Simp Police is exposing Simps #74[REDDIT REVIEW]

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tashi kun 0.2 CULTURED UPLOADS
tashi kun 0.2 CULTURED UPLOADS Prije 3 sati
Hey bros in the comment section
Soham Bhogle
Soham Bhogle Prije 5 sati
Felix: Iam the least simp in the universe also Felix: flies around the world to met a girl whom he met online
ZakkTheDonut Prije 7 sati
Just A Man of Culture
Just A Man of Culture Prije 19 sati
Simping for Pokimane? ❌ Simping for Marzia? ✔️
Jack Jones
Jack Jones Prije 21 sat
What ? You said "I love you to your moth- *THERE'S THE FUCKING SIMP OFFICER !!!RIGHT THERE!!!*
c a s a b l a n c a s
c a s a b l a n c a s Prije dan
Pewds: I'm the least simp Gay men: Are you challenging us?
Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg Prije dan
Hey, pewds GIMP means cripple, so don't use it freely without some context you know how news outlets work.
Slinky White
Slinky White Prije dan
Im not a simp or slut
Owen Baring
Owen Baring Prije dan
My Friend:"You're a simp" Me, who fell into the vtuber rabbit hole:"Yes, yes I am"
Pewdiepie : I won't even think of a woman. Marzia :
Pluralizes Everythings
Pluralizes Everythings Prije dan
This video must be so awkward now that he knows both Pokimane and Valkyrae
MJ_CS Prije dan
I think poki is annoying AF, and she have a cancer voice that makes my ears bleed
What is the name of girl in thumbnail
Darkinstinct Project
Darkinstinct Project Prije 2 dana
its word to think this man is married
Preacher Prije 2 dana
So if Pokimane's real name is Imane, does that mean she wants to be poked?
hffdm L-S
hffdm L-S Prije 2 dana
me not simp
Yaddy Dogs
Yaddy Dogs Prije 3 dana
Me not knowing the simp queen even existed.
CarstonM07 Prije 3 dana
the real Definiton of simp S uper I nto M ashed P otatoes
Spooky Niko
Spooky Niko Prije 3 dana
1:56 this is awkward now that he's playing among us with poki and valkyrae
abdulla firas
abdulla firas Prije 2 dana
The simp meme is really over pushed
Azriel Simorangkir
Azriel Simorangkir Prije 3 dana
lol wtf the ad is "how to be a simp"
PATAKHA XD Prije 3 dana
Dhark Prije 3 dana
i would like to say this, always respect people, women or not. there's a fine line between treating a women nicely like going out to the movies, and commenting weird things about their body parts. now what you should take from this is that just treat all women with respect. but don't go overboard, respect their boundaries. it's good to hang out once in a while but if you go crazy over them they will probably break up with you. this is how i see it, i'd love to see your guy's opinions
Farook Fadel
Farook Fadel Prije 3 dana
the james charels one shoud ended with a comment saying cus u gay
Kade Southerland
Kade Southerland Prije 3 dana
Pewdiepie: it makes me just want to leave and live on an island by myself like a hermit. Me: you mean like master roshi?
Dylanraptor Prije 3 dana
Everyone: Simping is illegal! Me wondering why it’s illegal to have squirrels in your pants: Wot?
get noob
get noob Prije 3 dana
"I am a nice guy beyond the coochie" -Pewdiepie 2020
get noob
get noob Prije 3 dana
we have 50 million people who are actively trying to prevent simps from simping. We can do this
Damien Bruce
Damien Bruce Prije 3 dana
Bro sometimes simping can come out useful I was simping on my ex before it was a thing.
felix woinilowicz
felix woinilowicz Prije 3 dana
Eduardo Bráulio
Eduardo Bráulio Prije 3 dana
why u so funny?
