You Laugh You Donate

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Эдиты Prije sat
Zein mk
Zein mk Prije 2 sati
Donnie Cash
Donnie Cash Prije 3 sati
Wow. The millionaire guy teasing to donate 700 bucks and then not even do it. How generous of you..
DrasticDzastr Prije 6 sati
Seeing him not know what a magnet is was pretty sad.
anant mantha
anant mantha Prije 8 sati
What was that photo of the lady holding the cat at 6:02 6:03? Didn't get it
【Ꮆ爪】Grandy Music
【Ꮆ爪】Grandy Music Prije 9 sati
Donate VTubers bruh:"v
farrel Prije 9 sati
Tarek sis
Master Collector :TCG
Master Collector :TCG Prije 10 sati
7:47 , that's edger in every video
cetkat Prije 11 sati
That car A/C button closes the outside vent. So instead of pulling air from outside and cooling it, it reuses what's inside the car. It's basically the, "eww.. it stinks outside.. nope! Click," button.
Angus Bidgood
Angus Bidgood Prije 20 sati
Why do his fans expect him donate thousands of dollars just because mrbeast does it?
MoeMoeKyun Prije 22 sati
I almost feel bad seeing him He's physically hurting
Jaleelジ Prije dan
PewDiePie? More like uh... Pew i dont donate 680.99 when I was supposed to because I'm a cheater pie
joanna kinyanjui
joanna kinyanjui Prije dan
What is making laugh is him laughing 😂😂😂😆😂😂💀
H K Prije dan
Hejdå ses nästa gång
Dee Prije dan
Jivesh Panigrahi
Jivesh Panigrahi Prije dan
Muhammad Al-Kindi
Muhammad Al-Kindi Prije dan
Why are you so selfish, learn something from MrBeast, like if you like mrbeats👇👇
Tiffany Chung
Tiffany Chung Prije dan
The bottle probably had a magnet at the bottom
francesco Prije dan
Please stop ear raping when u curse, it s annoying
sai akshay007
sai akshay007 Prije dan
Recently every video is on memes n reddits das all
help me get 1k with no vids
help me get 1k with no vids Prije dan
Pewds be simping
Argel Flores
Argel Flores Prije dan
i dint even laugh i just sit in my chair watching
Asma Zahid
Asma Zahid Prije dan
Gorilla = lama
john bonao
john bonao Prije dan
Cheriluz Villanueva
Cheriluz Villanueva Prije dan
cheapest youtuber i know LOL
The Nesian Productions
The Nesian Productions Prije dan
“wHy iS eVeRyOnE iN sWeDen?”
Joseph Benjamin Beltran
Joseph Benjamin Beltran Prije dan
Please donate if you "wolud" like to support the channel
Jukah Sen
Jukah Sen Prije dan
First guy was so wholesome omg
Lorenzo Raffaele Addamo
Lorenzo Raffaele Addamo Prije dan
Reccomended to me thanks twich 🤣🤣🤣
Kedai Nasi
Kedai Nasi Prije 2 dana
do Gaki no Tsukai style of no laugh, instead of donating, get spanked if you laughed
A wild Kamui ツ
A wild Kamui ツ Prije 2 dana
Akbota Berdenova
Akbota Berdenova Prije 2 dana
🤣🤣🤣😅😅 Intro
Bugiop High
Bugiop High Prije 2 dana
Galactic Plays
Galactic Plays Prije 2 dana
There is a reason there is 68.99 on the thumbnail cause if u add 1 it is...
Joker The insane clown
Joker The insane clown Prije 2 dana
For all who complained about how much hes donating please go get a life. Complaining over something so worthless.
Gamers United
Gamers United Prije 2 dana
help them whith my youtube Channel please
louie10k Prije 2 dana
The first donation was so wholesome
Anonymous G
Anonymous G Prije 2 dana
scam you didn't donate the 690.99 even though you laughed :(
Hellion Shark
Hellion Shark Prije 2 dana
Are Brad and Pewdie okay? I feel like since Brad left he is kinda like "I want none of that"
James Ishak
James Ishak Prije 2 dana
This feels like watching MrBeast - Poverty Edition
Crazy OC
Crazy OC Prije 2 dana
Hehe that's our indian ruppee @8:14 ₹2000 Nice!
its fine guy
its fine guy Prije 2 dana
this video is great
David Siegrist
David Siegrist Prije 2 dana
more like a rine tree...
