: Holy hell that is the doctor we shot
Waffle Lord
Waffle Lord Prije 5 dana
Stupid dog indeed
AliRadicali Prije 5 dana
Washington DC: east coast Washington state : west coast
shapz rackz
shapz rackz Prije 7 dana
Miss these days
white rabbit
white rabbit Prije 8 dana
invisible zombies are in survivalist
John Smith
John Smith Prije 9 dana
Felix didn't high-five Jesse because he was afraid he might shake his hand instead
Mark b
Mark b Prije 10 dana
Omg shut up and play
ninitehchS navI
ninitehchS navI Prije 11 dana
Theres a crossbow in the balls
Nanaxo Prije 11 dana
I actually like how pewds played it AND how he did it with the livestream 🙈 I thought it was funnnyyy
Justin Mckee
Justin Mckee Prije 11 dana
It’s fucking hilarious to see pewds have the same reaction I did when they make you play the Abby flashback
Ciel Nadouch
Ciel Nadouch Prije 12 dana
I always get dizzy when he excessively moves the camera
Akshit Arora
Akshit Arora Prije 12 dana
it is coming from a fan of pewds but I think he was way on cruel too the game yes the game did have loose ends but still hating on Abby criticizing her I think the story end was poor but the gameplay was good dont know my opinion
tomato joe
tomato joe Prije 12 dana
Anita Sarkeesian was an advisor for the game... and if you google her you might understand why a character like Abby exists. She ruined the whole story to push her agenda. I really don't like Anita Sarkeesian...
Music That Feeds My Soul. Don't listen FEEL IT
Music That Feeds My Soul. Don't listen FEEL IT Prije 12 dana
It's amazing how many people were to immature to take it all in and reflect. If Felix had of played instead of pewdipie then he would have been able to shut up long enough to hear the story and digest it. If he hadn't live streamed it he wouldn't have played the game catering to an audience and missing everything because he is either watching the chat screen or talking over the game's dialog. If he played last of us 1 or walking dead like this it would have ruined it too. What a waist
Antonio jimenez
Antonio jimenez Prije 12 dana
Chica Fischbach
Chica Fischbach Prije 13 dana
Felix: oOo a brick! Also Felix 5 seconds later: Look a bottle!
Sifat Rejioan
Sifat Rejioan Prije 13 dana
I wonder how joel didn't got any back pain.He was always crouching.
Liv Schindler
Liv Schindler Prije 13 dana
Dina when Abby showed up : 😴
Leo Tang
Leo Tang Prije 14 dana
the sewer part gave me spider man 3 game flashbacks when spiderman was fighting the lizard
Mr.vunky Vunk
Mr.vunky Vunk Prije 15 dana
Dina is a bitch
Dquan Saunders
Dquan Saunders Prije 15 dana
pewds why are u so bad a this game lol
2devil35 Prije 15 dana
I've been a fan of Pewds since the very beginning, but it actually pisses me off how stupid he sometimes actually is.
meygan byles
meygan byles Prije 16 dana
Juicetin Prije 17 dana
Nice try naughty dog. Getting Ellie to kill a pregnant woman is not going to make me hate her. I’m not falling for your tricks like so many others have.
Ashley Ashley
Ashley Ashley Prije 17 dana
dororo op
Maytal Acedo
Maytal Acedo Prije 18 dana
she's wearing the baby as armor?! XD
Maytal Acedo
Maytal Acedo Prije 18 dana
Snake snake snake snake snake snake. Lol XD
Davide Matos
Davide Matos Prije 20 dana
would be nice to ear some of the dialogue, but pewds keeps talking over them. i remember a pewds that respected games.
A cm
A cm Prije 20 dana
Trans ppl watching pewds: gets pp just to get it snipped off 👁👄👁
Michael Coiner
Michael Coiner Prije 22 dana
I can't stop stareng at her arms👁👃👁
Michael Coiner
Michael Coiner Prije 22 dana
Love u
Marc Dante
Marc Dante Prije 22 dana
Pewds:*eww* also zooms on it with scope
Anna F
Anna F Prije 22 dana
1:12:00 My cat's name is Bear :3 I don't think you like cats very much, Felix, but he says "thank you" anyway for saying that his name is cute ;) (i didn't pick his name tho, his foster parents did)
Pedro Talons
Pedro Talons Prije 23 dana
I love how they made a whole flashback for people to simpathize with abby and then right after it ends they remind you why you should hate her. Just made the whole thing pointless.
