"She Is A Little Big" TLC 90 Day Fiance - TLC #7

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Blackoreanfemale Prije 3 minuta
"When i hug you dont tell me no"... ... ... wow idk what to say
Blackoreanfemale Prije 12 minuta
Mom: not the most beautiful girlout there. BRUH☠
Matthew Hamm
Matthew Hamm Prije 13 minuta
She’s a pretty girl but I just dont think she’s found the one for her yet.
Sereena Simon
Sereena Simon Prije 17 minuta
Austin Graves
Austin Graves Prije 41 minute
Dude I was so mad I ripped the lollipop off the stick
Zolta Csák
Zolta Csák Prije 43 minuta
6:34 thats not fresh idiot :(
Aegis Magis
Aegis Magis Prije 47 minuta
Totally agree with eating what you would kill. I'm no vegan/vegetarian but you got to respect that an animal died to make the meat you eat.
Press hair has the headphones bend shape
Diya B
Diya B Prije sat
Aww pewdie is donating to Yemen
IMME Prije sat
3? Why?
Juliaxxloveyou Prije sat
wait... do Americans think cheating isn't a big deal? just asking.
koelin krishh
koelin krishh Prije 2 sati
Man in india I we got a market like that at just 100step from my home.we don't even called that a market it's just the weekly bazaar
K!NG Prije 2 sati
dude you saying loosing wheight is hard but you dont really know how hard it is belive me is fuking hard
F O X Y 6 6 6
F O X Y 6 6 6 Prije 2 sati
thats how u knw u're in america. m deaaaaaaaaad
Zoe Vijfhuizen
Zoe Vijfhuizen Prije 2 sati
I feel like pewpiepie has a very dutch mentality in the way he expresses himself 😁
M4RKO ツ Prije 4 sati
shw want's a buff healthy man , meanwhile she doesn't even wan't to keep his promise
Keisha Blake
Keisha Blake Prije 4 sati
I’m not so sure he wanted her to be better and healthier for herself. I think he wanted to change her into something he could be attracted to. I definitely think a partner should encourage you to be better for yourself but i think he was trying to push health for his own selfish reasons. With that being said i also think she should’ve respected his culture more. This was just a bad match.
Ausra Ko
Ausra Ko Prije 4 sati
I imagine her 20years from now. The picture is so clear
Hozimusic Prije 5 sati
If you wanna escape Nicole, just walk upstairs ~ PewDiePie 2020
Google User
Google User Prije 6 sati
Its not all about culture he fears to go to jail by hugging in public....
Kyle Prije 6 sati
Nicole be like “my actions have consequences?! Inconceivable!”
Kyle Prije 6 sati
I s2g I posted before I saw him make that joke lmao, I think it’s time to take a break from pewds lol
Turtle Productions
Turtle Productions Prije 7 sati
The guy is legit sooo nice. He doesn't leave her when she's over weight and tries to help her. He is my favorite TLC man in the couple. Also god damn is he a good trainer at the gym.
Lani Lyn
Lani Lyn Prije 8 sati
I think he is a good guy and the girl is just so dramatic that she will lose someone that appreciate her and someone that wanted something good for her.
rosalieuwu Prije 8 sati
no front but from what i see in tv americans seem so lazy
lil_stormmask Prije 8 sati
The moment she said "don't even" I felt the urge to kick her in the face
Mikhail Poblete
Mikhail Poblete Prije 8 sati
I'm 16 yo and my girl is 14yo And we are better than this, Like bruh, We're still kids, But our mindsets on relationship feels like we're 20+ and we're now 19 months together. Yeepee ! Still strong !
