Man Got Catfished

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Öz Kan
Öz Kan Prije minute
20:00 Happy End :D
Just A Dragonfly Passing By
Just A Dragonfly Passing By Prije minute
19:17 best moment!! I burst out laughing with Pews! 🤣🤣🤣😂😂
Chris Howes
Chris Howes Prije 4 minuta
Her son looks live Niv from catfish
Raze pro Leon
Raze pro Leon Prije 4 minuta
Pewdipie gay
Hezekiah Rodriguez
Hezekiah Rodriguez Prije 6 minuta
Poor Aladin... 😂
Timeless Prije 9 minuta
you Aladin lives in the same country as i live in
Mark Bötefür
Mark Bötefür Prije 15 minuta
Why would he marry you? You don't have money, you're ugly, he doesn't want a green card... Maybe he likes you?
lil Tå
lil Tå Prije 15 minuta
Jiggy Jiggy Felix Winky Face
Ultravi01 Prije 17 minuta
Me: sees title Also me: you fool, you fell for one of the classic blunders
Faken Prije 19 minuta
What’s ur monitor mr pewds
Stephanie Calderon
Stephanie Calderon Prije 21 minute
I suppose when he's changing her butt and pushing her about that's going to be like having a baby.😂😂
Mark Bötefür
Mark Bötefür Prije 26 minuta
"I *kinda* married him" Excuse you😐
Sub or you'll experience pikachoke
Sub or you'll experience pikachoke Prije 31 minute
tirendir Prije 32 minuta
Lol pewds, some people from America state what area they came from because you can take the entirety of Europe and fit it into the land-area of the United States and have plenty of room left over. The cultures aren't as varied as having dozens of countries in Europe, but there are multiple distinct cultures in the United States alone, much less when one considers all of North America as a whole. Someone from Alabama is not remotely the same as someone from Pennsylvania, and someone from Pennsylvania isn't going to be that much like someone from Arizona, and someone from Arizona is going to be much different than someone from Utah. Besides all that, there are still Texas, California, Louisiana, and Florida that are distinctly different than the entire rest of the country as well. It takes 10-20+ hours to drive between most of those, even while traveling faster than any roadway in Europe besides the Autobahn. That's all it is, America's a big place good sir, and there's a lot of cultural diversity within it. ^.^
Abby Spam
Abby Spam Prije 36 minuta
pewdiepie could react to paint drying and I would still find it entertaining.
Ulysses Edens
Ulysses Edens Prije 37 minuta
@20:16 I think I heard the camera person laughing 😂
rose191991 Prije 39 minuta
cant tell if that was face palm or cry 🤣🤣🤣
Trajik101 Prije 41 minute
That thumbnail just makes me want to watch Bly Manor again
Hemanshu khatal
Hemanshu khatal Prije 43 minuta
Children got Catfished: 0:01
NorteX Prije 45 minuta
HRpostr: "This video has been sponsored by..." Viewers: 6:58
WJay Prije 52 minuta
Sometimes I wonder, what do straight men think about other straight men who are like this guy?
WJay Prije 49 minuta
Cause like wtf is even the point of liking women if you're gonna be like... this. lol?
Jayden Royal Carribean
Jayden Royal Carribean Prije 55 minuta
Lol the woman and the intro look the same
N0tTheBear Prije 56 minuta
10:22 (At .25x, the facepalm the could be heard around the world)
John Doe UTTP
John Doe UTTP Prije sat
DIORJGK Prije sat
shes so addicted to "jiggy jiggy" that its mildly concerning...
Simon Jeffries
Simon Jeffries Prije sat
I used to really support the body positivity movement. Then I saw these videos where every single one of my countrymen were fat fucks and I realized we need to fix our image.
Kortnye코트니 Prije sat
Matthew Riggins
Matthew Riggins Prije sat
I died when he said the high heels line 😂😭 The smaller dude is actually my spirit animal
__Koteika __Matroskin_
__Koteika __Matroskin_ Prije sat
I can't, I literally needed pauses during the whole video, so I just don't cringe to my death.. How can you fight this feeling?!
goose42 Prije sat
why out of all the women in this world did he choose her i dont understand
It's raining
It's raining Prije sat
By the way thanks for respecting my heritage of the Salem Witches. It shouldn't be played with like a little minecraft game.
