This Guy Wants To Sell His WHAT? For $35 000! - TLC #6

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man wants to sell his left bing bong, not epic tlc reaction
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J C Prije 30 minuta
At 13:16 is that the terminator theme?
Elio Guerrero
Elio Guerrero Prije sat
all of us in vegas 👁👄👁
Sjoerd Siemes
Sjoerd Siemes Prije 2 sati
Are you even really enjoying your life if you live like that? What are you saving the money for? Enjoying a little bit more money when you are dead?
Dibash Dhami
Dibash Dhami Prije 8 sati
legit intro
Vigilant Villain
Vigilant Villain Prije 21 sat
Pewdiepie realizing he is part of the 39%
TraeMund Prije 23 sati
Mark: Hey can I throw in some laundry with you NPC: yea sure go ahead Speech level 100 -PASSED SKILL CHECK-
Andries Potgieter
Andries Potgieter Prije dan
Cheap steaks?
Mariah Frel
Mariah Frel Prije dan
TLC: extreme cheapskates pewds: eXTrEME CHEAPsTAKES
jos bremer
jos bremer Prije dan
11:43 why is that docter confused? If the surgery is to risky you shouldn't even ask people to participate. If you ask people for this and promise them a lot of money you shouldn't be surprised people do it for the money? This scene mist be fake that guy is to stupid to be a real doctor 😂
Brandon Straughn
Brandon Straughn Prije dan
Pewds part of the 39% like I’m not alone 😂😂
da squirrel
da squirrel Prije dan
Noooo my balls
Wei Li
Wei Li Prije dan
He's just like the kids from my school.
How does this tlc about cheapskate and the video became touching balls
Step one on being humble: I AM A GOOD PERSON!
emil groth
emil groth Prije dan
KJ M. Prije dan
how come i as a trans dude dont get paid for my testosterone replacement 😔
Athmay Anantha
Athmay Anantha Prije dan
Are we just gonna ignore what looks like a kid in a washing machine at 4:57
Cj Reyes
Cj Reyes Prije dan
Im to cheap to watch this video
Redmi Note
Redmi Note Prije 2 dana
I feel he's a good person except for the pet dog........ otherwise his lifestyle is wise
Redmi Note
Redmi Note Prije 2 dana
Dogs eat too much and dog food is too costly
Fareez Prije 2 dana
Imagine what the cameraman feels while taking these shots
Daisy Chong
Daisy Chong Prije 2 dana
Ok seriously, the sharing laundry thing? That's too much. You have the money, don't use it on someone's expense. Wtf? Rude as hell.
Tubean Prije 2 dana
Harriet Prije 2 dana
I’m just wondering what cheapskates actually spend their money on? They save all this money right, but for what? Do they ever do something with all the money they saved, or do they just want the pile to grow?
thanos chin
thanos chin Prije 22 sati
Kieran Cruz
Kieran Cruz Prije 2 dana
what if somebody tries to sell him a lottery ticket for .50$ and says no. Then the person finds out it's a winning lottery ticket.
ThexPhantomxAnimations Prije 2 dana
I kinda have respect for Mark for few reasons -He is honest -He is fearless -He is accidently saving lifes
nochains&pain Prije 2 dana
if mr krabs was a person.
EFoxKitsune Prije 3 dana
What I don't get with these extremely cheap people is what do you save all that money _for_ ?? Just to... have it...?? What's the point if you refuse to spend it and live as if you were really poor? I can't wrap my head around it. It's so pointless..
tinegab remulla
tinegab remulla Prije 3 dana
I was expecting 90 day fiance' but all i saw was cheapy the cheapskate
Justin Beiber
Justin Beiber Prije 3 dana
That's gonna cost me a kid
Captainjack47 SparRow
Captainjack47 SparRow Prije 3 dana
The clickbait is real!
Thijs Halsema
Thijs Halsema Prije 3 dana
I couldnt imagine living like this.
