How dare you say this to me Joe Rogan!

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Joe rogan has gone too far
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blaze FLX
blaze FLX Prije 23 sati
what did you read gernimo stilton????
Chad Kase
Chad Kase Prije dan
Doesn't Joe Rogan also go on about mass amounts of drugs he does? Go stick to your shitty mma
Youniverse Prije dan
all these opinion, its either right or wrong or pewdiepie
Edwin Jay
Edwin Jay Prije 2 dana
Yes Sensei Pewds giving us his powerful wisdom
Wi ll
Wi ll Prije 2 dana
Joe Rogan is also the guy who has openly admitted to doing multiple illegal A class and B class drugs on many occasions and told others to do it to 😂
Tim Donovan
Tim Donovan Prije 4 dana
I try to stay from the generational gap of looking down on the youngsters. I had enough of hearing that shit when I was young. In some ways I am out of touch which is just time moving on and new technology, styles, music, sayings, whatever coming out. Last year I learned what Alexa was all about! I still enjoy gaming and playing on line at the age of nearly 43 and I can still do that while having a video editing hobby which I occasionally make money from, going out to places, leading a perfectly healthy relationship, a job and run a home. And I am very happy and content with that. Fuck a career. I get payed well and I am very happy with the job I already have, lol.
Darker Daemon
Darker Daemon Prije 4 dana
Videos like these are why Felix is masterclass.
Aidan Ford
Aidan Ford Prije 4 dana
I disliked
Lesy Lesy
Lesy Lesy Prije 6 dana
“Hey jaime pull that video up of that pew die pie guy talking about what i said about videogames”
Dexter Prije 6 dana
Joe rogan criticizes video games This is news. Let that sink in. Why was this news?.
Zeeshan Malik
Zeeshan Malik Prije 8 dana
I kind of agree with Joe Rogan
Prelf Prije 8 dana
I don’t think he was talking about video games as a entertaining way he means playing video games for fun not making HRpost or other content
Junior Junior
Junior Junior Prije 8 dana
Wait, his names not Roe Jogan
Wolftrax Prints
Wolftrax Prints Prije 8 dana
Stacie Westray
Stacie Westray Prije 8 dana
When posty was in his podcast and he has a skyrim tattoo on his foot 😂
Tigran Hakobyan
Tigran Hakobyan Prije 8 dana
Pewds your pretty dumb lol. Your giving these kids false hope and they actually think they are gonna make money playing games and form a career. It is really rare to get lucky and become rich off of gaming. Most people would be better off getting a real job that doesn’t require them to be in the top 1% to form a career. I’m not saying gaming is bad. Most people are just better off playing them for fun. There is no problem in that. But you should have a backup plan whenever gaming fails because you have a 99% chance of failing. No hate just facts.
Tigran Hakobyan
Tigran Hakobyan Prije 8 dana
He never said ju juitsu was a superior job than HRpost. He was comparing them directly.
Tigran Hakobyan
Tigran Hakobyan Prije 8 dana
You misunderstood his message pewds
Lowek Prije 9 dana
pewds a lil arrogant
MonkeyNamedZam Prije 9 dana
I hate video games
JarZu Prije 10 dana
joe is wrong and nija is wrong.What young people should do is learn a practical skill and on the side continue gaming or other hobbys on the side
Nicklo Meyer
Nicklo Meyer Prije 10 dana
Watching pewds with my friends growing up we wanted to start a Channel and we did messing around playing games but obviously it’s not for everyone
Madeleine Lloyd
Madeleine Lloyd Prije 10 dana
Honestly I'd rather be broke but happy playing video games than with money doing a sport I don't really enjoy.
Proxy Prije 11 dana
Love you pewds, you was way, way off though
UrbanChaos TV
UrbanChaos TV Prije 11 dana
What's Uppo
What's Uppo Prije 11 dana
News Media: Pewdiepie = being reasonable and unraveling capitalism's evil scheme! Arrest on sight!!
