Jibyju Ibrahimovic
Jibyju Ibrahimovic Prije 9 sati
It’s crazy to me u still don’t just eat meat. Small quantities I find make me feel a lot better then absence.
TerribleTiger Prije 9 sati
In America we do have these I was biking on a busy street with no bike lane and then a Karen told me to get off h the sidewalk because she said I was going to run her over
cedric wiradipoetra
cedric wiradipoetra Prije 9 sati
Felix if you're a Pescetarian, let me tell you something....there are fish hotdogs !
Mr Glitchy
Mr Glitchy Prije 10 sati
The ways of creating foods is proof that some things we shouldn't know if we want to enjoy them
number wun saifu
number wun saifu Prije 10 sati
Mr.Beast looks like Fire Marshal Bill
Eric Menix
Eric Menix Prije 10 sati
So is anyone gonna talk about when Felix found a fox and a baby fox, When they were running away the baby pushed the adult in lava
A Zimby
A Zimby Prije 10 sati
my parents read some book called Technically Food which is all about how fake meats are being made. I haven't read it bc books are for nerds, but apparently it's interesting. Author has type 1 diabetes so they really know their shit about food.
Rogue Edit
Rogue Edit Prije 10 sati
aaahhh... How it's made...
Imamah Hanif
Imamah Hanif Prije 10 sati
i wish it was my birthday today so that he would have wished me at the end at it would have made my whole year but...
Pedro Gonzalez
Pedro Gonzalez Prije 10 sati
Liquid smoke smells horrible when you first smell it, then it gets normal after a year or so of using it
Mikal Reinard Aamodt Stene
Mikal Reinard Aamodt Stene Prije 10 sati
Wait... didn't Ken already react to this video on his channel? 🤔
iPeter Prije 10 sati
12:22 I can't eat burgers because of soy beans. I have favism and soy beans is bad for people with favism. So I can't eat Burgers :(
Drew Allen
Drew Allen Prije 10 sati
"Dash of corn syrup" 10 gallons later...
Ned Larry
Ned Larry Prije 10 sati
stoop t-series
Kelli Suzuki
Kelli Suzuki Prije 10 sati
well...I *guess* the sausage/patties put a use to the unwanted meat trimmings that would otherwise be wasted... but damn it looks revolting
George Dimakis
George Dimakis Prije 10 sati
Pls pewds fix the grammar of your titles it is freaking annoying. Plural-are Singular-is Thanks
RIYOS TV Prije 10 sati
I'm so need to ohio.
elmer lingestal
elmer lingestal Prije 10 sati
Climate change?
Khải •
Khải • Prije 10 sati
I'm grateful that i was born in the right generation.
RdjSole Static Hernaez
RdjSole Static Hernaez Prije 10 sati
Felix having a flashback when he still working on a hotdog stand
M J Prije 10 sati
HRpost where is Pewdiepie "coco" ? Lmao machine learning is not perfect. Love to try though .
Marco Ferreira
Marco Ferreira Prije 10 sati
It's amazing how every industry has its own machines specifically designed to use "machine fordism" and it's so cool
abuwzii Prije 10 sati
Mr Beast if ur actually a beast make the biggest pringle
Lana RU
Lana RU Prije 10 sati
i knew it
David Shoppe
David Shoppe Prije 10 sati
It's the bridge guys, this was a sign 6 years before he said nigget
FIΣRΥ Prije 10 sati
So basically, when you eat the impossible burger, you help the environment since your killing yourself and producing the burger is better for the environment... Nice.
Stranger Danger
Stranger Danger Prije 10 sati
I feel like this is his way to turn ppl pescatarian
Sathwik Vengala
Sathwik Vengala Prije 10 sati
8:31 he is what? Hescitsrian? What does that mean
Mootbux Prije 10 sati
Me: sits on my ass all day and watches HRpost Pringles: can teleport and backflip
Crackerz Prije 10 sati
Bro I wanna get a straw for that mix
Bleck establish
Bleck establish Prije 10 sati
I used to think hot dog's sausages made from dog meat ._.
No Name
No Name Prije 10 sati
Johnny Dee died
THE ORDER OF STARS Prije 10 sati
turn upside down, drink water ALWAYS WORKS.
Avinash Subhash
Avinash Subhash Prije 10 sati
pewdiepie- one of the best content creaters on youtube also pewdiepie i wAnT tO wOrK aT pRiNgLeS
Chenxs Prije 10 sati
Pewds: “THAT GIRL KNOWS HOW TO HANDLE SAUSAGE DAWM!” Marzia outside the door: 👁👄👁
Varsha J
Varsha J Prije 10 sati
i still cant see the hoodie guy
Xavier Kobayashi
Xavier Kobayashi Prije 10 sati
they do a backflip. impressive
Edward Elric
Edward Elric Prije 10 sati
I don't think this is how most sausages are made.