The green soldier1
The green soldier1 Prije sat
Was here son 40 or a matured 15-year-old?
Austin Graves
Austin Graves Prije sat
Hey thanos isn't how I remember 0:00
Amber Bruh
Amber Bruh Prije sat
Just why.
Simon Jeffries
Simon Jeffries Prije sat
7:13 allow me to explain why we do this, we all go the extra mile to avoid being associated with states like Florida, New York, New Jersey, Alabama, California, Kansas, and many others.
It's raining
It's raining Prije sat
I trained in Sparta in my past life. Your numbers are nothing. Your country is nothing.
CaroDame Prije sat
I mean I am wondering how bad someone fucks when he calls it jiggy jiggy....
Nukyyy Prije sat
9:42 bless you
Raphael Zelderis
Raphael Zelderis Prije sat
9:42 Bless you.
W4ST3D Prije sat
I used to have the same phone case as Aladdin on my iphone 6 plus before
Rogue Prije sat
me and felix at the same time. "can she stop saying jiggy jiggy" great minds think alike...thanks felix
Andre Velarde
Andre Velarde Prije sat
Woman: I’m from Toronto, Canada. Pewdiepie: YOU’RE FROM AMERICA NOTHING ELSE MATTERS
Madoka Prije sat
“You’re from America, nothing else Matters!” Spoken like a true patriot.
Ismark Anigro
Ismark Anigro Prije sat
Kaz Prije sat
that intro makes me very uncomfy :)
Ismark Anigro
Ismark Anigro Prije sat
Bros from Tunisia , leave a like 😎
[Darth Bleen]
[Darth Bleen] Prije 2 sati
PS5 secured!
Ismark Anigro
Ismark Anigro Prije 2 sati
Winnie Rugglesby
Winnie Rugglesby Prije 2 sati
Well, not to defend her, but, us Canadians like to distinguish ourselves away from the US as much as we can, when we can
Isa Fisa
Isa Fisa Prije 2 sati
Amine GamingYT
Amine GamingYT Prije 2 sati
Inna Perspektywa
Inna Perspektywa Prije 2 sati
This is so cringyyyy
Keenan KHOURY Prije 2 sati
the intro is cocomelon hahahahaha
M M Prije 2 sati
6:03 love the fuslie video reference xD
Vlachy goes by Kuba
Vlachy goes by Kuba Prije 2 sati
He seemed to really like her and she made fun of him for that? He seemed really insulted :/
Sh. M.M
Sh. M.M Prije 2 sati
" if i put myself in her shoes, I'll be taller because she wears high heels " lolll
Koby - فهد
Koby - فهد Prije 2 sati
The funny thing that i can understand english & arabic its morooco accent tho
Koby - فهد
Koby - فهد Prije 2 sati
I think its morooco (:
DaedraBlast Prije 2 sati
The guitar part absolutely killed me hahahah
Kenei Meru
Kenei Meru Prije 2 sati
I can relate to this guy😂
hill billy
hill billy Prije 2 sati
pewds: i dont ever want to hear jiggy jiggy ever again! The comment section: JIGGY JIGGY!
SyzDex Prije 2 sati
Kezia Basaraba
Kezia Basaraba Prije 2 sati
yo this woman doesn't know how lucky she is (to me at least) he's sweet, brought her flowers and brought along her friends and family. She was so rude, critical, and harsh on him because it was his first time. Even if he was after the green card, he went out of his way lots for her lol
Filip H.
