The LOUDEST Sound in the World.. w/ Jacksepticeye

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shamsi Prije sat
4:45 i love how sive didnt even bother to edit that jump lol
• Giuly_life •
• Giuly_life • Prije 5 sati
As an Italian, the fact that Felix started talking in my language, makes me proud
Antonio Datboy7327
Antonio Datboy7327 Prije 12 sati
5:45 we really just got jebbated
I am frog
I am frog Prije dan
My grandma can whistle louder then the loudest whistle- It’s honestly terrifying that she has that power
g_. dawg
g_. dawg Prije dan
Marzia probably came in and was like, FELIX, A SURPRISE FAMILY REUNION! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!
Vibha Manjunath
Vibha Manjunath Prije 2 dana
Mom: You're already 15! Stop watching Those japanese cartoons, grow up. Me showing my mom this video with two men playing with sparkles in Mario outfits. Also me: Get NaeNaed
olivia Prije 2 dana
12:41 I actually cried laughing 😭
Christian Luczejko
Christian Luczejko Prije 3 dana
12:02 it's a good thing that toilet paper wasn't used otherwise he'd of ended up with a... Septic eye.
anushka eswaran
anushka eswaran Prije 3 dana
The real questions is , do they play a birthday parties ?
Kenzie Cantor
Kenzie Cantor Prije 3 dana
Alternate title for the video and the series:HOW TO WASTE YOUR MONEY BUT HAVE FUN
Dream Gaming
Dream Gaming Prije 4 dana
I've missed this
roseannie Prije 4 dana
5 weird stuff online is so chaotic I love it
Maw Prije 4 dana
Why does jack look like a child
BLAS LOPEZ Prije 4 dana
wAs tHaT a jOJo rEfeRencE 0:40
I0000 Subscribers white no content
I0000 Subscribers white no content Prije 5 dana
Hello 👋
Ritz Vallejo
Ritz Vallejo Prije 6 dana
1st min of the video and i'm like straight lmao. xD
ReacTim Prije 6 dana
Pewds, if you see this, I would love to help people out Pls help me Like for pewds to see this and give me a chance to chase my dreams I'll give you a cookie
Lia B
Lia B Prije 6 dana
Umbra _
Umbra _ Prije 6 dana
Beck Gannon
Beck Gannon Prije 7 dana
i love them sm, im so happy theyre being safe ugh MY 2015 PHASE IS BACK
blue nova
blue nova Prije 7 dana
how come i never watched this video
Matt Prije 8 dana
For 14 minutes I was taken back to 2015. For 14 minutes, I was 15 again, watching the newest 5 Weird Stuff Online during my spring break.
fat_pug _Puppy_bed_lazy
fat_pug _Puppy_bed_lazy Prije 8 dana
This is not Dope or nope???????????
Foxツ Prije 8 dana
The doggie's ears must've hurt during the whistle :(
seagreenlamafire Prije 9 dana
We have five items. Twelve Items later
James Quelal
James Quelal Prije 9 dana
This mario and luigi thing remembered me of papa franku and everytime I think of him there's "ew" by joji sounding in the background
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer Prije 10 dana
If sean ever starts a thing like meme time that is called "cringe time". I'm 420% sure this video will be on the first episode
Eggie N
Eggie N Prije 10 dana
guys how old are you hahaha
bbywluv Prije 10 dana
Poor Marzia, surrounded by 2 dummies 😂
Hannah Mae Vendero
Hannah Mae Vendero Prije 10 dana
I have to remind myself that they are already 30 years old. 😂
DaDomino Prije 10 dana
Aspetto ancora il giorno in cui felix tira un bestemmione dal nulla
Lord Jesse
Lord Jesse Prije 10 dana
RIP neighbours
Camila Vecchi
Camila Vecchi Prije 10 dana
Why you two sound like Brad talking like Marzia.. lmfao
Asish B Nair
Asish B Nair Prije 10 dana
The best part of the video - Luigi saying "Ah, sh*t" 1:08
Rin Prije 11 dana
I was having a bad day so I needed smth to cheer me up... Thanks, Swedish mario and Irish luigi
Kookiesthecutestomg Prije 11 dana
I’m just so happy watching this omg this is so funny
MaddyMae Prije 12 dana
I love their chemistry together. I bet they are exactly the same and chaotic off screen as they are on screen.