Lexi Eylar
Lexi Eylar Prije 4 dana
i had someone try to message me over ten times (on different accounts after I blocked them) asking me for nudes. on pinterest. they’re reasoning? “they watch lesbian porn so they’re allies and deserve it” and the typical “it’s a women’s job to please a man.” then tried playing nice like they’d never been shitty in the first place the simps are getting out of control, dudes
Danilo pavon
Danilo pavon Prije 4 dana
My crush: exist Me: 8:58
El Monarca Lobezno
El Monarca Lobezno Prije 4 dana
anakin exterminated a powerful force that never could be stopped just because of Padme, *THE TRUE SIMP*
Ya yeet
Ya yeet Prije 4 dana
Pewds: is the simp police Also pewds: is now simping over poki.
dizralph.c Prije 4 dana
Miguel Hernandez
Miguel Hernandez Prije 5 dana
This guy was playing guitar to court a girl he met in website Hmmm *SUS*
shecutie Prije 5 dana
10:18 - this actually gave me a lot of comfort for some reason bc i've been in a LOT of situations where a guy gets mad at me bc i don't reciprocate their feelings haha
Almighty .thanos
Almighty .thanos Prije 5 dana
Wait Pewdiepie Was Protecting Pokimane From Getting Voted Out in among us And He Said If He Protects Poki He Will be a simp
Ultimate Warriors
Ultimate Warriors Prije 5 dana
o hes the famous pewdiepie
Jaedon Vassell
Jaedon Vassell Prije 5 dana
Ummmm.... Felix, I mean Pewds, gimp is a slang for a disabled person
Super Mario 3D world guy
Super Mario 3D world guy Prije 5 dana
I got a idea for female simp names...Samps!
HeroicApple Prije 5 dana
3:40 HAHAHA I remember when I was at the club with my friend and 2 girls that were looking at us for half an hour and got the courage to walk to us and asked for a dance.. I instantly said NO .. they were looking for a while in shock and then turned and walked back to their seat XD the time when I was angry about useless dancing I just wanted to make out and not dance LOL xD
George Hackett
George Hackett Prije 5 dana
"I would never even think of a woman" Marzia: rip
Hello 2
Hello 2 Prije 5 dana
Best intro yet
gabriel alfaro
gabriel alfaro Prije 5 dana
Pewdiepie has a wife and care about her so he is a Simp right?
Miosotis Mejias Diaz
Miosotis Mejias Diaz Prije 6 dana
2:24 *Those aren't simps, they're sex offenders*
Pingas Pearce
Pingas Pearce Prije 6 dana
4:26 words of wisdom for the simps
Kiwicider Prije 6 dana
The idea of Pewds calling girl simps Gimps make me laugh more than it should.
John Prince Bais
John Prince Bais Prije 6 dana
When I played the video an ad popped up and the ad's title is How to be a Simp
Late Night Cat
Late Night Cat Prije 6 dana
a maried man :D
Painboy Prije 6 dana
I once saw a man go to a girl in our class and say "iM nOt LiKe OtHeR gUyS" long story short she said "Bug off" then because it was funny i went up to her and said "im not like other guys, i have *SNAKE ARMS* "me and her just laughed then i left to go home
Swapnoneel Biswas
Swapnoneel Biswas Prije 7 dana
technically everyone's a simp if u r a guy trust me you are u r just not aware that u are but you are
Milo_tuptup Prije 7 dana
Imagine having a wife, what a simp move..
Valhalla Gaming
Valhalla Gaming Prije 7 dana
reached 107 mil subs
Captain Infinite
Captain Infinite Prije 7 dana
7:53 Yea relatable XD
yeet meister
yeet meister Prije 7 dana
If guys see you as a friend, its because youre trying to be their friend. Make it clear if you want something. People cant read minds
Danny Shryock
Danny Shryock Prije 7 dana
Wait didn’t James just adopt some Kid hmmmm mad sus on james
angry Wehraboos noises
angry Wehraboos noises Prije 7 dana
The problem with simps is that every sense tells you when someone is a simp
david delgado
david delgado Prije 7 dana
did anyone get the ad on how to be a simp masterclass? Like WTF. I get ads for a church and now this? And they still expect us not to use adblock.