Yukito Hyuga
Yukito Hyuga Prije 8 sati
I wish I could have someone like him, that helps me be healthy :l
mohamed Gamal yakout
mohamed Gamal yakout Prije 8 sati
Bruuuuh i'm Egyptian tho but in my opinion idk how the hell ge could be that patient cause what's the wrong if he trying to make her live healthy but she like you have to love me for who am i 😂 like idk and she doesn't even respect his culture 🤣 dude I'm dying 😂
Omar Al Machayekh
Omar Al Machayekh Prije 9 sati
i saw many ppl bigger then her in my gym and on there first day there and i never saw anyone that pissed when the trainers say lose weight
Josephine Aniekwe
Josephine Aniekwe Prije 9 sati
“She is not the most beautiful girl out there”.... now I know why the girl is acting like this... imputing insecurities into your own child makes them vulnerable to the world
Shaiq Mustafa
Shaiq Mustafa Prije 9 sati
Pewds: *analyses the situation and gives a full in depth solution* Also pewds: I dont know thats just whatI think tho, I don't know.
Chloe the potato
Chloe the potato Prije 11 sati
She cheated and didn't expect backlash?! Your kidding
1,000 subscribers with no videos
1,000 subscribers with no videos Prije 11 sati
can we all have an f in the chat for this man even coming across this self centered whale?
Alabaster Apu
Alabaster Apu Prije 11 sati
Distancing ourselves from killing is one of the great luxuries and innovations of the Western world. Don't knock it.
Im Bored
Im Bored Prije 12 sati
I'm so sad that the stereotype for my country is overweight people, fast food, and guns.
Pubgod 21
Pubgod 21 Prije 13 sati
I'm sorry but damn 😂 every time she takes a step I can feel it all the way here in washington
Pubgod 21
Pubgod 21 Prije 13 sati
She would of been happier if mcdonald's was there
Pubgod 21
Pubgod 21 Prije 13 sati
Her breathing tho 🤣if I saw that looking at me I'll turn away and run
Flitz Prije 13 sati
He’s a lost 9 year old we have to save him from the *twat*
minie Min
minie Min Prije 14 sati
Ekalida Prije 14 sati
T- Bone
T- Bone Prije 14 sati
22 yrs old? more like, 220 pounds im going to hell
boii boiii
boii boiii Prije 14 sati
why is there agent p at 14:00
Drew L
Drew L Prije 15 sati
Logic: Before things changed, things were the same. Now that they've changed, they're different. I want them to change back to the same way they were so they'll be the same before they changed. Brilliant
Traveling Soul
Traveling Soul Prije 15 sati
Why is PewDiePie so awesome? :)
LuigiPL - LPG
LuigiPL - LPG Prije 16 sati
not trying to be rude or offensive but who tf did she cheat on him with
LuigiPL - LPG
LuigiPL - LPG Prije 16 sati
this guy deserves so much more than her
FrostBite Prije 16 sati
Typical Americans
AJ Campione
AJ Campione Prije 16 sati
second best quote "camel be like wait that things gonna ride me?"
Diego Velazquez
Diego Velazquez Prije 17 sati
Petition to make pewds emperor of earth.
Mazy Lynn
Mazy Lynn Prije 17 sati
"When I go to hug you, don't tell me no!" Foreign country or not, that makes me so uncomfortable
XxSELINAxX Prije 17 sati
This guy is such a nice person why is she being so disrespectful
Jeff Dundat
Jeff Dundat Prije 17 sati
Felix: "If you want to escape from Nicole, just go upstairs." Me: 💀 🤣
CDXX Prije 17 sati
Even a chance of marrying a hot muscular dude won't stop a fat woman from being fat.
PaleRiderYT Prije 18 sati
I don’t know why but my top 15k comment is just gone so I wrote it again cuz I’m ;-; Ignorant lady: “Before I cheated on him everything was great but after I cheated things changed” Maybe it’s because you cheated on him
Kill Swich
Kill Swich Prije 18 sati
Bro she's so ignorant
Recnac Prije 18 sati
She cheated on him with McDonald’s, who’d want her lol
Isaiah Gunn
Isaiah Gunn Prije 19 sati
i feel like thats just how most 22 year olds think
Abadon Prije 19 sati
I hate parents who just feed toddlers super unhealthy food. Your just setting them up to have a hard time with weight fir the rest of their lives
Arjun N
Arjun N Prije 20 sati
This man is a legend 😂
wolfaagman Prije 21 sat
My first true love was just like Nicole personality. We had been together for 6years turns out she was cheating on me just after 2 and a half years. There are many Nicole out there some hot some not just be careful what you choose.