What's Uppo
What's Uppo Prije 11 dana
Btw it's ok to like games unless you don't like the games that I like, and then I'll rage-cuss you out like Ninja does to the 7 year olds he plays children's games against. Beware!! Rawwrrr!
Cassla Prije 11 dana
You can learn a lot from driving sims
Fly Guy Mordecai
Fly Guy Mordecai Prije 11 dana
So why did thanos kill them???🤧😶 @pewdiepie
Psychicoutlaw Chanel
Psychicoutlaw Chanel Prije 12 dana
Pewds, came here via this channel: pewdiepie UNITY and his mirror of this one. Do you ever copystrike all these channels that upload YOUR content?
Felony Melody
Felony Melody Prije 12 dana
I love Joe and I love Pewds. But seriously, playing video games for 2 hours or listening to Joe Rogans podcast for 2 hours is still 2 hours wasted no matter what. It's my time, let me decide what to do with it!
Dan Pascut
Dan Pascut Prije 13 dana
Wtf why am I hearing the most balanced well thought out position on the subject from pewds???
luc cole
luc cole Prije 13 dana
In a way he kinnda described people listening to his podcasts lol.
Tigburt Jones
Tigburt Jones Prije 14 dana
Pewdiepie can do the jre podcast a favor and interview him; little organizations like jre really need all the publicity they can get, and pewds can be like big Swiss brother
Tommer Prije 14 dana
PewDiePie should be on Joe Rogan, I love when Pewds is talking seriously
theforgemaster 16
theforgemaster 16 Prije 15 dana
Video games are no more a wait of time than reading fiction or watching movies.
Flower Boy
Flower Boy Prije 15 dana
I love how well Felix can articulate his words and how he applies logic to identify a happy middle ground that both sides of the argument would find agreeable. it’s kinda genius the way he talks and thinks
Laurynas Prije 15 dana
This man hasn't played Europa Universalis 4, which means he doesn't know history, and strategies of war ;-;
Alvin Eikemo
Alvin Eikemo Prije 15 dana
Jiu jitsu money??
Louis Riddle
Louis Riddle Prije 16 dana
Both. I’ll take both.
AKash Senanayake
AKash Senanayake Prije 16 dana
Joe is correct tho. I had fun playing games but I lost so many years cos of the addiction. Can never get them back.
Sov Prije 16 dana
Surely in actuality people can understand the point Rogan is making though.
AOP Gaming
AOP Gaming Prije 16 dana
here's my take OK BOOMER!
Depositron Prije 16 dana
I missed pew news
Boeverdes Nutz
Boeverdes Nutz Prije 16 dana
Didn’t this dude say the n word? Why are y’all still watching his videos? ARE YOU GUYS RACISTS?!?!?
Score Mix
Score Mix Prije 16 dana
love you man - but you sound like a boomer too!!
gg BOZHIDAR Prije 17 dana
Amjith Shaheer
Amjith Shaheer Prije 17 dana
I sometimes hate him ( Joe Rogan) bcoz He's just juijutsu(Brazilian) I believe. People say that Brazilian jujutsu is just kodokan judo back in the day, all those modifications and improvements thing isn't even there , it's just judo removed them from them also there are ground work masters( I believe kosen judo?) Just try that and u can beat BJJ as with judo or catch wrestling. BJJ is overrated and so Joe Rogan gives me cringe
Jenée W.
Jenée W. Prije 17 dana
Who else wants to see pewdiepie on the Joe Rogan podcast
Scrubway Spamwich
Scrubway Spamwich Prije 17 dana
Just because a lot of losers play video games doesn't mean video games make you a loser. His argument could easily be applied to movies or anything other activity or hobby. Can someone ask Joe how him playing pool has directly contributed to his success?
Forty S
Forty S Prije 17 dana
when u learn make up in 3 years u can get paid to do make up for other people :0
Aryan Singh
Aryan Singh Prije 18 dana
Wait a minute, where is there Phineas and Ferb characters along with Thanos at 5:09?