Ruby Senpai
Ruby Senpai Prije 24 dana
I personally love that they put out a strong, well established woman like abby, it's really cool. I'm 50/50 about all of it, the plot seems so dry to be honest. I don't feel shit about the characters and their back stories like truly. Damn.
Huriel Duran
Huriel Duran Prije 26 dana
Dean Gulbarry
Dean Gulbarry Prije 27 dana
this game try sooo hard to be hard but its just uncharted
vivlodia Prije 27 dana
4:45 thats terrifying, being swept away in a current
Alexis Nichole
Alexis Nichole Prije 28 dana
I got a pewdiepie ad on a pewdiepie video 10/10
Bluespaceboat Prije 28 dana
Plot twist: it’s not chance.
ij137 Prije 29 dana
I came to explicitly see Pewd's reaction to the fuckshow that was Jesse's death and having to play as Abby after that. Wasn't disappointed.
gumaro vertin
gumaro vertin Prije 29 dana
donut operator
Flores Bros05
Flores Bros05 Prije mjesec
Why the fuck would you bring a pregnant women on a dangerous journey
Alex Peet
Alex Peet Prije mjesec
Pewds just leaving Jess hanging killed me
chaos Dave
chaos Dave Prije mjesec
1:22:30 satisfying
sailorsaturn Prije mjesec
ughhh why is Abby so damn swole 🤣
hyper Sonico
hyper Sonico Prije mjesec
RIP JESSE😇 Now If you excuse me I gonna hear a sad song Bye.
Mr. Noodlemin
Mr. Noodlemin Prije mjesec
I have a bigger appreciation for this game because my dog’s name is Bear.
Samantha Fisher
Samantha Fisher Prije mjesec
People actually watch u? This is the first time I’ve ever watched and it’s like ear rape.
vivlodia Prije 27 dana
go back to facebook samantha
Ꭱ⚡ᴮ Prije mjesec
"Nora = Hora" HAHAH
Ꭱ⚡ᴮ Prije mjesec
42:22 "I'm healing x5"😂😂
elf christmas
elf christmas Prije mjesec
About the dna. It really shows how it couldn’t have been an accident, there has to be a God. People do just try pushing it aside. But think about the mountains the rivers the beauties in our world. How could it be by accident.
David Williams
David Williams Prije mjesec
lmao, he looked away right as it was revealed that Mel is pregnant.
Ali Khan
Ali Khan Prije mjesec
i cant even imagine felix playing games like hitman or assasins creed in which sometimes you cant even progress without stealth and strategy.
Phyrie Zud
Phyrie Zud Prije mjesec
2:03:50 aww too bad felix doesn't see Ellie give a high five for Eugene
Ali Khan
Ali Khan Prije mjesec
its sad to see how much pewds suck at games now, i mean seriously that scar guys with bows and arrows were not hard to kill. And who tf prones in that grass? moving while crouching is fast and you could easily take out guys by stealth melee kills and bows or even use that suppressed pistol for one in the game. it couldve been a bad ass part but he just had to run away in that building and hide. or maybe there is no other way the game could progress and im all wrong?
L Martin
L Martin Prije mjesec
Omg you’re so badass
Seth Jones
Seth Jones Prije mjesec
xerobunny msab
xerobunny msab Prije mjesec
I’ve never been so annoyed of PewDiePie until this series. The amount of times he has said “gang” after a word is astonishing
Kim NAMTIDDIES Prije mjesec
Tha Snake song got me 😭😭😭
Ve Zapata
Ve Zapata Prije mjesec
The whole time I was like 🗣“ITS JESSE!!!”