Filip H. Prije 2 sati
That fucki** intro is cursed af. I am scared of that sh*t :DDD
Jason DeSantis
Jason DeSantis Prije 2 sati
“I just wanna see them fall apart” -Felix 2020 🤣🤣
Reilly Cotter
Reilly Cotter Prije 2 sati
Canada is not part of the US
Safina Prije 2 sati
My mom is 51 bur she could be her daughter. Then again we got asian genes
TheSeaUmbrella _
TheSeaUmbrella _ Prije 2 sati
Mans really got catfished by a big toe
Liam Slavitt
Liam Slavitt Prije 3 sati
what i find ironic is that she acts like shes entitled to him. shes lucky a guy THAT FUCKING GUAPO(no homo) even has interest in her. shes like "he needs to fix this and he needs to change that and im mad about this and blah blah blah" its fucking ridiculous. like she should be super nice to him since he even gave her a chance no offense. like honestly poor aladdin or whatever his name was. hes super nice, good looking, seems very wealthy, and is very fit and young and shes the complete opposite and has the fucking audacity to treat him like that. like bruh ill mary him(no homo) instead of her. id treat him nicer.
juicetin #
juicetin # Prije 3 sati
damn al, what happened with princess jasmine?
World of Sighcology
World of Sighcology Prije 3 sati
Wait, is he trying to get a green card. How did he miss the red flags?
Operation Blackout
Operation Blackout Prije 3 sati
Pewds please read this JIGGY JIGGY
bynetten Prije 3 sati
either he is on to that fresh green card, or the new Ps5, change my mind
Relax Music & Meditation
Relax Music & Meditation Prije 3 sati
👈👈Welcome to music lovers ❤️
TheMavel Prije 3 sati
People.... Not Aladdin wanted a greencard... but Laura. Have you ever seen Qatar??? She wanted to escape the shithole USA not the other way around!
Bayonet Prije 3 sati
this dude is very handsome not gonna lie,how comes that these type of guys are running into woman like this one?? i dont get it
Relax Music & Meditation
Relax Music & Meditation Prije 3 sati
👈👈Welcome to music lovers ❤️
Alysha Pattikara
Alysha Pattikara Prije 3 sati
the thumbnail is just lady of the lake but cheeseburger edition
ReZyRt Prije 3 sati
omg ,her son is just the best lmao
KM MINING Prije 3 sati
What a boiler
S4icidal Sh33p
S4icidal Sh33p Prije 3 sati
I mean,she’s just shitty,like if you wanna marry someone or be with someone ATLEAST have some decency for their beliefs and culture like cmon
Whatchamajigger Prije 3 sati
I wanted to see him get Catfished by a woman who didn’t have a face like in the thumbnail lol
Qiely Studios
Qiely Studios Prije 3 sati
Jasmine looks different here...
Liam Slavitt
Liam Slavitt Prije 3 sati
the little guy is funny
M B Prije 3 sati
we all just gonna ignore that felix thought Toronto, CANADA is in the states
Yir B
Yir B Prije 3 sati
Guy is just a fck boy and the word.
Rixshay Prije 3 sati
Aaaass. Make a video like this with Marzia. Haha do it
从я. れΞ 从Ξ گI گ
从я. れΞ 从Ξ گI گ Prije 3 sati
I can't wait till I do my first jiggy jiggy!
Hey Le On Na
Hey Le On Na Prije 3 sati
jiggy jiggy like, subscribe!
从я. れΞ 从Ξ گI گ
从я. れΞ 从Ξ گI گ Prije 3 sati
4:23 How not to simp 101!
Haakki Prije 3 sati
"so she is going to get a guitar probably" anyone remember?
CallMeOptic Prije 3 sati
shes in canada....
MN6K Prije 3 sati
what is the thanos hammer called that you are spinning, I couldnt focus on anything but that
Silent Wraith
Silent Wraith Prije 3 sati
Yo, the moms in floor gang tho!! Sleep on floor. She’s loyal to pewds
hill billy
hill billy Prije 3 sati
everyone in the airport be like: is that his mom?
Bommelsa Prije 3 sati
Why are pewd's TLC vids just 1 week after upload available at least in Austria?
Luka Kostić
Luka Kostić Prije 3 sati
RIP pewdiepie
d.petrov Prije 3 sati
where to get his hammer pls i need it
Traumwandler Prije 4 sati
That "A guitar, probably" he snuck in there hahaha xD
Selma Ben Amor
Selma Ben Amor Prije 4 sati
We from Tunisia watching this : ... 👀💔
s g
s g Prije 4 sati
Thumbnail gives me bly manor vibes
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