Kryzonie Prije 12 dana
This video was uploaded in my birthday and i can't believe that i haven't seen this video when it came out! lmao XD
celina johnson
celina johnson Prije 12 dana
0:34 yup just two bros hangin out
Jon Moxley
Jon Moxley Prije 13 dana
I think the loudest sound ever is the cheer that echoes around the world when PewDiePie is finally dead.
Dr phil
Dr phil Prije 13 dana
The part where Felix gave Jack pringles reminded me of the one spongebob episodeja the "invisible spray"
xss g
xss g Prije 14 dana
How to create such chaos with two men in one room
JAZZ Prije 14 dana
7:18 deathcore screaming intensifies
HappyIsAngry Prije 14 dana
Nurf battles be like
M E M E L O R D Prije 14 dana
React to this video in 10 years
Zackattackyou Gaming
Zackattackyou Gaming Prije 15 dana
Imagine the person cleaning this knowing nothing that happened “ why is there confetti and wet paper on the ground” 😂
Kyle Schymos
Kyle Schymos Prije 15 dana
poor Marzia. Where is she.
Seth Jayasinghe
Seth Jayasinghe Prije 16 dana
Hotaushay Prije 16 dana
I love you two together
noor Niazi
noor Niazi Prije 17 dana
Rip italian accent 😂
Ricardo Ravioli
Ricardo Ravioli Prije 17 dana
Y the masks
Mama Wanja
Mama Wanja Prije 18 dana
An assault on my ears but a treat for my eyes!
Dr.Respect TTV
Dr.Respect TTV Prije 18 dana
0:50 Reminds me of the green pewdiepie meme
TUH Snail
TUH Snail Prije 19 dana
I thought HRpost glitched because PewDiePie started talking and there was a skip ads button in the bottom corner I thought he was just promoting his new phone cases but it was an actual ad on his own video lol
Vicky Manzana
Vicky Manzana Prije 19 dana
Just a paid of thirty year old men dressed as the Mario brothers reindeer hybrids playing with toilet paper guns
Alif Yuotube Channel
Alif Yuotube Channel Prije 19 dana
Sahabat YuoTube
Athea Elaiza Ombion
Athea Elaiza Ombion Prije 21 dan
i love this tandem so much it just screams chaotic friendship
DrunkGandalf Prije 21 dan
Can someone please tell me what those metal arm band things are called I’ve been searching google for like 10 minutes
leonard barlow
leonard barlow Prije 21 dan
Why are they wearing masks? Arent they just at his house?
SarcasticFox Prije 21 dan
Could you guys react to jelix (jack x pewds) together!!!! I think you're reactions would be priceless!!!!!!!!!!!
Ivy Anelim
Ivy Anelim Prije 16 dana
Felix is literally married and Sean has a girlfriend,, that's so fucking disrespectful to both of them and would just make them uncomfortable.
da vinki ?
da vinki ? Prije 21 dan
think of it, he does all these kinds of stuff and still manage to spend time/date with your wife. very big PP
OWL Guide
OWL Guide Prije 21 dan
*Marzia walks in, wearing Peach costume
Delia Stevens
Delia Stevens Prije 22 dana
7:16 proper social distancing
Charles Enriquez
Charles Enriquez Prije 23 dana
Felix's scream is louder than the whistle
Zach Lime
Zach Lime Prije 23 dana
Why r y’all wearing masks ?
the illuminati boi
the illuminati boi Prije 24 dana
Kirby Pua
Kirby Pua Prije 24 dana
They look like they’re on acid
TheJege12 Prije 24 dana
9:45 Pewds you're gonna give your dogs a heart attack with that stop
Chronos Mitnick
Chronos Mitnick Prije 25 dana
what did i just watched.