MexicanBurrito Prije 18 dana
There is always something more "productive" you can be doing with your time. Like, why waste your time with jujitsu when being a football player pays more? or why waste time with sport when investing in stocks is more worth your time and effort? Just enjoy the things that make you happy and don't let others knock you down for it.
Danger Powers
Danger Powers Prije 18 dana
Joe rogan: “video game waste time” Also roe rogan: “watch my 4 3hr podcasts every week”
creamycherypie Prije 20 sati
Lol ikr?
jack Fiorenzio
jack Fiorenzio Prije 18 dana
I wanna see pewds react to joe rogan all the time
LENZO Prije 18 dana
Who is joe Rogan hes to irrelevant for me
Drew Wolf
Drew Wolf Prije 18 dana
joe rogan is badass dude look him up
Adrian Groborz
Adrian Groborz Prije 18 dana
Love both Joe and Felix
Hippity Hoppity
Hippity Hoppity Prije 18 dana
I don't think Joe realizes gaming is a far bigger market than juijutsu, I thought he was going to talk about something like mental health, but money? You can profit alot more from gaming
NameMePeter Prije 18 dana
That's actually the long term damages from weed on his brain.
peter nucom
peter nucom Prije 19 dana
5:13 what is this?
Display of Clout
Display of Clout Prije 19 dana
Joe wasn't even trying to attack the gaming industry. He was just saying that a person would benefit more from a jiu-jitsu addiction than a gaming one. A lot of gamers don't become professional esports players or twitch streamers, it isn't that easy. A lot of people just play video games to play video games. It will most likely not lead to job opportunities or progress them, it's just a hobby they enjoy. If the average person became obsessed with jiu-jitsu, there are a lot of paths they can take because they can compete, instruct, and train with a community that will help them grow physically and mentally. You can be really good at video games and still go nowhere with it. Which is fine if you just play for enjoyment. You can also get really good at jiu-jitsu and find that you have a lot more opportunities to make it into a career and promising future. None of this drama even makes sense because Joe never even said the things they claim he did.
Pokemon Pixelated
Pokemon Pixelated Prije 14 dana
Why yu gey
Benign Tumour
Benign Tumour Prije 17 dana
i am gay
Coquitripster Prije 19 dana
The fact that most people don't know what Joe is trynna say is the worst part 🤦🏽‍♂️
Hippity Hoppity
Hippity Hoppity Prije 18 dana
Mate who gives a fuck what he's trying to say, it's about what he said, and this situation specifically happens always when someone is talking about something they don't know. Joe was talking about profit, what he doesn't know is that gaming is a far bigger market than juijutsu, so he's completely wrong with his comparison
Daylight Spook
Daylight Spook Prije 19 dana
How dare you diss Rogan the Hogan!..hahahhahahha.....I have a love hate for games, I started gamming again this fall, I'm surprised I can sit still & play.. Gamer haters just never played, cause many are older, & in their youth Wolfenstien 3D was king, & if you couldn't afford a top of the line computer, you didn't get to play! Now you don't have to be a rich kid to computer game, it's progress.
dfdsgdfgdfgdfa Prije 19 dana
Joe failed to bring in the most relevant point of this discussion. Video games are fun, can make you money, can make you friends... and a lot more! But anything exercise-related helps your physical and mental health (nothing more important than that), and will provide you with more various different benefits than gaming, even if you aren't in the top 10-20%
Drew Wolf
Drew Wolf Prije 18 dana
he did say video games are dangerous because they are “fucking fun”
k k
k k Prije 20 dana
Pewdiepie for president
Ballz Mahony
Ballz Mahony Prije 20 dana
I got ‘em both beat, I do video games AND Jiu Jitsu!!!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHHAHAHA
Pink Taco
Pink Taco Prije 20 dana
Arjun Haridas
Arjun Haridas Prije 20 dana
You wouldn't dare to say that in front him lol
lil TOOBIG Prije 20 dana
Joe and pewd podcast whoa!!!