Jack person
Jack person Prije 7 dana
Pewdiepie im the least simp Also him gets married
im a boy
im a boy Prije 7 dana
on tiktok boys be simping on girl just dancing you freaks
August Christensen
August Christensen Prije 7 dana
3:38 100% Mormon bullshit
WolkenGang Prije 8 dana
Poki is just so Simpathetic
Michael Lalramhluna
Michael Lalramhluna Prije 8 dana
i am he least simp in the universe a family who are all Christians:am i a joke to you
Harjasuday Singh
Harjasuday Singh Prije 8 dana
Guys just imagine this okay Simp queen: Whatever you say, boomer Okay, boomer Michael Jackson: I never knew, but i was walking the line.... It fits perfectly maaaayyyne
DHIKЯIS Prije 8 dana
"This is not your everyday simp. This is *advanced SIMP* "
Jotaro With a gun
Jotaro With a gun Prije 8 dana
Me: I mean, cmon, Simps cant be that bad. Simps: *S H E L L L E A R N T O L I K E I T*
Cole van Tonder
Cole van Tonder Prije 9 dana
Rowil Currams
Rowil Currams Prije 9 dana
This, this is where it all began.....
That Randomizer Gamer
That Randomizer Gamer Prije 9 dana
I disliked not bc of pewdiepie but bc of the disgusting f*cking simps
Euan Pirt
Euan Pirt Prije 9 dana
The simpocalypse
Ricardo Reyes
Ricardo Reyes Prije 9 dana
Pewds at 2:33 : You guys are weird and sick Me(a 9yr old with no twitch account): ok
Thunder ManXII
Thunder ManXII Prije 9 dana
OMggg guys my Cousin is simp🙀
Larzoid Prije 9 dana
Simps are just people who have crush on girls it goes to girls as well it is not ok to be a simp for a boy or a girl
Anonymous Group
Anonymous Group Prije 9 dana
Why do you even subscribe there's nothing to learn
Shaolin Monkey
Shaolin Monkey Prije 10 dana
Blue: Everyone vote Pewdiepie I saw him simping. Red (PewDiePie): No I'm a nice guy Green: Red is kinda sus PewDiePie was not the simp *Ten million simps remains*
Gerti 35_0
Gerti 35_0 Prije 10 dana
poki and rae doa?...
Stag_ Nykz
Stag_ Nykz Prije 10 dana
1:56 now, he plays with them
Riju Das
Riju Das Prije 10 dana
the biggest simp ever was Thanos
Lipika Boruah
Lipika Boruah Prije 10 dana
The dislikes are SIMPS I liked so yes I will donate to Obama and u
Roronoa Zoro
Roronoa Zoro Prije 10 dana
These guys must not know that you need confidence and charisma
God Prije 10 dana
My children I cant fix what has been simped
Shoutman 0606
Shoutman 0606 Prije 10 dana
One word..... marzia
the_hugdealer Prije 10 dana
Imagine playing among us with poki and valkyrae
fh Prije 10 dana
2:32 - you are simping hard pewds
Karma Prije 10 dana
I saw this video and realized that I'm a simmmmpppp!
Thanh An Nguyen
Thanh An Nguyen Prije 10 dana
James charles is the ultimate anti-simp he doesn't even like girl thats how much of a chad james is
JNike Prije 9 dana
He loves girls. Just not sexually.
Daryan Blend
Daryan Blend Prije 10 dana
Ma man got my heart skipping when he said “Im on ya side NINJA” it gave me bridge flashbacks😳
king charles
king charles Prije 11 dana
no pinhead larry cute as hell
Ahaan Guha
Ahaan Guha Prije 11 dana
i just legit got an ad that said "how to be a simp"
Minecraft Steve
Minecraft Steve Prije 11 dana
Simp is not a gendered word, girls and guys can be simps
pantanda97 Prije 11 dana
5:40 Did xQc post that?
Millennial Trucker
Millennial Trucker Prije 11 dana
I'm going to wear rompers and respect women forever
i dont know what my name should be
i dont know what my name should be Prije 12 dana
I said to my crush that i liked her we did go on our first date She broke up with me the next day This is why you should not be a simp
no name gg
no name gg Prije 12 dana
And De Say !
Ornate Khisa
Ornate Khisa Prije 12 dana
Fun Fact- The word simple has *Simp* in it
Shaolin Monkey
Shaolin Monkey Prije 10 dana
@Aayush Tripathi Im having SIMPathy
Aayush Tripathi
Aayush Tripathi Prije 11 dana
Simp came from the word simpleton
Fadh Hz
Fadh Hz Prije 12 dana
Jhon De La Cruz
Jhon De La Cruz Prije 13 dana
I like when pewdiepie spits so puny
Resell Kicks_
Resell Kicks_ Prije 13 dana
1 like equals 1 simp shirt for a pokimane sub
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