Tik Toks that makes you want to cancel nature..

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0-KINGSLOTH-0 Prije 5 sati
5:43 no, no there's not. Except that he has dementia.
TheDubStepGamer YT
TheDubStepGamer YT Prije 7 sati
Pewds: yay! Edgar! Your the best dog! Wooo Edgar: k g'night
Dasha Kareva
Dasha Kareva Prije 14 sati
Love cancelling with pewds
Roosmarijn Jongstra
Roosmarijn Jongstra Prije 16 sati
The wood carving thing is satire, I saw another account of hers and it's so funny
Alicia Goodfellow
Alicia Goodfellow Prije 19 sati
Dang he's gonna be pretty upset when he finds out a sea penis actually exists
RajBeer Prije dan
I am happy to see edgar still alive
Syahidan Scar
Syahidan Scar Prije dan
12:25 Felix trying to do Kiko-Ho/Tri Beam Attack.
Marcos Rodrigues Butignol
Marcos Rodrigues Butignol Prije dan
Everyone: OMG RIVER DOLPHINS ARE SO DISGUSTING OMG River Dolphins: Oi casada
Carla Walker
Carla Walker Prije dan
Edgar is so cute, we have a 2.5 year old pug 😍😍😍😍😍
a1boPlayz Prije dan
"kill them"
Harry Prije dan
4:59 I think America is just trolling the rest of the world by choosing who is going to be President
Soldier Prije dan
Ok as a American we apologize for joe Biden
Amanda Szynkowski
Amanda Szynkowski Prije 2 dana
Breakfast literally means "break fast". It's the first thing you eat when you wake up, not "the morning time meal". The most important thing you eat is the first thing you eat, because it decides how you feel the rest of the day. That guy has too much clout and sounds wayyy too sure when he talks. Kind of like a salesmen.... Hmmm
Polaroid weirdo
Polaroid weirdo Prije 2 dana
A fire. at a SEA PARKS
Jai Thakur
Jai Thakur Prije 2 dana
I got a t series ad 😂
Harder StylesKid
Harder StylesKid Prije 2 dana
Those pink river dolphins are violent as hell.
Cameron Ashley
Cameron Ashley Prije 2 dana
Pewdiepie: Gets told he is scientifically rare Also Pewdiepie: Cancel science next
JK-Ktyas Prije 2 dana
i dont eat breakfast
_C_ Moe_
_C_ Moe_ Prije 2 dana
Dice has finally listened to us battlefield players
behind the scenes SME ETW
behind the scenes SME ETW Prije 2 dana
Sweden is a piece of s**t
Lisa Sheehan
Lisa Sheehan Prije 3 dana
River dolphins are actually endangered
Lily Wheeler
Lily Wheeler Prije 3 dana
the wood burning one is satire, she has a second account where she posted a video about it
Kingleotv10 Prije 3 dana
PenStylus Prije 3 dana
customwoodburning's is all satire. nothing real. (but she does get sales and stuff, lmfao)
Pineappl3 Prije 4 dana
12:52 why does he look like the godfather
YDYG Prije 4 dana
What game was that Pewds?
Lemon Stella
Lemon Stella Prije 4 dana
Anyone else spit out their food/drink when he said sea pen15
Agent GuL
Agent GuL Prije 4 dana
Plzzzzz buy a wireless headset. 1990 wants it headset back u fucking boooomer. Kappa.
Diamond Red Fox
Diamond Red Fox Prije 4 dana
I wasnt expecting to see one of the best KitBoga clips here
indigowulf Prije 4 dana
be careful, Nature is just tolerating us for now. If you let Nature know you're coming for it, it'll come for you first!