Jules Hamacher
Jules Hamacher Prije 4 dana
2:24 to 2:27 - PewDiePie2020 everyone
Peter Paul Manubay
Peter Paul Manubay Prije 4 dana
Tap Titans.
Moby Caro Donigian
Moby Caro Donigian Prije 4 dana
anyone else just about died when the doc said "you got the manboob thing goin on"
Julia Kazmierski
Julia Kazmierski Prije 4 dana
I could prob live awhile off 35k.... If I was a dude I'd prob do it
Julia Kazmierski
Julia Kazmierski Prije 4 dana
I wouldn't let them put their laundry in with me but if they were really in need id just give them five dollars or something
Julia Kazmierski
Julia Kazmierski Prije 4 dana
Wow these people have no ego or pride . Amazing
Wasabi God
Wasabi God Prije 4 dana
I’ll sell both mines for 35k
Luqman Prije 5 dana
the title should be "man touching another man balls"😂
Guy Bezalel
Guy Bezalel Prije 5 dana
MR.Pewdiegamer Prije 5 dana
I have 3 pairs of shoes
Mr DragonXY
Mr DragonXY Prije 5 dana
I will never sell my balls
T Y Prije 5 dana
Omfg mr Krabs???
Art of Filipe Sousa
Art of Filipe Sousa Prije 5 dana
Khatijah Fernandes
Khatijah Fernandes Prije 5 dana
I have 3 pairs of shoes
Get Out There
Get Out There Prije 5 dana
Keegan Mason
Keegan Mason Prije 5 dana
What most people do to save money: Stop eating out What Mark does: Removes testicle
soph hay
soph hay Prije 5 dana
I am literally so glad you are doing a video on this !! I love extreme cheap skates it's soo funny 🤣🤣🤣
Insomniacs - Minecraft
Insomniacs - Minecraft Prije 5 dana
the t replacement is actually really important, it helps examine side effects for trans people!
Sultan Beritutututu
Sultan Beritutututu Prije 6 dana
This guy look like Stefan Löfven (Sweden’s prime minister)
The Shy Guy Gamer
The Shy Guy Gamer Prije 6 dana
Lemme make a statement here: you don’t need money WHEN YOUR DEAD. Might wanna skip on the flatline thing.
Hole New World
Hole New World Prije 6 dana
Old man's doing it for clout
Overthefuckinggardenwall Prije 6 dana
Your titles remind me of click bate but then I remember it’s you and it’s never click bate
Sk firstkill
Sk firstkill Prije 6 dana
I have 16 pairs of shoes
doubleOT Prije 8 dana
Why? The money. Dr. Goldsmith: I see you
Little Katie
Little Katie Prije 8 dana
EWE when his face got wayyyy to close to that toilet 0:55
HighOctane Prije 8 dana
I love how the doctor is even surprised of this man
Integrity8976 Prije 8 dana
mate the whole world isn't watching so when u say 39% of men are watching
Ammaar Shekhani
Ammaar Shekhani Prije 8 dana
Pewdiepie: I dont have feet Also Pewdiepie: MY SHOES ARE F*CKING TORN!!!
louisisprettycooltoo Prije 8 dana
Nolene Engelbrecht
Nolene Engelbrecht Prije 8 dana
I'll sacrifice my on life on 35k dollars
szedz Prije 8 dana
I'd do the testicle thing... I'm an incel, so I don't use then anyway.
XCIVProductions Prije 8 dana
35k us for a testy... where is this trial happening ? :P xD
Casey Allison
Casey Allison Prije 8 dana
These are so good to rewatch
Maj Kolmos
Maj Kolmos Prije 8 dana
The doctors eyes are creepy..
Moncef Ahmane
Moncef Ahmane Prije 9 dana
Pweds 3:16 save your money Also pweds : I will buy a 2000$ flute
Turtle Productions
Turtle Productions Prije 9 dana
If you think about it the testical isn't bad. You get 35K and lose 1 testical that gets replaced with a artificial one meaning you cant get kicked in the balls. Think about it gamers. Do it twice and no more pain when you get your balls kicked (No children tho) but with both donated you get 70K
AviorStudios Prije 9 dana
Here is an F in the chat.