soussan moussa
soussan moussa Prije 21 sat
They are completely different
IWHOWASDATXD VAguero Prije 21 sat
I hate her so much why are all of these people always so bland,stupid,and annoying?
aynaz hn
aynaz hn Prije 21 sat
PewDiePie: I love this. this is too awkward and painful 😂😂😂
Joshua Farias
Joshua Farias Prije 21 sat
She’s making us Americans look terrible. Felix I swear, a lot of us actually care about our health and aren’t stuck up lmao.
Eli Stratton
Eli Stratton Prije 21 sat
Potato chips on the dinner table that's how you know you're in America.
Ęmï Prije 21 sat
he said, “i want you to be healthy”, never “i want you to be skinny.”
artsybut Prije 21 sat
before i knew she cheated i was kinda beginning to understand her and feel for her... needless to say i was dissapointed
artsybut Prije 22 sati
are yall americans all this spoiled? no offense
Sammed Pandharkar
Sammed Pandharkar Prije 22 sati
If you're not improving you're getting worse... The dude there was genuinely trying to get her in shape, and she's like love me like who I am right now. Girl he IS loving you like who you are, that's why he's taking time to improve you. If you put in a little more effort you won't suffer in the future
Deadman 15
Deadman 15 Prije 22 sati
"I wouldn't take health advice from her" "Before I cheated on him things were amazing, after I cheated things changed" Literally fell down laughing xD Man, this girl's a bitch though.
l!lxv Prije 22 sati
14:01 what is perry doing there in the bg wtf
OHMWRECK Me Prije dan
:v lmao "it sucks it's so upsetting" Lateral she annoying asf and uncultured af :v"
Kasper Nymark
Kasper Nymark Prije dan
DAMN por guy :/
Owain Fryer
Owain Fryer Prije dan
Her getting mad at him for not hugging and kissing her in public REALLY made me mad
I am the father
I am the father Prije dan
as long as you stay away from americans u gonna be fine to be honest. imagine being an american lmao
Naveli Mehta
Naveli Mehta Prije dan
nicole HUNNY HES TRYING that man has had so much patience and dealt with you lazy tantrums and at the end all he asks for is YOUR HEALTH cmon respect that and even when YOU WERE FEEDING FRIES TO YOUR DAUGHTER HE WAS CONCERNED FOR HER lol ps. YOU CHEATED
Zero Fifteen
Zero Fifteen Prije dan
Mom: Did that sound sincere to you??? Nicole: It sounds better than what you said on TV 👀
Daniel Palmkvist
Daniel Palmkvist Prije dan
20:36 PewDIEPie taking SNUS - You Welcome
HaloHolo Prije dan
He would be an amazing personal trainer.
Shiiiii he can be my trainer I’m not fat but a good push would be great
Steve Austin
Steve Austin Prije dan
Itz Bubblez
Itz Bubblez Prije dan
I switched devices just to comment. Cuz this shordy😂 Not gonna lie I saw a bit of myself in her actions of finding something hard and giving up before starting, especially with weight. Her talking about ‘love me the way I am’ ect is insecurity talking. That man did absolutely nothing wrong in my opinion. They come from different places and have different lifestyles. They need to learn each other’s cultures But she cheated though 🤨 and tried to flip it like she ain’t wrong 😭 that’s some weirdness
blox box
blox box Prije dan
She's giving me libra vibes
Pour Some Suga On Me
Pour Some Suga On Me Prije dan
So effing entitled, thinks she knows everything, so judgemental and disrespectful of his culture. He's a saint for putting up with that for even a day. 🤦‍♀️
rachel freedman
rachel freedman Prije dan
Honestly, when she said "she's not the perfect woman", she's just projecting her insecurity. She's super insecure which I think made her have an attitude or toxicity towards him. Everyone gets insecure, it's in our nature, but I think she needs to take time for herself because her insecurity is hurting him as well. Ik they aren't together but this would be for any relationship. Maybe that's also why she was stubborn about respecting other people's culture, which is just disrespectful. Always respect the countries culture, even if you may not agree with it. But she constantly is depending on him for reassurance-physically and verbally. It's too much dependance on one person and she needs to work on herself first before getting in another relationship. Lastly, I don't think he was being that rude about the workout part. He wasn't being an asshole to the camera and saying he needs her to be a Victoria Secret model but he said for health. To me, I've always seen it that if you are heavier and it's hurting your health, then it's okay for close people to push you a bit in order for you to remain healthy and not have any problems down the road.