WataWyls Prije 3 dana
ohno felix just donated to a girl during no simp september, kinda sus ngl *me need more 7 subs help mehhh please hehe*
lloydonix Prije 3 dana
watching Sean's video first makes this so jarring 🤣
Tyler Strohm
Tyler Strohm Prije 3 dana
On the bottle flip one he had a magnet under the bottle
Crom YT
Crom YT Prije 3 dana
Stryker Gaming
Stryker Gaming Prije 3 dana
Ryan Jen
Ryan Jen Prije 3 dana
pewdiepie its simple the man was using magnets
Mr. EL1TE Prije 3 dana
Love the intro lol
Alex liem
Alex liem Prije 3 dana
High Man
High Man Prije 3 dana
7:45 this stuff good man
118 439
118 439 Prije 3 dana
Guys should I subscribe to pewdiepie?
Markois Chan
Markois Chan Prije 3 dana
how to save 680.99 - i have 3 lives
Jibomango Prije 3 dana
4:27 that was so boomer lol
Olly Barry
Olly Barry Prije 3 dana
Your poor, poor microphone
FrickenChicken Prije 3 dana
You probably won't see this, but next time you donate to someone on twitch, I recommend doing it for trans awareness for people who need top surgery! a lot of people don't have the means to do it and it means a lot to them!
Minhazul Karim
Minhazul Karim Prije 4 dana
did anyone noticed that the first photo was from bangladesh??
Little Loser
Little Loser Prije 4 dana
Pewdiepie won't stop laughing at stupid shit to save his life. someone could be holding a gun behind his head saying that if he laughs at whatever he loses and he still laughs
James Hunter
James Hunter Prije 4 dana
Pewds: 10x donation if you win. Streamer: I just got eliminated! Pewds: AHAHHHAAAAAA!!!
Vibhansh Attri
Vibhansh Attri Prije 4 dana
Thats not indian Thats from pakistan or somewhere See the language Its urdu not hindi If from India it should be hindi or english I don't know why everyone is running behind India You kids just don't know what India is Once if "carryminati" will roast pwediepie then he will stand nowhere.
Sisu Prije 4 dana
4:15 snus?
Mrigank Sinha
Mrigank Sinha Prije 4 dana
MrBeast VS. Pewdiepie in Donation match Like = MrBeast Comment = Pewds
Afotier Prije 4 dana
wow so generous of pewds to put an extra 99 cents!
CV TWINS Prije 4 dana
Hi guys, I just wanted to say, on my channel we are making a movie for halloween, and if your interested, it will be premeired for the 24th! We also have a trailer for it posted already if you want to check that out to!
OptimusBananas Prije 4 dana
love how a literal millionaire is upset about donating 1000 dollars to make a video that makes him 10k.
Westley Parker
Westley Parker Prije 4 dana
Man's just said he's pulling a string
Just Your Ordinary Commentator XG_St0rmZzz
Just Your Ordinary Commentator XG_St0rmZzz Prije 4 dana
Lmao that's literally me in online PE class everyday. So relatable. 1:38
Galoeh Irawan
Galoeh Irawan Prije 4 dana
hi my pewdiepie from indonesia i really like your video i'm already subscribed i hope pewdiepie will be more successful
French Jay Susuban
French Jay Susuban Prije 4 dana
When I read the name of the vid I thought it's too insane when I see it it's Soo boring
Jerrraaa Not guilty
Jerrraaa Not guilty Prije 4 dana
OMG Rubius pewdepie donaron si es que se reían, solo que Rubius no donó
Billy Mazer
Billy Mazer Prije 4 dana
I love how cheap he is... I can relate.
NaThAngamingxd o19
NaThAngamingxd o19 Prije 4 dana
Man the intro is so creepy and funny at the same time 🤣💕
Julio cesar Bencke muller
Julio cesar Bencke muller Prije 4 dana
Oi jente tudo bem eu sou do Brasil
G1AN PLAYS PUBGMobile Prije 4 dana
10:33 the trick is inside the bottle there is a magnet and he is flipping the bottle through the metal bar
Lofi Prije 4 dana
legend has it that Felix is really bad at this.
Connor Locke
Connor Locke Prije 4 dana
Come on pewds, don't be stingy
AlmightyIngot Prije 4 dana
Why are you complaining if he donates less than you expected, why dont you do it yourself.
