Man Puts Mayo in His Hair....... Ed & Rose - Part 1

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TLC big ed likes mayo in his hair and lies
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Mohammed X Cobra
Mohammed X Cobra Prije 2 sati
Wtf is this
May Phyu
May Phyu Prije 3 sati
Ed really do be wanting to be a snack huh? Got the Mayo on him already😏😂
Marty Borja
Marty Borja Prije 4 sati
The 480 pesos he paid was a scam
MrWootWoots Son
MrWootWoots Son Prije 8 sati
Pewds, they get married cause they want there visas and greencards
Leemabari Beage
Leemabari Beage Prije 9 sati
"Pequeno" "This is foreshadowing for later tonight" 🤣 Why do you have to do him like that
tara 100030
tara 100030 Prije 13 sati
Can you freaking imagine how bad dudes hair smells..and when they go to the flea market on that hot ass day...that mayo's gonna be kickin...🤢
Abhya jha
Abhya jha Prije 13 sati
I frankly don't see why the STD test was such a big deal. If I was her then I would have asked him to take the test as well, just to be safe myself. Why isn't it a norm to take a STD test before starting any sexual relationship? Let's make it one. You can never be too careful with things like this. (Even though I don't know why she is still with him after he clearly lied to her. Like what the fuck?)
Asado Mao
Asado Mao Prije 17 sati
OMG “He’s so short but so big” *proceeds to laugh like crazy”
Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart Prije 17 sati
when my met my ex's father he wanted to drink beer and wine with me. He never asked me to take shower with him.
Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart Prije 17 sati
I have baby soft skin and i dont use mayonnaise. I simply add some NaOH to used to fats and oils i get from cooking to make soap.
Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart Prije 18 sati
Whenever my ex's family asked me for money I always told them that I did not it available. Normally it is a bad idea to loan them money for businesses and such because many times their business is not doing well for a reason. Unless the amount is less than my spending budgets i always said no. As for the STD test i would have simply told her that as I want her to be assured that I am safe that we should both go to a doctor and have a test done. If having a child is a problem for me i would have told her that before i met her. I figure if my partner wants children and i dont it is wrong to not tell her upfront. I would also not lie about my height. I am 5'1! so i do not think my height is a turn off but i still dont lie about anything because most things she will be able to figure out when we meet. I really think he should have learned about Asian culture before he started dating her. Before i met my ex i had already studied what was required legally to marry her. I also understood that marrying a Khmer woman means that I have to pay bridewealth to her family and if I did not it makes her family lose face. I always think of my GF's family as my family. I call them mom and dad and always try to help out whenever i can and get them thoughful gifts when i see them. Usually I would get them something they would enjoy and something I think they would need. I would always bring gifts for the kids even if it is shampoo and toothbrushes
Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart Prije 18 sati
I had alot of fun when i was in the Philippines. I got to eat so much pancit, Adabong Manok, and leche flan. I also enjoyed speaking Tagalog to everyone I met.
Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart Prije 18 sati
When i was with my ex I did not care if she were wearing pajamas. I actually prefered it when she did not wear pajamas which was usually every night we were together except for her time of the month. It was like this for 4 years.
Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart Prije 18 sati
I remember when my ex brought me to meet her family. I was always excited to meet them and enjoyed every minute i spent with her family. My ex was a Khmer girl and her family were farmers. They might have had a more primitive house then what I was used to but I could see myself living in a traditional Khmer house. Albeit i would have to touch it up a bit. I never made fun of her being poor unless she started bringing up stuff about me. I would never cheat on my woman as if I cant keep a promise to her how would i be able to keep it for someone else.
ThePrincess Prije 18 sati
bid Ed is shorter the meh .-.
Cyan Finch
Cyan Finch Prije 19 sati
I was watching this while eating and stopped because I lost my appetite looking at Ed he's just so disgusting
Minmin playzgacha
Minmin playzgacha Prije 22 sati
Me in the morning be like: 14:46
Minmin playzgacha
Minmin playzgacha Prije 22 sati
I wonder if the people thought that this guy was meeting his daughter after a long time rather than think she's his lover.
Rashad Duhaney
Rashad Duhaney Prije dan
where is his chin gone
river pineda
river pineda Prije dan
filipinos got the comments
アシュリーの恐れ Prije dan
big ed wants rose to shave her legs but he wont shave he's attitude *_BRUH_*
Danielle Wolf
Danielle Wolf Prije dan
"I want to look young for her" Buddy, that ship sailed a long time ago.
Inkie Blinkie
Inkie Blinkie Prije dan
Okay, I´m asian and we do put mayo in our hair to make it softer and silkier. BUT WE DON´T USE IT AS A REPLACEMENT OF SHAMPOO WTH WHO DOES THAT?!
Sizzler Prije dan
Subscribe to pew pewds!