Vanessa Silva
Vanessa Silva Prije dan
Guy in comments :“ I’m guessing she didn’t send full body pics” Me: “prob because she whole body didn’t fit the pic”
David Shaw
David Shaw Prije dan
"You want to escape from nicole, just go upstairs" I lol'd way harder than I should have
Find memo
Find memo Prije dan
Her mom: Nicole is a beautiful girl but shes isnt the most beautiful girl out there My mom:Shes an ugly girl but MAYBE shes not the UgLiEsT girl out (says ugliest with a sartastic tone) btw 1:59
Adenid Ayala
Adenid Ayala Prije dan
20:04 ok so ma'am once u cheat on some u think everything is gonna be the same? SHE BELONGS TO THE STREETS chile anyways...
B Nelson
B Nelson Prije dan
I have never once had chips on the table as a part of a meal. Ew
elrod's diaries
elrod's diaries Prije dan
15:28 That face tho
elrod's diaries
elrod's diaries Prije dan
She looks like a Karen I would see at a store: Ps I am probably wrong because I did not watch the whole video yet but I am halfway.
Rarest Form
Rarest Form Prije dan
Potato chips according to Pewd is how you know you're in America. Totally an academic observation like if you are in Sweden, Ikea Swedish meatballs are stacked nine high on a platter for hungry Swedes.
Magnus DarkSlayer
Magnus DarkSlayer Prije dan
I love it. These people are genuinely psychotic and deranged. When it comes to arguments, they never have a single logical thing to say. No points to make, no evidence, no method of thinking. They just frame the situation in such a way that they have the moral high ground, then they talk over you and fling insults. "How dare you. How could you say that. Don't Even. I can't believe you" Nothing of substance. Just an emotional temper tantrum, lashing out at the first thing in range. It's impossible to get through to these people, because they're just sensitive little man-children hell bent on having their cake and fucking it too. The moment they run into the slightest bit of resistance to their own entitlement and arrogance, they slam the victim card on the table and whine as loud as they fucking can, till a mob of SJWs comes to sweep them safely back into their comfort bubble of enablement and self-deception. Then they sit amongst themselves and echo-chamber how horrible of a human being the other party is until they fully believe their own lies. Get themselves whipped up into such a frenzy they feel genuinely justified in targeting the other's livelihood in any way they can. Career, reputation, credibility, FAMILY, nothing is off limits to these fanatical goblins.
Nyima Prije dan
"I'm not lazy" *proceeds to live an unhealthy lifestyle, doesn't learn to cook their own meals*
Narwhal-Kitty69 1
Narwhal-Kitty69 1 Prije dan
"I don't exercise" we can tell...
Narwhal-Kitty69 1
Narwhal-Kitty69 1 Prije dan
Keeps kid from running into the road "He's trying to tell me how to raise my daughter"
Narwhal-Kitty69 1
Narwhal-Kitty69 1 Prije dan
"When I go to hug you don't tell me 'no' "
Mick Barnes
Mick Barnes Prije dan
I think she climaxed as she dropped her suitcase
Floyd Echo
Floyd Echo Prije dan
idk man but the girl kinda sus
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