Top 10 Ways Humanity Goes BYE BYE 👋👋

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ŠkïpžźClan MultiGame
ŠkïpžźClan MultiGame Prije 3 minuta
Qeun Elizabeth finna have more action than like 2 billion years ago
cerauno21 Prije 32 minuta
if humanity wants to create AI make sure they're not waterproof if they acting up just yeet the entire pacific ocean
Julian Littlemore
Julian Littlemore Prije 46 minuta
“WHAT DO U BILLIONARES KNOW!” -pewds Pewds as a billionaire 😏
LetsGetGaming Prije 49 minuta
wow he sounded intelligent
the edward’s
the edward’s Prije sat
New World Order
JoJo_Glitching Prije 3 sati
Fun fact if the sun exploded right now We would not know until it's completely engulfed us because the explosion will be at the speed of light or somewhat close to the speed of light and it will take the explosion 8 minutes to reach Earth. In other words any light that comes from the sun is 8 minutes old. Or in other words us looking at the sun is actually looking at the sun 8 minutes in the past because the time it takes for the light to reach our eyes
Belo Prije 3 sati
I'd just like to say that there's technically no reason not to subscribe to my channel, which means you should. Once I actually get a mic that doesn't make me sound like I just got whacked in the head while I'm drunk and high at the same time and I just had a stroke and a brain aneurism simultaneously, I'll start uploading gaming videos of Minecraft and such.
uʍɐp Prije 3 sati
Let's hope this video ages well.
Forrest Shooster
Forrest Shooster Prije 3 sati
Antimatter annihilation explosion anyone?
Fire Dawg
Fire Dawg Prije 4 sati
pewdiepie, to instant kill humanity right now is to detonate all nuclear bombs the whole made has made.
Vampress Prije 5 sati
As if the billionaires arent just gonna leave the poor folks behind.
fachtna Spain
fachtna Spain Prije 5 sati
pepemi Dlas
pepemi Dlas Prije 5 sati
I did like this video. different. somewhat interesting
Mr. Tree
Mr. Tree Prije 6 sati
Roses are red Violets are blue Pewdiepies gaming chair is overpriced too
Nacho Businss
Nacho Businss Prije 6 sati
hey pewdiepie sorry about the last message \-'
Nacho Businss
Nacho Businss Prije 6 sati
hey p[ewdiepie youre4 bad rofl lmao
Aka TheGamePlayBois
Aka TheGamePlayBois Prije 6 sati
If ai becomes super intelligent we’re fucked they made flying robots and swimming robots
Siamang ape
Siamang ape Prije 6 sati
I think at some point we would just wake up dead not knowing what happend
Josh King
Josh King Prije 7 sati
how is humanity going to die??? It starts with YOU casually spinning a knife, close to your chest what coould go wrong
menosgrande1112 Prije 7 sati
imho until we don't know how consciousness works we can't create a "more intelligent" AI than us. It can be better in some areas as it is but it can't come up with the idea of human bad- have to eradicate
Bettina Lykke
Bettina Lykke Prije 8 sati
no worries. We will probably end up drowning ourselves before anything bad happens
M J Prije 8 sati
Why we have just so much water (70%) but not water we can drink
Aryan Thakur
Aryan Thakur Prije 8 sati
Why do that plane come from India it came from China then America
ChestMonster Prije 9 sati
So uh I'm the next of dragon Ball Z we will be making another episode of TikToks
Rohanjjba :/
Rohanjjba :/ Prije 9 sati
Laughs in muslim
Elijah Elder
Elijah Elder Prije 9 sati
if wiping out humanity is not militarily useful why do we have nukes
Ricky Peterson
Ricky Peterson Prije 9 sati
I have the same butterfly knife lol nice
elmer lingestal
elmer lingestal Prije 9 sati
Climate change?
elmer lingestal
elmer lingestal Prije 8 sati
@M J Take to long? He is talking about the sun exploding lol xD
M J Prije 8 sati
Take too long and not a threat. Take care
Mistymidnight Prije 9 sati
The iphone 13 is already coming out
Danche96X3 Prije 9 sati
I wish I didn't watch this video
Duck man
Duck man Prije 10 sati
I believe Jesus will return
dack janiels
dack janiels Prije 10 sati
Sorry pewds, imma migrate to Europe and you can't stop me ✋🏼
U B Prije 10 sati
We are all dead
Joey Goul
Joey Goul Prije 10 sati
5:09. If you think about it the universe is infinite so there is no way that aliens don’t exist so eventually we are going to end up meeting aliens
Keanu Reeves of Gaming
Keanu Reeves of Gaming Prije 11 sati
4:54 Ay thats my Discord pfp. Nice.