Sizzler Prije 16 sati
I meant pewds sorry
Navier Gnat
Navier Gnat Prije dan
Ed's ex-wife got his neck in the divorce settlement.
reselito dalisay
reselito dalisay Prije dan
I hate big ed he gross
Aliee Kat
Aliee Kat Prije dan
I feel like a lot of these episodes are all communication issues (usually from the insecure person) so that they can have this person that they find attractive but don't look at the personality at all hence the communication issue
Mark Cannon
Mark Cannon Prije dan
I can understand why people call him no-neck
Datboi._. Bean
Datboi._. Bean Prije dan
400 pesos... literally like 20 dollars🤣
Rhea Thapar
Rhea Thapar Prije dan
Rose's dad looked hurt when Ed insulted his home and culture. I feel really bad for the guy. I mean, who'd want to see their daughter with someone like that?
Yanshika Sehta
Yanshika Sehta Prije dan
This man is a fat lieing chicken himself and doubts others 😂
Matthew Storey
Matthew Storey Prije dan
Pewdiepie: omg he's 4'11 ! Me: "I am 4'11 ):
Aaron Burr Jr
Aaron Burr Jr Prije dan
rose is an e-girl now lmao
Slenderforest Prije dan
Big Ed sees comments
Slenderforest Prije dan
1:27 you've been dying your hair with mayonnaise
Vince Peralta
Vince Peralta Prije 2 dana
they were in the philipines wow
Harley Farley ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻
Harley Farley ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ Prije 2 dana
8:47 the thing in the Philippines especially in the "outdoor" markets..negotiations are easy asf.. that guy sold pajamas for 180..if my mom was there she could negotiate for it and couldve bought it for 50-80 pesos
Ervine Martin
Ervine Martin Prije 2 dana
lol probably that girl is like just going rich in philippines lol 10 pesos is precious for us filipinos then she keeps it for change??? i can buy 10 diamonds in mobile legends with that
Ervine Martin
Ervine Martin Prije 2 dana
She lives in a squater so why she didnt took the 10 pesos
William Barrow
William Barrow Prije 2 dana
I'm not trying to be rude, but I feel really bad for Rose, like REALLY BAD.
FL Prije 2 dana
This react video has 4 times more wiew than the actual video
when i see your mom i always think about
when i see your mom i always think about Prije 2 dana
What is that creature at 18:21 a cow or a dog ?
roseyrojas !
roseyrojas ! Prije 2 dana
When you ask your teacher a question, she explains, and you PRETEND to understand... 6:18
Tanaka 06
Tanaka 06 Prije 2 dana
17:28 Ed: rose what is that... Me: that's a 6ix 9ine😂😂
Tanaka 06
Tanaka 06 Prije 2 dana
17:12 lmao,😂😂😂😂😂I've watched a lotta prison movies and picking up the soap can lead some other shit😂😂😂
Nathaniel Rupisan
Nathaniel Rupisan Prije 2 dana
bro im a filipino when i took a bath when i was a kid i was like him now i shower normally Xd
Nathaniel Rupisan
Nathaniel Rupisan Prije 2 dana
why out of all of the thing he says ARE YOU REAL Xd and pince me
Emily Amgad Samir Lotfy Motawashlah
Emily Amgad Samir Lotfy Motawashlah Prije 2 dana
Just a note when Rose took Ed's wallet she probably didn't mean it in like a "I want your money way" the problem is there is a really big cultural difference. she probably did that too help him coz he didn't know hoe pesos look. I don't personally think she meant it in a mean way.
Soul Anime
Soul Anime Prije 2 dana
Men's pockets are so big to carry all of their *AUDACITY*
Gabriel Sarmiento
Gabriel Sarmiento Prije 2 dana
floor gang supports satan cuz he loves the floor or the under world
Johnny's Chittaphrrr
Johnny's Chittaphrrr Prije 3 dana
I was on the mayo part when a Mayo ad showed up, I'm wheezing
Jay Black
Jay Black Prije 3 dana
This whole series is hard to watch, pewd's get my respect for going through the whole thing and just taking the good parts.
SmoothBoyMagic Prije 3 dana
selsun blue dry scalp shampoo took me 5 min to find do better research Ed .....
Maritess Salboro
Maritess Salboro Prije 3 dana
In the philippines its common for everyone having a chinken
Anne Cohen
Anne Cohen Prije 3 dana
You know where he needs to go to? The mayo clinic!😂🤣
Goff #38
Goff #38 Prije 3 dana
Ed is the definition of a chode
RaiRai kun
RaiRai kun Prije 3 dana
Somebody else feels bad for the rat :(
CreeperGoesBoom Prije 3 dana
Why is he scared of pigs when he's one too?
