Man Lives in his Jazucci...

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Sir Amnias
Sir Amnias Prije 19 minuta
lol ken made a vid on this 2-3 years ago
Erin Billington
Erin Billington Prije 52 minuta
I wash mine twice a week lol I'm allergic toy roommates cat and I also enjoy sex with my roommate tmi haha but that shir is clean n gain scented
Erin Billington
Erin Billington Prije 51 minute
My bed sheets lol
An Empty Bag
An Empty Bag Prije sat
Is it me or does Ken sound different
j0rgen95 Prije 5 sati
Norway actually have the best chocolate... FREIA
Sly Cooper FINNISH
Sly Cooper FINNISH Prije 7 sati
Fazer chocolate is the best of all chocolates in the world :) (its finnish chocolate)
Elias Michels
Elias Michels Prije 7 sati
Bacteria don't die of cold temps, they just are dorment and aren't as active when they are cold
Saito San
Saito San Prije 7 sati
he doesnt gain anything from the hottub bruh
JLJR Prije 8 sati
How much does he spend per month tho?
ozioy Prije 8 sati
This is just a Ken pewds podcast defo should start one
Star Galaxy
Star Galaxy Prije 12 sati
12:55 come on in, the waters fineeeee
Plippy :p
Plippy :p Prije 14 sati
ken is really funny but i wont go to his channel lol
RedSeaReef Prije 23 sati
Ken gives me weird vibes. Kinda like Biden gives me.
DenniseM12 Prije dan
I don’t really like chocolate. Now, I’m wondering if it was because I had no other choice besides American chocolate.
WYWORRI Prije dan
producers made harrison ford act in fridge to arrest the remorseless effects o ageing that dude now looks positivley boyish gotta be summat in that damn cheaper than botox
Amber Marshall
Amber Marshall Prije dan
This is so gross lol hot tubes build up sooo much dead skin and dirt like 😩
Refund Replay
Refund Replay Prije dan
I mean... Sweat evaporates, and you probably just got weak and complacent in the 10 years you have your mattress...
oredssonemma Prije dan
Marabou for the win
Serina Terziani-Carriere
Serina Terziani-Carriere Prije dan
I was changing my bedsheets when they said go watch your bedsheets 😂😂
Joey S
Joey S Prije dan
This "duo" is a "trio"
Anabelle Prije dan
f2p IRL be like:
cheesypotato Prije dan
My bed doesn't have sheets on 🤮
C.D.Evans Jr.
C.D.Evans Jr. Prije dan
Okay people I was a meat cutter for 18 years. All but 2 years of it in management. I want to warn you. Beef & pork this is okay to a certain degree but “DO NOT” do this with chicken or fish. Both chicken & fish can carry such a high bacteria rate that most states Dept of Health (USDA) require any tables knives sinks etc. used to process chicken or fish be completely cleaned& santised before being used for any other product. ***(fish includes any kind of seafood).
sicc_playboys_13 Prije dan
people go into hot tubs and get brain eating amoeba.. hot tubs are bacteria heaven
fv sebas
fv sebas Prije dan
Lazlo King
Lazlo King Prije dan
The thing is my favorite movie :)
TJ Lilo
TJ Lilo Prije dan
Lol definition of house poor
sandra d
sandra d Prije dan
Thats why your supposed to put a mattress protector on it lol
sandra d
sandra d Prije dan
And wash it lol
Neleh Young
Neleh Young Prije dan
I'm actually currently washing my bedsheets and just needed something to watch while I wait for them to be done.... lol
SuperTyrannical1 Prije dan
I would have loved nothing more than if his car broke down while he was bragging about how much it is worth still. Then have the interviewer ask, "what's the value of it now it doesn't run?" XD
SuperTyrannical1 Prije dan
I get the feeling he was driving a train and hit a deer one time, and was traumatized by all the mess and has covered everything in plastic ever since. XD
BandanaPete Prije dan
This guy would prefer salmonella over just regular salmon.