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein Prije 11 sati
You don't have to worry about human extinction if you die first
summer acount
summer acount Prije 11 sati
8:47 I am American and I can say that I am a plague on other societies.
Like a boss
Like a boss Prije 11 sati
pewdiepie brain : there's something missing the zombie apocolypse can extinct the humanity
Smiley Prije 11 sati
I like to think we have this kind of higher alien family that is making sure with their super advanced technology that we don't get destroyed by meteorites.
VoltZ Prije 12 sati
When 3/8 of these are people killing themselves
Nelly Prije 14 sati
12:42 That's what she said.
LemonsquizzerPlayz Prije 14 sati
Sadduur Prije 16 sati
A strong recommendation to watch Breaking Boundaries: The science of Earth from Netflix. Good shit.
Reverse Card
Reverse Card Prije 18 sati
i like how after 3 days after this video got published on July 20-22 so much countries got flooded and atm countries are still getting flooded simultaneously
UltimeV Prije 19 sati
Is it me or is he just dangerously playing with a real butterfly knife without any eyes on it
สายลั่น No.1
สายลั่น No.1 Prije 20 sati
little nose
little nose Prije 20 sati
PewDiePie. Read Qur'an. Once. May allah guide u
little nose
little nose Prije 20 sati
Maybe ai will be the company of anti Christ (dajjal). Probably.
tembawi Prije 20 sati
laughs in muslim
Another Jojo Fan
Another Jojo Fan Prije 20 sati
Another Jojo Fan
Another Jojo Fan Prije 21 sat
for the meteor ima go with B:
The Movie Explanation channel hindi
The Movie Explanation channel hindi Prije 21 sat
YASH Nayka
YASH Nayka Prije 21 sat
Kegan Lopez
Kegan Lopez Prije 21 sat
4. Bioengineered viruses **cough* cough* COVID-19 *cough**. Made by the government and private groups to control the population
Perlyn Urban
Perlyn Urban Prije 21 sat
Reject humanity return to monkee
Toitole Prije 22 sati
Pewdiepie uses 1 million dollar video camera.
pe4kh3ll Prije 22 sati
nämen hej pewdiepie vad i e vet inte men ha en bra dag
Hero Senpaii
Hero Senpaii Prije 23 sati
I just hope that some extraterrestrials pick us up before humanity puts us down.
Evonie Defsoul
Evonie Defsoul Prije 23 sati
me as iphone 11 user 😳😳
TheTwisted3rror Prije 23 sati
Damn pewds. Way to make it extremely obvious you hate Americans. It’s been implied but sht…
Evonie Defsoul
Evonie Defsoul Prije 23 sati
i just love the intro
Sarah Jarlowe
Sarah Jarlowe Prije 23 sati
THIS IS SO INSANE I HAD THE SAME EXACT THING HAPPEN WHEN I WAS A KID. i watched a video about how the sun will "explode" in a couple billion years, it said humans might not even exist at that point and i knew i wouldn't be alive but i just flipped out about the actual event happening for some reason. had a whole crisis about it like. like girl you're 9 please go watch zack and cody or something
Steven Tapaya
Steven Tapaya Prije dan
Me listening PewDiePie teaching lesson science
Masked Dukster21
Masked Dukster21 Prije dan
my teacher said the same thing 0:22
Zapizard Prije dan
Alternative title: Getting Existential with Pewdiepie
Pat Cummins
Pat Cummins Prije dan
*Talking about viruses* *Playing Plauge inc Music* Respect Level raised
im just seeing that your eyes are green
norical Prije dan
Tumas Agius
Tumas Agius Prije dan
There are a lot of ethics involved in machine learning. If we stick by these ethics and don't just let anyone do anything, we should be fine. Will technology like this we used in wars? Probably; modern AI already is being used, but it's not the same. We also have defence plans for this; humans are great reactionists, but a bit of proactive defence planning will help to keep us safe. I don't think AI will be the extinction of mankind unless we really fuck up on an international scale. Let's hope not. Although, maybe a machine uprising will be the event necessary to bring humanity together 🤔.