Will Rambly
Will Rambly Prije 4 dana
"In don't wanna swim with sea peni$" my mom walking in wile that exact line was being said
The man of Wonders
The man of Wonders Prije 5 dana
That's how life should be reacting to stupid stuff in your underwear and making millions. Kudos to pie
J A Prije 5 dana
The meaning of breakfast is the break of your fast so anytime after midnight is the break of fast so if you don’t eat in the morning and that could mean your dinner is your breakfast
Eryn Hughes
Eryn Hughes Prije 5 dana
Hahahaha won’t be coming home never England
potatopouf Prije 5 dana
pewds jokes about these animals going extonct but its terrible when they do because of human caused problems and then their extinctions fucks up the whole ecosystem
SaulGoodMannnn Prije 5 dana
Ayyy Kitboga made the cut for his scammer vids
Laci Galvans Sleep Meditation Sounds
Laci Galvans Sleep Meditation Sounds Prije 5 dana
Hi, whoever is reading this, I wish that something you’ve been waiting for for a very long time comes into your life. Manifest it, claim it ✨
HoboQ Prije 5 dana
17:39 that guy didn't make the clip stun_gravy did, that's WARning! Schemov
Maori Prije 5 dana
PETITION! : pewdiepie should play Spore
Olivia Peterson
Olivia Peterson Prije 6 dana
Right eye dominant gang
Natalee Hahn
Natalee Hahn Prije 6 dana
I had to do a project on river dolphins in science class… T-T
Robbie G
Robbie G Prije 6 dana
the wood burning was hilarious cuz the entire comment section
Toni Bohnke
Toni Bohnke Prije 6 dana
Can anyone translate what the russian dude said?
Chungo Prije 6 dana
Plumbers=Latinos I don’t know man seams kinda sus
Marina Ramirez
Marina Ramirez Prije 6 dana
*goes from tiktok to web md*
Voodoo Vixen
Voodoo Vixen Prije 6 dana
bro u need glasses I'm serious
david kramer
david kramer Prije 6 dana
I have mixed ocular dominance
conor scriv
conor scriv Prije 6 dana
yeaaaaa edgaarrrrr wwooooohhhhh yaaaaayyyy *edgar sleeps*
Gabe's Gaming
Gabe's Gaming Prije 6 dana
9:31 cancel pewds for showing tail vore on video
Shubham Mishra
Shubham Mishra Prije 6 dana
Best part at 10:01
Sate Adventure
Sate Adventure Prije 6 dana
That log truck driver was brilliant he reminds me of a rural wolf of Wall Street.
Brandon Robinson
Brandon Robinson Prije 6 dana
Most people when they win the lottery, they wanna spend it on a bunch of stuff for fun or ideas..... I just want my teeth fixed.
Cristofer de Matos
Cristofer de Matos Prije 6 dana
River Dolphins its actualy a thing in Brasil, once we got a lot of rivers, we got planty of history about them, here we call it "folclore" the tales about our country, and we have the "Pink River Dolphin" or, in portuguese, "Boto cor de rosa", the tale is about some river dolphins that can turn into a gorgeous man, and seduces womans to get pregnant of his prole and give birth of another round of "Pink Rivers Dolphins"
Basim Aman
Basim Aman Prije 7 dana
Dont worry felix last one of the river dolphin is in Pakistan.
Avleen Randhawa
Avleen Randhawa Prije 7 dana
12:28 you're supposed to make the triangle way smaller lmao that video had its facts wrong
Jacob B
Jacob B Prije 7 dana
@11:49 illuminati confirmed
The Asian Beast
The Asian Beast Prije 7 dana
Tharun R
Tharun R Prije 7 dana
The river dolphin is the national aquatic animal of India
william xxx
william xxx Prije 7 dana
Jordan Caccamo
Jordan Caccamo Prije 7 dana
They don’ make you want to cancel nature
mastalive Prije 8 dana
6:49 vin diesel 🤣
Best Humongous Pineapple
Best Humongous Pineapple Prije 8 dana
Ok, who fricked the dolphin?!
Finny0125 Prije 8 dana
The woodburning video's are ironic. She has several accounts where she trolls people like this
Kevin de best
Kevin de best Prije 8 dana
i just want to pet Edgar once in my life
Etunimi Sukunimi
Etunimi Sukunimi Prije 8 dana
Koska tulee uutta videoo
Aiman Ahmed
Aiman Ahmed Prije 8 dana
edgar: huh, master go crazy?