Autisumode Prije dan
Title is "jazucci" 🤯
Suxcess Music
Suxcess Music Prije dan
Felix i like your videos but it would be so much better if you would react to these alone
Susan Erasmus
Susan Erasmus Prije dan
You guys are basically talking tye video away
Landon Bell
Landon Bell Prije dan
i love how pewdiepie is like explaining stuff in like mileage because the video is of a american i think but with my english friend i convert things too their time and Celsius
Teamerdreamer Prije 2 dana
In would take a case of Doritos for Christmas but just one bag... I would still love it because I love Doritos but i would prefer s big bag or one of those box things
BlueLooBoyle Prije 2 dana
This man's logic is like: "I figured why spend money on toilet paper when I can just go to Red Lobster, get an expensive dinner, and just use the napkins? Cut my toilet paper costs down to zero!"
dean padgett
dean padgett Prije 2 dana
Lmao they didn’t know that being cold kills bacteria but not viruses.
Annaka Wolfe
Annaka Wolfe Prije 2 dana
Is that why chocolate makes my throat burn?
Ellyn Newman
Ellyn Newman Prije 2 dana
I've thought chocolate smelled like vomit before but I never said anything because I still enjoy eating it...
Khloe Britton97
Khloe Britton97 Prije 2 dana
That jacuzzi water probably caused covid.
Tarantula Man
Tarantula Man Prije 2 dana
What's a jazucci
Rose Wang
Rose Wang Prije 2 dana
Uuuhhhh, reusing the same water to wash clothes, other clothes could get bacterias from the previously washed clothes tf lol
Khloe Britton97
Khloe Britton97 Prije 2 dana
In Australia we have caramel koalas and Tim Tam's and they're some gourmet shit.
Astherielle Loella-Ximena
Astherielle Loella-Ximena Prije 3 sati
I actually seen tim tam when I went to California, I forgot my wallet tho
Bri P
Bri P Prije 2 dana
A tealight would work better at heating that soup than the jacuzzi and is probably cheaper on the day to day. I've had to use tealights when hurricane season brings blackouts to our neighborhood and it works faster than our stovetop with boiling water for grits and ramen actually. Haven't tried it for much else because canned goods/package goods don't need to be stored in the fridge and we need the fridges closed when there is a blackout.
Mr. Spartan
Mr. Spartan Prije 2 dana
Dude why cook your food in a jacuzzi when you can get a bic lighter and start a fire with sticks its cheaper and more effective
Connor Turner
Connor Turner Prije 2 dana
Have these people never heard of hand washing their clothes just turn on a tap please 🤣
KillerQueen87 Prije 2 dana
KillerQueen87 Prije 2 dana
För faaan!
ValenCode Prije 2 dana
They should have a PODCAST
Suprum_ Prije 2 dana
I get that prolly none of this is real but this is not saving money what so ever
Original Rocket
Original Rocket Prije 2 dana
Felix and Ken are my favorite combo next to Ken and Buffpro
Brandon Gingerich
Brandon Gingerich Prije 2 dana
You're telling me it costs more per month to use the microwave than the shower?
Joe 89
Joe 89 Prije 2 dana
don't do drugs
sour lemon
sour lemon Prije 2 dana
i think if you really wanted to save money in the long run you could just live like a farmer in the middle ages
L Prije 2 dana
Idk who needs to hear this but you do need to wash all your clothes including jeans
Lars Jansen
Lars Jansen Prije 2 dana
Don't bacteria just slow down duplication at cold temperatures (above minus 80 degrees, not a fridge) and die at 165?
Madde 7382
Madde 7382 Prije 2 dana
i was eating chocolate in the beggining, swedish chocolate mmm...marabou
Robbe Hoyberghs
Robbe Hoyberghs Prije 2 dana
What are they going to do with the money they save? Do they have some sort of goal they need money for?
Pink-fun The danish boy
Pink-fun The danish boy Prije 2 dana
Marabou tastes so fucking good
Eric Forsyth
Eric Forsyth Prije 2 dana
$40 a month running a microwave? I'd have to run mine on full effect 10+ hours a day for that.
E-pearl M
E-pearl M Prije 2 dana
How can you not wash your bedsheets that's gross 🤢🤮 Does this man know that outside clothes lines exist?
Navar Maxted
Navar Maxted Prije 2 dana
Hey bro you wanna see my Jacuzzi? It's full of expired meat!
Shaurya Hegde
Shaurya Hegde Prije 2 dana
Cheapskates are just people who are very bad at math
Bitch Please
Bitch Please Prije 2 dana
Sai Lin Htet
Sai Lin Htet Prije 2 dana
Denny Truelson
Denny Truelson Prije 2 dana
"Tod bought me Doritos and chocolate chips for Christmas" he bought you something that's not cheep enough
Jag Girl
Jag Girl Prije 2 dana
Keeeenn. Feeliix...😁👍💚
Pizza was here
Pizza was here Prije 3 dana
Ayo ever heard of a clothes line? You know instead of wasting p e t r o l
Jason H
Jason H Prije 3 dana
whats the point in trying to save all this money if you're not even saving it for a particular reason?