Raining Snake
Raining Snake Prije 9 dana
Or you could just increase your cash flow
Sam Gardner
Sam Gardner Prije 9 dana
😳He looked so disappointed at his balls not getting cut in half. Wtf?
Frost Supers
Frost Supers Prije 9 dana
Y A Prije 9 dana
About the laundry thing, I would never let anyone wash there clothes with me, I don’t even wash my clothes with my own brother!! Because its a personal thing, also who knows what’s in those clothes? there are some people who doesn’t take showers for days, and probably they don’t wash there clothes very often, and I don’t want anyone to wash there underwear with my clothes! If someone asked me that question I would be happy to pay for there laundry instead for letting them wash there clothes with mine. And that’s just my opinion…
Rellores, Habib Mathew A.
Rellores, Habib Mathew A. Prije 9 dana
Mental Fortitude +50 Derranged +100
Orange Blue52
Orange Blue52 Prije 9 dana
You think getting kicked in the balls is bad. Imagine getting a testicle taken out. 😬😬
G̸r̸i̸m̸ R̸e̸a̸p̸e̸r̸
G̸r̸i̸m̸ R̸e̸a̸p̸e̸r̸ Prije 9 dana
5 👞
Cherryblossom ink
Cherryblossom ink Prije 9 dana
He definitely has carona man 😆
GamEch GT
GamEch GT Prije 9 dana
And it ain't you either so stop pretending 😂
Kasper Nymark
Kasper Nymark Prije 9 dana
thats a good thing for trans Male to Female though
Daniel Hatfield
Daniel Hatfield Prije 10 dana
Keeps calling him a cheap steak
david smartybom
david smartybom Prije 10 dana
Who else thinks he got his subs because of his intro?
Torin Brunner
Torin Brunner Prije 10 dana
dude your still the geek
Timberlyn Knowles
Timberlyn Knowles Prije 10 dana
Keep looking for pennies man
Tiago Durante
Tiago Durante Prije 10 dana
American people are so polite man, people don't see it.. I dare anyone in the EU to allow one to do the laundry move.
Madeleine Lloyd
Madeleine Lloyd Prije 10 dana
the doctor: "why do you want to be a part of this study?" him: "m o n i"
Grey Witch
Grey Witch Prije 10 dana
How many shoes do I have? Must be around 20 pairs.
Mr Tobbo
Mr Tobbo Prije 11 dana
Dbrain Damage
Dbrain Damage Prije 11 dana
I don't believe this, *this person is like Communist and Capitalist at the same time*
sleep Prije 11 dana
not my laundry
Studio Q
Studio Q Prije 11 dana
I feel like this guy is trying to find a study where they infect him with covid for $5000
jafir abbas
jafir abbas Prije 11 dana
i don't have to be a cheapskate.... cux I don't have money to save
jafir abbas
jafir abbas Prije 11 dana
pewds "how many shoes do you have " me: 1 pair
PmbSimou Prije 11 dana
I have like 4 pairs of shoes 😂🤷🏽‍♂️
Michelle Wei
Michelle Wei Prije 11 dana
The laundry.. that's gross!
Ismaeel Sakr
Ismaeel Sakr Prije 11 dana
Doctor: so u are removing ur testicle for money Mark : yes Doctor: its ur testicle bro
Rumin Prije 11 dana
Respect pentru faza cu death note
Temo Cercvadze
Temo Cercvadze Prije 11 dana
Hey I have gynocamestia
Joshua Braganza
Joshua Braganza Prije 12 dana
9:42 I thought my digital wellbeing does this and i need to sleep
mahdi mdh
mahdi mdh Prije 12 dana
i think he is now testing for Covid 19 now :D
o00lara00o Prije 12 dana
And then he owns a Fiat 500.... 👀
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