The cooler Ainz
The cooler Ainz Prije 4 dana
70$ is a fair amount
VIEDTE Prije 4 dana
have you heard of magnetism?
Rhythmia / Ren Quion
Rhythmia / Ren Quion Prije 4 dana
This is so wholesoooome
Sibi Sibi
Sibi Sibi Prije 4 dana
I didn't laugh even once. -_-
Marc Fernandez
Marc Fernandez Prije 4 dana
I wish i can stream tho 🥺 godbless to the people got streaming pc
Marcus Anund
Marcus Anund Prije 5 dana
*sighs* *drags nutsack across the screen*
Ruthless leader
Ruthless leader Prije 5 dana
The 69 dollars donation is a joke for Mrbeast6000 😂😂💵✌️✌️
PNKDNK Prije 5 dana
pewd be simping?
Brittany Amara
Brittany Amara Prije 5 dana
In all honesty I think Pewds was making it a challenge for entertainment purposes not because he is a terrible person who hates donating. Also why is everyone focused on how much he donated, like guys he donated more than $50 to everyone, compared to people who have money and don’t donate a cent. It’s not about how much he donated, it’s about the fact that he did.
Angus Bidgood
Angus Bidgood Prije 20 sati
@Jane Pak “wholesome energy”? Ok go donate $50 to 20 people.. He didn’t have to donate at all, any money is charitable. Why is he expected to donate thousands of dollars just because mr beast does it or he’s a millionaire. Most people watching have never donated in their life.
Jane Pak
Jane Pak Prije 20 sati
@Angus Bidgood i never said he did, it's very admirable that he donated and i know he donates tons and tons of money to charities. i was just providing my opinion to his demeanor in this one video:) you can respectfully disagree
Angus Bidgood
Angus Bidgood Prije 20 sati
He can be smart with his money. He doesn’t need to be fucking mr beast
Joker The insane clown
Joker The insane clown Prije dan
@Jane Pak Its mostly a joke and one time he said it was a waste cause the person didnt even notice. I gives plienty to charities.
Jane Pak
Jane Pak Prije dan
donating anything is charitable but i didn't like his reluctance in doing it. like he kept saying "it's a waste of money" and was often reluctant to donate after laughing. i get that's his thing with you laugh you lose (saying he has strikes and stuff) but i came to this video for wholesome energy after watching sean's and was just kinda disappointed at his reluctance
Anže Žnidaršič
Anže Žnidaršič Prije 5 dana
If you look at the bus it has farm use plate on it
Isaac Partridge
Isaac Partridge Prije 5 dana
LostWaves Prije 5 dana
10:30 Magnet
Farzan Al Wasee
Farzan Al Wasee Prije 5 dana
Dog after licking cannabis oil Snopp dogg
Headshotbuns Prije 5 dana
“I got two lives” *holds up 3 fingers* 9:55
Priyono Priyono
Priyono Priyono Prije 5 dana
Bahasa indo aj
no. just. no.
no. just. no. Prije 5 dana
11:36 *nämen hej då :)*
no. just. no.
no. just. no. Prije 5 dana
3:10 nope, not in sweden since we dont even have quarantine you know :)
Dio Kujo
Dio Kujo Prije 5 dana
PewDiePie:If i laugh i will donate 680 dollar Also:PewDiePie laughs 4 time in a row
Dio Kujo
Dio Kujo Prije 5 dana
PewDiePie simping
Lekboks King
Lekboks King Prije 5 dana
If pewdiepie donate 300.00 Dollars l am going to drive the car at speed 300 MPH by the way you will check it in my videos in my channels no joke
Barack Obama
Barack Obama Prije 5 dana
You could do a "You Aww You Donate"
Reaper Prije 5 dana
Yo. Not hating. Why is the intros so scuffed?
Gurkeerat Jawanda
Gurkeerat Jawanda Prije 5 dana
Pewdiepie : I do not spend that much !! Mr Beast : Hold my beer .
Bitterson Boys
Bitterson Boys Prije 5 dana
5:32 that kid f*cking went to my school
Bitterson Boys
Bitterson Boys Prije 4 dana
Tallulah if ur watching f lol
Bitterson Boys
Bitterson Boys Prije 4 dana
If it’s the kid I think it is, it is a girl
Gekie Xerion
Gekie Xerion Prije 4 dana
Tell the deets, did he found out?
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