French potato
French potato Prije mjesec
He plays so dumb sometimes it hurts😂😭
French potato
French potato Prije mjesec
Pewds: cuts some of the playthrough parts but doesn't cut his peepee breaks😂
Nico Joshua
Nico Joshua Prije mjesec
eugene was like a father to me
apaucokes Prije mjesec
Pewdiepie: stop prawning for the love of god Ellie: stop pressing O dumbass
COM dnt
COM dnt Prije mjesec
Pewdiepie is the most frustrating gamer to watch
Faines Ngendakumana
Faines Ngendakumana Prije mjesec
disgrace 1 minus
Faines Ngendakumana
Faines Ngendakumana Prije mjesec
Samuel Quezada Lemus
Samuel Quezada Lemus Prije mjesec
Kaos Loves Sharks
Kaos Loves Sharks Prije mjesec
Abby: It sucks my dad died :( Also Abby: let me kill someone else’s father figure and expect them not to come after me for it the way I went after the guy who killed my dad. Abby when Ellie kills everyone to get to her: *surprised dumbass noises*
Kaos Loves Sharks
Kaos Loves Sharks Prije 12 dana
Music That Feeds My Soul. Don't listen FEEL IT wtf does that even mean? Lmao
Music That Feeds My Soul. Don't listen FEEL IT
Music That Feeds My Soul. Don't listen FEEL IT Prije 12 dana
You must be a child with such a immature perspective.
potatoe Prije mjesec
Nora : I will not give up on my friend Ellie : *so u have chosen death but more PAINFUL*
dios_cum Prije mjesec
Floor Gang 4 Life
Jack Prije mjesec
Ugh as much as I wanted to see your reaction to this series seeing you play through it half-arsed really frustrates me
kindness ARK
kindness ARK Prije mjesec
1:43:40 I remember there was some great bright moments in Last of Us 1. My favorite moment was the zoo with the jiraffes.
Super_ShaG Prije mjesec
cults are awesome because they're the most disposable enemies in games
Mansura Hossain
Mansura Hossain Prije mjesec
Dude just say Jesse !!!
Wilberto Calderon
Wilberto Calderon Prije mjesec
Lmfao for someone who likes storylines he sucks w names😂😂😂💀
Rangel 420
Rangel 420 Prije mjesec
Jirhu Perez
Jirhu Perez Prije mjesec
Abby should have known that that wasnt what her father would have wanted... what a dissapointment. She doesnt even know her father.
Guro Guro
Guro Guro Prije mjesec
You musst play this game without the fuckin spoiler chat.
Jonatan Ekeberg
Jonatan Ekeberg Prije mjesec
Pewdiepie watching spoilerchat more than the game. Whining and talking over every conversation. I stop watch here. Bye
Mafalda Ribeiro
Mafalda Ribeiro Prije mjesec
“Ellie may be pregnant” wHAT YALL CRAZY
minseoks thighs
minseoks thighs Prije mjesec
The Holy Trinity: Debbie, Diana and Eugene
DdayReal Prije mjesec
❌Felix: won’t kill any dogs at all cost❌ ❌also Felix: *quick scope doggo square in the face ❌
Dr. Who
Dr. Who Prije mjesec
You're not into the game at all 👎👎🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼
A Simpleton
A Simpleton Prije mjesec
Felix has been certain he was in Seattle for 4 parts, knowing it was in Washington, and even knowing that Seattle is known for coffee. Then one second of doubt and a couple of trolls, and he no longer knows where Seattle is, if Washington is on the west coast, and forgot he correctly identified it with coffee.
ReaverTheSurvivalist Prije mjesec
56:35 Keyboard Drumset Fucking Werewolf? I remember watching you play that years ago
ReaverTheSurvivalist Prije mjesec
I love that the wolves whistle to keep track of each other and intimidate their enemies, it also makes it satisfying to kill them when they can’t see you and they’re making a lot of noise.
Barack Tube
Barack Tube Prije mjesec
Soy el comentario español que estabas buscando jejeje
[deleted] Prije mjesec
Se Ar
Se Ar Prije mjesec
Loran Becker
Loran Becker Prije mjesec
i think it would have been cute if one of the dog's name was "naughty"
kay bub
kay bub Prije mjesec
Gameplay so so good, storyline so so bad.
Vytlo Prije mjesec
I love how they have you sit through that "emotional" scene of Ellie being traumatized after killing Nora, but it's like... who cares? It felt good to kill Nora, she deserved it and was going to die anyways.
beowyrt Prije mjesec
1:34:37 EL DIABLO
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