Bambi Prije dan
see you guys during the water wars lol
JCGxp Prije dan
if we created AI, we should have a way to turn it off.
Caroline Maddams
Caroline Maddams Prije dan
Papyrus The Royal Guardsmen
Papyrus The Royal Guardsmen Prije dan
Yellowstone Volcano: Erupts🌋 North America: Becomes Morrowind. Americans: So we Dark Elves Now.
Joey S
Joey S Prije 6 sati
Bekayvd Prije dan
South and north pole switching place and climate change are awesome contendors too
ECCO Prije dan
Yes we sure did invent fire :)
مريومة Prije dan
Harry Tempest
Harry Tempest Prije dan
how about tsunami Pewdiepie ?
NobodieCRO Prije dan
Look up magnetic field earth weakening, look at the chart. We entered a new sun cycle and sun is becoming more active. I give us 10 years until shit hits the fan.
AtSin Prije dan
No. 1 : Humanity
SaiboticRage Prije dan
Humanity went bye bye from the beginning of time
White White
White White Prije dan
Little did they know thats how the megpodon died
I'm Laksh
I'm Laksh Prije dan
5:56 Options C : see this from space
Andrew J. Johnson
Andrew J. Johnson Prije dan
SadClyde Prije dan
ah, yes, the big filters of civilizations
Megan Tibby
Megan Tibby Prije dan
I studied philosophy at uni and did my dissertation on the exponential growth of digital technologies and AI. Transhumanism and critical posthumanism are really interesting branches of philosophy to study
Sefib Prije dan
Pewdiepies webcam be like 30 fps wtf
CrownClown Creations
CrownClown Creations Prije dan
I don't care what anyone says, there is absolutely NO good reason for nuclear weapons to exist! Every time I'm reminded that atom bombs is a thing that exists, I hate humanity just a little bit more. Just how, HOW have we not _completely_ banned weapons like that? It's so f***ing insane!
Teri Prije dan
I don't remember where I "learned" this, but human DNA has a lot of virus DNA mixed in, it's a way humans evolved.... I think 🤔 So, if someone makes an AI that ki11s virus DNA it could turn on us....
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu Prije dan
When you spin your knife 10000 times and you unlock the gold skin
Anita Dash
Anita Dash Prije dan
PewDiePie is bad guy Ganda baccha
Pofwu Prije dan
The Whatever 『 』
The Whatever 『 』 Prije dan
Pls do more of these
Luna Riškić
Luna Riškić Prije dan
Istg if you don't start another Minecraft series
E.E Prije dan
So Tik Tok cannot extinct human 😯😯
Agoraphobic Prije dan
PewDIePie I wonder why do people click on your amazing videos to dislike it if you don't like him just dont click on his videos, cause Pewds gang is big PP
HumanOddity69 Prije dan
The threat of AI is us, it's our own consciousness. AI is guided evolution, we are smart enough to define our own biological future, we are smart enough to break the rules that we don't like. What we fear from it is the untamable darkness within us that has always been present. We fear the decisions that we will make with such power because those choices may very well lead to self destruction.
HumanOddity69 Prije dan
Here is a disturbing thought, what if we are all a part of a single immense organism that expresses itself through the illusions of our individualities? This would mean that death isn't real and we return again and again as long as it survives but each time we forget. What if all of us are both the first and the last people and even our perceived physicality is a dream dreamt by a slumbering behemoth? There actually exist deep evidence in nature to this end. Observe if you will a mycelial mass and it's nature in relation to it's fruit. This seemingly benign thing is actually what we come from, an oxygen breathing organizer of an ecosystem that employs both the strategies of group consciousness and bold individuality. The difference to us being that it employs all things externally which we have contained within us. Go on to observe neural networks and beyond that the plainly observable cosmic network that is perceivably beyond us in which the deaths and births of stars, solar systems and galaxies represent a binary code executed across a mass interconnected network that looks a lot like the human brain. It is as if the entire experience of life for one person is merely an act of building and discharging energy that eventually adds up into the firing of a singular neuron within a cosmic brain. I know it seems crazy but what if, just what if I'm a little bit right?
Nathan Miller Video
Nathan Miller Video Prije dan
How do we format USA?
Wyatt Muller
Wyatt Muller Prije dan
surprised climate change wasn’t on the list
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