Olivia Prije 3 dana
Do freezing temperatures sanitize laundry? A: Nope (said with a chuckle)! To kill bacteria, you typically have to reach 80 degrees below freezing. Since freezers sit around zero to four degrees, that's nowhere near cold enough.
John Smith
John Smith Prije 3 dana
Cheapskates are just poor people in disguise because they never actually save any money.
Jeff Woods
Jeff Woods Prije 3 dana
I put my bed sheets in the washing machine right before I watched this video XD
Ryyi23 Prije 3 dana
I remember watching Ken and Buff watch this on Ken's channel.
Alisha Dip
Alisha Dip Prije 3 dana
No way. The washing the bed sheets fact can’t be real. You’re supposed to wash them once a week!!!!!!
Alisha Dip
Alisha Dip Prije 3 dana
This guy has real, serious problems.
Thomas Phillips
Thomas Phillips Prije 3 dana
Guaranteed the car ain't in good condition mechanically if he's as cheap as he claims to be
joni karhulahti
joni karhulahti Prije 3 dana
Where the hell the money that he saves go????
flip Prije 3 dana
Dove is good. It doesn't have that gross taste
Rosanais.K.P Prije 3 dana
The national average salary for Train Conductor is $75,141 per year in United States. He can afford a normal life 😂
Chun Ming Ho
Chun Ming Ho Prije 3 dana
The hot huge group monthly appear because layer supposedly pick barring a faded uzbekistan. bright, bawdy lung
Annalena Baumgartner
Annalena Baumgartner Prije 3 dana
This is mind boggling to me, like why do these people even save money if they aren’t gonna spend it anyway, for what? I get that saving money to be insured is important, but that’s just ridiculous.
Artem Katelnytskyi
Artem Katelnytskyi Prije 3 dana
Ken always notices the smallest things!
aak Prije 3 dana
Ken acting like he’s any better than people who don’t wash their bedsheets, bro doesn’t even use a bidet spray to wash his ass 😳 first be clean and the judge others
nina Foeveaaa
nina Foeveaaa Prije 3 dana
Valkota Prije 3 dana
what the hell do these people spend money on? they worry about saving money, but there is never a reason why other then they want to... they saving for a new house? new car? new something expensive? Just doesn't make any sense to me why you would sacrifice so much for literally no reason...
Autumn Eller
Autumn Eller Prije 3 dana
Freezing clothes wouldn't kill bacteria. Most bacteria is resistant to cold and just lies dormant like you guys said.
H I Prije 3 dana
I’m the skat man
Chickn Gamer
Chickn Gamer Prije 3 dana
Fun fact: the cold doesnt kill bacteria, it slows their bodies down
Initials JD
Initials JD Prije 3 dana
so they're talking about chocolate, and don't even mention Belgium
Bandit_cyan YT
Bandit_cyan YT Prije 3 dana
As a Jew I can say this guy is a true one
UNKNOWN Prije 3 dana
Erica S
Erica S Prije 3 dana
Anyone remember that Cadbury ad with the gorilla? Cadbury was trying to make a comeback after salmonella was found in the chocolate. So what better then a gorilla playing the drums to In The Air Tonight.
Irritated Gamer
Irritated Gamer Prije 3 dana
Soupdogg08 Prije 3 dana
I wash my bed sheets like, every week.
Mary Murphy
Mary Murphy Prije 3 dana
this man is a train engineer.... he making enough money to use a washer and dryer
Alaida Z
Alaida Z Prije 3 dana
Eduardo Weber
Eduardo Weber Prije 3 dana
Maybe the guy lives in the Jacuzzi because of all the food poisoning he's getting from the expired meat. "This way I save $35 a month on TP"
Ethan Rodgers
Ethan Rodgers Prije 3 dana
Marabou is sooo good.
Ruben Prije 3 dana
spelling Jazucci saves bitrate
bashpr0mpt Prije 3 dana
Aussie here; I can't go down the street to buy a hamburger without a $10K fine and this dude can visit my country for a holiday?
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