Bob Jo
Bob Jo Prije 20 dana
he not wrong lmao
Joshua Cruz
Joshua Cruz Prije 20 dana
🙌🙌 Wise words coming from a wise man (or should I say boomer) 🙌🙌
Holistic Living
Holistic Living Prije 21 dan
Couldn’t you make the same point about hosting a podcast? 😂
R3TROCYN1X Prije 20 dana
No you couldn't
ROKlJH UI Prije 21 dan
A scrawny mano-rexic army of androgynous gamers. Gaming disengages your imagination. The 'gaming industry' is irrelevant. Your lives are meaningless. Grow some balls.
hohonuts Prije 21 dan
I knew a guy, who was abused and traumatized by his overbearing father, who was a sports trainer (not sure whether it's jiu-jitsu). He played games 24/7. To have at least something positive in his life, I guess..
Devon Prije 21 dan
I played minecraft and learnt about logic gates. Take that Rogan
Sounds Nice
Sounds Nice Prije 21 dan
Positive aspect of gaming: you can relate with people in the gaming culture. Try this: ask a group of people a bunch of gaming questions. Almost all men know, almost all women don't. What's a game of 1v1 QS in mw2? What color is a creeper? When do you get a star in GTA? What is camping in an online fps? Where can one find the R3 button on a ps controller? What is normally the function of the [w] when playing a third person game? What do you use the program "steam" for? What gamemode is TDM? And what about battle royal?
Sounds Nice
Sounds Nice Prije 21 dan
Positive aspect of gaming: you can relate with people in the gaming culture. Try this: ask a group of people a bunch of gaming questions. Almost all men know, almost all women don't. What's a game of 1v1 QS in mw2? What color is a creeper? When do you get a star in GTA? What is camping in an online fps? Where can one find the R3 button on a ps controller? What is normally the function of the [w] when playing a third person game? What do you use the program "steam" for? What gamemode is TDM? And what about battle royal?
Sounds Nice
Sounds Nice Prije 21 dan
04:54 MMA?
Brad Haaf
Brad Haaf Prije 22 dana
Joe saying any idiot can learn Jiu-Jitsu and if you practice enough you'll be good enough to teach it so anyone can make jiu jitsu money. You have to be good at gaming, the games change and skills decrease over time. Fun hobbies into work just doesn't sound like a good idea to me.
Mac Jones
Mac Jones Prije 22 dana
fr though caring what Joe Rogan thinks about games is like caring about what pewdiepie thinks about ju jitsu
Jose Guerra
Jose Guerra Prije 22 dana
He’s talking about the average gamer who will not make a cent in his life off of gaming I play games I love games but the average person does waist time playing video games but them again watching this video is also a waist of valuable time idk what y’all niggas think lol
Thiago Paulini
Thiago Paulini Prije 23 dana
Pew News😂: (0:49)!
Nirvana One
Nirvana One Prije 23 dana
I’m sorry I love you Pewds but this isn’t Joes full rant. Yes he said gaming is a time waster if your unemployed instead of working and making cash. ReviewTechUSA on You Tube agrees with Joe Rogan. Joe actually acknowledged e sports and people who make a good living 💵 💵 off it.
Conner Compton
Conner Compton Prije 24 dana
martial arts was a bad example, but he has a point making it as a youtuber or streamer is based on luck. most people who play video games are just...playing video games.
thundur nut
thundur nut Prije 24 dana
Joe is specifically talking about how addicting games can be, and how they can take away productivity. Not exactly wrong.