James Harrison
James Harrison Prije 8 dana
Always weirds me out that pewds lives in Brighton. Literally just a few miles from me.
NoSleeveFitness Prije 8 dana
Wait did Biden actually say that
WaterTeaFan Prije 8 dana
17:43 the guy reaction is top tier
Lilboyzy Prije 8 dana
cancel the science, please!!
Stewart Kirk
Stewart Kirk Prije 8 dana
Look up duck pp
Charlotte Taucher
Charlotte Taucher Prije 9 dana
I also have no dominant eye. The object moved for both of them too. I have a lot of uncommon traits apparently.
Schlomo Prije 9 dana
Charlotte Taucher
Charlotte Taucher Prije 9 dana
Breakfast means breaking fast (not eating for a long time) usually right after waking up from sleeping for about 8 hrs. It’s doesn’t matter what time of the day you wake up. And what you eat after waking up is important, so yes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
Thomas Fenton
Thomas Fenton Prije 9 dana
WHAT he still has 8 lives
Khloe Moore
Khloe Moore Prije 9 dana
Does pewds still have maya?
Josh Yanaros
Josh Yanaros Prije 9 dana
Now can we get a live trailer reaction by the guy who got killed by the Rendezook being immortalized in a trailer
Nickdasty240 Prije 9 dana
Joe Biden is everyone's Alzheimer's uncle.
Blank Page
Blank Page Prije 9 dana
To find your dominant eye you make that triangle, but instead of closing either, you’ll bring the triangle in and it will favor one eye
napuwa Prije 9 dana
Santino Aldaba
Santino Aldaba Prije 9 dana
DONT search "sharp knife" in latvian, WORST mistake of my life !!
D H Prije 9 dana
Honestly, sea animals scare me a lot... Especially whales and sharks.
Clutch Fn
Clutch Fn Prije 10 dana
Banana Man
Banana Man Prije 10 dana
MrBeast: *plants 20,000,000 trees* Loggers: 🙂
What's This About?
What's This About? Prije 10 dana
Breakfast just means "break fast", or the end of a time without eating. Basically, the first meal of a day is ALWAYS breakfast, because you are breaking your fast. If you don't eat breakfast, that means you don't EAT.
SpeakTruth ‘
SpeakTruth ‘ Prije 10 dana
12:17 Same I need more info
Elyshia Prije 10 dana
Customwoodburning is a troll account. She has a personal account explaining this which ruins the fun tbh
ريان الفخفاخ
ريان الفخفاخ Prije 10 dana
4:28 dam he's so grown up
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi Prije 10 dana
Aleksej Mencin
Aleksej Mencin Prije 10 dana
I was lifting while watching this and I dropped a 10kg wheel on my toe, because I was laughing so hard.
Mango 6926
Mango 6926 Prije 10 dana
I don’t know why, but for some reason, when I watch tik tok by myself I’m sad but when I watch it with pewdiepie I’m happy 😔
Sσηατα Hαηs
Sσηατα Hαηs Prije 10 dana
mc vid's
mc vid's Prije 10 dana
Tiktoks that make*
Luiz Fernando Nunes de Oliveira
Luiz Fernando Nunes de Oliveira Prije 10 dana
They live in Brasil
Anton Yordanov
Anton Yordanov Prije 10 dana
akib khan
akib khan Prije 10 dana
12:41 best part
Anna Mihailides
Anna Mihailides Prije 10 dana
just so everyone knows my left eye is my dominant eye
jujubliked Prije 10 dana
the Karen wood burning is a joke the girl as another account where she talks abt it
Devin Harrell
Devin Harrell Prije 10 dana
I’m ambidextrous but with my eyes
katy hall
katy hall Prije 11 dana
that wood burning lady is so fr, she goes on live and names it 'no talking' and yells at people who comment 😂 she blocks people with inappropriate usernames
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