Jon’s Cringe Videos
Jon’s Cringe Videos Prije 10 sati
watch as i get bots in my reply section
Ile Haywood
Ile Haywood Prije 10 sati
I was waiting for him to watch "How is actually made" 😂
Marko Ivkovic
Marko Ivkovic Prije 10 sati
Light Vortex
Light Vortex Prije 10 sati
Good evening
[ S c ʏ т н E ]
[ S c ʏ т н E ] Prije 10 sati
9:20 Imagine calling "Looting III" bad loot xD
Diego Reyes
Diego Reyes Prije 10 sati
So pewdiepie is just the biggest reaction channel
NiTRO Prije 10 sati
he tryna spread "veganism" Imposter
IamSliv Prije 10 sati
*scoff* (whips out vocabulary police badge) "are"
VerbatimShelf 3
VerbatimShelf 3 Prije 10 sati
people say that about sausage because its traditinally wrapped in intestine which doesnt matter. its just meat. Those were hotdogs
J Prije 10 sati
Dude I really hope the guy with the blonde chick @7:00 left her dumbass.
Cat Games
Cat Games Prije 10 sati
I wanted to meet Felix but couldn't due to not being there early. I was late by 2 days. Missed my chance :(
The Bored Enthusiast
The Bored Enthusiast Prije 10 sati
I’m praying he accidentally runs into a Hugbees video
Tadib Shadman
Tadib Shadman Prije 10 sati
That girl should've won all the money. She's way more into gaming than the other 3 guys. Man this pisses me off ! She proved to everyone that she knew what she was talking about and then gets voted out.
Mir Fatir
Mir Fatir Prije 10 sati
Pewdiepie Play Hollow Knight. plz
DvB Be$poke
DvB Be$poke Prije 10 sati
we all know you're not eating meat because Marzia made you do it
SeNeonBlitz Prije 10 sati
I have never seen a man laughing this much on how food is being made....
Dylan Lafreniere
Dylan Lafreniere Prije 10 sati
Impossible burger kill off flys that eat off them, I’ve seen it hundreds of times.
morditwi_shipper Prije 10 sati
Pewds: *eats impossible burger* Pewds’ shower: 😰
OOIAM Prije 10 sati
Now we know what Santa's real job is
Mohammed Abdi
Mohammed Abdi Prije 10 sati
RIYOS TV Prije 10 sati
Wow... Resfect. nice thumbnail pewdiepie
Junya Legend
Junya Legend Prije 10 sati
Edward Martinez
Edward Martinez Prije 10 sati
"Seems like a lot of waste; The excess will go back to the making process" 🤯
Grandmas Moist MeatBalls
Grandmas Moist MeatBalls Prije 10 sati
How Pringles are made*
PUPPY GAMING Prije 10 sati
Sweedish Minecraft HRpostr when they see a mob: Ah liberals! Estonian Minecraft HRpostr when they see a mob: DIE COMMUNISTS Whats next??
Dallas Botten
Dallas Botten Prije 10 sati
Be honest we all danced with the bacon
Greg Recovski
Greg Recovski Prije 10 sati
My hot dog is also ready for some packaging😏 sorry. Couldn't resist.
Nobody Nobody
Nobody Nobody Prije 10 sati
mr beast pleas make the biggest pingles how many people agrees
ItsTigger 13
ItsTigger 13 Prije 10 sati
These are all American things, so most of these are different in the UK
Strawberry Milkshake
Strawberry Milkshake Prije 10 sati
I love how Pewds ended the video as soon as it said that the Impossible burgers werent healthier but just more environmentally-friendly.
BoneCrusher_MSM Prije 10 sati
Bruh watching history channel now after TLC
Npc Person
Npc Person Prije 10 sati
Dead Tesla passengers: 2000AD had a Judge Dredd storyline where crims were killing people in in their self driving RVs.
Brian S
Brian S Prije 10 sati
This video wasn't as bad as you think. There's been worse.
i-am-not-real Prije 10 sati
Anyone else there jamming to that tomba 2 soundtrack? catJAM
ARE YOU OK FF Prije 10 sati
889k dislike from indian t shiries😏😏😏YEAA T SHIRIES CRYING FROM MAMA😎😎
rin uh
rin uh Prije 10 sati
i got a mr.beast ad the moment after he said "that's a mr.beast video, world's biggest pringle!" LOL
Ali Ali
Ali Ali Prije 10 sati
سعدون الساعدي
YshaaXAtEverything Prije 10 sati
A wise man once said, "as long as it tastes good I don't care what's in it"
Inkothing Prije 10 sati
I think with the Pringles the heat makes them curl, just like how grass will curl when its on fire or extreme heat