코로나자가진단 Prije 25 dana
If you find this comment accidentally, you'll be lucky.😍 I hope your rest of the year will be full of happiness. Please subscribe my channel and click like button, then there will be great luck for your family too
emmma 9161
emmma 9161 Prije 25 dana
litrally todllers
Aryan Kat
Aryan Kat Prije 25 dana
I have a question for God... WHHYYYYY!?
Prayash Karki
Prayash Karki Prije 24 dana
Papa franku 😢
Zaidi Zainal
Zaidi Zainal Prije 25 dana
I can hear Marzia in the background pissed off.
Daniel Mu
Daniel Mu Prije 25 dana
The LOUDEST Sound in the World IS Jacksepticeye
PeeJayoo Prije 25 dana
her: hes probably thinking about other girls him: dammit my tolit paper gun is broken
Anthony Becerra
Anthony Becerra Prije 25 dana
Wholesome I wish they weren’t wearing the masks though
J.D. Underwood
J.D. Underwood Prije 26 dana
What even is this video
carat sweetheart
carat sweetheart Prije 26 dana
Sean and Felix are such close friends and it warms my heart 🥺
carat sweetheart
carat sweetheart Prije 26 dana
His house looks like my sim's house when I use motherlode cheat
Jes Cortex
Jes Cortex Prije 26 dana
U fucking guys are the best of the internet
Cory Holl
Cory Holl Prije 26 dana
Mario bros.on a triple stack
Ryan kim
Ryan kim Prije 26 dana
ngl this is the first video i can understand why it got dislikes for some reasons lol btw i didn't dislike love pewdipie
XxShadowWolf 46
XxShadowWolf 46 Prije 26 dana
Welcome to the gulag
Alrineus Aldore
Alrineus Aldore Prije 27 dana
So this is the reason why people bought all the toilet paper at the beginning of the virus... It was to use it as ammo for when the alien boss battle starts at December of 2020!
purple man go stab
purple man go stab Prije 25 dana
You brought your armour to...right
purple man go stab
purple man go stab Prije 25 dana
Tiffany Enjambre
Tiffany Enjambre Prije 27 dana
Jacksepticeye: *I wants to hug Felix* But can't so jack avoided the hug of desperation. 4:23
Tablet Prije 3 dana
I don't know seems kinda gay to me
mini Prije 27 dana
3:53 pewds laugh sounds like when we push the emergency button in among us
Me Me
Me Me Prije 27 dana
This was definitely very fun, but a little messy babe. 💘
Tushe Prije 27 dana
7:34 Ok, that was epic. :D
Maha Qureshi
Maha Qureshi Prije 28 dana
these are two 30 year old men lol
Music, Gaming and Paper Folds
Music, Gaming and Paper Folds Prije 28 dana
Dude I am genuinely asking how many frickin intros does he have...?
Asghar Ali
Asghar Ali Prije 28 dana
I like jack’s haircut
Jaemiyyukkuk *
Jaemiyyukkuk * Prije 28 dana
my prayers have been answered.
A8 EightY
A8 EightY Prije 28 dana
Anyone else get pewdiepie phone case add?
Sofia Grace Nadela
Sofia Grace Nadela Prije 28 dana
Its soo cute when they're together
Candle Wax
Candle Wax Prije 29 dana
dude im watching pewdiepie and got an add for pewdiepie
Muhammad Amin
Muhammad Amin Prije 29 dana
30 year old outside,9 year inside
Groovy Duder
Groovy Duder Prije 29 dana
So epic my dewds
ScorpioKingV Prije 29 dana
It's like watching me and my brother😂
Skater Dudes
Skater Dudes Prije 29 dana
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