ZARAR SHAH Prije 3 dana
pausing on 2:48 tf is that fam
Syrup on cereal
Syrup on cereal Prije 3 dana
Sometimes there are things even mayonnaise can't fix
Nicholas Romanov
Nicholas Romanov Prije 3 dana
Big Ed: Is that a mouse or a rat Rose: Yes
Prashant Kumar
Prashant Kumar Prije 3 dana
What the actual fuck!!?? This guy doesn't have a NECK!!!
im a filipino and every thing that rose did is very normal to me
Remmi Nyburg
Remmi Nyburg Prije 3 dana
So i used to have a really bad lice issue, and none of the treatments ever worked. And then my ex step mom put Mayo in my hair and i never had to deal with it since,,, y'all he's on to smth
Liu Eli
Liu Eli Prije 3 dana
filipino o.O
Stephanie Scott
Stephanie Scott Prije 4 dana
Ed *thinking*: She took my money! She took my 10 pesos! Okay, so I searched up '10 pesos to USD', and the answer I got was 0.50 USD. I then realized that it was Mexican Peso. I changed it to Philippine Peso, and the answer was 0.21 USD. That's even less! You're not going to become broke by losing 0.21$!
Stephanie Scott
Stephanie Scott Prije 4 dana
This is like Modern Family. Jay marries Gloria, who's younger than his daughter, Claire.
There is this anime that I watch called haikyu and Hinata is the shortest one and he is taller than ED Thats just sad -_- I know this is months late to comment on this video but im just binge watching PewDiePie videos
GOD ROASTER Prije 4 dana
girl: hey darling you're here man : are you real?
Darielle Castillo
Darielle Castillo Prije 4 dana
*20 cents*
Vanessa Neagu
Vanessa Neagu Prije 4 dana
Pewds should watch Caso Cerrado english subtitles
gary1402 Prije 4 dana
mayo in his hair *wheezing intensifies*
Zamjamザムザム Prije 4 dana
I am from Ingram and my husband is for snap it is not fair to have baby Twitter 😂😂😂😂😂
Anime Weeb
Anime Weeb Prije 4 dana
omg he´s 2 centimeters taller than me...that man is smol lol
hopeworld _
hopeworld _ Prije 4 dana
Rose's dad is so sweet
Petite Brunette
Petite Brunette Prije 4 dana
He reminds me of the tweedles in alice in wonderland
Silver Doe
Silver Doe Prije 4 dana
Has he never taken a shower at a gym with other men? No never mind!
SPRINGTRAP 3D Prije 4 dana
big ed looks like a baby with a beard and puts mayo in his air
Ahmed Elsayed
Ahmed Elsayed Prije 4 dana
Ngl Ed seems like a nice person
mine stomper
mine stomper Prije 4 dana
20:01 pewds saying ''goodbye'' in swedish, ''hejdå''
Nikeey Aluko
Nikeey Aluko Prije 4 dana
Spectetos Prije 4 dana
My man no neck ned is so scared of mouses
BaconCat Prije 4 dana
My name is Rose, and I am highly disturbed by this
DeAndre Productions
DeAndre Productions Prije 4 dana
9:12 Bruh I'm so confused why the hell these people so focused on Ed and Rose and not focusing and their daily lives
DeAndre Productions
DeAndre Productions Prije 4 dana
Filipinos be like: iS ThaT tHe pHilIppInes???
DeAndre Productions
DeAndre Productions Prije 4 dana
A magician made Ed's neck disappear
Salamat Po!
Salamat Po! Prije 4 dana
9:00 PewDiePie go to the Philippines...
Justin Nunez
Justin Nunez Prije 4 dana
DeAndre Productions
DeAndre Productions Prije 4 dana
He uses his full body to turn around
glowingeyes Prije 5 dana
14:04 Honestly, Pewds, thank you for this comment! Melts my heart
MARmario25 !
MARmario25 ! Prije 5 dana
4:32 his daughter 99% is got to be from the mother
Kaylee Truman
Kaylee Truman Prije 5 dana
Can someone please explain where this mans neck went?!🤣🤣
Selina Thoma
Selina Thoma Prije 5 dana
He says Rose is disrespectful, yet, look at his reaction to litrally anything from Rose's culture or family. 😂🤦🏼‍♀️ Rose's poor dad, look how hurt he was at Ed's reaction to his house.
fearful684plane Prije 5 dana
Is ed ever gonna do a neck reveal? (I did NOT come up with this)
Chris Trowell
Chris Trowell Prije 5 dana
i want to go to the philippines now it looks like fun
Ismail Bounhar
Ismail Bounhar Prije 5 dana
compact version of johny bravo with black hair
Borcsok Martina
Borcsok Martina Prije 5 dana
Normal people:" I'm gonna put a hairmask on!" I want to look good... Ed: Buys a bucket of MAYO and applies it all at once!
Lisa Lisa
Lisa Lisa Prije 5 dana
Neck transplant
MP Boris
MP Boris Prije 5 dana
Why??....Just Whyyy?????
Corrie Scrivener
Corrie Scrivener Prije 5 dana
the age gap is not the problem there both legal . the problem was ed was a asshole to her
Taegyunie Prije 5 dana
"Give me your wallet"
Taegyunie Prije 5 dana
Stan the rats
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