מתבונן בך אלוהים
מתבונן בך אלוהים Prije 2 dana
gaming is really not good when you got some tasks specifically the school stuff, unlike pewds which it's his job to play vid games, its his task
Hippity Hoppity
Hippity Hoppity Prije 18 dana
Well that's just what he said at first, I would've agreed with him but he started to go on about profit. And when it comes to profit, gaming is a bigger market than juijutsu so he is wrong
Billy Noble
Billy Noble Prije 22 dana
@thundur nut you could be playing 3h of games max in a day and you can still be doing great in school or work If you were an unhealthy fat boy that has nothing to do with video games but with your persona you could be working out daily for 40min , hanging out with your friends or family, doing good stuff , pray or anything and still enjoy a shit tons of video games
thundur nut
thundur nut Prije 22 dana
@Billy Noble Good sir I play video games when I can. When I was 12 or so that's all I really had because I was an anti-social little shit. I understand what games can do in a really positive way, I also know what they can take away if you're not careful. Just like in the ways you've pointed out. My favorite game when I was 12 was Mass Effect 2 and 3, games that have diverting paths that offer a lot of replayability in a very well written story. Those games were great and hella fun. But I also added on weight, didn't do well in school. You can attribute that to my own personal issues, but my obsession to keep me on my ass was those games. I found myself in a healthier position when I started becoming leaner and more busy, but I still find myself in some sessions from time to time.
Billy Noble
Billy Noble Prije 22 dana
@thundur nut people get obsessed with drugs , smoking , masterbation or just movies and shows so no need to hate on video games just because they are the best at having fun
ELI Prije 24 dana
bro Joe admits to playing games n having an addiction to them....clearly projections cuz he hates that part of himself,wild to see real time tho🤣
Alex Woodward
Alex Woodward Prije 24 dana
There are some video games such as dark souls and doom that are extremely challenging and are respectable feats of accomplishment as well. Joe pewds and ninja didn't bring this point up. Beating a hard ass boss in dark souls is like beating a very experienced player at chess, it's not a waste of time and it requires real skill
baljeet Prije 24 dana
test: how the universe started joe; well it started with jujitsu
Benjamin Basnett
Benjamin Basnett Prije 25 dana
So this is why my dad hates video games. He never had a problem with ‘em before lol
Sanaak Shipaluk
Sanaak Shipaluk Prije 26 dana
Ronney Rendon
Ronney Rendon Prije 26 dana
Man i'd love to ride that beard!
Kalel Art
Kalel Art Prije 26 dana
I am here to tell you that you dont have to be at the top of everybody to be succesful, don´t think you´re inferior to someone else... we are all the same and if you put all your energy, concentration and time on doing what you love the money and success will come. Charles Bukowski became famous in his 50s, because he never stopped doing what he loved even without making money off it. Never give up on your dreams... its sad that I here a lot of celebs and youtubers saying that you might not make it, THE ONY PEOPLE THAT DONT MAKE IT ARE THE ONES THAT GIVE UP!!
Haufanhazza Syazani Adi
Haufanhazza Syazani Adi Prije 26 dana
Peaple fear of something that they don't understand and hate something that they can't conquer
Michael Williams
Michael Williams Prije 26 dana
Joe Rogan used to play Quake competitively. He used to dump hours of his life into it. That’s why he knows how addictive they are
Jeffery Tull
Jeffery Tull Prije 26 dana
The thing about it is Joe Rogan is bad ass he can use his fist to tear up your gaming gear and you’ve been sitting in a chair for so long but your muscles have atrophied you can’t even go to bed without crying so yes jujitsu is better than gaming.
BiggieSmallNut Prije 27 dana
Who else saw the platypus covering the light that’s been out lol
Rémi Tassé
Rémi Tassé Prije 27 dana
That was one of the most wholesome, true and feel good videos ive seen from you in a while and it confirms once again why i follow you and reminds me of what im about. Thanks bro.
Rskys TG
Rskys TG Prije 27 dana
Roasts ninja then just repeats what he said
Mohammad Ishaq
Mohammad Ishaq Prije 28 dana
stupid joe rogan video games are the best
Kevin Gonzalez
Kevin Gonzalez Prije 28 dana
Okay guys; just listen to me. When is the baby coming???? That’s the real question here
Belle is #1 Scrub
Belle is #1 Scrub Prije 28 dana
i watched this joe rogan ep and as a gamer i can say my feeling aren't hurt
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